Upcoming Events: Rally for Jobs, Student Walk Out and International Day of Action

The coming week is shaping up to be a busy one for Occupy Seattle. Please join us for any and all of the following events.

Monday, October 10 at 5pm – Rally for Good Jobs Now
Followed by a Candlelight vigil at 7pm.

Info from Working Washington:

No more bailouts. No more tax cuts for the rich. We are the 99 percent, and we need to tell Congress it’s time they listened to us.

Can you commit to attend and join the 99 percent? Just fill out the form to the right.

President Obama has proposed creating jobs with $50 billion to repair our bridges, roads and transit systems. He’ll pay it for it with a tax on millionaires. But Congress keeps saying NO.

Are you angry about the lack of good jobs in our communities? Then join us to stand up together. Let’s tell Congress to create jobs and rebuild the Middle Class.

Wednesday, Oct 12 at 12:00pm – All Seattle Student Walk Out
UW and Seattle Central students to converge on Westlake by 2pm
Facebook Event

Our Generation has had our future stolen from us. Across America, we are graduating from college buried under crushing student loan debt, only to find that our nation has no jobs and no use for us. Our families are losing their homes to foreclosure. Our parent’s retirement savings have vanished. We have no future unless we stand up and fight for one. We must take back what the Top 1% has stolen from us. We must fight to save ourselves from the slavery imposed by student load debt. On Wednesday, 10/12, at noon, we will begin the fight for our future. Join us. Walk out of your school at noon. Meet at Westlake Center at 2:00pm.

We are not the Powerless. We are not Alone. We are the 99%.

Saturday, October 15 – International Day of Action in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Actions planned all over the world. It’s time to flood the streets!

42 Responses to Upcoming Events: Rally for Jobs, Student Walk Out and International Day of Action



    • tahoepat says:

      You with your ranting and shouting and carrying on and bad spelling! No one will listen if you continue in this manner! You make people turn away instead of listening!
      Please turn down the volume so we can consider your opinions.

      • Michael Hureaux says:

        Oh yes. Only those who can spell correctly and speak quietly are permitted to act like certifiable idiots- and homicidal maniacs, for that matter. Apparently mass expropriation of the working poor and imperial ventures overseas are acceptable so long as those who pursue such ventures are academically capable. Listen, pal, when those who are allegedly the best and the brightest just because they carry and conduct themselves in a pleasing formal manner stop butchering and exploiting their allegedly less sophisticated sisters and brothers, they’ll be the ones whose ear we’re trying to reach. Right now, we’re learning to listen to each other. Do you mind?

  • EARLA PENN says:


    • tahoepat says:

      Again!! You with your ranting and shouting and carrying on and bad spelling! No one will listen if you continue in this manner! You make people turn away instead of listening!
      Please turn down the volume so we can consider your opinions.

  • Scott says:

    Really? I mean really? The name sounds great but has anyone looked at what’s in the bill? It’s the same items that we paid for before. Where did that money go? Isn’t that the problem we’re marching against? We need to be better informed about what we are demanding. I’m not in for enriching more bureaucrats and their crony corporations. Good lord people, do your homework!

    • George says:


      ‘The administration is pushing for the Congressional “super committee” tasked with cutting social programs to go beyond the $1.5 trillion in cuts it is supposed to recommend by November. This week, Democrats and Republicans appointed as the staff director of the committee Mark Prater, the current chief tax counsel for Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee.
      The selection of Prater is an indication that in addition to massive cuts in social programs, the committee will recommend “tax reform” advocated by both Republicans and the Obama administration. This would involve a significant reduction in taxes on corporations and the wealthy, combined with the elimination of tax breaks, including the mortgage tax credit, that benefit broader sections of the population.
      The inability of millions of people to find work, and the imperviousness of the entire political system to this fact, is perhaps the most telling expression of the failure of the capitalist system. At the top of this system stands a financial aristocracy that acts as a block to even the most minimal measures to address the needs of the vast majority of the population. The only way forward is through the independent political mobilization of the working class in the fight for socialism.’

      • Bradford B. Morrison says:

        Well, George, I hope things get better economically throughout the world, and it would be nice of course if it happened fairly soon; (especially for those trapped in East Africa droughts who are dying by the thousands)
        The economic system in the U.S.A. is not really completely capitalist, but actually a mix of capitalism and socialism.
        Examples of socialism are Seattle City Light; public schools at all levels; federal, state, or local common ownership of roads, highways, and bridges; and, in actual fact,the U.S. Military is owned and operated by the federal government with a cradle-to-grave “welfare” system of subsidized food, housing, health-care and pensions, etc. So our military is really a socialist entity (although admittedly it has been co-opted by the military-industrial complex, in particular BIG OIL, which is predominantly capitalistic.)
        Sorry I am sometimes so long-winded: short and sweet, my point is that heaping all or almost all of the blame for the world’s economic troubles on “greedy capitalist pigs” is, in my opinion, not only erroneus but a poor way to think about solving our problems, which are very complex.
        For example, and no one knows this for sure (not me, you, Al Gore, Rick Perry, or Climatologists) on either side of the issue, IT IS POSSIBLE THAT THE BIGGEST THREAT HUMANITY FACES IS GLOBAL WARMING! China has been socialist-communist for decades, as was the Soviet Union until it’s collapse around 1990. The U.S. is fairly capitalistic. Yet all three of those countries as well as many others worldwide, capitalistic, socialist, and mixed, have contributed and are contributing to carbon-dioxide build-up in the atmosphere, and thus to any global warming problems which have already occurred or will occur in the future. Just sitting in an Ivory Tower and wishfully thinking that Socialism is going to solve everything is, in my opinion, not very helpful, since it is unlikely to be a total “solution”. Socialism in the history of the world so far has done a fairly good job of distributing wealth reasonably equitably; but most of the time socialist economies have produced lesser overall wealth. (Of course, one could argue that with the Earth’s limited resources maybe already overexploited, that producing less overall wealth may be a GOOD thing!)
        Anyway my point is that THE SOLUTIONS TO OUR PROBLEMS ARE NOT NECESARILY SIMPLE, but much more likely to be VERY COMPLEX. Doing nothing more than berating capitalist greed just won’t cut it , in my opinion.
        Thanks for listening
        Peace and Love

    • slarson33 says:

      yes, I have looked at what is in the bill. The need to rebuild our infrastructure to accommodate 21st century jobs is obvious. Our roads and bridges are crumbling, people are out of work – we need to rebuild America. We need to take the money for those improvements from the wealthy that are hoarding our resources and put it to work for the 99%

  • Anonymous says:

    The solution to our demands does not even necessarily rest in the creation of new jobs. This is a temporary bandaid suggestion from the mainstream media who fails to acknowledge or explain how wealthy and undertaxed the 1% is in comparison to the rest of us. I have a job that I worked hard to get and that I love- but I’m still part of the 99%, struggling to pay my healthcare premiums and student loans.

  • angkwright says:

    I would like to pass info on this event to friends & family but need more specifics- can someone help please?

  • Max says:


  • laura says:

    I think that a moderator is needed to weed out the freaks and wackadoodle comments. Eugenics? The jobs bill is a waste of money? The jobs bill will cost jobs? At least in part the occupy movement is a movement against the way our political discourse has been poisoned by lies from the rightwing noise machine. Anyway I am so glad that occupyseattle is organizing itself. Thanks for your efforts!

    • Andrew says:

      I think that this movement is in large part about the people who don’t often get listened to getting a chance to be heard. Many of the folks who have joined this movement are not used to having groups of people listen to them express their opinions and are likely to be offputting or difficult to understand in their attempts to do so. Perhaps a general time limit would be the solution? But I think it may be better to just take it in stride. If the wackadoodles (great word by the way!) on the corporate cable get to have their WD ideas heard by others, I’m all for hearing the WDs that are our neighbors here in Seattle.

      P.S. I’ll be cringing right along with you!

    • Scott says:

      If you took the time to read the Jobs Act you would be able to discern that it is a rehash of the stimulus bill that we recently spent $500 billion on. So before you dismiss ideas that don’t go along with your dogma, get the facts. We already paid for ‘shovel ready jobs’. The result, no shovels, no jobs. It seems crazy that we would do the same thing again hoping for different results. We need to be educated in our issues and make decisions based on reason, not emotion, hopes or dreams. $500 Billion is a large number – do you really want every citizen in the nation to fork over $2,000 for a program that didn’t work the first time?

      • George says:

        Scott – The Jobs Act is a cover fo the unprecedented social attack that is being launched under its name. These cuts will come from medicare, medicaid, veteran benefits etc. And it is in the trillions. Obama has repeatedly pushed the cuts further out, demanding more and more social cuts.

        The person who wants to moderate this is clearly a Democratic supporter. Democratic Party is not our party. We need a party for us – the working class.

        This is another good article on what this phony jobs plan is really about.


        ‘In his speech, Obama pledged money spent on the “American Jobs Act” will be offset by increased cuts in government spending.
        “The agreement we passed in July will cut government spending by about $1 trillion over the next ten years,” Obama said. “It also charges this Congress to come up with an additional $1.5 trillion in savings by Christmas. Tonight, I’m asking you to increase that amount so that it covers the full cost of the American Jobs Act.”’

        Any way, there are two parts to the supposed “balanced budget”. The first is cuts on the poor, next is some small taxing of the rich. The republicans are opposed to only the latter. Have we ever seen just once that Democratic Party can do anything without the backing of the Republican Party? So what is likely to happen as this phony bill makes the rounds in Congress?

    • Scott says:

      If you took the time to read the Jobs Act you would be able to discern that it is a rehash of the stimulus bill that we recently spent $500 billion on. So before you dismiss ideas that don’t go along with your dogma, get the facts. We already paid for ‘shovel ready jobs’. The result, no shovels, no jobs. It seems crazy that we would do the same thing again hoping for different results. We need to be educated in our issues and make decisions based on reason, not emotion, hopes or dreams. $500 Billion is a large number – do you really want every citizen in the nation to fork over $2,000 for a program that didn’t work the first time?

      • Chris Sutton says:

        True, Scott. This is a political ploy by Obama (whom I supported-worked for, before he threw his grassroots under the bus-check “The Nation”). He hopes to make fundamentalists look bad and
        score political points, knowing this will not pass house-senate, thereby turning it over to his own committee full of conserva-dems
        (Murray excluded, but in the pocket of banks)..who will cut Social Security and Medicare, to appeal to independents..so it’s a LIE in the first place..people at “Occupy Seattle” need to be capable of telling the American people the TRUTH about what has happened to America-not just complain…

  • Alexander j Williamson says:

    Blocking traffic tends to annoy the hell out of people. unless you have a demand (which i think we need and is what i recommend )…”
    call you reps and elected officials and demand tax reform in these specific ways”….(GA and law work groups could decide how to word it most effectively or with the best chance of actually being successful) Then we could all sit at an intersection or some bank and stage a sit in until the media displayed our demands with instructions of specific things the public can do to make a change.

    it doesn’t make any sense to get arrested and go to jail, racking up court fees unless we have a reason for it. Granted the arrests do get us more media coverage…which we still need to grow. As a large group it may be effective if we have a specific point to make….no more small groups sitting in intersections. If we have a specific goal or reason we need attention on an issue then im all for sit ins and illegal marches or occupations. But it doesnt make any sense to just cause a scene with no goal other than getting general attention or pissing off police and the public.

    • chris says:

      As I have noted, it doesn’t appear to me people KNOW what has happened (how in hell could Bush-Cbeney-Obama keep it secret!??!?)
      to destroy U.S. and world economies-focus-begin there..find out-speak truth to power…(Amy Goodman)

  • Scott says:

    I went to both SCCC and UW. Tuition was a large part of my monthly income. If I didn’t attend the only one that experienced any hardship was me. I understand taking it to the streets but unless the UW has changed a lot over the years, the profs didn’t care if you left class. It was your loss not theirs.

  • sudopinion says:

    I agree here. I also would like to add that many of the signs being touted are far too large. They have been obstructing the view of the gutter many people enjoy.

  • Bradford B. Morrison says:

    As the wind and rain took it’s toll on the spirits of some of the occupyseattle/ 99% group last night, I heard a funny line from one of the young men holding up a large green tarp to block the Seattle Police Department’s patrol car headlights and spotlights.
    He said that he thought we should head south to warmer, sunnier climes and OCCUPY PHOENIX, ARIZONA!! This comment broke me and most of the small surrounding crowd into laughter. It was a fun moment. I responded with another pipe-dream… I had purchased a lottery ticket, and announced that if I got real lucky and won, I would buy a big BUS and all who wanted to would be welcome to head out on a ROAD TRIP to PHOENIX! ALWAYS REMEMBER, HUMOR and having FUN are at least as important as being SERIOUS, (which also has much to be said for it)!

    Sincerely, and so happy and proud to be a member of 99%/ occupy seattle,
    Peace and Love

  • Bradford B. Morrison says:

    I hope this is not a pipe-dream… anyway, time will tell. Let’s get a really really big group going here occupying Seattle. I’m thinking something like 2,000-5,000, or maybe even way more, showing up for marches and other events. Let’s get so big that we cannot be ignored. Let’s keep this going, at least until the November 2012 Presidential elections, 13 months from now.
    Let’s occupy many areas in Seattle as well as Westlake Park, at least part of the time. Be aggressively friendly and invite friends and relatives to join, too. Remember to mention to them that we KNOW HOW TO PARTY HEARTY, as well as be SERIOUS!
    Obviously if we get 5,000 folks out, (as did Portland, Oregon one day last week), staying overnight at the somewhat small Westlake Park, would be too cramped. Let’s expand to many other areas in Seattle, at least part of the time…at least, I think we should consider it!!
    and we’ll have a real chance to make a lasting difference in Seattle and the rest of our somewhat crazy world! Keep it going by taking good care of yourselves and your old and new friends! A hearty three cheers for OCCUPY SEATTLE/ 99%!!

    Thanks for listening
    Peace and Love

  • Chris Sutton says:

    Folks, congrats on being less heavy than SDS, but you are heavy on
    process rather than information. The American people are in the streets, and on our side because they know they’ve been LIED TO-election fraud, “wars”, banking fraud. I didn’t hear anyone who could follow the $$$$ and speak TRUTH to power-follow the $$$$, which is what these protests were initiated to do, as Obama-Bush-Cheney have attempted to hide these truths..lies are killing AmeriKa (K=”K-Street”=Wall $treet)

  • tobe says:

    Take it to their streets….Median is the second richest zip code in America.

    • chris says:

      Don’t equate “success” with Wall $treet, who destroyed our U.S. $6.5 trillion, world $16.5 trillion economy…”success” is what fundamentalists want to present “Occupy Wall $treet” as “against”..

      It’s not “success” to destroy the world’s economy for 3 years already, on the way to 10-20 more, so says Gore Vidal, correctly I believe..

  • Warren says:

    How about ending the fed ? How about supporting Ron Paul for president ? How about a return to law and order and prosecuting criminals, such as Barack Obama and the private shareholders of the federal reserve ? What about the military industrial complex ? Why don’t we end the illegal and immoral occupations that we are in ?? How about prosecuting the Wall Street mob responsible for derivatives ??? how ’bout it ??

    • chris says:

      What do you know about the FED, Warren? I imagine you’ve seen this:
      http://zeitgeistmovie.com/ (I recommend “the addendum”). Information is the “K”ey-“K-Street” to all “Occupy Wall $treet”.
      Have you read?: http://www.amazon.com/Wall-Street-History-Beginnings-Enron/dp/0195170601/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1318348663&sr=1-3
      ..because JP Morgan was doing the same things in 1890’s they did (“speculation”-collusion-monopoly) today..do you know how gas prices have quadrupled since Clinton, how food prices have doubled,
      rice, around the world quadrupled?
      One quick lesson-Gretchen Morgenson, NY Times Business Sunday’s showed circa July, 2004, Goldman-Sachs owned-controlled 13.8% of total world “energy futures”..JP Morgan and Lehman Bros. owned around 7%, and so on; the “investment banks”, deregulated with end
      of “Glass-Steagal”. These banks were selling “futures” back and forth to one another=collusion, raising price at each “trade”. But
      in July, 2004, Goldman sold off 1/3 of theirs..others blinked…Goldman stated they were buying back in bio-diesel, blended fuels, BUT, next month they sold off another 1/3, and all competitors stampeded to sell off-price came down from nearly $4.00
      per gallon to around $2.00 per gallon..this in September…just in time for…November 2004 Bush-Cheney re-election…$peak truth to power, folks!!

  • Occupy 24-7 says:

    The Seattle times is reporting that the republicans are likely to kill Obama’s job bill. This bill is a step in the right direction, it meets part of the demands of the 99% and that is raising taxes to a higher rate on the rich. LETS DEVELOP A CHANT FOR THIS WEEKEND SUPPORTING THIS BILL, BECAUSE IT IS SOMEWHAT SUPPORTING THE DEMANDS OF THE 99%

  • Occupy 24-7 says:

    an idea: Listen Obama…PASS, THIS, JOBS BILL!….Listen Obama….PASS THIS JOBS BILL!

    • chris says:

      ..jobs bill wasn’t designed to “pass”-but to USE as bloody instrument against rethugliCONS in elections to sway independents..

      It won’t pass rethugliCON Congress. It is a political maneuver, so
      Obama can pass resposibility on to conserva-dem committee he has chosen (just as he did healthcare-no public option committee-many of same players). When people “speak truth to power”, begin with truth…Murray was only included as she is in pocket of banks also,
      and one vote against majority doesn’t matter anyway..and they know it. Her appointment was a ruse to appear “balanced”…she’s a decent representative-I’m surprised she went along with it..

  • chris says:

    Gene Peterson, ex-SCCC Poly-Sci, Oberlin, would be all over this information, as it pertains to all AmeriKans and “Occupy Wall Street”:


    USE information, folks-teach one another..inform. I met noone yesterday who comprehends Yves Smith’s website, appropriately named, “NAKED CAPITALISM”. Smith is a Goldman-Sachs insider, hedge fund manager, whistle-blower, truth teller..

  • chris says:

    perhaps most especially (and many have):

    Naomi Klein was on “Democracy Now!”-Amy Goodman yesterday also:

    Most will not have read the true expose’ of CIA, which coincides with Klein’s extrapolation, but contains all details over all CIA history:


    Another which coincides with Klein’s and Blum’s historical doc.:


    if you prefer video, here’s 10 hours from BBC, which people have no idea regarding historical documentation:

    “Century of Self” involves mass propaganda, beginning WWI..
    “The TRAP” involves how “freedom” is sold to the masses-propaganda
    “The Power of Nightmares-The Rise of The Politics of Fear” is self-explanatory…

  • chris says:

    I will be happy to bring these BBC videos (10 hours) down to overnighters to view on computer screens if people will bring computers and arrange night next week-there were some well-spoken
    overnighters on Monday. However, THEY, above most, are likely most
    aware of propaganda-truth.

  • Geoff Occupy Briggs says:

    The jobs bill is an incredibly expensive bandaid attached to a train wreck of regressive pandering to deficit hawks.

    It’s not yet time for the Occupy Movement to endorse specific legislation or candidates, partly because there aren’t many worthy of support, but more importantly because we need to engage a national conversation that examines much larger structural and cultural issues first. Big picture questions like the proper role of government, the best way to deliver the needs of the general public, balancing limits on the accumulation of wealth and power against rewarding hard work and cooperation.

    Like many I chafe at the amount of process we currently endure at Occupy Seattle and that I witness online in other cities. I long for more direct action and believe there should be daily engagements. But I also realize that most of us are new to non-hierachical organizinations. Everyone needs to develope their voice, learn participatory democracy, discover what works. We need to cast off our fear and learn to trust each other, within the gathering and as a society at large, because we are the change agents.


  • Laura H. says:

    How about “It’s time to bail out the little guy” or something about the other 99% are “too big to fail”?