General Assembly Tonight 10/11 at 6:30pm: Westlake? City Hall? Both?

Tonight’s General Assembly will be tackling the question: should we stay or should we go? (No one says those are mutually exclusive). We will be working on our strategy for tonight and the next few days. The Mayor has asked us to give him our demands for staying at Westlake (not our overall demands, mind you), and we will be forumating that.

News from Tactical: We are making preparations to move the supply and medical tent to City Hall. We are moving the tent because we are unsure if it will be able to stay tonight and we do not want our supplies confiscated! This does not mean we all have to move to City hall, but due to the differing information we are getting from the Mayor’s Office and the Seattle PD we want to be on the safe side. This can always be moved back.

We need at least one more pickup truck and driver to help with the move. More would be appreciated of course! If you are available call Neal 206.412.9770. This will be updated once we have enough volunteers!

Current needs: Hot food, dry socks, and volunteers for food and medical. This is not a comprehensive list, just immediate needs. Help is greatly appreciated!

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  • Concerned says:

    Hun, make sure you put down instead of, “We are moving the tent…” to “Upon receiving approval from the GA tonight, since it goes against our previous GA vote to NOT go to City Hall, we will be moving the medical tent…”

    If this is the only update the general assembly in absentia gets, it’s best that it be as clear and accurate as possible. Thank you.

    • wtfmonkeys says:

      ima bringin some hot food down tomorrow. Spiked with exlax. yall can shit on a cop car some mo’

  • George says:


    The brutal police assault on the Boston protesters expresses the real attitude of the ruling elite to this growing movement, and is an indication of the methods that will be utilized against protesters in other areas as it continues to gather momentum. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, a Democrat, stated, “I understand they have freedom of speech and freedom of expression, but we have a city to manage… civil disobedience will not be tolerated.”

    Mayor Menino defended the police while at the same time claiming to sympathize with those who had been arrested. Echoing the comments of other Democratic politicians on the anti-Wall Street protests, Menino said, “I agree with them on the issues. Foreclosure, corporate greed. Theses are issues I’ve been working on my entire career.”
    However, he said protesters had “crossed the line” Monday, when they marched on a bridge in Charlestown following the student rally and threatened to block traffic, and then expanded their campground to the newly renovated area of the Greenway and refused to leave.
    The police crackdown in Boston, following mass arrests in New York, Des Moines and other cities, represents one element of a two-pronged strategy being employed by the ruling class against the burgeoning anti-Wall Street protests. On the one hand, the Democratic Party, utilizing the services of the trade unions and their pro-Democratic pseudo-left allies, have sought to co-opt the protests and channel the genuine outrage expressed by the participants behind that big business party and President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign.

  • George says:

    “I’ve never seen a situation like today when CEOs can get a bonus for driving a company into the ground. I think it is astounding that more people haven’t picked up on that. We should seize their assets. They’re sitting there playing with it in the money markets, and people are out here hungry, they’re starving.

    “Children are going to bed hungry at night. As long as one child in this country goes to bed hungry while some clown makes 60 million bucks for sitting in the top of a building—that’s garbage. But they’ve got to have more, more, more. How much more can they take?”

  • qaznji says:

    We should know better than to use that website for “news” reporting. It is just like turning on O’Reilly and quoting him. It is actually rather unethical and disgraceful to use an opinion website as the “facts” and distorts what really happened.

    Also there is a huge difference between corporate accountability and socialism. If one thing we should have learned, it is that the government is not to be trusted with our money for services.

  • George says:

    qaznji : wsws is biased against the capitalist class and its exploitation of the 99%. This is a much needed “bias” as pretty much all other news outlets hide the class relations that actually exists in capitalist society.

    I think your idea is socialism is based on the Soviet state that was built mostly under Stalinism. But this cannot be called socialism by any stretch of the imagination. Stalinism was a warped system – a deformed workers state and the reasons it developed that way has more to do with how technologically backward Russia was at the time than any inherent problem with the workers government.

  • BryceTheDragon says:

    The US has not been a capitalist system for some time now- collusion between government and big business is what dominates today. Those elements involved in the collusion secretly applaud your attacks on capitalism, for they know you are barking up the wrong tree if you want to really find the problem’s source. Bringing our central government to bear against ‘capitalism’ can only result in a larger regulatory climate that we have now- selected industries are exempted from existing regulations today, so it stands to reason that future regulations could be selectively applied in the same way.

    The problem is centralized power…period. Whatever you want to call it- socialism, capitalism, mercantilism. Localism is an obvious alternative on so many levels… Don’t be seduced by centralists that promise the workers a better life, for never in the history of man has centralization of power equated to a BETTER life for average people.

  • livinginthepast says:

    … is that they never, ever look objectively at Soviet society. It is completely one-sided in the western literature and is better left out of any discussion unless one is ready to cover in detail the positive and negative aspects of the system, the tendencies and debates that occurred within that system, and its changing characteristics under each general secretary. Everything else is just destructive over-generalization, hyperbole, or semi-informed parroting of intrinsically biased western (i.e. imperialist) coverage of the topic. Without depth coverage it’s a total waste of time.

    More to the point, the issue here isn’t “socialism.” The issue is the intrinsically destructive character of global capitalism and its impact on not only the working people of the United States but on working people all over the world. Given we are at the center of the hive, our problems remain subdued compared to what the system has handed to those in the developing world. How we choose to respond could range anywhere along the political spectrum – could be by simply tweaking the system, could by more radical – like adopting a Scandinavian model. Could be something else. I think that the first order of business is to identify and frame the problematic nature system in ways that meaningful to and digestible by the broader community. Once there, it will be up to the community to decide the way forward.

    I don’t see any good coming from discussions of socialism, communism and the Soviet state until people are ready and willing to look objectively at these topics and to extract from them lessons for building a new and better economic system.

    Just my two pennies…

  • sudopinion says:

    SHARE is currently protesting with a mass sleep-out in front of the Bill and Melinda Gates Fondation on 5th ave. Foul weather on monday has sent many beneath bridges and doorways leaving numbers at around 65. SHARE needs your support in numbers! CHANGE BEGINS LOCALLY!

    If this is the 99% supporting 1%, tonight let that 1% be the disparaged and disaffected with nowhere to go.

    Join us at 7pm.