No Arrests at Westlake Tonight, Though It Is Quite Cold. Need Blankets & Warm Clothing

Around 11pm we had unconfirmed reports of nearby police getting into riot gear and loading vans, no confirmation as to where they were headed. At 11:17pm the police on site announced on the loudspeaker from their car that Westlake park is closed and that anyone staying on site is subject to arrest.

It is now 11:44pm and we are still waiting for any police to show up or not. We have no official word as to whether or not they will. We will be posting on Twitter, Facebook, and updating this post as much as possible throughout the night should something happen.

You can also watch the Livestream which is live as of writing this post and will hopefully be broadcasting should anything occur.

Update @ 12:41am Things have calmed down at Westlake, no cops in riot gear have arrived, just the two patrol cars are present as they have been all day. It is unknown whether more cops will appear tonight.

Update @ 1:40am It is quite cold down at Westlake right now. Donations of blankets and warm clothing are needed urgently! Please help.

13 Responses to No Arrests at Westlake Tonight, Though It Is Quite Cold. Need Blankets & Warm Clothing

  • Ashley C. says:

    Someday the police will need us to protest for them when Blackwater contractors take their union jobs. When that day comes… Stay home!!!

    • littlered says:

      I hear where you’re coming from, but pissed as you are, the day Blackwater (now aka Xi) comes to take Seattle police jobs is exactly the day we’ll need to stand with SPD and show them better – otherwise we’ll get Blackwater, which would be FAR worse.

  • john doe says:

    I stumbled across the protest and was walking around taking pictures . I wish I would have knew the police were going to pull out there killing squad . Im on my way back down now with my zoom lens to capture seattle police killing more people for no good reason from a safe distance .

  • Brendan says:

    Please, folks, whatever is happening up the food chain, please remember that the police are just doing their jobs. I don’t mean to comment on the obviously illegal actions taken by overly zealous cops, but most of them are actually pretty reasonable.

  • gary says:

    Where can I drop off blankets etc?
    I see nothing about this.

  • Kyli says:

    Have lots of supplies, blankets, sweaters, socks, food, coffee, tarps, ponchos, water etc. But cannot bring until Friday maybe even Saturday – I’m an hour and a half away. Hold strong!! Just wanted you to know stuff is comin’.

  • Shadouwolf says:

    I was there last night and I have a couple of things to say. 1: The people down there are committed, peaceful, and loving people. I wish I could spend more time in their presence, but with a job and a 4 & 6 year old, that becomes tough. I thank each and every one of you for all that you are doing! 2. I felt the police are trying to shake us with these rumors. They are using a scare tactic, hoping that people panic and flee. If you truly believe in the cause, do not show you are flustered. Stand you ground and know you are changing the future, not only for you, but for the future of children like mine. 3. I understand we all have differing opinions, its what makes this country great, but I feel like we need to all stand our ground there at westlake. When you think back to the last social movement of this size in the 60’s, the thing that is remembered the most is the love and peace. Yes there were fights/riots/violence. But what is remembered is the overwhelming civil disobedience. Sitting, refusing to move, not fighting even violently being arrested, because they wanted change. They wanted to change the world. and they did. Love and peace will only attract more recruits to the movement. Violence and running will make us look un-committed and un-trustworthy. Stand your ground and know that there may only be a coule hundred there in body, but there are many more like me that are there in mind and spirit trying to do what we can every day to help spread the word. Love and thanks to you all!

  • Rockyj says:

    the Helter Skelter spam BS?
    BTW I know you’re a shill & its not gonna happen here.

  • David Wright says:

    Hope you are all back up and running.

  • Rabid Hands says:

    I’m putting on a benefit for Occupy Seattle this Friday. ALL money made at the event will be going to supplies for the people posted up downtown. I’ll be bringing blankets ASAP. If there is anything else I can bring, please let me know before Saturday. email Good luck guys!!!

  • Gene says:

    1. I suggest we all bring brooms and mops and scrub the city as a “work-in” to dramatize that we are all productive and hardworking citizens eager and ready to contribute. Maybe all wear clothes we would in whatever jobs we would have otherwise. Maybe some kind arm or headband – worker’s caps, maybe. Ties if possible. Imagine all of downtown filled with people in caps sweeping with signs on their backs.

    2. The Irish famine was brought about by the natural indifference of elite. IMHO, perhaps that is their job – but we the people depend on our government to protect us from elite excesses. Without meaning to reduce the horror of the Irish Famine, numerical comparisons would bring home the essential nature of the issue facing us today.