Permit Issued To Erect One Canopy/Tent In The South End of Westlake Park

There was a permit issued by the Seattle Parks and Recreation – Event Management Office to Occupy Seattle. A $50 fee was required for the permit.

The permit was issued 112-Oct-11 02:00 PM and runs until 26-Oct-11 02:00 PM. It may be revoked if the permit conditions are not adhered to.

  • Setup is allowed to include: One Informational and/or Medical Canopy/Tent, and up to Two Tables additional;
  • Two responsible people may remain in the park during overnight hours to ensure Canopy/Tent equipment is not damaged or vandalized.
  • Food and beverages may be distributed to event participants. Food must be pre-packaged or prepared off-site; cooking in the park is not permitted.
  • Any Sales including Entry or Admission Fees, Service charges, or Suggested Donation amounts: Permittee shall pay the Department 10% of the gross receipts from any and all monies collected on Parks property.

There are additional terms and conditions associated with the permit to view the full permit use the following link:

12 Responses to Permit Issued To Erect One Canopy/Tent In The South End of Westlake Park

  • thematch says:

    And fight the system.
    Just. Move.To. City. Hall.
    Right now, you are allowing yourselves to be played by the system. What is important is the occupation itself, not so much the ground upon which the occupation takes place. (Although that is important, too) You are allowing the system to create divisions and rend you apart. You are, in effect, doing their work for them. Move to city hall, put up tents and refuse to move them. Read the Los Angeles city council’s three page proclamation of support to every camera. Take over the city council chamber and read it there. Make everyone aware that in LA, the mayor and the council are behind the occupation 100%
    Plan an effective action for everyday. Use all those internet skills to find out about every bankers meeting, every politician coming to town, every stockholders meeting, etc. and disrupt it. then reconvene at base camp fo rthe GA and plan what to disrupt/shut down the next day. March to colleges and hold rallies about student debt. Find a family facing foreclosure and keep them from being evicted. Find a family that is being refused insurance coverage that will save a life, and occupy the insurance company offices in support. Plan actions that matter. Stop trying to get arrested just for the fuck of it. Get arrested for something that matters. (Like preventing a family from being evicted.)
    Quit bickering about here, or there. Quit destroying yourselves in service of the masters.

    • peppermint242006 says:

      Here here! I couldn’t agree with you more. The GA does nothing but debate logistics, and while they are important, aren’t going to get a message out to the public. The march last Saturday was probably the best thing for the Occupy so far. We need more protest like this!

    • Geoff Occupy Briggs says:

      I concur as well. This should not be a fight between protesters and the city but a movement for social, economic and environmental justice. The strategy should be to secure a permanent home for the occupation that allows shelter from the coming winter and ideally power for cooking and self-produced media. That then becomes the base for direct actions all over the city.

  • seespikerun says:

    it was great to see the marchers from all the local schools…this took 5 days of planning and we rallied several hundred kids, but hopefully we can vastly expand the amount of people for the next walkout through more publicity and networking. The SCCC march started on the sidewalk but we eventually took over the street despite all the cops. Taking the street improved our energy and moral immensely. This is what i like to see. Some may say we are angering commuters by doing this, but we end up jamming the intersections with our long line of people when we are on the sidewalk any way. We need to push the boundaries and laws peacefully at every turn. Holding posters on overpasses was also done today and received a lot of supportive honks and even the participation of at least 2 people we talked to, who had seen our signs and decided to go online and find out how to join the rally downtown. IF WE HAVE TO MOVE TO CITY HALL WE HAVE TO STEP UP OUR VISIBILITY ELSEWHERE as well as keep organizing daily events, speeches, marches, teach ins and MUCH MORE SIT INS! We need to pull more publicity based stunts to get our clear message out to the general public even more. I suggest SIT INS AT BANKS, ELECTED OFFICIALS OFFICES and BANNER HANGINGS ON BRIDGES AND BUILDINGS(businesses that are a part of the problem…most effectively i think we should list the appalling actions and facts regarding the business practices of banks and irresponsible corporations. we could TARGET BANK OF AMERICA WITH BANNERS WITH SHOCKING FACTS (such as in 2009 they paid absolutely no taxes and profited $15 Billion.) AS WELL AS SIT INS OUTSIDE OR INSIDE BRANCHES AND CRIME SCENE TAPE AROUND BANKS. Also WE NEED MORE INFORMATIVE PROPS, VISUALS AND THEATER PIECES SHOWING THE PUBLIC JUST HOW BAD THE PROBLEMS WE FACE ARE. ALSO THIS WILL GET THE NEWS DOWN THERE AND ENCOURAGE DISCUSSIONS. I think we could come up with visual representations of how large the US wealth gap is or how much money corporations hoard in earnings verse what they pay for taxes…maybe a rap sheet or list of crimes they have perpetrated against the US PEOPLE for instance we could see could list what the punishment for fraud or theft is and the jail time usually associated with it…then come up with sentences for each company and list which criminal celebrities they would be equal to in jail time if we actually held them accountable. IE charles manson got 25-life …i would venture to guess leman brothers commited fraud several thousand times which would equal 5 or 10 years if an individual had committed it. So they would have sentences of Manson, Hinkley, Terry Nichols, Jared lee Loughner and the Green River Killer combined. Also we could create piles of ping pong balls or balloons to represent the wealth gap with 55% = .003% of individuals in wealth. Im sure you all can come up with many better ideas, but count me in, on working on any of this stuff. We need to step this up. More people…young people specifically will join in if we are doing something other than holding signs and standing around preaching to the choir. I think we also need more civil disobedience of different types to draw more attention….but we need more specific points or information to be communicated with these actions. SPECIFIC FACTS WITH THIS WEBSITE URL AT INTERSECTION SIT INS that will startle the general public and thus gain their involvement. I think we really need to keep this movement productive and FOCUSED ON ISSUES THAT MOST OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC WILL AGREE WITH AND SUPPORT. we can work towards “more radical”, like abolishing the DEA and World bank, and similarly divisive and controversial ideas in the coming months and years using the base and clout we are creating now. AMERICANS HAVE A SHORT ATTENTION SPAN AND SO DO SOCIAL MOVEMENTS IF THEY DONT CHANGE WITH THE TIMES AND KEEP REENGAGING THE PUBLIC WITH SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES AND DEMANDS. This movement is still growing but has not yet burst across the middle class and blue collar family line to the extent it can and or should. We need to keep things fresh, interesting and informative. standing around at rallies is good, but we need actions and tasks to engage all our movements participants. We need to feel like we are winning small battles and are actually accomplishing something. We will inspire far more passion and people power if we do these things. WE NEED THE AVERAGE FAMILY TO GET INVOLVED and TO FEEL LIKE THEY ARE ACCOMPLISHING SPECIFIC TANGIBLE CHANGE AND INVOLVEMENT IN TOPICS BROAD ENOUGH TO INCLUDE REPUBLICANS DEMOCRATS AND INDEPENDENTS! Please help me spread these ideas and discuss it at the GA if you have ideas or agree. thanks – Alex

  • thematch says:

    All excellent points, seespikerun. We need to focus on daily actions that call out the immorality of the current status quo. That is how the movement will build. We need to resist pointless adventurism.

  • graybeard says:

    Ok, I have to say at the outset that I haven’t been camping out down there, though I much admire those of you who have been, and I realize that you folks who have been enduring the lousy weather and lack of sleep should be the ones to call the shots. So I only wish to, most respectfully, make a few suggestions.

    Westlake does, of course, have more visibility than City Hall, and that’s why they want you out of there. (“Protest is legal except when it’s effective.”) But if you can maintain (through the permit) an informational/whatever tent at Westlake, and move the camping to City Hall, it would still be possible to have frequent actions at Westlake. Or just move there, wholesale, during the days. Ignore the bs ‘offer’ from the mayor that the city will issue permits for demos in Westlake. The First Amendment doesn’t say anything about requiring permits. We don’t want to go there–we’ve already let things go far enough down that path in other places by letting them contain us in ‘protest areas’. There’s no reason why any number of people can’t gather in the park to express themselves.

    Having a presence at City Hall could be useful for applying pressure to the Council and Mayor (otherwise known as bugging the heck out of them). I do empathize with the gut feeling that moving to City Hall is letting them control things, but there are also potential ways of turning the situation to our advantage.

    Use some of this collective time and energy to plan outreach actions, rather than solely getting exhausted by an attachment to an encampment at Westlake. Demos at banks, campaigns to get people to dump the banks and move to credit unions, actions at particularly odious corporate locations are a few possibilities.

    I do realize that a lot of energy is going into trying to forge a new kind of democratic process, and I commend you for that. Certainly my generation has failed to effectively confront the fundamental problems using our old ways of thinking and protesting. I sincerely hope that you young folks can really reshape all of our thinking into some more effective social and political process. In the meantime, you could be making more use of those of us who are more likely to go march or picket than we are to join the encampment.

    • Adi says:

      Well said! I second that!

      From my perspective (and please remember that reality and perception are subjective!) I think that we are onto something great and big here and that we can make an impact. However, we also want to be cognizant of certain logistics. For example, as great as this “democratic process” is trying to be at the general assemblies (I have been to a couple), it really isn’t. The votes are dependent on who is present at the time and on who can hear and comprehend what is being said. This is a great start! However, I think that if this movement is to keep going, that we must seriously think about how it is and will keep going and get people to join it and keep being involved in it.
      The Mike Check Meetings are annoying at best, How about we eventually find a place where we can meet and each be properly heard? For example, could we find a sponsor/simpatico who has an empty space/office where we can meet and truly share our voices and hear each other’s voices?
      Just some ideas!

      Thank you for all you do!
      In solidarity,


  • fitzgerald says:

    So I’m a student here at Seattle University. i think it would be really cool if we could do some on campus protests about nationwide increases in tuition/decreases in scholarships/decreases in teacher and professor salaries. SU and Seattle Central are both within marching distance of Westlake if we could try and make it up here at some point (preferably during a school day)

  • Occupy 24-7 says:

    Yes I like this, I was also thinking, since this movement looks like its still in its early stages, I say we make saturday or something “student day” Today was very successful with the marches, lets try and maintain that energy by telling all students, saturday is the day to protest, people can do marches, people can do campus protests whatever. I am just absolutely certain that will maintain the student energy and help attract new people to the movement

  • Occupy 24-7 says:

    Im gonna present this idea tomorrow at general assembly

  • thematch says:

    It’s good to see such a robust, respectful conversation about these important issues.RE:Adi, above, and greybeard, one of the strengths in the city hall location, IMHO, is that it is quieter, hence easier to conduct democratic meetings, teach-ins, etc. Imagine showing relevant documentaries at night, like “The Take” by Naomi Klein? How great would that be? Can’t do things like that at Westlake. Can’t do anything, frankly, at Westlake, but fight the cops.