Police Approach Westlake Park; Two People and a Tent Arrested, Future Uncertain

Police are entering Westlake plaza in force. We have a Livestream team on-site; watch as events unfold.

For the previous two nights, the police have threatened to arrest anyone in the park after 10pm, and have used the lights and loudspeakers on their cars to prevent occupiers from sleeping, but haven’t arrested anyone. Reportedly, Mayor McGinn ordered the police to clear the park tonight, so none of us know what will happen next.

Update 11:16pm There have been two arrests; at least one was defending a private tent that was set up. The the supply/medical tent is still up. Police are still across the street and we are still chanting. Morale is high, and we are keeping it peaceful. There is lots of speculation as to whether the police will return or not, nothing verified.

9 Responses to Police Approach Westlake Park; Two People and a Tent Arrested, Future Uncertain

  • 54ibew46 says:

    Ok, people who are on safety and legal groups, we love you. The work you do is invaluable but you need to stop passing on wild speculation and rumor of police action. Over the last three days riot police were”guaranteed” to move in every night, police transport vehicles were on their way, ect. After all these false alarms and dire warnings, we no longer listen to you. Stop spreading panic and fear, your job is to keep people calm and safe, do it!

    • Shadouwolf says:

      It is safety and legals team to keep everyone informed. They are not spreading panic and fear, they are spreading information. I was down there the night before last (10/11)and when we were told, fear and panic were no where to be found. In fact the legal rep that spoke to us was VERY inspirational. He warned of what MAY be on the way, told those who didnt want to get arrested to become a legal observer on the sidewalk, and gave one hell of an inspirational speech to those choosing to stay. In the few nights I have been down there, I have not witnessed any fear or panic spreading. It is your choice to be afraid/panic with the information that is given to you.

  • 54ibew46 says:

    and when that information is false? All I’m saying is take a deep breath and do a fact check before you tell people that arrests are “guaranteed” a lot of people have never been to a demonstration before and have limited contact with the SPD, they get rattled easily and need some reassurance that mad dog cops are not going to descend at any moment shooting peppersray. thank you for all you do.

    • Shadouwolf says:

      I never heard “arrests are guaranteed” I heard “we heard rumor of…” and “if you stay you may get arrested” and then instructions on how to behave. I think those “panicked” by those words would be MORE panicked had no one warned them and all of the sudden police in riot gear show up. Not always can you verify that they are coming/loading gear/ect. So better to inform the people of potential threats than have them blind sided.

  • rhondagoebel says:

    While leading volunteer events at Golden Gardens park over the past year, our group has been disrupted by people living in the park protecting their turf, even making racist comments against our teenager volunteers. When I’ve report these incidents, I am told nothing can be done unless they’ve erected 3 structures, then they’ll give 48 hour notice & move their stuff. Park Rangers and SPD are inconsistently enforcing rules. I’ve emailed the mayor & parks superintendent on this the past few days. No response. I guess racism is fine with the city, but peace must be squashed. 898-1006, Rhonda Goebel, Golden Gardens Forest Steward.

  • ANON2012 says:

    You have all made a very brave, very real decision in staying/going – and I commend you on making the brave one. There is an old song that says “If you haven’t been arrested for peace, then you aren’t no friend of mine.” or something like that. :) I really think this is true. 1- 90% of arrested are released within 24 hours and 2- more than 95% of the protesters have not been arrested thus far.

    Odds are extremely good that everyone will be ok.

    Keep your head up, your feet dry and your spirit clear.

  • Sweatshopfreelife says:
  • Michu says:

    Now go and fight for your own cause. Go where people might appreciate your witless derision.