Protest Mitt Romney’s Fundraiser for the Wealthy

Right now, Occupy Seattle participants are protesting outside the Grand Hyatt, where Mitt Romney is having a private fundraiser for the wealthy!

If you can’t make it down to protest in person we encourage you to go to Mitt Romney’s Facebook page and tell him this yourself:

Dear Mitt,
Corporations are NOT people.
Occupy Seattle

3 Responses to Protest Mitt Romney’s Fundraiser for the Wealthy

  • occupationist says:

    This is not about taxes. This is not about social services. This is not about any single policy. It is also about all of these things though, since it is fundamentally about people power. People should not waste their time protesting, promoting or negotiating with particular politicians. It is divisive, as some people might actually be a fan of Mitt Romney who would otherwise join the movement if they really knew what it was about. This really is about building people power. This is about establishing a democratic space by occupying it and then using that space to build the new world. So far we have established solidarity economics without any troubles, many people have been fed and taken care of. Messages that try to co-opt this movement with progressive politics really piss me off. For example, the progressive party sent a letter endorsing us the other day where it also took the liberty of defining this movement as being about a fair taxing system or some crap like that.

    I want to emphasize that this movement really does have something to offer EVERYONE. It is not about the 99% fighting back against the 1%. It is about establishing global democracy (people power) for the 100%. Everyone has something to gain from a movement which seeks to empower 100% of the world. Even those who currently hold slaves and “own” land have something major to gain: they may be lifted from their current impoverished state and begin to experience the world as a place of love rather than one of fear. Fear that they themselves have created by warring and robbing, but which they may always end if they chose to work toward living with a planet that is 100% instead of pretending that they can be against that which sustains them for much longer.

  • Schlubb says:

    He should see what has needs to fix!