Police have backed off after arresting 10 occupiers of a Sukkah tent.

Police are surrounding Westlake right now, they are using bicycles as barricades around the structure. There have been five arrests as of 10:39pm, there are quite a few people inside a structure and the police are taking people out of it one by one and arresting them. It has remained non-violent, the energy at Westlake is high but peaceful.

You can watch events as they unfold here on our Livestream. This page will be updated as things unfold.

Update 10:53pm: Arrest count is up to eight, there are still five people sitting in the tent sitting in a circle with their heads bowed and arms linked, there are a few police in the tent as well working to get them out.

Update 11:07pm: To clarify, the structure that has been taken down is a Sukkah tent put up by an occupier, the supplies/medical tent is still up and untouched by the police.

Update 11:36pm: Police are withdrawing. The paddywagon and bike police have left, currently there are just a few officers left on scene.

Update 11:41pm: The arrest count according to our legal team is 10, the police have backed off from the park for another night.

Update 12:09pm: Morale is quite high at Westlake, a few police remain across the street but the majority have left. Occupiers are rejoicing and energetic.

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    It’s about time! Thank you Seattle Police Department. I commend all of you and I have the utmost respect for you.

    • DomJolly says:

      You’re such an attention whore, you should seriously be embarrassed. Secondly, for a motivated grad student, you sure waste a lot of your time ensuring the police are doing their due diligence in monitoring a protest. Feel free at any time to remove the stick from your ass, get a REAL life, and reflect on issues of greater consequence. If the posts you’ve made here reflect an effect on the world you’re proud of making, then I’m sincerely sorry for you, because your effect amounts to annoying bravado that gloats on insignificant points of personal pride, and ignores the social ills of those around you. I implore you to think a little more about how you spend your time and what world you want to inhabit.

      • downwithcorporategreed1 says:

        Iheartcapitalism is right. I agree with him. I implore you to also think about the world you want to inhabit..one in which you revolt against the police like you are right now? Perhaps your world will be in handcuffs and in a jail.

    • Bartkusa says:

      Please do not respond.

    • Iheartjustice says:

      To all the protesters-> we are in the right. Keep up the fight. I will see you tomorrow.

    • corpateevildoer says:

      Go Iheartcapitalism! YOU ARE RIGHT! These people are such morons. NAHHHH NAAAAA NAAAAHHH NAAAA EYYYYY HEEYYYYYYY. GOODBBYYYYEEE. You know what’s funny? Watching your movement fall apart!


    The funniest part is that this is the only place to get this information..I just did a Google News Search and nothing came up. BECAUSE NOBODY CARES! **GASP** After your protest is over you may all have to go out and get jobs. Oh no!!


    Nah nah nah nah….eyyyyy heyyyyy. Goodbyyyyeeeeee.

  • Bartkusa says:

    IHeartCapitalism: You’re free to your opinion, but please do not spam our comment section.


      Ok I’m sorry. I’m just a little excited (and thankful) that the police are finally enforcing the law. Also, I am predicting your movement will soon be over and I’m very happy about that.

  • seespikerun says:

    I applaud anyone who has the courage to peacefully stand up for what they believe in, even if i disagree with their beliefs….that’s a big part of what our country should be about. Willing to get arrested for a cause is respectable. i happen to believe the reasons behind this protest are extremely important. I dont hate all corporations and certainly dont hate capitalism…i love capitalism. That said, i think we need to take care of our neighbors and families basic health care and education…and not count on corporations or government to do it, although im all for health and education being socialized. i think small business needs a boost and we should think locally and try to use local resources and labor. I also think its sick how much power corporations hold in our current political and economic system. if we are going to give them the rights people have we, at the bare minimum need to hold them criminally accountable by the same standards as an individual. No more of the bailout nonsense either. If you are too big to fail, then their is something wrong with the market that let things get to that point. IHEARTCAPITALISM …stop wasting your time on our forums and go stand up for something you believe in…go start a movement to worship the dollar or something.In the mean time, keep up the good work protestors…people Trolling on our site isnt going to hamper the movement, its just mildly annoying. Ill be down there with ya’ll soon. Hang on and stand up for your beliefs!!!

    • downwithcorporategreed1 says:

      but I agree with Iheartcapitalism! I also am thankful for the police, and I think your movement is a joke. Nahhhh naaa naaa na eyyyyy heyyyyyyy GOOOOOODBBYYYYYYEEEE. Kinda like this guy! http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/infocus/occupy100711/o37_05073882.jpg THANK YOU Seattle PD!!!!

      • DomJolly says:

        This is oviously IHEARTCAP with another account. Can’t troll with just one?

      • moneyoutdemocracyin says:

        Police are employed by the people sir and we pay them from our taxes to protect and serve. That’s socialism.

      • Schlubb says:

        And just for the record, the contemporary taunt is ‘nanna nanna booboo, stick your head in doodoo’. Good lord, get out of the 60’s already!

    • DomJolly says:

      “Trolling on our site isnt going to hamper the movement, its just mildly annoying. Ill be down there with ya’ll soon. Hang on and stand up for your beliefs!!!”

      WHEN this movement really builds and becomes more organized, IHEARTCAP will be home, ignoring homework and waiting for updates from his/her computer, contributing… … ? haha then he/she will have this forum all to themself.

  • Geoff Occupy Briggs says:

    I have been vocal on other forums with my opinion that we should not fight over Westlake, BUT I respect the GA and direct democracy and admire the courage and commitment of those standing strong tonight. I will join you again tomorrow.


  • Geoff Occupy Briggs says:


  • msmikestew35 says:

    Friends –

    I suggest that we discuss how the speculative banking system of today evolved to that stage. While there is a clear anger here directed at the banks, we still have not had any discussion as to how the bankers got to this stage. Societies don’t simply allow massive wealth and economic/political power to be accumulated at one pole without certain objective forces working behind the scene. A correct understanding of this process would be crucial to see what we can do about restoring true democracy.

    There are urgent political questions we need to answer. If the movement does not discuss the political aspect of the situation, we will not proceed in a meaningful direction.

    in the light of this, could we read the following article on WSWS and discuss?


    • Schlubb says:

      Just for the record, the US was never a true democracy, it is a democratic republic. As far as the bankers. the ignorant representatives in our government colluded with greedy bankers to gamble against their depositors (repeal of Glass-Steagall). All the while the US public went blindly on it’s way voting along party lines and keeping the same ineffective representatives in office while jobs, wages and wealth fell in Main Street America. The government should experience the same as we did – lower their salaries, make them buy their own health care, reduce their staff budgets, take away the public funded pensions and if they fail to produce or are caught in a scandal – fire them! They work for us, not the other way around.

  • Mike Knezevich says:

    As a supporter of the Occupy movement, I’d like to thank all of you down at Westlake last night for keeping the scene peaceful. We were watching the livestream from home.

  • WeThePeople says:

    I “HEART” – The people DO CARE. Comments like yours will only serve to spur people like me – who might normally stay on the sidelines – to action. Have to go now. I need to research OccupyLA!

  • MediaNut says:

    At this point, protestors must either embrace non-violence or suffer the consequences. This goes for language. Of course, one is free to scream anything they’d like at local police, but this is EXACTLY what many opposed to this movement want. They just need a few soundbites.

    To view authority as symbols of oppression (or symbols of anything) is just an unclear way of seeing things – an abstraction. It is a way of thinking that divides and categorizes, to give one the illusion of righteousness. It is the same game that those opposed to this movement want to play, the same way of thinking that allows some to view Occupy Seattle protestors as symbols of selfishness. It leads to nowhere. These cops are trying – to the best of their knowledge – to serve their community, stay alive, and bring home a paycheck, nothing more. Protestors need such people on their side, which CAN BE DONE, but can only be done through treating all humans with dignity, even your detractors. Name calling IS violence – EXACTLY what is needed to bring about physical violence. Likewise, it will easily define this movement, which I fear is already taking shape.

  • Geoff Occupy Briggs says:

    The parks dept. are “cleaning” Westlake park with police standing by. According the parks rep the permit for the food/med tent has been revoked. They are demanding that everything be gone soon. We need bodies at Westlake ASAP, especially legal and whoever holds the permit. I am in an office close by. Contact me over on Facebook/Occupy Seattle and I can relay info.

  • DavidBurdick says:

    Dear Greed,

    I would like to start by thanking you for your role in the development of new world policies. Without you and Free Trade the balancing power of Capitalism would have never been born. Also, as I see it, you are directly responsible for a great deal of invention and technological advance.

    Regretfully it has come to my attention that you are also responsible for the creation of products that are unsafe. There are the obvious things like alcohol and cigarettes but your influence has created products touted as healthful when they are anything but. In addition you are responsible for blocking technological advance that would be good for the environment. Your influence over the pharmaceutical and oil industries, as well as many others, have opened the door for Corruption to invade the world governments.

    I am writing to ask that you reign yourself in. I am currently working with my friends Reason, Public Welfare, and Humanity to mount an offensive against you. It would be better if you started doing the right thing on your own. Our only options left would be to work with Protest and Revolution however they always seem to work closely with the brothers Pain and Death and we would like to avoid that.


    Common Sense

    Dear Common Sense,

    I have no desire to start changing now. I have all of the power here. You may have Humanity, Reason, and Public Welfare but we both know that they are weak against Corruption and Miss Information. Your idle threats to work with Protest and Revolution are just asinine. First of all you never know what youre going to get in the end with Revolution. What if you end up with a Theocracy or worse? Second, Revolution always drags Anarchy behind it. You dont want that. And finally, in case you didnt notice, I have been working closely with Complacency. We both know that Protest and Revolution cant do anything with Complacency around.

    So I think its time for you to come and join me. You could stop being treated as an outcast if you worked with us. As you know Miss Information used to be lowly, useless, Truth. Justice kept his name, but as we both know, he has become Law. No matter how twisted he gets, the masses still see Justice. You could follow in their footsteps by presuming the assumed name my cohorts have already been spreading. You know better than anybody that there is no Common Good, but it is a name I think would grow on you. The world would buy it.

    So come enjoy the riches of the slave masters, youve already lost anyway


    Submitted by David Burdick and Jim Martin

  • Padruig says:

    I want to voice my support of everyone down at Westlake who today
    starts to battle shifting weather, dreary skies and the ever
    difficult to predict Mayor McGinn.

    What you are doing is what we as a Nation do best –
    you are speaking for all of us.

    Stay as dry and as warm as you can – don’t lose hope. There are a
    lot of folks who can’t be there but are joining one of the twenty
    or more meet-ups across the State.

    (a lot of us are following you on the ‘Stream’)

    When I think how we came to this place-in-time I am reminded of
    something that John Kenneth Galbraith said –

    “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises
    in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral
    justification for selfishness.”

    • Schlubb says:

      Another of Gailbrath’s famous quotes was, “Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it’s just the opposite.” I don’t think it’s a liberal or conservative thing, more the human condition.

  • seespikerun says:

    I think we’ve got the legal bases covered regarding bailing out fellow protesters thanks to the NLG and other probono lawyers (thank you so much!!!) So i propose from now on, whenever someone gets arrested we either use our one phone call to call our local congressmen and women or our mayor. What do you guys think about that? Im assuming many of us will be visiting the ole’ king county slammer the 15th.

  • fireweed says:

    Thank you westlake campers! You all are amazing and I am so grateful for you being my voice, since I can’t be there camping. Although I hate to see the cops bothering you all, it will just gain suppport for you from the public.

    We are all the 99%.

    The trolls are probably being paid by the banks. My advice is to ignore them entirely. Do not engage.

    I’m bringing a crew of people from my church with a care package for you all!