We are getting ready for The Global Day of Action/Night of 500 Tents Oct. 15th, join us!

Global Day of Action/Night of 500 Tents Schedule:

  • 12:00pmGlobal Day of Action Rally
  • 3:00pmMarch to Chase Bank
  • 5:00pmTent Raising Ceremony
  • 6:30pmGeneral Assembly

(Musicians will also play throughout the day; see more events on our calendar)

Seattle needs your help to reclaim our occupation. We can not maintain our space unless we attain critical mass, and we need everyones help to do it. Seattle is one of the top corporate headquarters of the world. It is important for the integrity of this movement and this country that we, the people of the great Northwest, let the powers that be, the powers that surround us, know that this occupation is not going anywhere. So this Saturday, bring your tents and your Sunday best.

Meet at Westlake center, and we will decide from there where we will set up base camp.

Show your support of this event on Facebook, go say you’re attending!

38 Responses to We are getting ready for The Global Day of Action/Night of 500 Tents Oct. 15th, join us!

  • SolidarityForever says:

    Thank you Occupy Seattle for helping get the truth out. Good luck tomorrow. I’ll be elsewhere showing my solidarity, but I’ll be with you in spirit.

    “Truth gains more even by the errors of one who, with due study and preparation, thinks for himself, than by the true opinions of those who only hold them because they do not suffer themselves to think.” ~John Stuart Mill

  • Bradford B. Morrison says:

    I’ll be there, with “BELLS ON”, on Saturday. I support the voted group decisions of occupyseattle.org. I have some concerns, however, which I maybe should have voiced before in General Assembly; but since I have to consider it too late now to change the group’s decision on setting up tents at Westlake Park Saturday, Oct. 15th; all I feel comfortable now with is solidarity in the group’s voted decision, and full support of that decision. My body will be there Saturday, probably all day and almost all night, but I probably will not bring or get in a tent and subject myself to arrest.
    I hope very much that my “bad case” or “worst case” scenario outlined below does not occur, but I fear it might. IN ANY CASE, and NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, please, please, don’t anybody give up on changing the U.S.A. and the whole world into a better place for ALL THE PEOPLE!!… The Sunday morning sun will rise in the east, as usual, regardless of how many “tent folks” are or are not arrested , regardless of whether arrests, if they happen, are peaceful and professional, or mildly or vigorously resisting on our part, or even, as could be possible, involving tear gas, billy clubs, and blood.
    I hope very much that Mayor McGinn backs off for at least one night and lets us peacefully set up some tents. PLEASE, Mr. Mayor,…a one or more day reprieve on the tent issue!! THERE IS NOTHING MAGICAL ABOUT TENTS BEING IN WESTLAKE PARK OR NOT BEING IN THE PARK! NEITHER SCENARIO WILL REALLY AFFECT VERY MUCH ( in the long run) whether or not this WORLDWIDE PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT will change things for the better or not!

    LET COOLER HEADS PREVAIL, DON’T BRING 50-150 Police or more and shoot off tear gas and get out the billy clubs JUST TO HAVE A SHORT-TERM EGO BATTLE WITH THESE WONDERFUL, INTELLIGENT, IDEALISTIC, and FUN-LOVING people who want so much to do the right thing and make a real impact on making the world a better place to live for everyone! DON’T GIVE SEATTLE, the fine officers of the Seattle Police Dept.,and YOURSELF, Mr. MAYOR, and OCCUPY SEATTLE a BAD NAME by overreacting. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, if you indeed ,Mr. Mayor are generally sympathetic with the goals of the “99%” and occupyseattle.org, don’t allow a “POLICE-CAUSED RIOT” ,or anything close to it , to occur. Give those over-worked officers the night off, if possible, save the city some money, and LET US HAVE SOME TENTS FOR AT LEAST ONE NIGHT in WESTLAKE PARK!!!

    Thanks for listening
    Peace and Love
    Bradford B. Morrison

  • BryceTheDragon says:

    Has anyone raised this point in the GA?…there is not enough space to fit 500 tents in westlake.

    I respect those of you who are determined to remain in Westlake, but your main problem is right there- Westlake is simply too small.

    Many of you were arrested for the first time for something you feel passionate about there in Westlake Park and I know it must feel like a new kind of home, maybe unlike any you’ve known before. I have the utmost respect for the personal sacrifice that you are making and your ferocity.

    This does not change the fact that there are bigger fish to fry, like your number one obstacle…GROWTH.

    It seems to me that a location that has showers, meeting rooms and the invitation of the Mayor would be a lot more attractive to those who are currently on the fence. You could get more done once you are no longer clashing with law enforcement- and I was under the impression that getting things done was the idea behind the Occupy Movement.

    Many are watching what you are doing right now- and I guarantee that if you move, in six months nobody will view that as a sign of weakness, provided that you can also move on to tackling the bigger picture.

    I will advocate for establishing a new Occupy Seattle location, one that actually COULD fit 500 tents. See you all tomorrow!


    • Neal Golden says:

      Bryce the Dragon, (Love your name, BTW!) First, we take ground. Show the flame of our wrath – for taking our country, our tax-money, killing people (millions!) whom we don’t even know; for letting Big banks create casinos and gamble our money (they win; we only lose!) – let the feel the heat of our Dragon. We’ve felt the heat of the Big Dragon long enough! Felt the whiplash of Big’s tail long enough.

      Civil Disobedience is called for when ‘playing nice’ and mollyfying (sp) fails. Lambs can crawl up to the Lion to get warm. But watch out! You may end up the main dish, rather than the guest.
      Your instincts are right. You direction is right; but, we need to draw worldwide attention, first! That’s what’s happening this weekend. That’s why I’ll be out tonight – and you should, too! If there’s not enough room for my tent, your tent and 498 more, we’ll stack them. (Like the empty containers down on the pier).

      This is not a neat, clean clean-up and fix operation. This is down-‘n-dirty work. And, it’s left to us; unfortunately, no representative figure will ever vote your voice (perhaps, again)!

      Hold the faith! And, Act! We can do it; 99% trumps 1% if we hang in. As Gandhi told the Brits: ‘How can 100,000 of you control 300 million of us?” DO THE MATH! (Duh, all!)

      • 00michelle00 says:

        Gandhi also spoke of Satyagraha meaning literally holding on to the Truth. How he came to this philosophy is very interesting.

        “In the political field the struggle on behalf of the people leads to the challenging of unjust governments or laws by means of non-cooperation or civil disobedience. When petitions and other remedies fail, then a Satyagrahi may break an unjust law and willingly suffer the penalty in order to call attention to the injustice. However, he does not hide or try to escape from the law like a criminal, rather he openly and civilly disobeys the law as a protest, fully expecting to be punished.”

        I ripped that of from a good piece on Gandhi and his philosophy.

        Gandhi’s Commitment to the Ideal of Self-Knowledge
        William O’Meara, (c) Copyright, 1997

        “Gandhi elucidates three necessary conditions for its success:

        1) The Satyagrahi should not have any hatred in his heart against the opponent.
        2) The issue must be true and substantial.
        3) The Satyagrahi must be prepared to suffer till the end for his cause.”

        I question if the “No Tents” law is true and substantial, or if there are alternatives that allow us to keep fighting.

        • Neal Golden says:

          You’re absolutely 100% on target. These are the 3 conditions for Satyagraha. ‘Showing up’ was Gandhi’s first rule; especially in the March to the Sea to make Salt. They violated the Brits laws that Indians could not make salt, only Brits.

          In Westlake plaze we cannot raise tents, per the Mayor’s laws. There are homeless there, I photographed them counting pennies trying to put together a $1 hamburger. Most kids wanting to camp there want jobs, a future, a real life – not end up counting pennies in Westlake plaza.
          It boils down to a matter of priorities. Right now the Occupiers priorities – viz., getting sanity and this country back from Banksters and other bandits – than tourists strolling by. The tourists pics of the nice water fountain can wait. Don’t you think?

          Let’s make Salt! I think Gandhi would have; and pls. Everyone, do the homework of this writer – Satyagraha is the most powerful energy on earth!

          • 00michelle00 says:

            Sorry to come off sounding like I was teaching. I have been reading everything I can find to come to a personal understanding of what is I believe. There is history to what we are attempting, and there is so much to learn from those who walked this road before us. Good luck tonight (It gets really cold!)

    • Neal Golden says:

      Bryce the Dragon, (Love your name, BTW!) First, we take ground. Show the flame of our wrath – for taking our country, our tax-money, killing people (millions!) whom we don’t even know; for letting Big banks create casinos and gamble our money (they win; we only lose!) – let the feel the heat of our Dragon. We’ve felt the heat of the Big Dragon long enough! Felt the whiplash of Big’s tail long enough.

      Civil Disobedience is called for when ‘playing nice’ and mollyfying (sp) fails. Lambs can crawl up to the Lion to get warm. But watch out! You may end up the main dish, rather than the guest.
      Your instincts are right. Your direction is right; but, we need to draw worldwide attention, first! That’s what’s happening this weekend. That’s why I’ll be out tonight – and you should, too! If there’s not enough room for my tent, your tent and 498 more, we’ll stack them. (Like the empty containers down on the pier).

      This is not a neat, clean clean-up and fix operation. This is down-‘n-dirty work. And, it’s left to us; unfortunately, no representative figure will ever vote your voice (perhaps, again)!

      Hold the faith! And, Act! We can do it; 99% trumps 1% if we hang in. As Gandhi told the Brits: ‘How can 100,000 of you control 300 million of us?” DO THE MATH! (Duh, all!)

  • Vladamir says:

    I’ve been to westlake everyday since october 1st and Im staying home for this one.Do you want to get pepper sprayed? or billy clubbed upside the head? I don’t.I don’t want to get arrested either,It seems like people want to get arrested so they can claim some protester credibility.I have read a lot of negative feedback on the reoccupation idea and have to agree with most of what I’ve read.It seems camping and pushing city halls buttons is more of a priority than anything else.Many people have the same opinion and many don’t,this does not sound like Solidarity to me.Thats my 2 cents and I wish you all well!

  • peacegranny says:

    As a lifelong ally of traditional Indigenous peoples, i am asking that an effort be made to include the Duwamish in Occupy Seattle as equal voices. They were the first peoples of this region. All over the country, a unity is emerging betweein occupiers, many descendents of colonizers, and Indigenous peoples. May Seattle be one place that acknowledges this important and crucial foundation for authentic justice for all people. At this point, several of my Indian friends do not feel comfortable enough to participate in this action, Occupy Seattle. I would like to see this change for the benefit of us all.

    • msc says:

      Hi Peacegranny, I’m a peace granny too ; ) Indigenous people are included, no one is excluded. Last week I believe the indigenous people had a rally from 12-5 on Sat. Occupy Seattle had a march scheduled at 12 noon. They reschedled the march to 5pm so they did not intrude on your cause. They were being respectful. Come down and join the movement.

  • Bartkusa says:

    Nobody’s there on the weekend. Nobody inside. Nobody outside.

    Go to the Chase branch on 3rd, south of Benaroya. Go to Pike Place during the day. Run a route to Pioneer Square, Belltown, or Capitol Hill.

    But stop going to the damn Chase bank!

  • PseudoChris says:

    I still don’t understand what 500 tents will accomplish. I will be seeking leadership in tomorrow’s gathering. We will find a direction and set a course of action for our people. We must move forward in order to keep this movement alive.

  • sheri says:

    Folks, the reality is that it’s against the law to put up tents in the park. The police will arrest you and it might get ugly. And what exactly will you have accomplished? Maybe getting your picture in the paper? You are dreaming if you think you’ll have tents up all winter. You don’t own that land, and you have no right to camp there. Go find a campground and pay a camping fee if you want to camp. If you want to accomplish something useful, watch this video and consider what you could REALLY accomplish with all the energy and resources you’re burning up right now: https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1378237514624

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Sheri – while the video was inspiring, trying to solve this level of inequality, destructive wars by asking people to “give” is largely ineffectual. A large number of Americans already give to charitable causes, it is just not enough.

    We need to clearly see that the enormous suffering that you have shown in that video is not because Americans (or other people of developed nations) are not charitable enough. No. This suffering exists due to the objective logic of capitalism which is upheld by the capitalist class upon pain of death.

    The capitalist class has no choice on the matter if they are to be successful in business. A charitable capitalist is soon replaced by the ruthless. While Rockefeller is now paraded as a philanthropist, he made his fortune out of the blood of the coal miners he bossed. He fired on defenseless families of coal miners killing women and children.

    The government exists to support the capitalist class – they come to their rescue when they run out of money. The government does not represent the working class. Clearly it cannot be any other way because the government derives its power from the dominant class in society. It is naive to expect the government to act in any other way as long as the dominant class is the capitalist class.

    This is why a political party that serves the interests of the working class – the 99% – must be built, and without delay. Every delay on our part strengthens the capitalist class in degree. The repression of the police will grow every time we hesitate and reconsider this vital task.


  • Justice Begets Peace says:

    Let us be optimistic that these occupations are only the first step to a true movement for more humane economic/political systems. The next steps will involve organizing while resisting co-opting by the corporate political parties; taking non-violent actions such as general strikes and boycotts; and creating genuine, sustainable alternatives to the current murderous systems of greed and dominance currently destroying life as well as the environment.

  • 0x1b says:

    I just want to thank all of you that come to the protests in Seattle. I am thrilled to see the 99% focused on making this country better and solving the problems with our political system.

    Thank you so much!

  • christinag says:

    I am the 99%, my children are the 99%
    Together, we are the 99%
    My days are spent
    Through blood and sweat
    Providing for those I love,
    But I’ve been hearing this, from God above,
    We need to spread the love,
    To each and every American,
    From East to West,
    North to South
    No man, woman or child, should be left out
    I am the 99%, my children are the 99%
    Together, we are the 99%
    You too are the 99%

    **Christina Gramling

  • Justice Begets Peace says:

    The 1% have addresses. The 99% have messages.

    Life sure is tough for those at the top and it must get awful lonely. So we thought to ourselves… what could we do so they don’t feel so alone? So they know there’s somebody out there thinking of them. And then it struck us. Maybe they could use some pen pals. Well, today is their lucky day!

    Today, you, the 99%, can make your voice heard directly to the Wall Street elites who wrecked the economy and made the rest of us pay. Share your story that best describes your grievance with the bankers who have acted for years like we don’t matter.

    Maybe you’re facing eviction while banker who’s foreclosing on you gets a bonus. Maybe just got a college degree and have nothing to show for it but a mountain of debt and no job. Your message will be emailed to the top executives and board members of all the major banks and published to a webpage where you can share your stories with the other hundreds of thousands of Americans who are participating in this action today. Feel free to say whatever you feel most strongly about. Because today, the 1% will have to listen.


    • occupywestlakeseattle says:

      you have a large protest at Westlake but nothing to show for it because nobody cares? I have once again sent emails and calls all over city hall asking for your arrests as have a lot of people. There’s the 1%, then there’s the 1% of you, then there’s the 98% of us that don’t like you or the one percent but wish that you all would go home and get a job/shower.

      However, I do enjoy the freak show that is your group. So please..go out there tonight. I want to see all of you get arrested and tear gased. Did you notice how The Seattle Times didn’t even mention your freak show today? Or any news sites in Seattle for that matter. It’s because nobody gives a fuck about you freaks..ok I need to go hop in my BMW now and go down to my fancy health club and workout. WAC here I come. Have fun in the cold today bitches.

  • occupywestlakeseattle says:

    I would call tonight the night of 500 loser hippies.

  • occupywestlakeseattle says:

    500 loser hippies with no jobs that will hopefully be arrested!

    • occupationist says:

      There are actually people from a great diversity of backgrounds down there, only a few of which I would identify as hippies. However, if by being a part of a peaceful nonviolent movement dedicated to social change categorically makes us a bunch of hippies (which seems to be the case), then I understand your point. However, you really should know that there are people from a great diversity of backgrounds, conservative republicans to revolutionary communists. Our one thing in common, that all of you readers and posters share, is a lack of legitimate political power. For those of you who are wealthy enough to wage political influence with your dollars and who admittedly do not have a problem wielding power over others with your excess material wealth, I ask you to look at other forms of impoverishment that this movement offers to heal: the alienation of people from their fellow beings and a lack of real community and love in our lives. I know though, I have already been dismissed as a hippie which for some reason is illegitimate. You will probably dismiss this comment based on already having identified me and anyone who supports this movement as illegitimate, but I promise you that you will feel what this is really about someday sooner or later. When you are laying on your deathbead surround with all your “wealth” and you realize that your life means nothing more than your actions and relationships with all things, how you were, NOT what you “had.”

      • occupywestlakeseattle says:

        I’ve been down there several times. You guys don’t want jobs. If most of the people in your group went to a job interview they would be laughed at for looking like they haven’t showered in a week.

        • msc says:

          Have you been down on Sat.? It’s totally mainstream. I took a photo of an 80 year old grandma with a cane sitting with the protesters today. Truly, there were people of all ages, I stood next to mothers, young adults, vets, cops and reporters, all in peace doing their jobs, protesting, keeping the peace and reporting it.

      • occupywestlakeseattle says:

        Oh and I promise you won’t I promise you that you will someday realize that 99% of the people think you and your group is a joke. Hey I’m booking a business trip right. Should I stay at the Fairmont or the Four Seasons?

    • 00michelle00 says:

      Thought you were going to a fancy restaurant. Have you been trolling this site all night? Nothing better for a rich, successful guy with a nice job like you to do on a Saturday night but troll a bunch of smelly hippys? Why aren’t you clubbing somewhere? You can afford it, right? You are successful and rich. Don’t let all those hippys ruin your weekend. C’mon Bro! Light up a stogie, undo the first few buttons on your expensive shirt. Enjoy your hard earned success and money and car and house and food.

      I bet you get all kinds of tail, huh? Because you have a lot of money and you are happy! #Winning!

  • Justice Begets Peace says:
  • yasky2012 says:

    We must not be discouraged or put off by those who must cast disparity upon those standing up for what they believe – a cause that offers hope to change what is broken in our country and in the world. We stand together now with people around the globes – we are not alone – time WILL tell.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    That the organizers were very quick to ask everyone to register soon after the openly socialist comments started appearing on the site (Wednesday). Follow the events, It was only after this that the right wing hysterics (ex: this occupywestlakes person’s posts) became highly virulent.

    Notice, that there were quite a few people here who did not openly claim to be right wing, but were quick to condemn the socialists. One person did not think it ethical to share news from WSWS. But notice no one – not even the organizers – seem to care that right wingers are doing a shoddy and distasteful smearing job.

    Any organizer who wants to keep this group moving to further the interests of the 99% would *immediately* ban trolls like occupywestlakes. Why is this not happening?

    • MCFADDEN_LIVES says:

      I wrote the mods an email letting them know they needed to have screening of comments like OccupyPortland. The trolls were making this site look awful. Censorship, I know. But really, they aren’t a part of the cause or the ideals…

    • 00michelle00 says:

      He’s rich and cool with a nice car, and he goes on trips and is rich because earned his money. He just has nothing better to do on Saturday nites but troll websites. Kinda sad really…Him being so successful and all.

  • zebedee says:

    Someone earlier asked here why bother to occupy Westlake. I think because there’s no point in protesting in a place where no one will notice. In Westlake you get noticed. I’m in the 1%. I happened to be at Westlake this week. I got curious why there were so many TV vans and police vehicles for a handful of people in the park, so I went over to take a look. I ended up sticking around for a while, listening and watching. I’m now hooked on livestream. (does anyone know why the iPhone app won’t work properly with the occupyseattle stream?). I’ve benefitted from the current system, but I care about how the world will be for my kids. Change is needed. It will come from people who have the dedication to stick with a cause, and who can articulate a new direction. Thank you to everyone down there.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    I see that now in the web site main page, recent comments are not shown. The recent comments feature was a great way to check in on the discussion. Organizers have made a deliberate – and likely undemocratic – maneuver to remove it. The question is why?

    Let us go back to the behavior of the organizers w.r.t this website from the start of last week in chronological order:

    1. We saw comments that were openly socialist early on in the week.

    2. In reply to those, there was a few postings that asserted that capitalism was fine and socialism was not the answer. None of these posts had a carefully worked out thesis as to why capitalism was “fine”.

    3. The organizers made it impossible to post a comment without registering with the site. Registering requires your private email to be sent to the organizers. (Wednesday)

    4. Much of the socialist commentary dropped. Let us keep in mind that American state has a history of attacking socialists and communists with the active help of the trade unions. While this cannot happen under the present circumstances, the fear of this lingers. In any case, if the revolution is unsuccessful, large numbers of people – the flower of youth – will be most likely brutally massacred.

    5. Right wing trolls took this cowardly action of the organizers to mean one thing – they are not prepared to fight a principled struggle for the 99%. Thus immediately, we saw various right wingers showing undisguised contempt at the most daring of the protestors.

    6. This action of the organizers – and its likely implication – was brought to this forum’s attention. (Saturday)

    7. The organizers removed the “recent comments” feature. (today, Sunday)

    There is a lot more the organizers can do, if they are truly interested in the plight of the 99%. They are not comfortable having a discussion and the pretext seems to be that a discussion will split the group. But the question is what is the point of solidarity that is preserved by no discussion? Is it not an illusion that will weaken us at the most crucial moment?

    We already had one example of such illusory solidarity. It was over whether we were prepared to believe McGinn’s bald faced lie that he is on our side and let him drive the protest. An organization that would have not hesitated to discuss the politics upfront will not have fallen into such a situation.

    If the organizers are learning from these experiences, it is all well and good. But as I try to show in my points above, the one characteristic that seems to emerge out of the organizers is their aversion to confrontation. This is a recipe that will ultimately betray the young people who risk life and limb doing the occupation.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Let us try to draw some political lessons from the writings of the right winger – “occupywestlakes”.

    At first the writing appears juvenile with no clear political purpose. But when you study this more closely, a pattern emerges – he/she is laying a trap for the people who are at the park.

    Notice how at the start, he told us how he was asking the police to arrest us? But that didn’t work so well and he started his next tactic. That consisted of flaunting:

    1) A luxury car (BMW)
    2) fancy restaurants where he dines
    3) health clubs where he exercises

    There are significant political aims to this seemingly juvenile comments. The infiltrator thinks that there are people at the protest angry enough to

    1) break windows of a BMW
    2) set fire to a restaurant
    3) break into a health club

    And this would be how he can accomplish his earlier mentioned task – getting us arrested and clamping down the movement for the 99%.

    It would be constructive to look at the riots that took place in England a few months ago. The police let the riot spread and acted with extreme brutal force afterwards. Young families were dragged out of bed in the night, harsh sentences were passed on people who just picked water bottles spilled out on to the streets, the capitalist court system was used to its utmost capacity to intimidate and silence *any* genuine revolutionary action of people.

    Socialist Equality Party (that publishes wsws.org) once held a meeting and owners of the venue at the last minute prevented them from using it. The party had to find a new venue.