The Police have cleared the tents in westlake!

The police this morning around 06:30 cleared all of the tents out of the parks so the parks department could clean. According to King5 News they were told anyone who’s tent was taken is at the parks department office, and you can collect your tent and property from there.

As of 09:00 there have been 8 arrests,

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  • SukkahMan says:

    I would like the Seattle Parks Department to tell me what happened to my sukkah. I had an expensive string of LED lights that I would like back along with the rest of the sukkah.

  • jewsrock says:

    Tell me what a Sukkah is and what it means to you. Then I’ll share with you what it means to me, and my family.

    • SukkahMan says:

      I’m going to reserve comments. I am currently speaking with civil rights attorneys.

      • jewsrock says:

        Really. Then you better get your facts straight on what Sukkot is, and on how the Sukkah is to be contructed and it’s meaning. And an explanation on why it wasn’t up at sundown on the first day of Sukkot. Why it wasn’t built in the way that truly honors God and helps Jews to remember WHY we celebrate Sukkot. If there is one thing that totally turned me off to this movement, it is this Sukkot thing. When is the last time you stepped in a temple, if ever? Good luck with your civil rights complaint.

        • SukkahMan says:


          • jewsrock says:


            A resource. This describes to a “t” what I was taught as a child. And still observe. I hope you can see the uphill battle you may hae trying to prove your civil rights were impinged upon. I’m sure you may be able to find better ways to spend your time and resources. You may find that an attorney will not take fees from you until you win, but he will collect expenses from you, win or lose. Copying costs, researching costs, telephone charges, postage, depositions, expert testimony, etc. You could find yourself paying LOTS that you may not have expected to pay and if you lose, you will be stuck with those expenses out of pocket, if you haven’t been asked to pay for them upfront. Make sure you read the fine print of your contract with the attorney, especially if it is a private attorney. : )

          • SukkahMan says:

            “I’m sure you may be able to find better ways to spend your time and resources.”

            I have better ways to spend my time than defending my Jewishness. Please have a nice day:))

          • jewsrock says:

            Wow. . . Let me set you straight. I worked for a civil rights attorney and EEOC attorney for a number of years. I saw people who really believed in pursuing their rights get stuck with a huge bill for expenses. I’m not asking you to defend your Jewishness, if that is what you imply with this comment. I’m asking you to consider whether you think this is important enough to maybe end up with a great big bill for expenses, that you won’t pay, that an attorney will file suit to collect. Again, good luck to you, and please, get that chip off your shoulder. I’m not trying to provoke anything. Don’t read emotions into what I am writing that do not exist.

        • SukkahMan says:
          • jewsrock says:

            Interesting point of view. Not sure if I agree, but interesting. I don’t think it’ll work for you on a civil rights claim, however. You were a day late.

          • SukkahMan says:

            I would love to see a picture of your sukkah:)

          • jewsrock says:

            Oh for pete’s sake. . . Are you kidding me? I too have better things to do than defend MY Jewishness. I absolutely give up with you folks. This is happening everywhere for me. I try to expess a point of view that differs, and I come up against a brick wall. I try to express my concerns over the message that is getting out to the public on what this movement is about and MY concerns that some of the methods are objectionable and counterproductive to the movement and I get this kind of response. At least you haven’t started calling me names yet. You know, I waited a few days to say anything about this particular stunt because it angered me and I wanted to have a well thought out comment to make. It seems that doesn’t matter. I HAVE no picture of my Sukkah, and I’m not going to go and take one just to appease your paranoia. Again, good luck to you. And you have a nice day as well.

          • SukkahMan says:

            I am not the slightest bit upset with you nor would I call you names. But it really hurt when you questioned how often I go to temple:((

            I have had several Israelis compliment me on my sukkah and thank me for putting one up. I have had half a dozen American Jews tell me to go to hell for putting one up:) I wish you could have sat in that sukkah with me as ten people got arrested defending it while hundreds surrounded it chanting. I would bet good money that the overwhelming majority were gentiles. It was without a doubt one of the most profound experiences of my life and I still tear up every time I think about it. Here is a picture of the Seattle Police Department surrounding us after they tore it down. We were expecting to be maced by them. All I did was put up a sukkah and the city sent out a lot of police. Meanwhile, in another downtown park, crackheads and alcoholics were camping all night drinking beer.


            I have an Israeli friend who will NOT get involved with Occupy Wall Street because the movement calls for a Palestinian state and for that reason alone, she will not participate. You will find a lot of people who will not get involved for one reason or another. You will find a lot of different perspectives that you may or may not agree with but I’m sure you will agree that we need a change in this country and that is the bigger message.

            Again, I wish you a fabulous day, peace, prosperity, and good health.

          • jewsrock says:

            I’m with your Isreli friend on that. I actually have a dozen trees in Israel bought with money I collected myself as a young Jewish kid. This is hugely important to the Israelis and I’m somewhat dismayed at the stance on returning things to where they were prior to 1967. That is wrong, in my humble opinion. I’m going to ask you this, please don’t misunderstand – is the Israeli friend a practicing Jew? This really is a question for curiosity’s sake. Being Israeli doesn’t automatically make you a good Jew. I actually just had an discussion with someone about that yesterday, to tell you the truth. Just like going into a chicken house doesn’t make you a chicken. Or going into a church doesn’t automatically make someone a Christian. Sorry, bad descriptions/visualisations, but I think it makes the point. I can even understand the American Jews reaction as well, as it was my initial reaction as well, other than I would not tell anyone to go to hell. Many of those kind of Jewish people only stand on tradition to support their Judaism and haven’t seen the inside of a temple in years themselves. My own grandpa was one of those. . :) Now I’m out to enjoy this beautiful day. You try and do the same.

          • SukkahMan says:

            To be honest, I have no idea how much she practices her faith.

            It is a great day and if you will excuse me, its time for a shower and to head back downtown. I mean this from the bottom of my heart…Have a great day and thank you for posting your views.

          • 00michelle00 says:

            I just want to see how skinny the stream will get. I’m going to type another sentence and then see how skinny my response is. I mean that last sentence, not another sentence. Although I did just type another sentence, but what I meant was…Shoot, I started another sentence!

  • Bradford B. Morrison says:

    Dear occupyseattle/ 99% ers. I am a bit tired right now, and need to sleep soon. I am very happy with the tremendous turnout over this past weekend of folks from all walks of life who banded together to show their support for changing the U.S.A. and the whole world to a more livable place for everyone. I would like very much to see the continued presence of the “OCCUPY SEATTLE” group at Westlake Park 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is not necessary to camp in tents in Westlake park to help make the world a more livable planet. We can stay up all night and day there, in staggered shifts, discussing how to change things, as well as playing music, dancing, and generally celebrating this beautiful city of ours and the whole mysterious universe of which we are a part. We can also continue to occupy city hall , sleep in tents there, and we could certainly consider other areas of Seattle to OCCUPY on a rotating or semi-permanent basis. We can hold demonstrations at corporate businesses which are corrupt and/or are not pulling their weight in paying their fair share of taxes; or who continue to destroy the environment and promote and help finance WARS of AGRESSION for PROFIT. We can do many, many things to fight for PEACE and ECONOMIC and SOCIAL JUSTICE. There are many ways to do this, and we do not need to camp in tents at Westlake Park to do it.I encourage everyone who wants to help make a better world STAY STRONG IN BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT, by getting adequate sleep and good nutrition, sunshine, fresh air, and exercise; and by enjoying the FUN SIDE of life. MUSIC is a great healing force for rejuvenation. It is so wonderful for me to see so many folks, gathering to do our best to really make a difference. I want very much to try to get EVERYONE who is willing, whether they are economically part of the “99%” or the “1%”, to lend a hand in helping to create a more just and sustainable world.
    So, I say, SEATTLE, let’s get SERIOUS about 50% of the time and HAVE a BIG, FUN PARTY as much of the rest of the time as possible!!
    Invite everyone you know to get to talking about solutions to the dilemmas which face us, and to come and PARTY, PARTY, PARTY also. Let’s be ready to HAVE A GREAT TIME as we TRY LIKE HECK to make a big dent in our problems! MAKE LOVE not WAR; and laugh a lot and play and listen to music, and just DO WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT!!
    Gotta go get some rejuvenating sleep now. I’ll be at Westlake park later today “WITH BELLS ON”!!

    Thanks for listening
    Peace and Love
    Loudmouth Karaoke Brad Morrison

    • candyman says:

      Agree with most of this. Right now the movement has a couple of potential issues that I foresee.
      First and foremost is lack of downtime for primary leadership, this is for the long haul and we don’t want to burn out.
      Second is the focus on Westlake Plaza. Occupy Wall Street in NYC works because that really is where the 1% do their thing. Westlake doesn’t qualify in that regard. Not to mention staying at Westlake has several negatives in the longer term:
      – creates a mono-focus on trivialities (tents? wtf?)
      – allows for an increasing percentage of fringe elements who, while they are certainly part of the 99%, nonetheless distract from the message overall and give a convenient hook to hang negative PR on
      – is an energy drain, all the 1% has to do is quite literally ignore what’s happening in Westlake, which is ridiculously easy to do given that the nearest major office and bank buildings are several blocks away! (Who needs kettling when the movement does it voluntarily?)
      – and as energy is drained (worse in the winter) only the die-hards will stay which makes it that much easier for the 1% to deploy LEO effectively
      – eventually it will stop being newsworthy

      However, there are some other options. #1, randomize! Flash mobs are a good start, (blocking traffic for even a few minutes at a busy intersection causes a huge impact). #2, message! If people are picketing banks (or other corporate entities) with signs pertaining to their particular misdeeds it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting in the news. “Where will they strike next?” “What financial dirty laundry will be aired tomorrow?” It’s not like there’s any shortage of corporate misdeeds to air, just a matter of trimming them down to sign-sized sound-bites. #3, strategize! If you know LEO response-time is under 2min then stage your showiest events (i.e. most likely to be cracked down on) accordingly. Or have multiple events in rapid succession. Stage non-events, even goofy stuff, e.g. people on the public sidewalk with arms linked all around a bank and singing kumbaya! (Circling sideways of course so it’s not loitering. :) It’s all newsworthy and the signs in the background with more meaningful messages will be on camera as well.
      This is just scratching the surface of possibilities, the key is to keep as many of the 99% as possible interested, engaged and on target, while avoiding potential focal points of conflict (except as strategically appropriate).

      • TomD says:

        I love every one of your suggestions, and think your last paragraph is right on.

        Hey guys! Let’s have some fun!

  • DougCassidy says:

    The contact number to get your stuff is 206-386-4280

  • Bradford B. Morrison says:

    Thanks, Brad for all you have been doing these past weeks.A lot of us older folks have been working for Peace and Justice for so many years and this feels something Really Will Change this time. It’s going to take a while but I think we have made a great start this time. Love and Peace, Shirley

  • jewsrock says:

    May I say something please, respectfully, without being thrashed?
    There is someone who is getting on to the KIRO website and removing other peoples’ comments from various news stories simply because the comments may not agree with their point of view. How is that helpful to this movement? How is this encouraging to people who seek to know more about it, but find only childish tantrums to be a result of asking questions and expressing understandings and points of view? If you are aware of this, it would be quite nice if you’d ask that person to stop doing that. It’s pissing people off. This same person is disrespecting Viet Nam veterans, claiming yesterday that if one of the posters came down there yesterday in uniform, he would be the first in line to spit on him. Shameful. Disgusting. And one more thing to add to my list of reasons NOT to become involved in a more concrete way. Respectfully. JR

  • jewsrock says:

    You will see that this person, if you look quickly enough, has removed EVERYONE ELSE’S posts, other than the newer ones posted, and replaced it with “booby trap the tents.” Over and over again. You will find, if it is still up, the same childishness on the story about the squirt gun incident. How does this person think this is going to change the public view of this movement?

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Something similar almost happened at the Liberty Plaza – but protestors did not let the cleaning interrupt their activities:

    There basically, the plan was to clear the protestors on the pretext of cleaning. But there were new rules established for any subsequent occupation of the place.

    ‘The content of these regulations became clear when representatives of Brookfield began distributing a leaflet on Thursday to the protesters at the park outlining a list of rules for protesters after the scheduled cleanup. The rules prohibit not only “ tents or other structures,” which are already banned from the protest, and “storage of personal property on the ground or benches or sitting areas” but also “lying down on the ground, or lying on the benches or walkways …”’

    Please read the entire article and the one that appeared the day after where it shows how police and the city backed down. :

  • sudopinion says:

    Great party Saturday night folks. Who do I have to thank for that?….Bet it made local businesses a ton of cash.

    It’s great that the protests are so pleasant and friendly…yet…this doesn’t seem like it should be a peaceful movement. The local fat-cats are happy to have a weekend’s awareness-event which makes Seattle appear hip, but it should be obvious by now that they’re just drinking and toasting to the mass-arrests in the wake of the party.

    • SukkahMan says:

      Changing bank accounts to local credit unions and forming a new political party would have more of an effect than violence (in my opinion).

      I have never raised a fist against another man in my life and cannot imagine myself getting violent. Gandi showed us how to drive out tyranny peacefully and it can be done. Would you rather go to another “party” like Saturday night trying to change the world or pick up arms and kill another human being?? It seems like a not brainer to me:))

      • sudopinion says:

        Who’s talking about killing people? I’m just noting that the forces which brought us together do not deserve our complacence so please, SHUT UP.

        • SukkahMan says:

          “.this doesn’t seem like it should be a peaceful movement.”

          I’m sorry, I thought you were calling for violence.

  • sudopinion says:

    There are “Things” that just can’t stand and violence alone can’t bring them down.