Breaking: Permit issued for Westlake Park

Occupy Seattle has gotten a permit for Westlake Park for a large canopy and support tents. Permit covers 300 people and is provisionally for 2 weeks. Amplification is covered and a generator is possible. This is a provisional 2 week permit I believe. 400 sq ft canopy was mentioned.

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27 Responses to Breaking: Permit issued for Westlake Park

  • yasky2012 says:

    Consider review of individual signs to make sure there’s no ground for anti-semantic discrimination. OWS reports such issues.

  • Dane says:

    Its progress,hopefully it will be granted for an indefinate period of time,or as long as is needed,hopefully the cops stay away as well now.

  • nolongermyself says:

    I understand the desire to be excited. This permit does not cover us after 10pm. I believe this leaves us in the same place as before. Unless there is something that I have missed. Are we camping elsewhere now?

  • Dane says:

    But yes,if it doesent cover after 10 pm it is no better than before,sounds like they (the city,police,etc,) are playing the same game.

  • Hambil says:

    Well, a generator during the day even is extremely useful. So that is something at least.

  • Camp Give A Damn Mom says:

    I am so glad to hear we have a tent and generator! Just in time for the rainy weather!

  • occupyNW says:

    I have not seen it but I will be very surprised if it is missing the usual boilerplate about obeying all laws and ordinances. Which it is not likely we will do. Giving them the option withdraw the permit pretty much at will. The last permit also had a condition requiring us to pay the city 10% of ALL funds collected on city / park property. ie we take 1000 in donations 100 would have to go to the city. It also prohibited selling any items.

    Read the fine print people when it is available

    • Doc says:
    • Phirebrand says:

      In the permit, the actual line re: the 10% clause says 10% of “gross sales, registrations and admissions” which I do not believe includes donations. OccupySeattle is not selling nor charging admissions or registrations fees but of course donations are allowed. Pretty much, if Occupy is a not-for-profit, which it is, then there is no profit or proceeds, therefore the 10% is based on $0.00 profit.

      that being said, the rest of the permit details enough restrictions that Occupy cannot continue on it’s stated goals without being in violation of current city and P&R laws/ordinences…

  • Geoff Occupy Briggs says:

    Not only does the 10pm closure remain in effect but all the tents and supplies must be removed by that time daily. So the need for an alternate site remains.

  • graybeard says:

    This sounds like it promises even less than the earlier permit which would have allowed maintaining an info tent in the park 24 hours/day–now we have to take it down every day. A max of 300 folks there at any time or we need to give prior notice?? Yes, we can have a sound system, but only up to 3 hours a day?? City can still ask for a 10% cut of any donations? I just did a quick scan of the actual permit, you may find other issues, check it out:
    This whole thing stinks of the city trying to constrain our use of the park for expression under the first amendment. Contesting the camping rule is at least debatable, but during the day we shouldn’t have to deal with these restrictions. This is too much like getting channeled into fenced-in ‘protest areas’.

  • WTFnord says:

    Wait does that mean every tenth slice of pizza is theirs?

  • MelissaB says:

    That made me happy! And then I read on. It ends at 10pm????? not cool.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    These maneuvers are made to limit the movement, weaken it and ultimately crush it. The mayor is not our friend. Everything the politicians do show their fear of the revolutionary potential embodied in the protest movement. It is a worldwide movement and in the first stages, they will attempt to crush it via deception.

    The most urgent task is to figure out how our demands can be met. The city and the capitalist class that runs it are far more class-conscious than the organizers that seem to be dancing to their tune quite readily.

    Organizers – please bring back the “recent comments” feature on the main page. Facilitate a discussion rather than playing into the hands of the city. This change to the main page was not done democratically as far as I know.

  • 00michelle00 says:

    #OccupySeattle made a big move over the weekend. The mayor responds with a move that’s not really helpful, but makes him sound magnanimous in the Press. All the News is reporting is “City Grants Permit”. And it still boils down to where are people going to sleep.

  • seespikerun says:

    lets spread the word and get fliers and digital media talking about this weekend. there is no time to waste!

    • occupy84-11 says:

      I couldn’t agree more. We need to make the weekends as big as possible to show the city that we aren’t going anywhere. They can intimidate us as much as they want but we need to show them that this movement is here to stay.

    • SukkahMan says:

      give me some fliers and I can post all over cap hill.

  • occupy84-11 says:

    This is a good first step in getting the space we need. In order to keep this space we cannot let up on bombarding the mayor with our demands.

  • Doc says:

    How on Earth are we supposed to know when (or whether) more than 300 people will show up in a *PUBLIC* place?

    Whose job is it to enforce the 300-person rule? Me? You? Any of the other protesters? (In case the city missed it, this is an open-source and leaderless movement).

    Are we supposed to take a headcount? Should we hang velvet ropes around Westlake, like at the nightclub, and keep clipboards? Oh, wait, we can’t because *another* provision is that we can’t restrict access to the park. Paradox, anyone?

    The 300 person provision is entirely impractical, impossible to adhere to (even if we wanted to!), and gives a giant loop-hole for the city to “revoke” this permit whenever they want.

    Silly, silly, silly.

  • Flyboy says:

    Why aren’t you taking down badge numbers. Where are your attorneys?

    • SukkahMan says:

      I have asked for the business card of every officer that I think is doing something wrong. It makes them uneasy. Officer Stuart was the guy who went around last Sat night waking up people sleeping in tents and shaking them. I even asked him to come to NY with me and get married promising that I would be gentle the first time.

      • occupationist says:

        I have also personally been taking down badge numbers of officers who are, I believe, going above and beyond the law to squash us. On that note, I have the badge numbers and names of all the officers, including the sergeant, who were going through the camps and flashing their lights in our eyes waking us all up on the 14th. I have been trying to build profiles of the more notorious cops (maybe there will room for brownie points for more generous cops too…). However, there is no proper mechanism or calling just yet to release this information. If someone has a good copwatching website, or could easily build something that would allow for public submission of Occupy Seattle related complaints against different officers, that would be great. I know that the Seattle Copwatch folks have wanted something like this for awhile in order to have real citizen accountability of the SPD in general anyways, for a long time now. However, to my knowledge none of them have the programming or web design skills for that. On that note, if you are reading this and you have these skills and would like to help set this up, please comment with a way to contact you!

  • nkeegel says:

    Permit is available at Info

  • SukkahMan says:

    I have a solar powered battery that I charge up during the day and bring down for the night hours if someone needs to charge up a laptop, etc. It runs 12v, USB, 110, and even 220.

    I also used to use a marine battery with a power invertor that I used when camping. Again, it could be charged during the day and used all night.

  • nicky10 says:

    That’s great news! Keep up the good work, legal team!