Federal Judge Tells Police Not to Ticket Occupy Protesters

Read about it here: http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20111018/NEWS0108/111018027/Federal-judge-tells-police-not-ticket-Occupy-protesters

One Response to Federal Judge Tells Police Not to Ticket Occupy Protesters

  • msmikestew35 says:

    This sniffs of a back room deal from what I can read in other forums. For ex:


    I qoute:

    ***** BEGIN QUOTE ********
    ‘In response to a suit by protesters alleging their 1st Amendment rights are violated by a city law that the park is off-limits after 10 pm, Federal Judge Susan Dlott, appointed by Clinton, told Cincinnati police to halt issuing citations to OWS protestors for staying in a downtown park overnight. Then the same judge attends a general assembly meeting of the protestors held in a public library and the press is told to leave the meeting because it is a closed meeting discussing legal issues.

    Why is a federal judge being allowed to participate in legal discussions with the plaintiff of a case she is hearing? Doesn’t this breach some rule governing the judiciary?

    BTW Dlott is wife of the very rich local attorney Stan Chesney who is a major fundraiser for dems. He held many fundraisers for Clinton and his wife was rewarded with a federal judgeship.


    Is there anyone who doesn’t believe our judiciary is as out of control as the rest of government? ‘

    ****** END QUOTE ******

    The most important question for us is to figure out is why the organizers of these movements, consistently try to misdirect us and ultimately betray the committed and courageous individuals who are risking like and limb doing the actual occupation.

    The organizers work in this way because they have an abiding faith in the American justice system, and the capitalist system of the rich stealing the poor which the courts fully support.

    The organizers keep complaining that there is a “small group of protestors” who are “unreasonable” and want to defy the borgouies laws by such means as

    1) erecting tents so they don’t get sick in the cold nights
    2) walking without a permit
    3) show fully justified anger at the police who have showed us quite clearly which side of the line they stand on.

    This can only mean that the organizers support the borguois law and in turn the system of capitalism that the borgoues law protect. Indeed, it is time to say, the organizers support the 1%.

    To the brave young men and women camping, a warning needs to be sounded. If this turns ugly, and the state shows its fist, do not for a moment assume that the organizers will be on your side. Already, there has been significant opposition to breaking the “law” and concerns with bailout money.

    Tomorrow, the organizers are likely to say that perhaps there is a better way to use the limited money we have – say how about using it to elect the war criminal Obama? Be warned.

    There is a gap as wide as night and day between the millions of oppressed working class people who took to the streets demanding social justice and the parlimentary ladies and gentlemen we find in the organizing committees of OWS.