Occupy Seattle: Legal Information

If you have been arrested:

1) Go to the Municipal Court website and choose ‘Online Services.’
2) Click on “Defendant” on the Menu bar on the left, and see if they have a court date scheduled. 3) The service also shows charges, events and obligations (e.g., bail) in the court case.

Here is a link directly to that page:


7 Responses to Occupy Seattle: Legal Information

  • Aristokronik anarkist says:

    How is one arrested going to access the municipal website to find out about charges and bail..i thought there was a team to bail people out.. what is status onlegal actually going to jail to bail folks out.. is that a new myth?

  • Flyboy says:

    I watched the sat morning arrest, the guy walked over and stood by a police car cops started coming up to him until there were about 8 (all male) he was standing on the west side of a car (one of at least 4 cars in the park) and not touching it, in no way blocking it, the woman cop who belonged to the car was not there two of the 8 , more by now, went to get her from the far end of the park, she came walking very fast ahead of the two that summoned her and she was very excited as she got out her note pad and started talking to the guy, at that time I got tired of watching and left, I saw the report of the arrest in the paper which said he was blocking her exit and that she wanted to leave, both untrue

  • noshoes says:

    Please make it standard tactic that anytime arrests are happening. Everyone GO LIMP! This non violent resistance will make police take 4 times as many cops and 4 times longer to make mass arrests! We can bleed the police dry with this simple tactic! Spread the word to all occupy camps everywhere please!

  • Flyboy says:

    So I was downtown tonight, it was sad to see no one around no cops and just the normal bunch of people, I went over to the lunch area and found someone in charge and gave him a bunch of halloween candy, he said he would distribute it later, than I went over to Starbucks and the barista said “the usual short in a tall” I said “give me the usual” and I went over and sat down and looked over at Westlake park and it was sad, no bicycle police, no police cars, no police van, sad that it’s over, that thing in Oakland must have had an impression on them. It is now after 10PM and I see a bicycle cop in the street, than another soon a whole bunch of them, a few seconds later and here comes the whole gang of Occupy Seattle with their signs and they were making noise as they all settled into Westlake park, than the usual number of police cars showed up, about 10, everything was back to normal, it almost looked like Occupy Seattle had the police department in their back pocket………………………..

  • John Ellis says:

    Say not a word, or you may be accused of abusive language. And when asked a question hand them a paper with this statement:

  • John Ellis says:

    Please put all questions, statements and requests for a meeting in a letter.

  • John Ellis says:

    Keep in mind that planet earth is an intelligence dictatorship, and as a street cop has a brain and pay scale at the low end of the educated middle-class, when confronting a college student a cop never knows what the kid might do to him next. But if your laboring class, don’t dare to lie or the cops will surely use it against you in court.