After action report- Friday’s foreclosure action

An after action report from yesterday’s foreclosure auction :) via Karen Pooley…
Friday’s Action:
We gathered at the pergola @ 1st & Yesler. We then marched from this point past the front of the COURTHOUSE, to the Admin Building courtyard, where the trustees conduct some of the foreclosures in King County.

The “officials” were waiting for us, they had the area “caution-taped” off, and allowed only those that were bidding on properties into the taped off area—-IS THIS LEGAL??? We could sue the city to determine.

The city had SEVERAL security guards positioned for our protest. When several of us “challenged” the “roped off” area by infiltrating, that was when they called for the Sheriff for back-up.

We protested and chanted for about an hour. We successfully reduced the auction to a very small area in the courtyard. We told them we would be back. Please join us for this weekly march next Friday @ 9:30 am.

About 50 people joined in the protest, OCCUPY, WE NEED MORE PARTICIPATION! We should have had every single occupier there. I will now be working with “boots-on-the-ground” to accomplish getting the word out.

2 Responses to After action report- Friday’s foreclosure action

  • karmashand35 says:

    You should do the action at the residence that is getting foreclosed. Find someone who really needs the help (not some developer that isn’t going to be homeless). Contact all the news agencies and let them know that you will be occupying the home till the foreclosure is reversed.

    • Geoff Occupy Briggs says:

      I was at the protest Friday. It was spirited and fun but in hindsight it seems like mostly a symbolic gesture. I agree with karma, but think we should work even further up the ladder and argue for a moratorium on foreclosures until a better system is in place, one that places the burden of proper process and documentation on the lender, ensures that all options for keeping people in their homes have been exhausted, and never forces people onto the street or into a shelter against their will.