Inter workgroup meeting minutes 10/22

Minutes from 10/22/11
Opening messages Peter hands off facilitator to Jacob-
Alyssa: (Food) talkied with inet on the ERP package, good for
info/inventory/donations Unions interested in helping with materiel
within week 1.5 weeks.
Emily (food) Sonya (Supply) Ginger (Food) Jake (Facilitation) Vince
(Facilitation) Jacob (Facilitation/demands) Chase (internet/comm)
Kirby (Outreach) Anita (Accountability) Carol (process) Nicholas (inet)
Jason (inet) Forrest (inet) Stian (inet) Steve (inet/comm) Babylonia
FOOD: (Emily) needing more personnel ^
coordination/planning/coherence need direct line from Tactical (new
phone line?) need more GA voice/Legal coordination re:
foodhandling/permits ^ more legal defense Public Appeal?
Ginger: Need more help offsite mgmt. needs more personnel!
PROCESS/FACILITATION: (Jacob) Streamline proposal process in
progress for smoother GA debate Mtg re this noon-4pm lobby of
Pacific Place. Livestream needs power, Paypal funded 2nd L/S spotty
makes 24/7 coverage unlikely.
Sonya: Bicycle powered generators ala Oakland Occupy?
Stian: Marine batteries (deep-cycle) coming theft an issue minus
Jake: Car batteries (12V) for laptops/mobile devices?
Jacob: Projector for GA mtgs? (battery life????)
Chase: Projector but no screen avail.
Babylonia: Suggests programming group. ^ coordination for all
Forrest: Need to review first.
Jacob: Peer review with other Occupy mov’ts!
Emily: 2nd’s Jacob
Confirmed L/S interview with Mayor next week. Time TBD
Stian: Send email to O/S ICT with Calendar Event for distrib online for
official calendar.
Carol: Meeting time/WG bloat ^ need to streamline ^ efficiency
Posting of past minutes from prior WG’s ^ info spreading.
Kirby: Concern for diffusion of message-too many non-Occupy causes
Jake: Advocate to them to form WG’s of their own causes.
Nicholas: 2nd’s cause bloat, offers advice from NYC Occupy.
Ginger: Suggests coordination with sub-committees.
Peter: Too much process not enough planning.
Anita: Suggests infrastructure groups.
Jason: Suggests Agenda group that brings to action issues raised
previously, with time-sensitivity!!
Jake: Agrees, suggests to resume for later discussion.
Ginger: Need for soothing of egos
Jake: 2nd’s Ginger’s suggestion
Ginger: Hierarchy of meeting time uploads?
Peter: Need for intergroup group, Takes too much from Tactical
Anita: GA concern for disruptive participants at mtgs.
Peter: Concern for accountability of Accountability WG
Forrest: Domain bought by Andy Walters who
developed it. Handed it off to others. F. joined ICT 3 weeks ago. Andy
vanished. needed him for backups Andy AWOL. Andy showed up finally
handed up backups and logins/2X hot backup, alternate hostings. But
Andy balked. Forrest asked for 2nd adminship with registrar and Andy
agreed Andy indifferent to further help. Andy relented with
suggestion of mirroring of the site. Andy unavail for comment since
3pm yesterday. Grabbed donated to for
group control/stewardship. Ran similar assessment of other nat’l
occupy web presences. Need more personnel per funding.
Reports momentum building/tech development. Too many people
jumping in but little solid participation. Need for calendars/mailing
Kirby: need good page design for an example for Occupy sites
nationwide. Secure base layer/easy front access/data
Forrest: Appeals from other IT needs of other Occupies/ also need for
a tech-worker labor advocacy group.
Peter: Suggestions from Tactical-need more authoritative power.
Suggests voting power to 3X weekly attendees to legitimize
Anita: backsliding in electoral process.
Peter: Suggests subcommittees of WG’s projects
Ginger: need more help running groups
Connected with Food Justice Project
Anita: Suggests broadened powers for Process group.
Chase: discounted reading material for next 3 weeks.

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  • Jay Bazuzi says:

    Car batteries are not suitable for supplying laptops, because they are not deep cycle. They will die fast if drained deeply. The $ cost and eco cost are both high.

    Get someone who knows battery technology to help you with these problems. (I am willing to answer questions)

    Simplest setup is to have more than one laptop, and use one while the others are recharging.

    Pedal-charged batteries are beyond my expertise. Very cool, though!