Inter-workgroup meeting minutes 10/21

Inter Work Group Meeting Notes 10/21/2011
Roll Call:
Legal: Patricia, Alex, Gabriel
Tactical: Jeff, Cameron, Jesse, Bob, Peter
Internet Communications Team: Nicholas, Forest, Stian, Chase
Medical: Regina
Supply & Storage: Alyssa
Media: Aliana, Marissa
Outreach: Alex
Information: Brendan
Process & Facilitation: Carole, Anita
Peace & Safety: Cameron
Arts & Entertainment: Neil, Julie, Eric
Community & Labor: Rhiannon
Kitchen: Ginger
Demands: Linda
Sanitation: Andrew
Morale: Mina
NSCC: Vicki
Seattle Street Medics: Nicole

ICT: Social Media needs point of contacts. Working on establishing process for access to Google Calendar. Send info/ items to ~ Have clear headers for e-mails…

Instituting lunch time discussion groups. Saturday night will be discussion night in the GA without any proposals. There is a lack of clarity regarding general principles.
Arts & Ent.:
Struggling with Police throwing materials away, Art hard to maintain. Entertainment going well. Highway banner has been donated. Having a hard time finding off-site volunteers. Neil has a van to use if necessary! Arts will meet Monday @ 4pm by Info.
Purpose and Mission is to observe, report and paint in positive light! Please communicate directly with Aliana regarding EVERYTHING!!!! Computer and video camera have been donated. Idea is to keep at City Hall with live streaming. Needs work on security with compliance at City Hall.
Peace & Safety:
Having a hard time meeting since they meet after GA which has been a little out of hand. Since decision not to deal with Police, they have to take on responsibility of authority. Need conflict resolution training- can work with Accountability. Developed new offensive tactic to deal with police; silent observation from arms length distance!!! Has been very effective, they move away! Ideas to develop a cop watch group and mobile smoking screen unit to field the police at GA!
Community & Labor:
Brief reports on labor caucus meeting and direct action strategy meeting. There is a huge amount of support available from labor and community organizations, need to co-ordinate. Need reliable contacts form each workgroup to pass on to labor for support. Keep ICT and self, apprised of up-to date needs. Working on organizational outreach to build density. Please inform if certain trainings are necessary. Is it necessary to pass a solidarity resolution to cut down on divisive proposals? (Tactical is addressing this issue)
Class on Sunday 3-4 pm, at City Hall; Activist self-care and psych evaluation on the streets. Med coverage is spotty. There is a pool of 70 volunteers with varying levels of expertise, most of whom work. Need more on the ground support. There will be continual classes every other week for street medics (think combat style med). Next Friday, 10/28/2011 is Regina’s last day for a month.  Peter??!!
10 watercoolers (sorry guys,this means?) IAM 751 donated PA system,we have a projection screen. Communication needs to be tighter between the groups. Supply has two safes with all the money. No keys! Legal has the keys! E-mail is; . 10 drivers now, asked for (??) box, but that isn’t in the permit. We now have a portable 10 gallon water heater at Westlake~ hot to 155 degrees. Need Marine batteries to run this, as does ICT.
Has an e-mail list of 50 volunteers, they are growing, had a health inspection this week. Putting out a call for more organization/ commercial kitchens to prepare food to comply with health dept. Needs help from Outreach on this. Maybe restaurants could hang a banner saying they support OS and people could then pay the restaurant to prepare and deliver food to OS??!! Needs inventory with supply, supply is doing inventory. Wants to start a “food justice” conversation, working with organic farmers. Needs a functional online calendar. ICT is on it.
Burn Phone # is 206 403 8741. There is a money situation!! Legal wants to divest themselves of the money. Doing research to find fiscal sponsors or other options for housing the cash. [BECU has made an offer of 25 dollars for every customer we send them] Some cities are doing fiscal sponsors, or 501C3 status. All donations right now go to Alyssa with supply. Fundraising needs more than Fred, we need a more robust and rounded fundraising and fiscal team. All money frozen until an agreed upon system is in place. No requests for $ granted right now. Requests/ queries go to Alyssa; Legal wants to organize an action against foreclosure.
Putting on two events: Sunday, Ballard Farmers Market, and Monday @ 2pm Meet n Greet at Fuel Coffee, Cap Hill. Do we have a list of endorsements we can show? Please get endorsement info to Alex; or If you are doing outreach yourself, please send a report on what you did, what worked and what did not! Need printing resources and business cards.
HELP KEEP US INFORMED!!!! On anything and everything! If we are informed, we can inform!
Wants to raise positivity and facilitate and mediate. Morale will be identified by gold stars. Mina is point person; 206 250 9752,
All groups need burn phones, including City Hall. Establish a schedule for workgroups. Take 24 hours before presenting a proposal. Suggested official policy for GA is to announce proposal one day before and it must be on the website by nine am the day it is to be officially proposed. We need to think these things through people! Only Wednesday and Sunday should be policy decision/ voting days. (Cut down on over-legislation). Tactical and Media to sidebar. All workgroups should make daily announcements.
How do we deal with underaccountability? IE, people running around and declaring themselves camp marshal, etc..

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