General Assembly notes 10/22

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-22 18:40
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Jacob
  • Taking stack: Vince and Babylonia
  • Orientation: Daniel

Working group announcements

time: 18:52

Steering Committee

  • Russ
    • was there from 5:30 until a bit after 6:00, nobody brought agenda items
    • facilitator note: we voted a few days ago not to have proposals, constrain GA mostly to discussion

Outreach Working Group

  • Salvador
    • idea: go to South Center to tell people what's going on here

Media Working Group

  • Aliana
    • Are eyes and ears of the movement
    • Have many people on WG, need more
    • Particularly need ground support

Fundraising Working Group

  • Fred
    • We have signs
      • First batch was expensive, but profits will generate profits and drive prices down
      • Need to sell them to ourselves and others

Logistics Working Group

  • Doc
    • still doesn't have working phone
    • march went well
    • If you can risk arrest, Logistics can use you. Please help.

Accountability Working Group

  • Hudson
    • Meeting tomorrow 4:30 outside of Sephora
      • to develop procedures for holding ourselves accountable to the community
      • come if you're interested in conflict de-escalation, anti-oppression, etc.

Hip Hop Occupies Working Group

  • Daniel
    • Non-profits have an industrial complex in this country
    • Some people on executive boards make six-figure salaries, are treated like politicians by the fat cats
      • beware of potential for them to co-opt our movement
    • People living on the street have learned techniques for staying healthy. Talk to them

Tactical Working Group

  • Zach
    • For their safety, WG no longer wearing arm bands
    • Continue to work on intergroup communication
    • Have schedule to ensure someone is always here
    • Mega-meeting tomorrow noon-4pm
    • Mass-mobilization workshop tomorrow 4pm
    • Planning action for November 5 National Day of Divestment
      • Keeping quiet to avoid screwing it up
      • Needs to talk to media and outreach in next week
    • State workers union donated $500

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • ?
    • Need donations of metal spoons so we can re-use them and limit our waste
    • Please try to re-use disposable utensils, bowls, cups
    • Hoping to get bicycle generator
    • Meeting 5:30 tomorrow by Romax to talk about sustainability

People of Color Caucus

  • Alana
    • Stands in solidarity with People of Color Caucus
    • White people like her stole this land 200 years ago
      • Should be humble
      • Now is time to heal
    • If you're ready to de-colonize, un-occupy, and collectively heal, help spread awareness

Night of 1000 Actions

  • Joanna
    • idea: on Black Friday, day after Thanksgiving, do something in the middle of the day to peacefully and creatively interrupt the shopping frenzy, followed by big celebration demonstrating joy we can experience for free.
    • contact: joanna_8689 –AT–
    • meeting Monday afternoon at 5:30 by hot dog stand
    • discussion:
      • Suggests focus on the holiday and its significance to this country
      • Likes idea of pattern interrupt on a day like that, but suggests we keep it really positive and fun for the shoppers, so we spread goodwill and not ill-will.
        • response: Possibility: coordinate flash mobs to go into big stores, not locally owned businesses, and have some song and dance to wake people up to idea that shopping doesn't make them happy.
      • Remember that not all local businesses are good businesses.
        • response: Would like help compiling list and showing why big businesses should not be supported
  • Braden and Patricia
    • idea: Make an origami tent for every home that has been foreclosed upon during the Great Recession. Takes about two minutes each to build them
    • Meet tomorrow 11:00 by Romax sign
    • Since 2008, millions of homes have been foreclosed upon. SPD will not allow us to sleep in tents here. Need to find way to communicate ideas of this movement to people all around us.
    • discussion:
      • How to do sustainably
        • They're made of newsprint, can be recycled
      • How to deal with wind?
        • Will attach with thread.
  • Alex
    • idea: PVC arm cuffs when there's a line of resistance.
    • contact: SeeSpikeRun –AT–
    • discussion
      • What are these?
        • PVC pipe, chain inside, people hold, requires Jaws of Life and lots of time to remove them
      • Are people connected?
        • Optional
  • Josh

    • idea: Occupy foreclosure auctions every week until there is a moratorium on foreclosures and banks are forced to do what's right.
    • Meet at 600 1st Ave (1st & Yesler) Fridays at 9:30am
    • jbwatler –AT–
  • ?

    • idea: Halloween party for kids at Westlake Park on 29th
  • Katia
    • idea: Publishing zine with stories
    • contact: –AT–
    • publishes
  • ?
    • idea: everyone read Sun Su's Art of War
  • ?
    • idea: "Operation smoke" Whenever you take your smoke break, do it at Chase and Bank of America. You'll find friends there. Open the doors for them.
  • Liam
    • idea: Bank occupations. Go in, occupy, refuse to go. This is, obviously, civil disobedience, and illegal. This can pull us together.
    • discussion
      • get in touch with the PVC pipe guy
        • response: was thinking the same thing when cuff idea was proposed
  • Elvina
    • idea: Someone make her Disney princess tent into a mobile structure she can wear
    • idea: Surround banks with crime scene tape and conduct citizens arrests. Do this often.
  • Andrew
    • idea: start politics working group to identify targets of direct actions (will not get involved with them)
      • contact: bartkusa –AT–
      • needs nerds who are sitting at home reading the Internet, pissed-off grannies, etc., to help collect information and bring it back
      • people pushing hard
      • discussion
        • Please make available on the Web
        • Suggest looking at options for foreclosed houses?
          • No, others seem to be on top of that.
    • idea: Study other movements that have succeeded. (e.g. General Strike in Seattle)
      • will hold a class to learn, not just teach, Tuesday evening around 6pm
      • discussion
        • remember we started Labor Cuacus last week. Contact ZachPattin –AT–
  • Babylonia
    • idea: Organize a march on Wall Street (in Belltown). Dress up on most corporate looking clothes, carry signs citing statistics about corporations exploiting workers and the envirionment. Ex: "I'm a Hershey's CEO and I get my beans from children in XXX"
      • meeting tomorrow 6pm in front of Nordstrom, 206-504-0145
      • discussion
        • What should signs look like?
          • cardboard and a stick
        • Let's be as inclusive as possible.
        • Use care to verify claims on signs. Do not slander.
  • Jason
    • idea: E-mail congressional representatives and tell them to nationalize the Federal Reserve system
      • not many people on these streets care about what we're doing
  • Dino
    • idea: Everybody bring more people to our events. Call everyone you know, and you'll be surprised at the response.
  • ?
    • idea: Occu-pie picnic tomorrow afternoon. She and friends are baking pies. Bake some and join.
  • ?
    • idea: Organize outreach campaign supporting SJM 8007-211-12, which would strip corporations of personhood.
    • contact: VinceInch –AT–
  • ?
    • idea: do something for November 2 visit by CEO of Chase at Sheraton
    • discussion
      • everyone in Seattle with bank accounts at big banks should close those
      • BECU welcomes this and wants to give those people accounts right away
      • bring debit cards back here and shred them
      • take those and place them on doorsteps of banks
  • ?
    • idea: celebrate holidays here
  • ?
    • idea: go to street side, ask people to honk in support
      • discussion
        • We're good neighbors and don't encouraging honking after 10pm
  • Gabriel Imecca
    • idea: engage organized labor movement in this country
  • ?
    • idea: Send ambassadors around the city to tell people what we're about.


  • time: 20:09
  • City Hall has kicked camp to the curb. Legal told our people to come back here. Seeking vehicles for transportation.
    • that's incorrect
  • City Hall volunteers do not want to staff the facility at City Hall any longer due to lack of support from crowd who stays at Westlake.
    • Volunteers feel that homeless people coming and going from the shelter there, who are not associated with our movement, are causing them hassle, stealing things
    • Police say they won't help, we need to deal with this ourselves
  • Need volunteers to take care of things for the evening so we can discuss tomorrow at GA.

Adjourned 20:38

4 Responses to General Assembly notes 10/22

  • dsentor says:

    The local unions have a large meeting hall on 1st Ave at the Labor temple that you might be able to use for meetings or workshops when not in use. Give them a call to see what days it’s available:
    (206) 441-0470 Hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm not there between 12 and 1 for lunch

  • nicky10 says:

    I keep seeing that the working groups need more volunteers. I’ve emailed the internet group three times and the outreach group once. I never hear back from anyone. Do you folks want help or not?

    • gilbazoid says:

      I can’t speak for anyone really, since I’m not on a working group, but maybe try the forums here as well. No guarantee, but maybe it’ll work.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    The trade union movement has given up any pretense of advancing worker rights. Be very careful when dealing with them. The main job of the union is to deceive workers into voting for the Democratic party. They will say that Obama’s jobs plan needs to be supported failing to mention that this jobs plan has $ 1.5T cut in social services, in health care, veteran’s benefits and others.

    It would be instructive to read up on the history of this treacherous organization. AFL-CIO has the blood of coal miners of the eighties in their hands. Richard Trumka who now heads it headed the Coal Miners Union in the eighties where he led the betrayal of the miners. He was not even present at the funeral of one of the miners who was killed by the police.

    Things have simply gotten worse. Today, the UAW (Auto Workers Union) is making contracts with the auto bosses to create a permanent low wage work force in the Big-Three auto companies.

    Here is just one example of the work they do: