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On-site Kitchen
Emily: 206.930.2160


The camp is at Seattle Central Community College, on Capitol Hill, 1701 Broadway near the corner of E. Pine St.

Food is welcome at any time, but there are some nights of the week when we have cooks or groups signed up to make dinner. Right now (Dec 7), we need folks to cook:
– DINNER all nights, or;
– LUNCH on Saturday or Sunday.
Please contact Sonya Rodgers by email: or by phone: 206.501.5715 to sign up.

We try to feed about 100 people each evening, but you do not have to fill that whole need. If you make a double recipe of something hearty, that will feed 20-25, which is a big contribution. Hot foods with protein and carbohydrates are most appreciated. Vegetarian and meat dishes are welcome. Some possible offerings: chili, soup with grains, rice with beans, pasta with sauce. We also have some supplies available, and fresh produce donated from farmer’s markets in need of cooks. Contact Sonya for more info and to arrange pickup.

To drop off food, you will find it most convenient to drive south on Broadway and pull up in front of the camp, just before (north of) the corner of Pine. You can’t miss the camp, and we are currently serving food from a table on the main walkway that runs through the campus plaza. NOTE: You will need to turn southbound onto Broadway three or four blocks north of the college. The intersections of Broadway with E. Olive Way, E. John St., and E. Denny Way all work.

There is often a parking space in front of the main entrance to camp, but even if not, you can pull over in front of the line of parked cars, turn on your flashers, and ask someone at the camp to help you offload your food. We recommend staying around for about a half hour and taking your pot(s) home. If you leave your equipment, please label it with your name and phone number.

If you have questions or would like more information, please e-mail or