Occupy Seattle will Establish Base Camp at SCCC

After obtaining a 4/5ths super majority, the 10/24 General Assembly passed a proposal to establish base camp for Occupy Seattle at Seattle Central Community College. This does not mean that we will no longer be present at Westlake park, merely that SCCC will be a site for overnight camping as well as a base for supplies and logistics.

We have not been formally invited to SCCC, and there are indications that the SCCC administration will not welcome us there, however we are confident that we have tremendous support from both students and faculty to counterbalance this.

The occupation of SCCC is scheduled to start Saturday 10/29, and we are planning multiple events. Stay tuned!

And please check our calendar for a full schedule!

21 Responses to Occupy Seattle will Establish Base Camp at SCCC

  • 1Voice4The99 says:

    Yay! Glad we have made a decision! Progress!

  • Geoff Occupy Briggs says:

    I too am supportive of the process and and happy to see some decisive action, but someone on FB pointed out that moving to SCCC might displace a farmers market there. That would be tragic. I hope we can figure out how to move there without collateral damage.

  • Aristokronik anarkist says:

    WHy is it thatthe S.H>A.R.E.shelter kicks every one out of churchescharging rent becuz management of S.H.A.R.E (some who are homeless),get paid forcing people to fillout paper work every night to get abus ticket that S.H>A.R.E refuses to sharewith any other homeless? Need Direct action with Homeless drunks and others to chain themselves to Malt liqour store in protest that water is more expensive than so-called beer and that its imploding society.. at least in greatdepression alcohol was not so prevalent..now when “brother can you spare a dime”,comes around its always going to alcohol ,usually as replacement for a meal. Also, dist-Urban rest stop refuses to offer service after 6:30 p.m. ,sometimes alot earlier they close. The staff will be on clock but all the dryers and washing machines and showers will be empty..that is a social service undermined by the bourgosie and vanity plated lifestyle of management pocketing a great deal of money for private office suite and exorbitant salary,that never requires work at facility when understaffed. all the machines needed replacement 2 years ago but management tries to fundraise for those expenses,not act frugal with private office ,totally unnecessary for operation of urban rest stop. that money was supposed to go to replacement of broken down machines…seattle is a revolting place…no bettor than detroit except with the view . wish 4 bettor shelter system that doesnt kick you to the curb in the early morning without shower,laundery,or any nutritional food, only a bus ticket good for an hour and half..no phone just mor paperworkso share advisers can hustle Fema and all other donors who dontrealize the fuedality of 7 hour shelters that charge rent with no shower ,no food,no phone,no laundery..but always a smell like an ashtray digging in dumpster saturatdin malt liqour as you start your day less than fresh…
    SHutdown the heroin junkies hiding within,boycott malt liqour

  • marycpaterson says:

    I have been to only two GAs and was not there last night when the SCCC move was proposed, discussed, blocked, and passed. I see this as a smart, brave, difficult, well-considered decision on the part of OS. I am trying to play a part in OS: I talk to people about it, I write a little about it, I bought the water coolers and reusable cups from Dick’s Restaurant Supply in SODO (he practically gave me the coolers when he heard what they would be used for)–I’m trying to help us get off of Plastic Bottled Water which is very bad stuff. And although I am a middle-aged woman who has not been a camper, the move to SCCC is an inspiration to me to try to become one, at least some nights. Thank you, OS! With my whole heart, I thank you for being occupiers, for being people who deeply care about people, and for taking action as human beings on behalf of our entire creation!

  • seespikerun says:

    So i really like the idea of taking over part of SCCC, however im guessing they will greet us with a line of riot cops. Im just wondering if we have a peaceful plan to take the site, if this is the case? Also, im assuming there will be a march from Westlake to SCCC in order to make a point. This march should make a visible presence along the freeway. Ive been a little sad to see that we havent embraced the fact that 100,000+ people use our I-5 freeway….great free publicity. I know we have to be careful about hanging banners and signs off the overpasses, but it is completely legal to stand with signs and banners. Ive feared that the anti-police undertone of last weeks events has scared away a lot of people who would normally embrace us. Im not saying that it isnt important to address race, police brutality, and neo-colonialism, but this is not the time to focus our energy on these issues. regardless of your beliefs, they will not be fulfilled if we dont have the people power and the masses on our team. WE MUST FOCUS OUR MESSAGE !!! ive been doing lots of door to door out reach and most people have responded, “well i think what they are doing down there is a good thing, but i dont have the time or interest in joining them unless they organize some specific demands and propose realistic plans of attack for change.” We are still gaining followers online, but sadly the last week has seemed to deplete the number of folks actually camping out. so lets use this move to SCCC to get our shit together and resume growing this incredible movement. lets not get too cocky folks.

  • Lake Desire says:

    I haven’t been to GA since last week because of some personal stuff, but I voted no on this proposal last week because I wasn’t convinced that we wouldn’t receive the same retaliation from SCCC administration or the East Precinct that we’ve experienced downtown. Do we have new evidence that we’ll be permitted our tents at SCCC?

    I’m also a bit confused about how people can keep bringing up proposals night after night when the proposal was turned down. Are decisions not binding? Was this proposal significantly reworked to address the concerns of those who voted no?

    Who will guard our tents during the day, while we’re at Westlake? Or are we to pack up our tents and carry them back and forth every day?

  • lloydcenter says:

    At the Sunday GA, a representative of Tactical announced that there was a group working to prioritize 15 potential permanent sites based on several criteria and that there would be a further announcement about this tomorrow (ie Wednesday). Has the announced move to SCCC ended this process of researching further sites? If so, can someone summarize the reasons given for truncating the process? Thank you.

    • pmocek says:

      The process wasn’t specifically truncated. A proposal was made independently of Tactica’s work. That proposal, to move to SCCC Saturday, was approved by the general assembly.

      • lloydcenter says:

        Thanks. I read through the notes since posting (heh) so feel like I have a sense of what went down. Process still seems a bit wonky to me (I guess proposals a day in advance is a proposal that is only getting proposed? Not yet passed? Also, I thought the necessary supermajority was 90%. I believe that was the original #OWS process.)

        I guess I don’t understand why the enthusiasts for SCCC can’t just go be #OccupySCCC. Maybe focus on education and make a great camping space (for everybody). That’d be awesome. Meanwhile, those who want to follow the Tactical process can do that.

        I knew I should have attended last night, but I was looking forward to hearing from Tactical.

        • EddieD says:

          Just an opinion from someone who marched with you but have not occupied overnight. I think the Occupy Movements are putting too much emphasis on overnight occupation. Let’s be realistic, no one will camp overnight in the dead of winter. Although I admire and support these people, the emphasis cannot be on getting more tents. It has to be on active things like marches. At the moment, too much time is spent on things like “where to occupy?,” “where is the safest place to sleep?” (although it is much more than that, I know). We have to think of a way that the movement keeps strong even if there is no one to camp overnight as winter approaches. Like, every Saturday and Sunday mass marches. I suggest we begin this Saturday en masse at 2 or 3 locations and then meet up somewhere in the middle, like electrons in the city grid.

          • MCFADDEN_LIVES says:

            I’ve been saying this for like 2 weeks now. The colder it gets the more people get sick and the less camp out. And last I checked SCCC is private property and if they say leave, those cops three blocks up will come right down and start arresting. I agree. Make this less about camping and more about action and the protests. In two weeks when it’s below 30 everynight, if it isn’t already, you’ll have barely anyone camping out anyways.

          • pmocek says:

            We had a nice discussion at Saturday’s GA of ideas for future action.

            Ideas included:

            • on Black Friday, day after Thanksgiving, do something in the middle of the day to peacefully and creatively interrupt the shopping frenzy, followed by big celebration demonstrating joy we can experience for free.
            • Make an origami tent for every home that has been foreclosed upon during the Great Recession. Takes about two minutes each to build them
            • PVC arm cuffs when there’s a line of resistance.
            • Occupy foreclosure auctions every week until there is a moratorium on foreclosures and banks are forced to do what’s right.
            • Halloween party for kids at Westlake Park on 29th
            • Publishing zine with stories
            • everyone read Sun Su’s Art of War
            • “Operation smoke” Whenever you take your smoke break, do it at Chase and Bank of America. You’ll find friends there. Open the doors for them.
            • Bank occupations. Go in, occupy, refuse to go. This is, obviously, civil disobedience, and illegal. This can pull us together.
            • Someone make her Disney princess tent into a mobile structure she can wear
            • Surround banks with crime scene tape and conduct citizens arrests. Do this often.
            • start politics working group to identify targets of direct actions (will not get involved with them)
            • Study other movements that have succeeded. (e.g. General Strike in Seattle)
            • Organize a march on Wall Street (in Belltown). Dress up on most corporate looking clothes, carry signs citing statistics about corporations exploiting workers and the envirionment. Ex: “I’m a Hershey’s CEO and I get my beans from children in XXX”
            • E-mail congressional representatives and tell them to nationalize the Federal Reserve system
            • Everybody bring more people to our events. Call everyone you know, and you’ll be surprised at the response.
            • Occu-pie picnic tomorrow afternoon. She and friends are baking pies. Bake some and join.
            • Organize outreach campaign supporting SJM 8007-211-12, which would strip corporations of personhood by organizing outreach.
            • do something for November 2 visit by CEO of Chase at Sheraton
            • celebrate holidays here
            • go to street side, ask people to honk in support
            • engage organized labor movement in this country
            • Send ambassadors around the city to tell people what we’re about.

            This week, there will be an action at noon on Wednesday at Chase Bank (details TBA), then the second of our weekly occupations of the home foreclosure auction.

          • pmocek says:

            The foreclosure auction occupations happen Friday mornings at the King County Courthouse and will continue until there is a moratorium on foreclosures and banks are forced to do what’s right.

  • laurajakers says:

    Lake Desire:

    No, they read the exact same proposals Sunday and Monday night, even those speaking on stack seemed to be reading from the same script both nights. My guess is you can keep proposing the same thing night after night until you bring enough people to pass it.

    By the way…could we PLEASE stop calling this crap consensus? I’ve taught consensus, and the point of consensus is that there are no losers. Everyone works together in consensus to build a solution everyone can agree on. The GA isn’t based on that model.

    • Lake Desire says:

      Reading the same proposal over and over until you have the numbers to support it does not seem very democratic.

  • bumblebee says:

    This needs to be on the calendar!!!

    • seespikerun says:

      I agree, this info all needs to be on the Calendar, whoever is updating this site is slacking…and it’s costing us. We need info and links for promoting events. cmon lets get the numbers we saw on the 15th out this weekend…get on folks!

  • occupymama says:

    Is is legal for non-SCCC students to be on school property and do you risk arrest for trespassing?

  • seespikerun says:

    WE NEED A MARCH AND RALLY TOMORROW WEDS….Oakland, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Sacramento, Orlando, and Toronto were all raided tonight, cs gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and flash bangs, used in several locations. Lets put something together around the rush hour by meeting at Westlake around? 4 or 5pm ? then do a mic check to decide where to go or what we will do for the afternoon. what do ya’ll think? Tonight was clearly a violent attack on our movement …now lets fight them with peaceful people power!

  • Schlubb says:

    I remember eating Top Ramen and sharing a fleabag apartment with friends so I could afford tuition and books at SCCC. It was a real struggle to afford school on my $7.00/hr job. I was engaged in class everyday and focused because I wanted to break out of the poverty I was stuck in. I learned a great deal and fulfilled my requirements to matriculate to my majors program at the UW. I saved a ton of money and really felt that I got a higher quality 1:1 education at SCCC. Those sacrifices and others allowed me to move from poverty to a comfortable middle class lifestyle. Long story short, SCCC provides a great service to our community at a reasonable price. Please make sure the occupation isn’t negatively impacting the students there that are struggling to get ahead.

  • Blue Linckia says:

    Glad the movement can expand!
    By the way, I’d like to bounce the idea of a Buy Nothing Day rally/action of some sort off of you guys. What do you think, any interest in the concept at all?