General Assembly notes 10/25

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-25 19:45
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Process mover: Hudson
  • Taking stack: Aliana
  • Time keeper: Jamie
  • Agenda: Lady Gaga

Special announcement about Oakland

  • Hudson
    • Occupy Oakland
    • This morning, 500 police in riot gear came into camp firing tear gas and rubber bullets.
    • 80 arrests
    • Thousands of people are in the streets now.

Open letter to Occupy Seattle

  • Ginger
    • She jumped in two weeks ago, was working with Food Working Group
    • Why are we all here?
      • She's here to create a more compassionate world.
    • Telling the powers that be that things are fouled up and they are fired.
    • General assembly and working groups are a seed for our future
    • not waiting for government officials; simply doing it
    • be compassionate with yourself, those around you, the police, the mayor
      • compassion is not weakness
    • Don't sacrifice your life for this movement.
    • No one person should hold Occupy Seattle on their shoulders. If people do, we should relieve them.


  • ? – starting a welcome group and wants to make sure everyone is appreciated, is thanked for being here, and can state their opinions freely
  • ? – thanks for being here
  • ? – Has been here 18 days. Was not here last night. Getting our asses kicked by the police. To learn about civil disobedience, meet at top of stage after GA. October 13 was only a small taste of what we're capable of. If you want to get arrested, he'll get arrested with you and find legal defense for both.
  • ? – Things also went awry in Chicago.
  • ? – We have very big weekend coming up. Reminds everyone of the long-term and the legacy of what the movement will have, which is community and the future of human civilization. That's what we're working toward this weekend: laying a corner stone, building a solid structure. This week, all of us should do outreach, bring people together.
  • ? – Has four businesses in this area that are willing to donate all the cardboard we need for the weekend. Red Lion Hotel: Friday 3:30. Red Fin Motel: every day 3:30. Theater department Sunday 5pm. Getting big white cloth and inviting people to join.
  • Timothy – This Friday 5:30pm, bring a clean bowl, a clean spoon, and a sense of humor, and you'll have a great time.
  • Circus – Has been away, has been at Occupy Portland. No problems with cops, big park to camp in, but big, different, problems. Saw some things that would be great to incorporate into a camp, saw some things that would be very frightening if he was part of the camp. Will make suggestions in next few days. We can take the good and improve on their challenges.
  • ? – Trying to collect witnesses from the anti-police brutality march on Saturday. Was one of them. Was charged with third-degree assault of a police officer.
  • Shawn – This is a political party. Everyone wants to have fun. Timothy said a great thing. Used to live in Portland. Ginger, who read the letter, is really onto something. Without numbers, we'll die. Need to keep numbers up. But a mob kills political power. We can do both the politics and the party. If we don't, we suck. Let's talk about it later.
  • ? – Believes in free speech, but we need to think about how we're being perceived. When we do interviews in front of where people are demonstrating, their are children and elderly people there. Need to think about the people around us because they hear everything we do.
  • Tabitha – Arrested last Thursday. Pursuing case against police. If you have video or photos, get in touch.
  • Ian – Livestream often gets video of arrests, archives most of it. Get in touch with date and time.

Working group announcements

  • time: 20:10

Legal Working Group

  • Patricia
    • upcoming court appearance
      • who: Brock, Marcia, and Dakota
      • when: Friday, October 28, at 2:00 p.m.
      • where: King County Courthouse
      • please be respectful
    • Has placed public records request for here in Westlake as well as Freeway Park for past five years
      • Reviewing these to consider long-term strategy

Tactical Working Group

  • Cameron
    • reviewing tactical and logistical issues surrounding move to SCCC and long-term sustainability of the movement
    • meet 3pm at Westlake Center food court, 9pm in front of Seattle's Best Coffee south

Outreach Working Group

  • Andy
    • have lots of ideas for outreach in larger Seattle community
    • meet 4pm and after GA in front of Sephora
    • received supportive letter from Puget Sound Alliance of Retired People
  • Joshua
    • will be on SCCC campus tomorrow from 8:30am until afternoon
    • call him 206-913-3423 if you can volunteer
  • ?
    • will have table on first floor, main hallway, for rest of week
    • drop-in volunteers encouraged

Sanitation Committee

  • Andrew
    • square looks good
    • needs
      • volunteer for daytime who can give square a good spot-clean
      • non-lethal rat traps
      • pallets (not ideas for acquisition, but to bring them)
      • new location will require restrooms in evening

Supply and Storage

  • Alyssa
    • still has our money, will make proposal
    • has warm clothes

Information Working Group

  • Norm
    • requests that when people organize an event, tell Info when it is and where it is
      • today there was a teach-in, and people asked where it was, but he could not answer them because he did not know

Media Working Group

  • Alliana
    • today, media committee issued press release announcing our move to SCCC Saturday 5pm

Process and Facilitation Working Group

  • Michael
    • tomorrow's GA time coincides with dance party
    • WG considered how to make this democratic
    • doesn't think it will work if we can't hear or are too busy dancing
    • no GA tomorrow, decision-making GA on Thursday

Livestream Working Group

  • Ian
    • a week ago, one of our viewers, frustrated with the no-umbrellas-in-park rule, sent us 50 umbrella hats
      • wear one, scribble things on it, and have a semi-permanent structure on your head

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Circus
    • WG still understaffed
    • as we spread out, will have greater need
    • when you need P&S, look first to yourself

Upcoming Actions

  • Eric at Salino Mexicano Grill at Westlake Center food court wants to promote his business by giving discounts to Occupy Seattle. Say that John sent you.
  • home foreclosure auctions
    • only one place that the auctions can happen: outside on front steps of King County Courthouse
    • meet 9:30am Friday in front of Pioneer Building near Mario's Pizza, then march to steps to protest and disrupt
    • had handful of people last week
  • Let's make revolution hip. Have finest organization in the world. Have Facebook. Want to have fun, to talk. Let's make it about us.
    • Need to separate into two groups:
      • people who show up for kicks, to talk about whatever and eat, just like at a bar
        • they'll get us the cameras
        • without that, we'll have no leverage
      • ? (cut short)
  • Meeting tomorrow 7pm at Uptown Espresso to mobilize resistance to police brutality
    • Thanks to everyone who participated in last Saturday's march against police brutality
    • Three people have been murdered since Saturday
      • One of them a Marine. Was found with bullet wound and gun on him.
    • In Oakland now, people are being maced and brutalized
      • they're not backing down
  • Thurs, 7pm, at Revolution Books in Pioneer Square, having discussion on Occupy Wall Street movement to get perspective on bigger thing we're part of and how to make revolution.
  • Protest outside Social Security Administration at 6th and Blanchard, thurs 11:30-1:30, protesting cuts coming to Social Security Administration.
    • Cuts will make it more difficult for people to get benefits they earned.

Proposal notifications

  • time: 20:35
  • passed proposal that all proposals would be announced one day early, so now is time to announce upcoming proposals
  • Zach, Tactical and Bank Transfer Day Temporary Working Group
    • formed temporary working group to schedule outreach, speakers, rally, march, and other fun activities in conjunction with larger, national Bank Transfer Day on November 5
    • meeting after GA by hot dog stand to schedule further meetings
  • ? – For SCCC move, need to provide transportation to accommodate the disabled
  • Tabitha – Will propose good neighbor policy similar to New York's.
  • ? – Will propose Friday party at Westlake to honor everyone here, particularly Americorps volunteers who will be in town Friday to renew their pledges.
  • ? – Get together with everyone you know and ask them how they want to play with us. People will bring cameras, politicians will be in back.
  • facilitator: remember, these should be notifications of formal proposals planned for presentation at future meetings
  • ? – Friend is a self-employed marketing person. He'll find out if he can donate her services to the group.


  • Alyssa
    • proposal: Put our money in the BECU bank account we opened yesterday. Checks written on that account should require two signatures Legal and Supply. No debit card, instead writing checks to cash at counter. Have weekly receipt cycle, with weekly reports to GA. Amounts over 1000 to require GA approval.
    • restated: Money put in BECU. Checks require two signers. No debit or ATM card. Finance does books weekly, and report back to GA. More than $1000 requires GA approval. Finance committee has at least three people. Signers approved by GA. Four positions kept filled.
    • rationale:
    • discussion:
      • How many people would be authorized to sign a check?
        • Would be two, requiring both of them.
      • Proposes amendment: Authorized signers to be approved by GA.
        • amendment accepted
      • Corey – Opened account Monday. Max count of authorized signers is four. Credit union will only allow people with good credit, no outstanding collections.
      • Alyssa – Supply and Legal need more people.
      • Proposes amendment: Max withdrawal without GA be $500 instead of $1000
        • consider current need as result of SCCC
          • truckload of hay bales
          • at least 80 tents
          • at least four camp stoves
        • amendment denied
      • Jacob – Current system is a lockbox. Not good. Vulnerable. Let's do this now as an improvement, refine later as needed.
      • Corey – Is now principle of the account. Needs name and address removed, so we need to replace, and figure out what address to use.
      • ? – Banks are open five business days.
        • BECU is open on Saturday, so we have six days. Will keep the lock box for Sunday.
      • ? – Having two signatures is standard legal procedure for accounts like ours or people dealing with estates. This is a way of having two witnesses to the same check.
      • ? – Has anyone volunteered for signatory positions?
        • Legal and supply have been checking to find, in confidence, who can pass credit check. Most of us are broke.
      • ? – $1000 is too high a cap. Trusts everyone but doesn't know how we'll ensure money well-used.
    • vote
      • time: 21:02
        • clear majority
        • proposal passes


  • ? – Regarding Salina Mexicana, if you don't like the deal you get when you say John set you and you're with the occupation, he'll work with you
  • Tabitha – Sometimes after GA, emotions run high, so from now on after GA, she'll have a group afterward for anyone and everyone to come and release any emotions without discussion. Calling themselves Babble On. "As the towers fall, we shall babble on" Meet by towers unless there are too many cops there.
  • ? – We should show solidarity for Oakland
    • Unsure how to rally large number and raise visibility
  • Lady Gaga – Thanks for the solidarity, love, and support Occupy Seattle gives her and the rest of the LGBTQI community by moving to SCCC.
  • Phil – Night of 1000 Jack-O-Lanterns Sunday. Come down 2pm, light them at dusk. Bring friends, kids, pumpkins, knives.
  • Sanitation crew will go to SCCC to scout for restrooms.
  • Ian – It's not just Oakland tonight. Livestream viewers report raids in Atlanta, Baltimore,
  • ? – Raids are making national news. People in Seattle will be looking for ways to express outrage. Suggests we make emergency response, maybe tomorrow night, where we call everybody and say, "It's right to occupy," Get the word out everywhere.
  • ? – Reminder: After GA, there will be civil disobedience training on stage to protect us against raids at SCCC.
  • Elvina – Our numbers are small tonight. Why? She went on Facebook and saw at least eight people resigning due to internal conflict. It is crucial for us to stop bickering, stop bringing up things that have been voted out or in. At the end of the day, color and sexuality aside, we're here because we've been oppressed. Cannot micro-manage if we're not doing anything. Need to call our friends now. Movement is falling apart. Can't even decide where to go. How will we set an example? How to tell Bank of America we're serious? Cops and mayor have embarrassed us, but they're not our only targets. Need to perform outreach and keep things fresh. There is no news media here because nobody is here. Get friends to show. Bring people who resigned back.
    • some have been excluded when trying to say things and use stuff. Has left a couple times, saying he wouldn't come back, but did.
  • ? – Have opportunity with raids that happened. Our numbers dwindled after raid. Wants occupations to become stronger. New camp will allow us to start again with lots of positivity.
  • ? – They took our umbrellas away, but didn't say anything about hats. Is a box of umbrella hats. Take them and share.
  • ? – Need a big spiral hug right now.

Adjourned 21:19

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