Occupy Seattle Still Looking for More Sites to Expand Occupation

While we are excited for the upcoming expansion of our occupation to include Seattle Central Community College, we realize this is just a small part of the expansion we will need as we continue to grow. Our Tactical Working Group is considering further expansions to other sites and has come up with a list of priorities to consider when evaluating the suitability of new locations.

We are requesting location recommendations from all occupiers! We are especially interested in offers of private spaces from sympathetic organizations like churches, unions, and community organizations. The terms for staying at such locations are certainly negotiable and any interested parties should contact the Tactical Working Group at occupyseattletactical@gmail.com or by phone at: 630-947-5708.

List of Priorities:

Legal Defensibility (“Arrest Friendly”)
Source of Water
24hr Access/Use of Tents or Sleeping Space
Shelter from the Weather
Public Gathering Space(s)
Public Transit Nearby
Ideal Camping or Sleeping Space (+100)
Waste Management Space or Facilities
Proximity to Westlake
Community Support
Vehicle Access
Tactical Exit Points
2000 sq ft for Storage/Supply
Proximity to Infrastructure (Printers/Library)
Proximity to Corporate Targets
Accessibility for People who are Disabled
Internet Access

6 Responses to Occupy Seattle Still Looking for More Sites to Expand Occupation

  • NWwaterboy says:

    I think list will be very helpful when people are thinking about potential sites. It should also be helpful for organizations and property owners that may be thinking about inviting occupyseattle. But I think that 2 of the priorities would be hard for some to determine how they apply to a specific site. The priorities Legal Defensibility and Tactical Exit Points may need a brief description as to how they apply to any given property.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Let us not lose sight of that what this means is a building of a small government / economy. Just looking at the list of things above shows that.

    And that is what socialism is all about. We an do this at a mass scale. What is stopping us? It is the political system that will stop us with brute force using the police.

    We need to discuss this seriously. The organizers won’t discuss socialism / capitalism. They are too timid. This will happen when those who are camping feel the need to do so.

    Please see what people are really saying – they are fed up with capitalism :


  • graybeard says:

    Just suggesting a possibility, which has some features, not others–Red Square on the UW campus. Does have water, electricity, shelter from weather (underground parking garage), wifi, transit near by, probably some other features. Also down sides, probably not a welcome from the current administration, not close to Westlake (but in a student setting that could gain support), and who knows how much push-back. A mix, but something to consider.

    • Laura H. says:

      Now wouldn’t that be appropriate?! :*)

      And it has the advantage of not being grassy. You’d get a lot of support over there, even if it isn’t very close to downtown.

  • vashondogboy says:
  • mscsw says:

    I don’t think it will serve the movement to set up in other areas. I would like to see OS think things through a little more. The focus of the movement isn’t where people are going to camp out. I think the tent/camp out issue is turning people against the movement. The sooner we start focusing our energy on the main issues, corrupt politicians, corporations,FED,banking the more people that will support us and the louder we will be heard on Wall St and DC.