General Assembly notes 10/29

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-10-29 18:40
  • Location: Westlake Park, under awning, in Bank of America doorway
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive:

Facilitation Team

  • Facilitator: Jacob
  • Taking stack: Carol
  • Time keeper: Hudson
  • Agenda: Michael


  • none

Working group announcements

  • none

Action announcements

  • speak-out at Seattle Central happening now
    • it's on the livestream
    • it's awesome
  • November 5 is Bank Transfer Day
    • email for more information

Proposal announcements

  • Neal will bring proposal related to Occupy Black Friday day of action


  • none on Saturdays

Emergency proposal

  • proposal: acquire brains
    • restated: give Process and Facilitation our brains to eat
    • presenter: Hudson
    • source: Process and Facilitation
    • rationale: have risen from the dead
    • vote
      • time: 18:48
      • 4 for, 5 against. Proposal fails


  • Phil – Night of 1000 Jack-O-Lanterns tomorrow
    • carve pumpkins 2pm at Westlake
    • light them around 6
    • we're getting 100 pumpkins from some farm out near Snoqualmie right now

Adjourned 18:51

One Response to General Assembly notes 10/29

  • Steve Leigh says:

    The Occupied Together movement across the U.S. ( and the world!) has
    been a breath of fresh air. Even broader than the movement around
    Wisconsin, it has shown that people will stand up and fight against the
    attempt by the 1% to further drive down our living standards. It is one
    of the most significant turning points in years!

    As with any movement, various political questions come up
    right away and more as time goes on. One example is the debate on the
    role of the police:

    Another is on participation by Nazis.

    On Oct.30 early in the morning, 3 Nazis tried to disrupt the occupation
    in Seattle. The response of the occupiers varied. Most started chanting
    “Fascists Out” and surrounded them to get them out of the camp which
    succeeded fairly quickly. A few occupiers defended the right of the
    Nazis to be there since they are ” part of the 99%”. This division
    unfortunately resulted in arguments and even physical conflict among the

    If the movement is to be successful, it must be a movement for the
    interests of the 99%. It needs to take stands on divisive issues that
    some in the 99% will disagree with. It cannot expect to represent all
    the opinions of the whole 99% and should not try to do so. Trying to
    please everyone will just water down the movement to the point of being

    If we want to continue to include women, people of color, LGBT people
    etc. in the movement, we cannot tolerate racism, sexism, LGBT-bashing
    etc. Most occupiers accept this in general but some balk at it when it
    comes down to concrete cases. Opposing racism and sexism means opposing
    open participation of unrepentant racists and sexists in the movement. The case of
    the Nazis is the most extreme, but it applies more broadly. A recent
    Socialist Worker article explained this in relation to the Libertarians:

    The Nazis may be part of the 99% as far as their income,
    but they defend the interests of the 1% in their actions and ideas. If
    we want to fight for the real interests of the 99% we have to take a
    strong stand against those who defend the 1%—no matter where they sit
    economically. This applies most importantly to the hypocritical
    politicians who support us in words but continue to lay off public
    workers and cut budgets.

    Discussions on issues like these are a sign of a growing , vibrant and
    important movement that we all have a great stake in!