Pending and Past GA Proposals



Jan 25th:


In line with the fundamental principles of the movement, and in solidarity with Occupations across the country it is proposed that we move from a majority takes all voting system (regardless of percentage) to a consensus system.


Process and facilitation will require two to three weeks to make the necessary preparations.  There are several consensus models to choose from, with possibilities of blending multiple approaches.  The GA directs Process to listen and take from the conversation leading up to a cote on this proposal for direction and encourages all GA members to participate in Process meetings as time allows.


We cannot allow the dysfunction and divisiveness of the broken system we come from to entrench itself in our movement, therefor we affirm our commitment to self-representation, personal autonomy, and solidarity as we free ourselves from the tyranny of majority and move to consensus decision making for proposals in General Assembly. -proposed by Alyssa, 1/15/12





1. General Assemblies are at 6:30pm on Weekdays. Work Group Meeting Times are up to Individual Work Groups.
2. Rotation of Facilitators and Training for those Facilitators
3. Hold Orientation 15 Minutes before General Assembly.
4. Notify Public of Meeting Times Through On-line Calendar.
5. Facilitators Never Present or Advocate Opinions.

1. Occupy Seattle stays at Westlake during the Native Alliance Rally, then marches between 5 and 6:30 pm.
2. The Legal and Finance Work Group Should Bring Specific Proposals to the GA concerning a local credit union account, a transparent, on-line account, and the issue of being tax-deductible.
3. All Working Groups Should Have a Representational Color and a Legend So People Know Who to Talk To.

1. Tactical Should be the Liaison Between Occupy Seattle, the Parks Department, the City Government, and the Police.
2. The Inter-Team Work Group Meeting will Meet Every Night after GA to have GA orders disseminated between Working Groups. It will be made up of 2 Reps from every Working Group and they should be changed as much as possible to retrain Transparency.
3. Tactical Should Function as a Liaison between the Working Groups.
4. Each Work Group should have a Mission Statement Prepared by Tomorrow.
5. Reserve Porta Potties for Overnight Campers and Lock Them During the Day. If People are in Desperate Need There are Lock Combos at the Medic Tent. We will keep this Situation until Funds are Raised and There is a Better Solution.

1. Let’s Sleep in Shifts for Rain Protection.
2. Don’t Call the Police on Each Other, We Should Solve our Own Problems Instead.
3. No Arrestable Direct Action that Threatens Occupy Seattle as a Whole can be Undertaken Without GA approval.
4. Change the GA time for 10/10 to be 5:45pm in order to Accommodate Events, such as the Candlelight Vigil at 7pm.
5. The Internet Communications Work Group Would Like to Put Notification on the Occupy Seattle Website Notifying Everyone of a Student Walk-out on Wednesday and the Saturday Global Protest.

1. Modify Block Policy. When a Block is Enacted and it is not Overturned, the Proposal is Tabled. Then a Coalition will be formed to Discuss and Revise the Proposal, then it will be brought back to the next General Assembly.
2. Minutes from the Website Along with Notes from the Global Occupy Movement Should be Made Available at the Info Table Daily.
3. Temporarily Grant the Tactical Working Group the Authority to Disburse Funds From Petty Cash Overnight.
4. The Student Walk-out is Scheduled for Wednesday Afternoon. We Should Pursue Permit for Sound System and Equipment.
5. Occupy Seattle stands in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street’s Declaration of Grievances and Will Continue to Identify Local Grievances.

1. This Proposal is Only Applicable to Those who Want to Move to City Hall for Night-time Occupation. We Demand that Mayor McGinn meet with Nominated Representatives of Occupy Seattle in order to Discuss Long-Term Goals. List of Practical Demands 1) Four Large Tents for Medical, Kitchen, Supplies and Info 2) 24-hour Parking at City Hall: one space for Supplies 3) 24-hour occupancy Shelters for the Health and Safety of Protestors 4) 24-hour access to 1st Floor of City Hall for access to restrooms, meetings, etc. 4) Written Statement from Mayor McGinn regarding the right to indefinitely occupy the City Hall site.

1. To Stay Here at Westlake Indefinitely.
2. We have a Mass Re-Occupation of Westlake, with Tents, Starting Saturday Night.

1. Occupying Westlake and City Hall are Two Options and as a Movement We Can Support Both.

1. 10/15 GA be Shortened to Work Group Reportbacks only.
2. Create a Steering Committee Made Up of the People of This Movement Who are Responsible for the Agenda of the GA and Relieve Facilitators of this Duty.

1. Move GA to 7:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
2. Outreach Working Group will Start to Design Materials.
3. Adopt Principles of Anti-Oppression and Accountability Based on Those from Occupy Boston.

1. On Saturday, October 22, 2011, Have a Day of Solidarity, in Conjunction with National Day beginning with People’s Movement Rally at Noon, and the March Against Police Brutality at 2pm.

1. Occupy Seattle will be a Cop Free Zone to the Best of Our Ability.

1. This Saturday, Proposals will be Suspended and Replaced with Open-Ended Discussion about Actions and Ideas to Move Message of Occupy Seattle Forward.
2. Allow Media Committee to Talk to Police for Reporting Purposes.
3. The People of Color Caucus produced a document extending solidarity to Indigenous People Locally, Nationally, and Globally. Occupy Seattle Supports this Statement.

1. Have a Facilitated Assembly During the Day for General Discussion of Topics for Which Minutes will be Kept.
2. Open a Club Account –Not a Business Account—at BECU tomorrow using a Federal Tax ID, Corey Registered for Occupy Seattle today (unincorporated political association for banking purposes only).

1. Begin a Mass Occupation at SCCC on Saturday, with Tents, to Prepare for it All Week, and to Keep Occupying SCCC until we vote to do otherwise.
2. We have an Action at Chase Bank this Saturday at Noon, before they close.
3. All Proposals will Be Brought to Facilitated Discussion a Minimum of One Day Prior to Vote.
4. There Will Be Four Decision-Making GAs per Week, on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Other GAs, held Nightly or as Desired, will be for Discussion, Refinement, and Debate of Proposals, Amongst Other Things.

1. Put our Money in BECU.Checks Require 2 Signers.No debit or ATM card. Finance does Books Weekly, and Reports Back to GA. More than $1000 requires GA Approval. Finance Committee has at Least 3 People. Signers Approved by GA. Four Positions Kept Filled.

1. Provide Full Support of Planning and Actions for November 5, that Bank Transfer Day Temporary Working Group is Working On.

1. Adopt Occupy Seattle SCCC Good Neighbor Statement (for more info check GA minutes 10/28)
2. We call on the City of Seattle to Withdraw Funds held in Financial Institutions that received Tax Payer Funded Bailouts in the Aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. We also call of the City of Seattle to transfer these Funds to State and Local Banks.

1. We will have all General Assemblies at Seattle Central Community College, starting on Friday.
2. We endorse Plans in the Works for Occupy Black Friday.

1. (amended proposal): Camp Safety team be established as mandated security, trained and identified as members of this team. Membership is voluntary. No one will be permitted to be functioning member of team prior to proper training and member training for term of membership. The GA can recall this team at any point. Security is everyone's responsibility and we're free to organize in affinity groups to keep each other safe.

1. For direct action, Tactical WG will serve as hub for communication, scheduling, inter-team and Occupy Seattle participation, and if desired, assistance.

1. Occupy Seattle joins the struggle of students, faculty and staff at Seattle Central Community College and other colleges and universities to defend public education and all other social services against the vicious attacks coming from Olympia and Washington, DC, The fight to defend education and social services is our fight. We say no to tuition hikes, budget cuts, and layoffs. We say cancel student debt. Quality education is a right, not a privilege. It should be free. Unite to defeat budget cuts and fight for instead full funding for education and all other social services.

2. Occupy Seattle joins the struggle of students, faculty, and staff against the attacks on public education and social services by building for and carrying out these three actions:

a) Rally and protest here at SCCC on 11/15. We're calling it “Defend education for 99%”.
b) Occupy the Supercommittee. This is a week of action that's been called nationally against the mass attacks coming from this unelected Supercommittee. $1.5 trillion targeted public education, Medicare, Medicaid, and all other social services. A mass rally is called for Saturday 11/19. We build for that and also a weekday action in which Occupy Seattle will occupy the Federal building and shut it down.
c) In Olympia on the 28th, a bunch of groups are building for a mass action that was announced here by Sisters Organizing for Survival that we should join this effort. We should vote to join this also, to go down to Olympia and occupy the Capitol.

3. Whereas our constitutional rights, especially the right of free speech and the right of peaceable assembly is critical to this movement, the Legal workgroup seeks authority from the GA to do two things:

a) Legal asks for authority to approach and retain a law firm to represent Occupy Seattle free of charge for the purposes of considering a lawsuit to enforce our constitutional rights. Legal would only consider law firms that have the resources and a reputation for fighting for constitutional rights which in legal's opinion would do justice to Occupy Seattle's principles of anti-oppression, equality, and fairness. One such firm we would approach would be Davis Wright Tremaine, the firm most identified with fighting against governmental limits on first amendment rights including the cases of Berger vs Seattle and Nicklesville, both of which Davis Wright Tremaine won.
b) Legal seeks authority for another thing. Though authority over decisions to begin or end a lawsuit and all other major decisions would remain with GA, Legal asks for the authority to make day to day strategic decisions. Of course, Legal would provide weekly written and oral reports on all litigation activity.
c) (amended proposal) Legal will provide a workshop.

4. a) Put Hip Hop Occupies' event, 'Rise and Decolonize' on Occupy Seattle's press schedule

b) (amended proposal) On November 18th, GA is rescheduled for 2pm

1. Liam: Occupy Seattle has many different politics and visions within it. This is our strength. We will not allow any in our movement to be singled out and attacked for their politics whether they be anarchist, progressive, communist, liberal, socialist, radical, etc. We welcome healthy debate among and between each of these groups, but debate is very different from irrational attacks and fear-mongering. We will defend each other and our movement.

If people are partaking in actions which are damaging to the movement or risk the safety of its members unnecessarily, this should be dealt with as a separate matter, outside the purview of this statement of principle. But no one will be allowed to ostracize or demonize our fellow occupiers for their world views or goals. Unless that be a world view or goal which is decisively against the general unity and aspirations of the movement, such as: fascists, the openly racist, sexist, or homophobic, white-nationalist populists, ageist, ableist, etc. No action, except those passed by the General Assembly, represent Occupy Seattle as a whole. We do, however, stand in solidarity with actions taken against the powers that be by any group or individual within this movement.

2. Josh: Proposal to Organize and Occupy in Solidarity

We officially establish and re-affirm that this occupied space at SCCC, and all future occupied spaces in Seattle are: public spaces, Occupy Seattle spaces, and activist spaces. These spaces are not individual or private spaces. Given the following logistical and strategic concerns for how we can operate effectively as a community and as a political action, including: our collective need for more adequate infrastructure, problems with black mold, bed bug infestation, threats to security, the placement of pallets, bigger tents with heat and lighting, the installation of electrical infrastructure, rubbish in walk ways, police raids, placement of honey buckets, wind blocks, continuing expansion, and other developing issues and concerns.

We therefore give working groups the right to make adjustments to infrastructure and perform their respective work so long as it is announced before the General Assembly (GA) in a respectful way.
Twelve hours notice shall be given to the community, in the form of a GA announcement, regarding large-scale restructuring of camp or emergency actions which affect everyone. Such announcements will also be posted on the announcement board at the Info tent, and it is the responsibility of our community (including working group members) to spread information about urgent working group actions by word of mouth, to those not able to attend a particular GA.
In the course of all work by any working group, every effort should be made to respect individual property and autonomy.

Regarding Process and Facilitation: When such GA announcements are made, a temperature check will be done to determine whether the working group should proceed with their work, or if the project affects the community too broadly to proceed without discussion. When it is determined that more community discussion is needed, interested individuals are invited to join an immediate working caucus after GA has disbanded to discuss the proposed work and contribute information or consultation as needed. The results of this caucus will be a proposal that must be brought before the following GA for democratic consensus or rejection. However, given the urgent nature of some of these announcement/proposals, the GA must receive the working group proposal on the following day regardless of it being a regular scheduled voting day. Every effort will be made by working groups not to overburden the GA with unnecessary restructuring announcements. Routine work should not be announced at the GA.
In the event that a working group has information or reasonable belief that there is an imminent emergency which threatens the stability of our movement (such as an impending police raid), we give working groups the ability to take immediate action as needed to resolve the threat.

Regarding the need for accountability to our democratic process and to our community: Individual autonomy should be respected so long as it does not endanger the democratically derived authority and greater efforts of Occupy Seattle. It is recognized that unity, and maintaining the integrity of our democratic process, are core values of Occupy Seattle. When individuals within our community engage in behavior that appears to threaten our democratic process, action must be taken to help people change or end such behavior. Disputes and conflicts are to be addressed by individuals through a conflict resolution process. In cases where a person is seen to have offended the entire community, then a community conflict resolution process will happen, to be detailed in a later proposal, or by later amendment of this proposal. As an absolute last option, after all other efforts at conflict resolution have been exhausted, individuals who are seen as circumventing the General Assembly’s process should be barred from organizing within GA working groups for a period of a week after the first offense, then barred from the Occupy Seattle activities at large for a period of a month after the second offense, and barred from Occupy Seattle for a year after the third offense. Charges of circumventing the GA’s process shall be brought before the GA for adjudication until some point in time when another process of conflict resolution is formed or this proposal is amended.

1. Mohawk: No smoking in tents or flammable area, no open flame in straw area or tents. Additional detail: first consequence: kicked out for night or 8-10 hours, after both sides of story heard. Second: kicked out 24-78 hours. Third: Banned permanently or required to do community service.

1. Solidarity with Occupy Oakland. Port Shutdown.

1. Resignation of John Diaz: In consideration of the Seattle Police Department’s systematic use of excess force on the citizens of Seattle, its violent and unnecessary repression of nonviolent protesters and its disproportionate targeting of the most disenfranchised members of society, whether they be people of color or simply people without houses, Occupy Seattle hereby calls for the resignation of John Diaz, Chief of the Seattle Police Department and the prosecution of all officers found to be repeatedly engaged in misconduct.

2. Finances:

a: All money in the Occupy Seattle general fund be spent using the 80% consensus of the occupiers who choose to vote during a weekly meeting scheduled and made public on the site at least 1 week in advance. (ex: inter-work group meeting)

b:  That all money be accounted for and publicly accessible and copies of all receipts be made. The current balance, (original and copies) of the receipts, money spent and donations be publicly accessible, both in hard copy and digitally.  The current balance be put on a tab on the Occupy Seattle website and the money subtracted and added each week be accounted for on the website and updated in this tab on a weekly basis.
 c: Money donated to specific projects, work groups, or affinity groups belongs to those groups.  Funds raised for specific causes, by work groups, or affinity groups may only be spent for purposes authorized by those groups unless otherwise specified by the donors at the time of collection.  This includes monies raised via we-pay.  This respects the intent of donors and the work done by these groups to secure funding for their projects

3. Proposal to support the EGT Grain Ship arrival Action: We join Longview in calling out to all occupies, from New York City down to Florida, all the way through to the West Coast, to join us in solidarity.



1. Have a Community Tent for Storage of Items.

1. Create a Sustainability Work Group to Guide the Actions and Implement the Ideas for a Sustainable Occupy Seattle.
2. Let’s Call Everybody Volunteers, not Representatives, Co-ordinators, or Anything Else.

1. When Tents are Erected Tomorrow, We Do Not Enter Them.

1. Fundraising Committee and other Appropriate Working Groups be Authorized to Organize a Mass Potluck Sometime in the Next Two Weeks.

1. This Saturday, After the Two Demonstrations, We March to SCCC to Set up New Base Camp, and Maintain a Daytime Presence at Westlake through GA, Work Groups, Direct Action, etc.
2. We Will Not Call the Cops On One Another in this Movement.

1. In solidarity with Indigenous People Around the World, Occupy Seattle will Change Its Name to Decolonize/Occupy Seattle.

1. Have a Mass, Indefinite Occupation of SCCC, with Tents, and Prepare for it All Week.

1. Adopt Occupy Seattle Good Neighbor Guidelines

1. Occupy Seattle will be officially a non-violent movement. We don't tolerate people who are violent toward others, whether members or non-members. If someone is violent, he or she will be removed from the camp and allowed to discuss the situation later. And right now to propose a resolution in the future about a conflict resolution.

If you would like to discuss the information presented in these documents, please start a thread in the Forum.