Occupy Seattle General Assembly 2011-11-06

Occupy Seattle General Assembly

  • Date/time: 2011-11-06 18:50
  • Location: Westlake Park
  • Minutes taken by: Phil Mocek
  • Audio archive: http://www.archive.org/details/OccupySeattleGeneralAssembly2011-11-06

Facilitation Team

  • Orientation: Braidon
  • Process mover: Hudson
  • Taking stack: Alberto
  • Agenda: Michael


  • ?
    • suggested to two staff members that we should do some role playing exercises
    • respect is earned not given
    • we're developing a bad reputation in the neighborhood
    • we've forgotten what we're here for
    • when the bars close
  • ?
    • happy to hear reaffirmation that GA is for making decisions that affect the entire collective
    • hopes that in the future, decisions that affect the entire collective, like rearranging camp, are passed through GA instead of decided upon by a small group of people who seem to think their need for things to be tidy and safe according to their own ideas is more important than collective decision making. Was upset this morning about this whole thing, which she only heard about as an announcement last night. Knows many other people are upset as well.
  • ?
    • Woke up this morning to small group of people saying everyone should get up and move their tents. Justification was that it was an emergency. Last time he heard this, it was people saying we needed to move to City Hall. Such emergencies being declared makes him distrust people.
  • Matt
    • Regarding tents: It's not okay to subvert democracy.
    • Regarding drug use: Putting together a program to meet people where they are. The drug problem is not an individual's problem, it's what happens when a community fails. Also inviting Narcotics Anonymous to come, not to preach but just to be here for people.
  • Zach – Wonders why people who have not been long have blankets and tents while some who have been here since the beginning do not.
  • ? – Agrees with Matt. Thinks we should invite NA. Cleaning up our messes is a great idea. Also, adults need to watch out for younger people here.
  • ? – Knows there was much frustration with tent moving today. Might have been easier to bring to GA. Let's not make it like moving them was not necessary for fire safety. She had difficult time maneuvering around camp. The move was necessary, but might have been easier to bring to GA first. Does not believe there was some sort of power motive to control the camp by doing so.
  • ? – Shares frustration with the way the decision was made. He would have agreed to do it, but opposes ignoring of the process by which we made decisions.
    • Woke up today feeling hopeful and feels more congruity out of people by whom he's surrounded today than he did yesterday.
  • ? – Energy and mood of tent has improved since we embraced no alcohol and drug policy. This means people can continue to do whatever they want but not risk the reputation of the 99 and the college. Let's feel free to occupy Westlake. Let's have lunch down there. We're preaching to the choir up here. Everybody agrees with us here, but not so down there.
  • Alyssa – Understands desire for autonomy, but is confused about drug and alcohol policy since there are people smoking pot at GA. People are upset about processes regarding tents, when in fact we have no way to enforce anything, including rules that are needed to keep us here.
  • ? – Suggestion: Assign four hours cleaning duty to people caught smoking. "If you're going to smoke on the property, you're going to clean off the property." Is homeless, but from this neighborhood. Is in recovery. Lost her kids, her man, then her mind. She's coming back. She has friends she doesn't want to leave behind. Don't judge people. Some people have not had the things we take for granted. This is the closest thing she's had to a home in seven months. Has seven friends trying to kick heroin. Can't keep it up. Wants to help with NA.
  • Zach/Tactical – He made announcement last night about moving tents. Was not here today, so can't address what happened. Apologizes, says it was grossly inappropriate for just making that announcement. Apologizes for any inconvenience today's actions caused. Didn't mean any harm, and is sure others involved did not either.
  • Neighbor Jen – Lives nearby. Happy we're here. Happy to hear about cleaning up the neighborhood. Most of the mess is not OS's fault, but if we help clean it, the neighborhood will love us. When we decide on a way to do cleanups, announce it to the neighborhood, the Chamber of Commerce, and maybe the Capitol Hill Seattle blog, because everyone will be pleased as punch. Reiterates that cigarette butts are not biodegradable.
  • Matt – Many people have medical marijuana. Consider that when trying to scrutinize people. Anywhere they're allowed to smoke, they're allowed to use their medication.
  • Ginger
    • Did much of the tent reorganizing this morning. Many people who are upset may be directing their anger directly at her. Her actions were purely to help make this site safe. Wanted to protect us from the threat of the fire marshal inspect us and have the police sweep us out. Agrees that whole process should have been communicated more and community should have been involved more. Was not involved in organizing process, simply saw it would be difficult and painful for many people. Attempted to do it in as respectful a way as possible.
    • Woman was here looking for her lost 16 year old daughter. Daughter became drug addict since leaving. Called police intending to have them sweep our camp looking for girl. Police did not do this because they believed the story — true — that the girl left camp. Had they come in and found the camp in the condition it was this morning, they would have tripped every five feet. Would have immediately been extremely difficult and compromising position for us. Understands if people are indignant about belief that there was urgency. But if we have underage kids here who police may be looking for, we're in very difficult situation.
  • Has been looking for group to start for a long time. Wants to find a way to fit in here. With her drug use, has repeatedly dumpster dove in this neighborhood. Has probably has a few messy sessions, and would like to help with cleaning.
  • ? – Thanks Matt for reminding us that some people have medical marijuana status. Asks that people smoke it elsewhere.
  • ? – Agrees regarding medical marijuana. It's used for medical purposes. If people have authorization, should not have to worry. But do to influx of people who smoke but do not have card, everyone has a problem. People are allergic. People abuse it. Understands that it should be available for recreational use. If you choose to smoke on school grounds, you may be taught that there are consequences for your actions.

Working group announcements

  • time: 19:29

  • Jordan

    • from Occupy Portland
    • is here to do groundwork and outreach and help out
    • if you have statements, letters, words of encouragement to send to Occupy Portland, please see her
    • needs three cold volunteers who would like to get away for the night, wash some clothes, and warm up. Ride will be here around 9pm.

Medical Working Group

  • Babylonia, on behalf of WG
    • have basic hygiene supplies (e.g., tooth brushes, deodorant, cough drops)
      • email OccupySeattleStreetMedics@gmail.com
    • collecting names of people who want basic first aid and street medic training
      • stop by medical tent to leave contact info
    • tweet health and wellness info @OccupyHealthy

Media Working Group

  • Carson
    • Gathering footage, stories, etc., for The Stranger
    • deadline is tomorrow
    • have footage of police brutality or stories to share, find him tonight

Faith and Spirit Group

  • Takina
    • first meeting tonight in front of tent after GA
    • come join if you'd like to be part of WG
    • tomorrow 11am: 40-50 chaplains coming to visit
      • want to know what's going on
      • where to bring food and clothes
    • 1pm reiki practitioner, 2pm vahi guy offering prayers and heart discussion on creating culture of education
    • schedule is on the board, and on Occupy Sanctuary Web page

Learning Working Group

  • ?
    • Learning tent is open for any workshops. See calendar inside to reserve.
    • Offer learning resources to the rest of the groups
    • Contact info at tent
    • Need help from ICT to set up online resources

Kitchen Working Group

  • Emily
    • need people to clean up after themselves
      • hard to feed while also cleaning up after everyone
      • if you spill sugar or coffee, wipe down, throw stuff in the compost
      • can always help with dishes
      • need steady volunteers to fill water at Cal Anderson Park
        • if you wonder why there's no water, you can go refill for us
    • need more resources to create hot water until we set up cooking facility on site
    • have decided to close kitchen during GA
      • gives them time to prepare food, organize, clean, and encourages GA attendance
  • ?
    • made contact with Compass Center, who delivered hot meal last week, but we only had one volunteer (him)
    • if we want hot meals M-F between 12:30-1pm, delivered, prepared, supplied, by the Compass Center, need people to step up to volunteer. They're doing us a great courtesy.

Hip Hop Occupies Working Group

  • Forest
    • Getting many requests to dance and sing for different workgroups
      • are not minstrels
      • are action-oriented working group

Permaculture Working Group

  • Albert
    • constructing passive solar greenhouse nearby
    • will soon have winter food production, water catchment, sand filter treatment, and stacking functions in demonstration project

Sanitation Working Group

  • Andrew
    • port-a-potties getting full
    • blocking off those that are full
    • to get through night, please use alternative restrooms
    • if over 21, please visit a bar
    • if under, Bauhaus Coffee open until 2:30
    • please stop throwing trash in port-a-potties; beer can takes up as much space as a couple good sized turds
    • please don't write graffiti in them; he's the only one who reads it

Sustainability Brigade Working Group

  • Tabitha
    • Take a good look around at our garbage cans. They're full.
    • get to know where we take garbage by 7pm for our pickup
    • please help take garbage to designated location
    • we're out of the bags we must put things in for pickup; getting more tomorrow
    • pickup spot changing from base of stairs to Harvard to concrete cove by Math and Sciences building
    • please clean up after yourselves
    • 5pm Wednesday will have guerrilla composting workshop off-site. Meet by steps, will walk over from there.
    • in five days, we'll no longer offer disposable dishes and utensils
      • please come up with your own
      • will be offering some; adopt and personalize

Tactical Working Group

  • Forest
    • friend owns Neighbors, the club at the far end of the alley. If we have bags of trash, take to far end of alley, largest dumpster

Peace and Safety Working Group

  • Forest
    • Camp Safety met last night to talk about heroine and non-marijuana drug use and how to deal with it while protecting our community. Suggests group discussion about how passive our response should be.
      • discussion will happen immediately after GA

Demands Working Group

  • Justin
    • demand we passed last week is kind of worked into the City Council resolution that is to be introduced at City Council meeting tomorrow 2pm at City Hall
      • supporting OS, looking at City finances, moving money to local banks, prevent cuts of social projects and education, start looking into how elections are financed, something about cops

Facilitation and Process Working Group

  • Ed
    • changing time: starting tomorrow, one hour before General Assembly
    • that's the time to bring proposals and announcements of proposals
    • starting tonight, when people are proposing, after discussion can:
      • have a vote
      • withdraw (possibly bring back another night)
      • withdraw proposal for five minutes to go talk with people who have expressed strong disagreement, then bring it back

Action Announcements

  • Jen the neighbor
    • noticed that Occupy Wall Street had a newspaper, so she made one for Occupy Seattle
    • copies are taped up around camp and at the information tent
    • please send suggestions, respectful feedback, and story leads to comradebunny@gmail.com
  • Bernie – Seeks bands to play November 11, Veterans Day
    • US Govt, Senate and House, are discussing ways to cut veterans benefits
    • have been 4487 deaths in Iraq, 33,163 wounded
    • 1300+ killed in Agh, 15k injured, 2066 Am and Afg civilians
  • Hilary – sisters organized for survival
    • hope to form Occupy the Capitol Work Group
    • did good job with banks, now time to attack legislators
    • On November 28, WA Legislature will begin special session in which they plan to slash 2 billion dollars more from our social safety net (health care, education, social services)
      • need to storm the Capitol and to occupy it, beginning 28th, continuing as long as possible
      • if interested in participating, meet after GA
  • ? – Would like as many people as interested to occupy Westlake Park starting tomorrow. Could use help with food, making signs. Suggests working in three-hour shifts. Let's not forget visibility and send clear message that this movement is not a partisan movement (Socialist, Communist, Democrat, Republican) but about truth. Wants to make signs to make it clear we're not jobless. Only jeers he's heard are from people on the street who say, "go get a job"
  • Bob
    • Reinforces that the plan was to use SCCC as base camp, get nourishment here, then march down to Westlake daily as a group in the streets.
    • Thursday 5:30p Pier 66 – will be big banquet for port officials
      • Working Washington and other groups will be holding their own banquet in the street, along with some other entertaining and fun things. Please don't miss it. Please be a part of it.
  • Anna
    • planning action for Veterans Day. Will read The Illiad. Takes ten hours to read. Seeks volunteers to read on Veterans Day.
      • if interested, meet her after GA

Announcements of Future Proposals

  • Shawn
    • proposal:
    • will probably bring it Tuesday or Wednesday
    • now that we have Camp Safety, there is much talk of revision Good Neighbor Statement so will be more clear what we hold each other accountable to here at SCCC
  • Ed
    • proposal: all decisions instead of passing by simple majority will require 80 percent majority
      • presenter: Ed from Process and Facilitation
      • rationale: streamline
    • proposal:
      • if previous proposal passes, nature of block will change from veto to blocking concern that simply asks for reconsideration and revote
    • proposal: start all GAs at 7pm, then work hard to finish by 9pm
      • 6:30 is too early, 7:30 too late
      • regular time that is better for everyone
  • Babylonia
    • proposal to help organize our camp
      • regarding enforcement or lack thereof, Nickelsville have an elected arbitration committee; security takes issues there
    • visited Nickelsville yesterday to learn how they organize their camp
  • Andrew
    • proposal: put numbers on on tents
    • rationale: organize in more sustainable way. Understands this is autonomous movement. Organization is critical.
      • pretend we're a new colony.
        • Week one was about growth. We grew.
        • Now we're in week two, which is a delicate process. It's about sustainability and self-organization. We need to organize in a manageable way. Keep in mind that we're under a microscope. Kilpatrick did not say that our actions are legal, just that they're not illegal. Second Pres has the opportunity to kick us out, he will. Was reported in newspaper last week that drugs, other than pot, were in camp. Also that there was violence. This gives the politician a bad reputation. Let's not slip up.
    • Will introduce Tuesday.
    • Number could be on inside.
  • Robbie, Medical and other WGs
    • proposal: conduct poll and issue statement about how we're growing
    • will introduce Friday
    • wants to show world how we've changed, that the movement includes many young people


  • proposal: General Assembly will direct Legal Working Group not to discriminate between alleged non-violent crimes and alleged violent crimes when working for the legal defense of an Occupy Seattle person charged with a crime.
    • restated: General Assembly will direct Legal Working Group not to discriminate between alleged non-violent crimes and alleged violent crimes when working for the legal defense of an Occupy Seattle person charged with a crime. The GA may choose to give specific direction to the Legal WG on a case-by-case basis.
    • restated: General Assembly will direct Legal Working Group not to discriminate between alleged non-violent crimes and alleged violent crimes when arranging for defense of an Occupy Seattle person charged with a crime during Occupy Seattle events. The GA reserves the right to give specific directions on a case-by-case basis to the Legal WG.
    • presenter: Duff
    • rationale:
      • Consulted with Legal and Process and Facilitation. Reworded based on this.
      • Crucial because there is false dichotomy between alleged violent and non-violent crimes with which OS people may be charged by Seattle police.
      • Reality is that when doing actions in the street, Seattle Police will routinely falsify arrest reports, making non-crimes into crimes. These will make alleged non-violent crimes into alleged violent crimes.
      • Must take in revolutionary new reality that came to be because of our brave brothers and sisters at Chase Bank and at Sheraton on November 2, 2011. Non-violent and violent does not describe the conditions on the ground that we encountered with the cops.
      • One of our members was charged with a violent crime that came out of interactions with police on Wednesday. This alleged violent crime caused Legal WG to be hampered temporarily in its defense of the person who was charged.
        • Alleged violent crime was assault of police officer
        • new reality came into being Wednesday, that he hopes is regular reality, if one of us can be charged with assaulting a cop, 100 of us could be charged with such.
        • No fine line between violent and non-violent crime. This is counter-revolutionary concept that divides our group
      • when one of us is in jail, all of us are in jail, regardless of the alleged crime with which our member may be charged, falsely or correctly, by Seattle Police
    • discussion
      • ? – should support people accused of violent crimes, for very practical reasons. Most likely violent crime they'll be accused of is assault of police officer. Whenever police beat someone up, they accuse that person of assault as defensive maneuver. It's naive to believe someone accused of violent crime is guilty of it. Much more likely that police are lying.
      • ? – For those of us who have been arrested for any reason for the movement, should be supported. Many ways to support the cause, both non-violently and sometimes violently. We should support people regardless.
      • Corey, Legal WG – Understands the proposers intentions are good, but proposal is short-sighted. Puts horse before the card. Knows that the police lie. Has read hundreds of reports where they lie and contradict themselves in the report. At same time, are ethical considerations by which attorneys much abide in order to continue to be attorneys. If they find they cannot ethically represent someone, cannot withdraw because they'll be disbarred. Already know that 30 or so pro-bono attorneys will not be part of this if this proposal passes. That means you will no long have attorneys, and this proposal won't matter. Legal right now is working on a proposal so that we can ensure that we'll be able to quickly determine if the police officer is lying and we can give someone representation so that we can help everyone who is part of this movement. If this passes, lawyers cannot continue to be part.
        • response: Understands and respects. Is puzzled why this proposal which is neutral about nature of crime would cause attorneys any problems. Proposal says Legal WG shall not discriminate between violent and nonviolent crimes. Does not say we must defend all people accused of violent crimes, or all those accused of non-violent crimes. Has worked with many attorneys over the years and doesn't see whey this would be offensive or threaten credentials of any attorney.
          • Attorneys cannot withdraw from a case except in very specific circumstances. They won't want to get stuck in some cases and cannot risk being disbarred.
      • ? – Many things are considered violent. Smashing a window is very different than harming another person. Giving all the B.S., supports this proposal.
      • Patricia – So long as the discretion still exists to make a determination on whether or not to defend someone, proposal is okay as stop-gap measure until Legal puts forth proposal for adjudicative team that can better make these decisions. Very important to her that everyone understands what Duff is saying, which she understands to mean that we don't automatically defend every person for any crimes. That would be impossible. Recognizes that people are sometimes accused of violent crimes who should not be. Okay with this as long as it's temporary.
      • ? – This is a slam-dunk. It's a response to Legal's hesitation to defend Henry. Should vote ASAP. If Legal has concerns, should make another proposal soon.
      • Forest – Regarding lawyers: Those who feel it is unethical to support this movement should not be with us. There are other lawyers with better ethics.
      • Daniel – If the standard Legal is stating were so, then how did the Green River Killer get adequate defense. Look at record as William Kunsler. Support this movement even if a few of us end up in a control unit. Only relying on legal system to keep out of jail.
      • Matt – If you vote this down, understand that in the majority of times, people of color will be accused with assault of an officer. To the lawyers who find it unethical to defend those people: you're bordering on racism and unethical practices. Thought principle was innocent until proven guilty.
      • ? – Questions Corey's concern: Said lawyer could be disbarred. Does someone in jail need be assigned a lawyer in order to be bailed out.
    • vote
      • time: 20:48
      • majority favor
      • blocks
        • Akila – Does tax representation before IRS. Has option to tell clients upon further review of facts of their case is no longer to represent them. However, attorneys do not have that privilege. Puts pro-bono lawyer volunteers in jeopardy. Cannot ask people work for free then to lose their license. This is poor proposal. Legal WG is working on proposal to let people to continue working for free for movement and continue to eat.
          • Need or have other attorneys to work with us. Great. But those currently representing those who have been arrested will not have representation in the matter.
        • discussion
          • Nowhere in the proposal does it state that any pro-bono lawyers must take on any case. Would assume they'll be offered choice to represent someone whether crime is violent or not. Doesn't understand why block is valid.
          • Block is invalid. Said a whole bunch of nothing, most of which he disagrees with. Didn't say anything about the foundational principles of why we're here.
          • Not only is block invalid, supposed facts about losing licenses is completely invalid. Lawyers are there to accuse people accused of crimes, both violent and non-violent.
          • This is a slam-dunk. Let's not get upset because some people have bureaucratic problems.
          • proposer: Does not direct people to defend something they don't want to defend. Provides guidance; doesn't tie hands.
          • Agrees that we need to back everyone. But when we have problems with definite answers. The other day we had proof of someone's actions, and we're being asked to back no matter what. Agrees, not guilty until proven elsewhere. Legal team is here every day. We talk to them about our issues. Need their support. Won't get it from public defenders.
          • proposer: After intense discussions with Legal, Legal have committed to have aforementioned new procedures by Tuesday. Intent is to help Legal arrange timely representation. Henry stayed in jail 24hours extra when he should have been sprung with everyone else. Need to acknowledge new revolutionary reality. One goal is to unite camp and those who might be arrested, raising revolutionary consciousness of us all. Well on our way to doing that.
    • withdrawn
      • Deferring to Legal for two days. Will reintroduce Tuesday reflecting information Legal provides.
  • proposal: Amend no-contact with police policy "The community through P and S reserve the right to contact SPD in situations that pose imminent risk to any and all Occupy Seattle participants, with P/S being recognized as individuals that provide some degree of security that any decision to call SPD will be determined by P/S members on duty. Though recognizing individual rights, P/S will act as mediators in managing said amendment, recognizing that security is a community job. When determining whether SPD should be contacted, 1) all intercommunity options should be exhausted. That such incidents that XXX that may warrant calling SPD, kidnapping, and any other incidents that pose serious risk to Occupy Seattle participants, said amendment will be XXX. Actions will be determined by community vote. It is affirmed that community does not recognize SPD as legitimate law enforcement agency, yet if situations arise that risk safety of OS participant, it is said to amend the no contact with police policy.
    • Individuals participating in OS, right to call police when physical safety is at immediate risk or in danger of such . Should only do so if Camp Safety and general community are unable to resolve said situation or are unable to hear cries for assistance. 2) If police are notified caller should make known that police are on their way so people who would prefer to avoid contact can take action 3) Affirm all parts of no-contact policy
    • restated in one sentence: If someone on this camp or people who come off the street and become part of the movement find themselves in imminent danger to which the community cannot properly respond, authorities in place now should be at that person's disposal to mitigate death, trauma, and fear.
    • presenter: Andrew and Harvey
    • rationale:
      • November 5, around 5pm, a community meeting convened and recognized that safety and the physical well-being of all who recognize the occupy movement is our number one priority.
      • Inter-community action should be our only resort. Peace and Safety should have all tools a their disposal to avoid danger
      • Meat and bones is that any individual in immediate physical risk can notify SPD.
    • discussion:
      • Opposes. We as community should be able to defend our neighbors. We must step it up for those who are unable to defend themselves. Police should never need to be called. Police contact is never good.
      • Thinks proposal was long-winded way to say, "this proposal sucks; vote no"
        • This is not about personal feelings. Shares deep reservations about contacting police. Will be at Mayor's office tomorrow to talk about this.
      • proposer: This is about liability. If someone is being raped, someone at camp should not allow personal feelings about police to prevent stopping it. What precedent are we setting for the future of this movement? Are we to have no laws?
      • Would like to find a way to make everyone in camp feel like they're part of Peace and Safety, addressing violent actions as they arrive. If someone commits serious violent crime in this camp, wants that person to be put through our current rule. If someone attacks someone here, we currently do not have any way of addressing that within our community. We have no cohesive social contract. Doesn't necessarily support this proposal, but asks that we figure out how to address this. What do we do if someone commits serious violent crime in our camp. We need to know what to do in that situation.
      • Disagrees with Harvey and the proposal. Please respect him. He stood up to cops, yelling at them for over an hour. Respect the man and respect the process.
      • The people who want cops to stay away and those who want cops to come here are two sides of same crime. One wants to bring tyranny in, others to grow it internally. Some want thugs to come in, others want thugs walking around all the time. Tyranny of state vs. tyranny of individual.
      • Safety of everyone here is most important thing. Is it legal to tell someone he can't call the cops? Is this America still?
      • His understanding of existing policy: Not an absolute policy. Its words ended with "to the extent possible".
      • One primary concern is that we're conditioned to rely on the state, with people like cops taking care of us. More important to learn to deal with our own stuff instead of continuing to rely on racists.
      • This proposal sets us back a month, as does surrounding discussion. Asks how this affects language in statement passed weeks ago, Camp Safety passed days ago. There's no acknowledgement of that.
        • proposer: This does not build in anything, but affirms accountability statement, good neighbor policy, and duty of Peace and Safety people. Does not set back any previously passed resolutions, but puts in language consequences if situations result in bodily injury to a person. If someone comes to camp and steals $5000 of equipment, that's grand larceny. Who wants to lose that over a person's feelings about the police? They are in place now. Say someone comes and does $10,000 in damage…
          • But what does this add to previous resolutions?
            • Only consensus is distaste for police. Has deep reservations. If someone is stabbing him, please call the police.
      • proposer: doesn't say we co-depend on police, just provides avenue the Peace and Safety and community as a whole cannot handle without endangering people in the community. If his safety is in jeopardy and wants to call SPD he will.
    • vote:
      • time: 21:51
      • clear minority support, proposal fails


  • ? – Tomorrow at 7pm, will be DJ and movie projected inside. If you're cold, go inside or dance.
  • ? – When participated in Chase shutdown, witnessed one of most radical protesters, never sees, never sees here. Got under paddy wagon, and was stretched when van moved away with police holding. Yelled, licked his wounds, and went crazy like a Viking. This crazy man must have been immune to handcuffs. Only people of color and those who are not much of a threat to the police were man-handled.
  • ? – SCCC Day Care is slated to be cut. Sounds like they're engaged in same struggle as us. Thinks we should take that on.
  • Bernie – Friday march to support veterans may change to get better exposure and more veterans. Please call your relatives, email veteran friends, let them know about Friday.
  • ? – From this week on, she and other community artists will start having Thursday art-making programs for young people (or kids of all ages), to help amplify our message. This Thursday, hope to get 99 knitters and crocheters to come make 99 9" squares, which they'll put together and give the blanket to someone who really needs it. Bring supplies if you have them.
  • ? – Has idea to help save friend's small business bicycle shop at 2nd and Stewart because of big condo development.
  • Forest – Joint activity discussion postponed until tomorrow's GA.
  • ? – Can go to St. James Cathedral during day to relax in peace and pray. Sees animals around. Please take care of them before taking care of themselves. Consider getting umbrellas in anticipation of rain.
  • Shawn – When someone purports to speak for group, such as Legal tonight, consider checking with others. Also, we still do not screen proposals.
  • Michael – Hillary from Sisters Organized for Survival
    • Occupy Olympia meeting will be tomorrow 5pm at Learning Tent

Adjourned 22:01

5 Responses to Occupy Seattle General Assembly 2011-11-06

  • ohno_zombies says:

    As Matt said during GA, “Medical Marijuana users should be able to smoke ANYWHERE THAT PEOPLE ARE ALREADY ALLOWED TO SMOKE” which as we all recall, smoking areas are set OUTSIDE of the perimeter of the tents (and hay). People are asked to smoke in those areas because of the major fire hazard caused by having a sea of 100+ tents over a blanket of dry hay.

    When people fight for their right to use medical marijuana in their tents, they are asking the rest of General Assembly to allow their right to medication to SUPERSEDE EVERYONE ELSE’S RIGHT TO 1) KEEP the space (as parents are not going to be asking for MM cards when they smell pot near their children and 2) NOT BURST INTO FLAMES because as most of us know, lighters are used more than once during a marijuana smoking session.

    I understand a need for medication and I think that people should be able to use the substance recreationally, but I cannot agree with one person’s “right” to risk the lives of hundreds of others.

    Campers need to keep in mind that this is for THE GREATER GOOD, and that sometimes fighting for the greater good means respecting your campmates and respecting the community members who have gone out of their way to sign petitions to keep campers on SCCC.


    Thank you.

    • pmocek says:

      The Washington State Medical Use of Marijuana Act allows authorized patients to use marijuana out of public view. See Cannabis Defense Coalition’s Washington State Medical Cannabis Primer and Courtroom Observation Companion for lots of information about the law.

      I was at camp for almost two hours Sunday morning during the tent repositioning. During that time, I observed multiple people in the center of camp smoking what I believe to have been tobacco cigarettes. The “no smoking except in designated areas” policy seems to be largely ignored.

      • ohno_zombies says:

        The Act does not magically made the space that people are smoking marijuana in flameproof, which is the point that everybody seems to be purposely missing here. It is not difficult people: Fire + hay and plastic = a situation that can very quickly get out of control.

        If you see people smoking in the camp, you need to gently remind them to take their cigarettes elsewhere. We were doing it last night before G.A. Take some responsibility for yourselves.

        Remember that keeping people in the space safe as well as ensuring that campers can continue to occupy the space are the points here. You cannot keep people safe if you allow them to continually break the guidelines that are set in place to keep people safe just because it is not convenient for you to do so. This is what taking responsibility means.

        Have some respect for the people around you, and take the marijuana elsewhere. This is STILL a college campus, after all.

  • Laura H. says:

    I visited the camp for one hour and one hour only on Sunday afternoon during the farmers market and I smelled pot. I believe marijuana use is a major issue, both for keeping the camp at SCCC and making friends with the rest of the 99%. And I don’t think the SCCC has an exclusion for the use of medical marijuana. The policy “No drugs, no alcohol” is pretty clear. (Remember, drinking alcohol is also legal but forbidden on the SCCC campus.) As much as I sympathize with the use of marijuana for medical purposes, I think it is clearly forbidden on the campus. (I also think it tends to lead to excuses from recreational users.) I’m sure folks can find another way to smoke, maybe in the park across the street. Don’t endanger the group as a whole.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    From : http://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/1918/ourrevo/ch02.htm

    First of all we ought to remember that the main scene of revolutionary events is bound to be the city. Nobody is likely to deny this. It is evident, further, that street demonstrations can turn into a popular revolution only when they are a manifestation of masses, i.e., when they embrace, in the first place, the workers of factories and plants. To make the workers quit their machines and stands; to make them walk out of the factory premises into the street; to lead them to the neighboring plant; to proclaim there a cessation of work; to make new masses walk out into the street; to go thus from factory to factory, from plant to plant, incessantly growing in numbers, sweeping police barriers, absorbing new masses that happened to come across, crowding the streets, taking possession of buildings suitable for popular meetings, fortifying those buildings, holding continuous revolutionary meetings with audiences coming and going, bringing order into the movements of the masses, arousing their spirit, explaining to them the aim and the meaning of what is going on; to turn, finally, the entire city into one revolutionary camp, this is, broadly speaking, the plan of action.