Occupy City Council meeting 11/7 2PM

Seattle City Council will be unveiling the text of Nick Licata’s Resolution in support of Occupy Seattle.

The Resolution is likely to pass, and it would be nice to have a show of support for the Council, while also expressing to the Council who we are, why we are here, what we want, and what we have planned.

The Council starts at 2 PM, on the 2nd floor of City Hall (5th and James). After entering City Hall front entrance, take the stairs straight ahead up to the second floor, and continue to the left. There is seating for a few hundred, and last week only about dozen people showed up! Lets make our presence known and felt!

Afterwards we will march to Mayor McGinn’s office and share our progress, efforts, and demands with him.

Lastly, we will collect on the plaza on the 4th Ave side of City Hall, to meet one another and discuss future plans.

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  • lisalouh says:

    Hi Folks,

    Just so you know, the resolution is on the Council’s Referral Calendar, but there’s not a plan to vote on the measure itself.

    The Council rules about public comment at Council meetings state that: “Comment should be related to matters on that day’s regular Full Council meeting agenda for vote or final action.”

    Councilmember Licata feels that since the Referral Calendar is itself a voting action, folks should be given the chance to speak in support of the Council action to refer the resolution. He will be making a motion to either interpret the rules that way or to amend the rules – either way his intent is to ask his colleagues on the Council to support allowing folks the chance to testify supporting the Council action referring the resolution.


    Lisa Herbold
    Legislative Aide to Councilmember Nick Licata
    ph: 206-684-8803/fax: 206-233-0054
    600 4th Avenue, 2nd Floor
    Seattle, WA 98104

  • msmikestew35 says:

    With these announcements, the OWS organizers show us how utterly bankrupt their political perspective is. Mr. Licata does not lose anything by bringing up a resolution with no commitments attached – what does this fraud of a resolution really say? Since our class-compromisers in the OWS organization are mum about it, let us look through it.

    It is here:


    Basically, if this was to pass (which is far from a given), the city will

    1) “recognize and support the peaceful exercise of First Ammendment rights by Occupy Seattle”

    2) “review its banking and investment practices and ensure that public funds are invested in responsible financial institutions that support our community.”

    3) Support Obama’s jobs plan that will involve cutting well beyond $1.5 Trillion in social services.

    This last part is what Mr. Licata is most interested in getting OWS to support. If we all go there as the organizer of the post suggests, that will be presented as OWS agreeing to this jobs plan – or rather the jobs fraud.

    Here is a good article on the Jobs Fraud from WSWS.org :


    Of the $447 billion cost of the package, more than half—$240 billion—is to come from cuts in Social Security taxes for employers as well as workers that will drain the bedrock retirement program of resources and fuel demands for drastic cuts in benefits and eligibility. Employers will get $65 billion of the tax windfall.

    In essence, Obama is demanding that the American people mortgage what is left of their future to pay for a relative handful of new jobs.

    To pay for the so-called jobs bill, Obama said he would push to increase the deficit-reduction target of the congressional super-committee established last July well beyond its present mandate of $1.5 trillion, and insisted that Medicare and Medicaid had to be slashed.
    ** END QUOTE

    Notice that in 1)of the resolution – it does not make any firm commitments. The city can say they support “peaceful” protest and still have the police club us over the head claiming it was not “peaceful”. This claim of “support” is of course not worth the paper it is written on.

    And on 2) again, how do they define a “responsible financial institution that supports our economy”. Clearly they have not defined this. It would not be too difficult to say that Wells Fargo is one such. After all do they not pay people’s wellfare checks, is that not supporting the community?

    This resolution should not be supported. Let the class compromisers who seem desperate to grab some low level post in the political corruption machine do this. That will also help us to clearly identify who’s who in the movement.

    • 54ibew46 says:

      Let this just be another aspect of what OS does, not a litmus test of who is the hammer and who is the nail. Of course there are no firm commitments, these are the resolutions of a timid liberal class hedging their bets against an juggernaut of wealth and armed might, what were you expecting? The people like Licata need to be supported just as much as the most radical Blac Bloc activist needs our solidarity. Recommendhttp://www.truthdig.com/arts_culture/item/the_death_of_the_liberal_class_20101029/ this book

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Dear 54ibew46 –

    Your comment shows an incorrect understanding of history. True, there was a time that liberalism could provide a certain level of material comfort to American workers, the end of this era can be placed around the death of Kennedy. Since then liberalism has not been of sufficient capacity to be a force against the mounting attacks on the working class.

    Supporting liberals in a situation like this is not just naive, it is dangerous. It prevents us from the crucial task of building and supporting a political party for the workers.

    The liberals have no choice but to adapt to the worsening objective conditions of capitalism. Understand that liberals support capitalism and only seek minor reforms at best. If capitalism cannot provide these reforms, the liberals – rather than intensifying their demands – increasingly make more and more timid demands.

    The liberals are thus – in the period of decay in the capitalist system – a tool of deception that serves to prevent the revolution and thus aid the reaction.

    Your comment on “juggernaut of wealth and armed might” should be addressed. This wealth is built on our labor, and in fact on our continued labor that we allow them to exploit. It is completely within our capacity to withhold that exploitation of our labor and in turn channel that labor for productive gains in society.

    The “wealth” of the 1% will take a colosal hit from which they cannot recover upon a sustained general strike. Any stock, property one holds keeps its value because of a guarantee that future labor can be exploited. Let’s recall how stock markets dropped during worker strikes in Egypt during the Egypt Revolution.

    The armed might needs people to man it. As Trotsky said, the average soldier shoots above the heads of unarmed people. The soldiers will not use their weapons against us if we prove to them that we have a clear program to replace capitalism towards socialism where we workers democratically control the output of our labor.

    A revolution can be won only if the soldiers join the workers. This has happened in the past, and as we build a correct socialist program, this will happpen again.

    I would highly recommend reading the program of the Socialist Equality Party. If you have questions, I would be happy to answer them.