Rally for Port of Seattle Workers this Thursday

Blog by Nate Jackson cross posted from working washington.

The Port of Poverty celebrates the 1%

If you are the Port of Seattle and most of your workers make poverty level wages what do you do? You throw a party to celebrate your overpaid executives, the one percent.

The Port of Seattle calls itself “The Port of Prosperity.” We call it the “Port of Poverty.” The Port on November 10th is having a self-congratulating $1,750-a-table banquet for the overpaid executives. There is just one problem. They forgot to invite the people who actually create the wealth of the port: the workers. That’s why we are holding our own banquet to honor the Port Workers at the Bell Harbor Conference Center at 5:30 pm.

It’s not the “Port of Prosperity” for workers. It’s the “Port of Poverty.” Workers are not treated with the respect they rightly deserve. No one understands that better than the airport workers who were just fired for praying.

26 Hertz airport workers were“ suspended” a few weeks ago for practicing their religion. Now they have been sacked.

Sadly, Hertz is far from the only port company that is taking advantage of its workers. The average worker at the ports are working poverty level jobs with no benefits, no job security and rules that change on managerial whims. Meanwhile, the Port of Seattle CEO Tay Yoshitani, still makes$400,000 a year. It’s not right and that’s why we are standing up for good jobs at the port.

On Thursday, November 10 we are holding our own banquet to honor workers who work hard every day, providing essential port services, and don’t get the respect we deserve. We stand together. Every job at the Port of Seattle should be a good job. Won’t you join us at the Bell Harbor Conference Center at 5:30 pm?

This is our port and we should benefit from all our hard work.

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3 Responses to Rally for Port of Seattle Workers this Thursday

  • Aristokronik anarkist says:

    Get the I.L.W.U to put down the bourgosie and vanity plate luggage of budget cruise shoppers and demand they pay $150 per passenger up front or there is no more cruise seasons..Re-open libraries to 21st century times .stop raiding the property taxes to cover the bond payments for the 4 new cruise terminals…Put injunction on tay yoshitani offering money for more transportation bond projects that make offshore rich with deep bore while he offers more tax payer money to cover debt they create when they do industry special itnerest favors who help him keep $400k per year while our libraries close early or dont open cuz the money was raided from property taxes to cover debts offshore dutch rule of law ships lobbyied for throught port commision travel junkets where alcohol and negotiations were ongoing…at tax payer expense

  • paq says:


    Granted real salaries have fallen a few percentage points since ’06, it looks like, to me, that port workers are doing pretty well for themselves. I wouldn’t call most of these salaries poverty-level wages. And if there is a CEO who is making $400,000, you should take it up with the port commissioners at the next meeting. The commissioners are elected by the public and set the budget for the ports. Their meetings are open and the public has had the chance, all along, to get involved. Those salaries are set by the government, not some big corporation. Granted, corporations could be buying the commissioners, but that’s a totally separate problem. Stay focused.


    The port commissioners meet the first, second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. You missed yesterday’s, which would have made a lot more sense to attend than to crash a dinner. Educate people to steward their democracy, rather than empty, symbolic gestures because you resent people who drink champagne.

  • Aristokronik anarkist says:

    Cruise Terminals of America pocket most business costs the city subsidizes for Cruiselines, while nonworking shareholders in cta get rich while helping water down customs enforcement.