Occupy Seattle Declares ‘Break Up With Your Bank Day’ a Huge Success!

BECU, Seattle, was still counting the new accounts but told the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) that 659 people opened accounts Saturday in just one branch. The credit union has 45 branches. The new accounts broke all the credit union’s records for opening new accounts on a single day. And that’s just one credit union of the many in Washington.

Through this action we continue to hold the big banks accountable for foreclosing on millions of families, cutting back on small business loans that create jobs, breaking FEC rules, and avoiding their fair share of taxes through offshore accounts and loopholes.

Feel free to keep telling the big banks at any time “it’s not me, it’s you”.

One Response to Occupy Seattle Declares ‘Break Up With Your Bank Day’ a Huge Success!

  • msmikestew35 says:

    People were leaving the big banks before the “Bank Transfer Day”. The OWS organizers picked this action because they knew fully well that they can ride on the success of a movement started well before their action.

    The name for this is deception – the organizers are trying to take credit for an action that the public undertook completely on their own accord.

    Why do the organizers do this sort of stunt? It is because they are dependent on the current political system and refuse to undertake a politically independent fight for the 99%.

    When people on the street take matters into their own hands, we will see the OWS organizers scrambling to catch up. They will never lead the 99%, but will merely watch, trying to desperately channel people’s revolutionary vigor into futile parliamentary avenues.

    An ultimate betrayal for the campers is being planned, away from the OWS site, in the plush halls where union “leaders” and Democratic party hacks mingle. The OWS organizers posses the same DNA as these scoundrels and they will stop at nothing to ride rough shod over the protestors and the masses.

    For this service they do to the ruling class, they will probably get some low level post in the Democratic party, which, if they can continue their deception, could carry significant career mobility.