Occupiers Call for a Breakdown and Justification of City’s Expenditures

As taxpaying citizens, Occupiers are calling for a breakdown and justification of the city’s expenditures.

How is it that that 50-300 peacefully assembled citizens warrant such a concentration of resources?

A spokesperson for the mayor has recently acknowledged that this figure breaks down to roughly $15,000 per day, with the vast majority spent on Police overtime. This means that close to 40% of the responsible precinct is logging a 4-hour OT shift at Occupy Seattle *every day*, or between 65 and 70 officers daily! This is more than 17% above normal payroll, numbers that would make a private business balk. Such a high ratio of overtime hours is well above the national average and presents a danger to the public, due to extreme fatigue and the resulting errors in judgment, lessened motor skills, and increased irritability. Excessive enforcement makes an area less safe, due to heightened tension on all sides. We call upon the City of Seattle and the SPD to use tax dollars more frugally and re-evaluate their tactics. Again, we call upon the city to breakdown and justify these large expenditures.