Seattle City Council to Vote to Support Occupy Seattle Monday November 14th!

On Monday 11/14/11 at 2pm, the City Council will vote on resolution 31337 recognizing and supporting the exercise of First Amendment rights by Occupy Seattle as a fundamental right in the effort to redress economic injustice in America today. Come to city hall to show your support for this measure which seeks not only to affirm our rights but also to review city banking and investment practices to ensure that public funds are invested in financial institutions that support our community; to address the home foreclosure crisis in Seattle; to address economic inequality and wealth disparities by identifying effective approaches to asset building, job training, access to banking and financial services, educational attainment, family support, and access to health care for historically denied populations; to redress the adverse impact of both tax shifts and lost revenue to the City from exemptions or waivers allowed for City taxes; to work with the State Legislature toward a more equitable tax structure in the state; to reform city election campaign financing; to use available resources to provide assistance for the most vulnerable people in Seattle; to urge Congress to support job creation, substantial investments in the nation’s physical and technological infrastructure and deficit reduction by adopting fiscal policies with equitable corporate and individual taxation; to urge Congress to let the Bush era tax cuts expire; to urge Congress to tighten regulation of the banking and financial sector and; to urge Congress to increase block grants for local schools and social services and protect public education from devastating cuts.

4 Responses to Seattle City Council to Vote to Support Occupy Seattle Monday November 14th!

  • REPUBLIC says:

    Originally, I thought of the following being the priority list.

    1. Close the border and revamp the federal immigration laws to better control and make it tougher to stay illegally by not providing any social benefits that are meant for American citizens.

    2. Deport illegal aliens whom entered illegally and overstayed their student/visitor visas, and charge them with a federal crime, and if they want to live the USA legally, they have a 5 year waiting period.

    3. When our economy is in crisis immigration flow in the USA should be cut to the point that only people with certain skills can enter the USA. Look at Canada they have a good example of immigration laws.

    3. Fully fund our public schools and no cuts should be allowed.

    4. Revamp and audit how the government spends money and stop dipping hands in other pots of money, that are meant for other purposes, to fix their overspending habits.

    5. Keep tax cuts and give incentives to start more businesses, i.e manufacturing companies. This will create jobs and tax revenues for our State and Country. If the wealthy are not creating jobs then they should pay more taxes. Congress, Senate, President or any government body should not be in charge of creating jobs, but to stimulate the private sectors job creators to create jobs by cutting taxes. What kind of job do you think the government is able to create? I know, government jobs and government owned corporation jobs. This country will be far more in debt and all these government owned jobs/corporations will be broke because the government cannot efficiently run itself with the money that they receive from us now. What makes you think by letting them create jobs will be better? Here is trillions of dollars that we owe to our back stabber friend, China, at work to stimulate economy and the failed bailouts. More billions were invested by the government to open green jobs that failed over the course of 5 to 6 years. I DON’T TRUST THE GOVERNMENT ABILITY TO FIX THE ECONOMY OR CREATING JOBS. IT IS US, THE PEOPLE, THAT CAN FIX OUR ECONOMY. PLEASE STOP ASKING STUFF FROM THE GOVERNMENT BECAUSE THEY ARE PART OF THE 1% THAT YOU ARE FIGHTING AGAINST. Do not trust the government to fix our economy… Believe it or not if there will be a classless society, the wealthy have nothing to lose because they will be our government or they just move out of the USA. They will sale their corporations to the government and let them run it. Perhaps they can do better by overspending like they are doing now. That will be a fair society.

    4. Impose tariffs to China whom cheat, steal our country’s technology, and manipulate with their money to keep it artificially lower. By imposing a tariff this will help more manufacturing companies growth in USA, more jobs will be created. more revenues for the government, and better competition with China.

    5. Social entitlements should be more difficult to get by let the individual do the following to get that monthly entitlements:
    a. Actively looking for a job and show proof of job searches (just like unemployment benefits)
    b. Mandatory monthly urinalysis
    When the above are met then they will receive entitlements. Next entitlements should not be a long term benefit. Welfare and Section 8 should be temporary fix for up to 5 years. If the first 2 years they cannot get a job on their own or through a social workers job leads, then they will be provided with vocational schools, on the job training, or internship. Once a new skill is acquired, then they will have a better chance to get a job and the the social worker will help find job leads as well.

    6. Everyone that make $60,000 or more should be taxed a flat tax of 40%, period. This way everyone will be happy. If you make 200,000 or more than they should be charged 45%. Hopefully, this will result in equality. People that makes less than 60,000 do not pay taxes. Eliminate filing of taxes and revamp the IRS.

    If this group and others concentrates on the above other than being anti capitalist, anti-wealthy, anti-class society then you will see conservatives and other Americans flocking your way and make a our voice heard. We can find a happy medium for the left, center, and right. Fair and balanced in the American way.

    Your comments are appreciated.

  • pamgisalfred says:

    I miss Seattle. Good luck on resolution 31337. I live in San Diego now and our city council won’t even listen to our demands.
    As to the above comments about immigration, etc. Yes, that would be nice, but we aren’t Canada. Unfortunately, Canada might not be able to keep up their immigration restrictions much longer either.
    I agree we need to clamp down the borders, but it won’t ever happen. Until I moved to SoCal, I had no idea what a huge problem illegal immigration really was. –Get this…down here most people don’t even use the words illegal, or undocumented. It’s not considered pc enough so they just say migrants or immigrants (without the illegal in front). Most of the state is either illegal, or related to someone who is, and you have to be very careful what you say and who you say it to! The San Diego/Tijuana crossing is the busiest border crossing in the world and I have actually heard news announcers refer to Tijuana as our sister city. One of the Fox News stations here is broadcast from Tijuana! At about 4:00 a.m. every morning you get to see the Mexican flag being hoisted and hear the Mexican National Anthem being sung as far north in SoCal as LA!
    Most native born Californians seem to thing there shouldn’t even be a real border, not one that is enforced anyway. Millions, maybe billions of American dollars pay for free health care for illegals through Medical. Hospitals and clinics never report an illegal. I know because used to work at one. Even when they know a fake Social Security number is being used, they do nothing.
    Sorry to break the news, but California is sucking the money out of the rest of the country and has been for a very long time. When we go broke, and we will, we will be trying to pawn off our wimpy left-wing political “lets give away some more money to Mexico because they’re our brothers” attitude on the rest of America so we can get bailed out!
    Did you know that several of the major cruise ship lines don’t even stop here anymore because of the threat of violence from Mexico? Tourism is about the only industry down here and even that is dying now. And still we protect the civil and social rights of illegals –who have none?
    CA has got to be the most corrupt place on earth, next to DC., but what’s to be done? We don’t have enough money to actually close the border, so it’s all a moot point anyway. Our country is gone. The global mob of bankers and speculators who own everything wants to turn us into another European Union. The more they take away our Nationalism, and the more times they use the word “global,” the less likely we are to fight the idea of one world currency and global citizenship. Then, they will own everything and everyone, equally.
    All we can do is keep marching and yelling and trying to educate the public that these bankers, etc. need to be stopped, now!

  • solidproletariat says:

    These comments have to be only for the purpose of an internet squabble. Not worth it Occupy! These are divisive techniques.

  • pamgisalfred says:

    No rubbish to it at all. Some people in SoCal actually fly the Mexican Flag above the American Flag, openly and proudly! Is it rubbish to be annoyed by that? Is it rubbish to try and protect the American Dream…for Americans?
    My question to you is: Who would seek to try and make an American feel guilty or biased or prejudiced or “devisive” merely because they tell the truth?
    We are all in this movement for many different reasons, but all reasons are valid. Because all truths lead back to the main truth…the world’s wealthy seek complete control! They have no allegiance to any country. They sell arms and drugs to all countries equally. Their only allegiance is to gold. They created the EU and now it’s falling apart. They are attempting to do the same here, what do you think NAFTA was supposed to start? Why do you think they encourage free trade and globalization and exportation of jobs to other countries? Why isn’t anyone standing up for the American tradesmen and encouraging us to Buy American? Why don’t we encourage trade that would benefit us, instead of China?
    Because the wealthy make more money that way! Our government doesn’t care about America because they it’s owned by the Banks and NGO’s. They trade with everyone globally because it helps their personal economy to rob everyone equally.
    Did you know that the wealthiest man in the world lives in Mexico? Do you think he cares that people in his country kill each other with automatic weapons and even decapitate each other every day? Of course not…He’s making a fortune selling them the guns! He probably laughs all the way to the bank.
    So, who would seek to make an American feel guilty about wanting to save America? –And, what kind of a real American would NOT object to listening to the Mexican National Anthem? –Perhaps,,,someone who is a part of the 1%? Someone who’s benefitting from the whole “free trade” game?
    What’s divisive about wanting to preserve the American way of life? What’s wrong with wanting jobs to stay in this country? What’s wrong with telling the truth about what you see going on around you? Isn’t that what this whole ovement is about…uncovering the truth?