Occupy Seattle Is Saddened and Outraged at SPD’s Attack of Peaceful Protestors

Occupy Seattle Is Saddened and Outraged at SPD’s Attack of Peaceful Protestors

Occupy Seattle is both saddened and outraged at the behavior of the Seattle Police Department this evening. We offer our sympathies to the many protesting patriots that were indiscriminately pepper sprayed including a 4’10” 84 year old woman, a priest and a pregnant woman who as of this writing is still in the hospital. We are grateful to the Seattle Fire Department for their assistance with the injured and their strong tradition of protecting and serving the entire community.

We condemn the outrageous behavior of the SPD in response to civil disobedience, a peaceful and time honored form of political protest. Like those who used civil disobedience to abolish slavery, to gain a woman’s right to vote, to end child labor in this country, to weaken segregation in the south and to end the Vietnam War, Occupy Seattle refuses to stand by while the moneyed interests continue to corrupt our democracy. We demand that the moneyed interests and that the SPD both be held accountable for their egregious behavior.

Please contact Mayor McGinn and Seattle Chief of Police Diaz to ask that SPD be held accountable and call for a halt to the use of pepper spray against peaceful protestors engaged in civil disobedience. Tell the Mayor and the Chief of Police that police are supposed to serve and protect the community and keep the peace, not attack people.

(Photo by Josh Trujillo of the SeattlePI)

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  • msmikestew35 says:

    The organizers are running scared – not from the cops, but from the users who comment on their backward postings. Otherwise, why try to send a posting down on the list by posting an article with no body at the top?

    They recently made sure that the G.A minutes were off limits for user comments. This is another sign of the fear they have of the 99% who they claim to represent.

    With every trick they pull, they show their true face to the working class, the 99%. As a result, on the next phase of this struggle, they will remain isolated and marked. The objective laws of history are much stronger than the bureaucratic apparatus.

    Long live the revolution!

    • ohno_zombies says:

      Or you could stop being afraid of confronting them face to face and address your issues with them at GA.

      Like everybody else does.

  • Eris93 says:

    Mike McGinn
    (206) 233-3881


    • Steve Leigh says:


      As Mayor it is your responsibility to control the police. Is your policy to pepper spray old women, pregnant women, and priests all of who are obviously non-violent? If so, say so openly and stop pretending to support the Occupy movement. If not, tell the police to back off and do it now!

      The supposed velvet glove over the iron fist is wearing thin. People hear about the velvet glove , but all they feel is the iron fist.

      Do the right thing!

      The whole world is watching! ( and with new technology, they really are!)

  • Steve Leigh says:

    The disgusting behavior of the Seattle Police yesterday and at the Sheraton Jamie Dimon event , and ripping down the tents at Westlake etc. is part of a national pattern. Mayor Quan of Oakland admitted being on a national conference call with 8 mayors coordinating responses to the Occupy movement. Most of these Mayors are Democrats, who represent the 1% as well as Republicans do, only with more sympathetic rhetoric. Here are articles on the repression of Occupy nationally and the inspiring responses from the movement written in the last day ” You cannot evict an idea whose time has come!”:




  • Steve Leigh says:

    Sorry—in my comment above, I said Mayor Quan was on a call with 8 mayors. It was actually 18 mayors.

  • fiddlesteven says:

    It breaks my heart to see a picture like this. There is simply no excuse for behavior like this on the part of those who are supposed to be protecting us from harm. Seeing this picture immediately caused me to call the Seattle Mayors office and tell them that I am a Dem, this was disgusting behavior on the part of the Seattle Police and that they have just succeeded in turning millions of Americans against them. I told him that it made me mad enough to come all the way up there from Florence Oregon and join the protest. I told him to get control of his police or get out of office. I told him he wouldn’t have a chance in hell of getting re elected by Dems or anyone if he didn’t get control of the police. Good people simply will not tolerate abuse against peaceful people exercizing free speech and protesting against the financial mob that is destroying our country,but especially abusing the elderly and weekest among us is against everything we stand for in this country and frankly,is criminal. I also told him he was alienating his Dem base. a part of the 99%. I am a person that is mobility challanged with a relapsing remitting disability so I can’t get out there as much as I would like. I’m also very low income so I can’t aford to travel very far away thanks to social security disability checks so small that they don’t even cover the rent. If you become disabled in this country you are really screwed. Please be careful. We live in a country with a goverment controled by greedy people with no empathy. It’s sad that some of our police have become so calous. I want all of you to know how much those of us who can’t be with you in person appreciate what you are doing. I was with you watching livestream. We will get out there as much as we can all around the country. We are the 99% and we are watching.