Occupy Seattle Questions SCCC Allegations and Expenses

November 15, 2011. Occupy Seattle is disappointed that SCCC would level allegations against Occupy Seattle in the media as opposed to discussing the details of those concerns in the regularly scheduled meetings Occupy Seattle has with SCCC administration. Occupy Seattle understands the deep funding cuts facing the school, in fact our work is focused on changing the economic inequity in this state so that schools are adequately funded. We are committed to being respectful of the school and the community and look forward to continuing what we thought was a good working relationship to address all concerns.

Members of Occupy Seattle have not been vandalizing the school’s bathrooms. According to faculty member Kimberly McRae “I have worked in the building for 13 years and the south end bathrooms have been considered the worst. With the continued defunding of Community Colleges, SCCC was forced to cut custodial staff again, so the bathrooms have been even worse”. Occupy Seattle provides its members with the necessary sanitation facilities and members agree to abide by the tenets of Occupy Seattle’s Good Neighbor Policy which include respecting the learning environment and the buildings at SCCC.

Occupy Seattle is not the source of the drug paraphernalia found in or around a community college in the heart of a major urban area with well known drug problems. Athena Marsden, former teaching assistant at the daycare on campus said “Every day as part of our jobs, we picked up drug paraphernalia, needles, used condoms, cigarette butts, anything that threatened the safety of the kids. All that stuff was there way before Occupy Seattle”. Long time Capitol Hill resident Cathy Hillenbrand joking said, “If I had a dime for every hypodermic needle I’ve seen in that area over the years, I’d be in the 1%”.

Occupy Seattle adheres to its non-violence policy (as stated in Occupy Seattle’s Accountability Principles). In response to a movement dedicated to nonviolence, hiring of additional security guards is unnecessary and excessive, particularly in a time of severe budget constraints.

We request a full accounting of the dollars the school alleges has been spent as a result of our encampment so as to assure ourselves and the community that we are not being blamed for spending that is either unnecessary or inaccurately attributed to Occupy Seattle.

Formed on October 1, 2011, Occupy Seattle is a leaderless movement of concerned Americans who have taken to occupying public spaces in order to focus our nation’s attention on the undue influence of large corporations on our government, elected leaders and our democracy itself. It is inspired by and modeled after the Occupy Wall Street movement.

4 Responses to Occupy Seattle Questions SCCC Allegations and Expenses

  • msmikestew35 says:

    The truth is that the organizers were in regular contact with the SCCC administration and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Rather than assuming a politically independent role, the organizers chose to submit to these two groups that cravenly support the bourgeoise against the interest of the working class.

    And the results should surprise no one – least of all the organizers who indeed have much experience betraying their class constituents.

    The organizers are not revealing their political affiliations behiind the dull and anti-intellectual posture of “no politics”, but from their working politics of class collaboration, it is clear that they work for the establishment.

    You will find here, members of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) that can hardly be called a “socialist” organization. A socialist revolution is of course very much in their minds, but they are preoccupied not in giving such a movement direction, but in how it can be prevented and misdirected.

    The anarchist block – unfortunately – lacks the theoretical rigor to counterbalance the situation. Their world view is backwards. Rather than harnessing the immense, collective labor capacity for the whole of society, they want to go back to a tribal, almost mediaeval era.

    The movement is being betrayed by both blocks. But this movement cannot be stopped. That is because the capitalist crisis is not one of a temporary character but of systemic nature and one that will steadily worsen.

    Young people, especially, will face the most desperate conditions going forward. Andre Damon of the SEP has a recent article on youth and poverty :


    The path forward is socialism. That can only be achieved through revolution. ISO will insist that socialism can be achieved through a series of reforms. This is a lie that they say since in their private thoughts, they like capitalism but merely seek a more comfortable position within it for their own middle class types. This they attempt to seek by using the mass discontent of the working class as a stepping stone to the offices of the bourgeois state.

    • John Ellis says:

      Capitalism is High Society and the Country Club class, the elite 10% most intelligent, controlling the deadly force of government. Slavery for the bottom 90% of society.

      Socialism is the 40% Educated Middle-class controlling the deadly force of government. Slavery for the other 60% of society.

      Moralism is a realization that everyone is born with a different ability to achieve wealth, which enables us to experience the emotions of compassion, pity and benevolence toward those who have less, and receive a grateful response in return.

  • ohno_zombies says:

    What about your obligations toward the school? You voted on the Good Neighbor Policy prior to your move to SCCC campus, and you ignore EVERY attempt by the community to get you to follow the drug and alcohol portion of it. YOU ALL agreed to this, now you need to start policing each other.

    I support the OWS movement, but I cannot keep supporting the OS occupation of SCCC if you continue to break the very rules you made for yourselves. Shameful.

    • John Ellis says:

      As body destroying addictions are the result of a dysfunctional community, why should the OS movement have an obligation to expend their time and wealth taking care of the community’s alcoholics and drug addicts?