Hip Hop Occupies with “Rise & Decolonize! Let’s Get Free” Rally Nov. 18th

Contact: Julie C (425) 223-7787
Email: HipHopOccupies@gmail.com
Hip Hop Occupies with “Rise & Decolonize! Let’s Get Free” Rally Nov. 18th

Unique blend of art, culture, and community empowerment from the ‘Occupy Movement’ Seattle, WA–Hip Hop Occupies and the POC Caucus of Occupy Seattle present an urban arts-infused event that redefines protest and self-determination. In partnership with APRFront, 206 Zulu, Dope Emporium, Black Orchid Collective, and over a dozen other local Hip Hop organizations, collectives, and businesses, “Rise & Decolonize! Let’s Get Free” aims to create a new model for engaging and empowering youth, people of color, and other voices within the ‘Occupy Movement’. The “Rise & Decolonize” program will feature a march down to Westlake, performances from over twenty local DJs, emcees, and b-boy/b-girl crews, speakers, live art and cipher spaces, as well as a survey to canvass and identify local demands around youth service, media justice, economic displacement, and other issues directly impacting underrepresented communities in Seattle. “Beyond entertainment, Hip Hop is a potent organizing base,” says Julie C, emcee from Hip Hop Occupies, “and through this event we are providing a timely access point and channel for our communities to be represented.”

“Hip Hop History Month [November] is a reminder of the struggle’s intensity and how under any circumstance and by any means, change can be made,” says King Khazm, Westcoast Regional Director of Universal Zulu Nation and founder of 206 Zulu, “Let us remember and overstand this legacy so that we can be the change we want to see, shaping our own future.” Jace Ecaj, veteran emcee from Black Stax and founder of Dope Emporium adds, “The actions of the movement are aligned with the consciousness of Hip Hop Culture. The time is now to create an infrastructure that reflects the attitude and respect for basic human rights and balance to the people.”

Event Date: Friday, November 18, 2011
Event Location: Westlake Park, 4th & Pine in Downtown Seattle

Event Schedule:
4:30-5:00pm: March from Seattle Central Community College to Westlake Park
5:00-5:30pm: Press Conference
5:30-8:30pm: Rally & Performances
8:30-10:00pm: Breakout ciphers
Background Information on Hip Hop Occupies

Hip Hop Occupies is a rapidly expanding international network of artists, activists, and cultural advocates from the Hip Hop grassroots who are educating, organizing, and agitating from the frontlines of Occupy actions all over the world. Local partners include Dope Emporium, 206 Zulu, Stop Biting, Hip Hop Congress, Fated Empire, B-Girl Media, Seattle CopWatch, Umojafest P.E.A.C.E Center, Bump Local, Triple R, Cyphers, Black Magic Noize, Hidmo, BOC Music, the Multimedia Center, the Think Tank, Presidential Media, Mean Mouse, Spoken Visuals, All Power to the Positive, the Black Orchid Collective, and more. We seek to continue this growth and collect the representative allies from every city as well as support emerging leadership from our underrepresented communities in order to fuel the resistance, and to feed the vision of a better world for the generations that follow.

For more Information on Hip Hop Occupies and for full list of performers visit www.HipHopOccupies.com