Dorli Rainey To Speak at Occupy Seattle

November 17, 2011.

Occupy Seattle is pleased to announce the line up for its Voices of the Revolution Rally on Saturday, November 19th from 12 to 6pm at Westlake Center Park.

The keynote speaker is Dorli Rainey, a long time activist, former schoolteacher, and school board member who has become the face of the Occupy movement by virtue of one picture and a life of activism. Born in Austria, Rainey came to the U.S. in 1956 following her work as a technical translator in the U.S. Army in Europe. She describes herself as an “all-around troublemaker.” “I believe change begins in the streets, and all citizens have the power to make a difference,” she writes in her blog. “Together we can make our voices heard in the ivory towers of government”. In addition to supporting Occupy Seattle, she is a member of Women in the Black an international network who “stand in silent vigil, calling for peace, justice and non-violent solutions to conflict.” Rainey has been called “a role model among activists that walks the walk.”

Her Appearance on Current with Keith Olbermann:

Musicians who will be donating their awesome talent in support of Occupy Seattle’s work to stop the moneyed interest’s corruption of our democracy include Flow Motion and Cracker Factory. Flowmotion, a hard working, longstanding Seattle group has been entertaining audiences in and around Puget Sound for years. A Flowmotion show is a “swooping ride through the fingers of rock fueled solely on the expert musicianship of its five parts, producing a sound that’s unmistakably huge”. Cracker Factory brings the powerful rocking sound of the 99% to audiences throughout Seattle.

15 Responses to Dorli Rainey To Speak at Occupy Seattle

  • John Ellis says:


    “work of Occupy Seattle to stop the moneyed interest’s corruption of our democracy”

    But, hardly a one in the Occupy Seattle movement has ever felt anything but contempt for the rich and powerful who corrupt our democracy. And as High Society and the Country Club class are only 11% of our democracy, as it takes a full 51% voting majority to approve laws that corrupt democracy, exactly who are the other 40%. Well, how about the 40% Educated Middle-class, those with education beyond high school?

  • msmikestew35 says:

    This movement for social change has to be headed by the only class that is objectively capable of bringing economic equality. That is the working class. The middle class has no independent policy of its own. They regard both the worker and the capitalist with equal dread in times like this.

    But the working class must mount its program without resorting to compromising views. But in this program, we the workers, must make a program for the middle class as well. They must be encouraged to follow by including them.

    The fault is allowing them to lead – since they cannot objectively lead a revolution. The limited success and the ultimate failure of the protest movements of the 60’s to guarantee human equality for all was a result of the lack of a working class leadership, which then paved the way for middle class protest politics.

    Stalinist policy of the Communist Party was a betrayal of the interests of the working class. This was the crisis of leadership in the Communist movement which has a history that is worth reading. Americans equate Marxism with a brutal dictatorship due to the Stalinist regime that replaced the Bolshevik Russian State of 1917.

    Stalinists killed all the genuine revolutionary Marxists in Russia in great purges in the 1930’s culminating in the ice pick to the head of the greatest revolutionary thinker of the 20th century – Leon Trotsky.

    But we must pick up where Trotsky left off, and that legacy has been preserved and expounded on in the archives of published by the Socialist Equality Party that spearheads the political struggle for the interests of the working class internationally.

    • John Ellis says:


      40% Educated Working-class, those with education beyond high school

      40% to smart to ever do an honest days hard labor along side the enslaved laboring class, yet to dumb to ever be rich

      40% of society who are 100% of the Democratic Party

      40% Democrats who along with the 11% rich Republicans are the 51% voting majority that rule democracy

      40% who if we had a socialist government, would enslave the other 60% of society

  • Bradford B. Morrison says:

    msmikestew35 says he has hopes of a new socialist reality, with, I presume, a Trotsky-like inspirational leader or leaders. Sounds good to me, Mike, in a utopian or near-utopian world, but I am not so sure about the world we actually live in, Mike.
    I presume, Mike, that you remember that the weaponry arrayed against us is pretty fearsome. How much blood do you think we should shed, Mike, to get to that near-utopia?? Let’s see, they’ve got tanks, artillery,Apache helicopters, cruise missiles, battleships and aircraft carriers, etc.;etc.; and a military who is well-trained and very well brainwashed into thinking that us OCCUPIERS and socialists, communists, peaceniks, etc. are big-time America-hating bad-guys. (as for myself, I am just an independent thinker…sometimes libertarian on some issues [like ending the WAR on RECREATIONAL DRUGS], sometimes left-leaning socialist, and sometimes content with small-scale non-monopolistic free-market capitalism [like, small to medium-sized businesses, for instance].)
    And, Mike, what weapons do we have? A Ghandi-like stoicism? Maybe some automatic weapons and some clubs and knives? Granted, there is a heck of a lot more 99%ers than 1%ers, but the funny thing is, Mike, that SOME of the 1%ers are sympathetic to US, and A LOT of the 99%ers (economically) are brainwashed by FOX NEWS and the Big Oil, Big-Business controlled mainstream media into thinking that us OCCUPIERS are just a bunch of dirty dope-smoking hippies who don’t deserve any respect because we supposedly “hate America”. So, Mike, how do you think we can win a revolution?? Putting flowers in the muzzles of the rifles of our opposition??
    Maybe we could poison them (with bad beans and rice??…lol)
    Hey, mike, I just can’t wait to hear from you. C’mon, be a pal, talk to me, or e-mail me or something. Why not you and me run for President and V.P. of the good ol’ U.S. of A., and run the big, bad capitalists out on a rail?…Oops, no, maybe not, I bet they would smear us and then assassinate us. I’ll flip a coin with you, Mike, for the top of the ticket…lol.
    And, a yadda,yadda,yadda…lol
    Thanks for listening
    Peace and Love
    Loudmouth Karaoke Brad

    • John Ellis says:

      Brad, reflect slow and careful on this: If the 40% Educated Middle-class want democracy, we have no choice but democracy, and if they want socialism then for an absolute we get enslaved by socialism.

      Those of the 40% Educated Middle-class who want only they to rule. They being all of law enforcement, military officers, supervisors, small business owners, and farm owners. In short, those of the same Educated Middle-class that did a genocide on the rich nobility during the French Revolution that started brewing 1776.

  • John Ellis says:

    (1) Rule by the 40% Educated Middle-class.

    (2) Slavery for the 10% rich and 50% laboring class.

    (3) Rule by the supervisor class in business, clerks and bureaucrats in government, small business class, lower officer class in the military, all of law enforcement, farmer owners, etc;.

  • John Ellis says:

    Those most wealthy should rule business as they are the fastest thinkers and best able to compete in world markets. But, because they are the fastest thinkers, they are totally unqualified to handle the slow and careful thought required to create true morality and a fair and just society.

    For business and industry is all about quick profit, quick glory and maximizing temporary pleasure in this doomed existence where only pleasing emotions will kill the thought that death is but a heartbeat away.

    Whereas, government is all about permanent happiness, which can only be achieved by a fair and just society, which can only be realized by placing sever restrictions on “quick profit, quick glory and maximizing temporary pleasure.”

    The 51% most wealthy shall not be allowed to vote, to run for public office to fund elections or to give anything of value to any politician.

    For those who are into any kind of true religion must surely know, that only the slowest and most careful thinkers have any control of government in the heavenly realms.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Brad, the capitalist class does not handle those weapons you talk of. They are handled by the soldiers. Did we not talk about this before?

    You are being cynical about the American people. You shouldn’t. People change their minds very quickly when pressed to the wall. A revolutionary leader understands this and rather than waiting for the change, plans ahead, builds a socialist program, carefully working out details and keeps intervening in social crisis to impart that perspective to the workers.

    We must be confident that this program will attract a mass following. Think about it – the average American will not get any help from the two big business parties. The crisis of their system is too great for reforms. But most Americans have not yet realized this, and this includes you. But even you are seeing how brutal the state is becoming.

    Have you read the program of the SEP? What do you think? Isn’t this what the people are asking for, although they do not call their demands “socialism”? And how can they say that when socialism has been discredited via Stalinism? We have to patiently explain this history to people.

    I’m sure we’ll meet some time. But what is more important is for us to read the available material and discuss it.

    • John Ellis says:

      Above comment is stressful to read, as it consumes our emotional capital by wasting our time with relative darkness void of logic, void of facts and saturated with fiction. For example,

      “capitalist class does not handle those weapons…They are handled by the soldiers.”

      But, all those who attend the West Point Academy are hand picked by the corporate rich making them part of the capitalist class. And as all military hardware is under the direct control of the Educated Middle-class low level commissioned officers and non commissioned officers, in any revolt it is those of the 40% Educated Middle-class who rule the military. Same for all of law enforcement, all being Educated Middle-class.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    John Ellis is either confused about the difference between the soldier and the officer or he is trying to confuse us.

    Either way, let us try to make it clear : the fighting soldier belongs to the working class and is oriented towards the working class. He joins the forces either for economic reasons or believing in real threats to his country.

    The officers rule over the solider much more harshly than the typical American boss rules over us. The soldier’s rebellion is kept under control using the strict disciplinary machine of the army. The soldier becomes aware of the illusions as he works in the army much more quickly than the worker.

    Thus when the working class is ready with our program, and we show to the soldier that we are ready, strong and willing to carry it forward, there develops a split in the ranks. Soldiers and officers are separated.

    John Ellis looks at such historically accurate facts as “darkness”. He then attempts to say that these are “lies by the rich”. However, his own statements on a couple of different posts seem to claim different things.

    On one post he said:

    ‘But what I can do, with over a half century of activism and employment in a slave-labor environment, is keep you out of the blind alleys inherent in bad solutions.’

    On another he said:

    ‘A quick title search needs to be done on the property, also someone should check at the courthouse to see if the house went through probate. Having been a real estate broker, land developer and home builder, the thought of it is most intriguing’

    So who exactly is John Ellis? A rich man or a poor man? Where are his interests at?

    John Ellis has also made ridiculous claims like the 99% is only 49% as if the middle class is rolling in the gravy train of the rich. Let us remind Ellis that the richest 0.01% has an average annual family income of 27 million, and the top 0.1 – 0.01% a 3.2 Million with the top 1% making $1.1 M

    The bottom 90% makes only $31,000

    Here is the data:

    John Ellis is here for definite reasons of creating a split in the movement. He wants to shut down the voice of the socialists. He attacks both me and Brad in the process as he cannot openly attack the content of my message.

    • John Ellis says:

      1% High Society (80% of wealth)
      10% Country Club class (10% of wealth)
      40% Educated Middle-class (10% of wealth)
      49% Laboring class (impoverished slaves)

    • John Ellis says:

      You want your Educated Middle-class to rule America by socialism. A doable thing in Western Europe where 75% of the population is Educated Middle-class.

      But as I show below, in America your class is only 40% of the population, so why should the other 60% want to be enslaved by your 40% Educated Middle-class.

      Anyway, look at what happened to socialism in all of Western Europe, are they not all rich nobility monarchies just like Empire USA?

  • John Ellis says:

    MikeStew, slanders,
    “John Ellis… said:… Having been a real estate broker, land developer and home builder… So who exactly is John Ellis? A rich man or a poor man?”

    As an activist striving to save people from the corruption inherent in the legal and real estate industries, I did things like became a paralegal and real estate broker, mass produced legal blanks for a free no-fault divorce action, formed a nonprofit corporation to protect over 100 home schoolers from going to jail, as a community organizer headed a group that got a law passed that changed Wisconsin from the absolute worse state to home school to being the very best. Home school in Wisconsin now and your kids get free music lessons, swimming pool privileges, school libraries cards, you name it.

    And through it all, my manual labor of hand planting seedling pine paid the cost of it all, for no activist makes a penny getting him self battered, bruised, jailed and on occasion murdered.

    My rewards for activism would include: jailed twice with total solitary confinement, fired for filing an OSHA complaint against North Star Steel Corp, fired for refusing to follow corrupt union practices at 3M Co., my face plastered on the front page of most major newspapers in Alabama and Wisconsin along with insinuation that I broke some factious laws, beat up twice on lonely country roads, bank account raided by IRS for failing to pay fiction taxes in a year my gross income was less then $6,000, cuts, bruises, a cracked rib, that sort of thing.

    Now at age 71, might just have enough for foot high grave stone, but then six kids get nothing for my going away.

  • John Ellis says:

    MikeStew, slanders,
    “John Ellis… He wants to shut down the voice of the socialists.”

    But, I love socialism, true socialism where no one class rules absolute over government. So, show us the facts, stop hiding all your facts and stop hiding from the readers where the 20% of America’s wealth disappeared to. Surely you are a repeat of mainstream media darkness in this regard, for 20% of America’s yearly income our High Society does not own, trillions upon trillions and not a penny of it is owned by the lower half of society.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    John – Western Europe has some welfare measures for its people. These countries are not socialist by any means. Socialism is an economic system where the workers democratically own the means of production. The state (government) exists to prevent the defeated capitalists from trying to take back the means of production from workers.

    When the benefits of socialism become apparent to the new generation of workers, the state begins to die of itself. The state is finally an armed body of men that exists to oppress one class of people on behalf of another class. Thus in a classless society, the state has no place, and it must die.

    The Socialist Equality Party carries articles on the situation in Western Europe where all these so called “socialist” parties now preside over the most draconian cuts to people’s welfare programs. And you are right, it is a certain pseudo intellectual class that heads such parties, and the socialist equality party has nothing in common with those crooks.

    If you love socialism, “true” socialism as you put it, you should read the program of the SEP. That is what I’m talking about here, not this pseudo left welfare movement in Western Europe. Here is the program: