Abandoned Building Occupied in the Central District

abandoned home occupied on 11/19/11

Independent participants of the Occupy Seattle Movement have decided to indefinitely occupy an abandoned home in the Central District on the corner of 23rd Ave and E. Alder and are currently calling for support.

The occupiers came to the home during their march for the National Day of Action against State Repression of the Occupy Movement called for by the General Assembly in Oakland. They first marched past the juvenile detention center on 12th Ave and then reached the abandoned home.

A neighbor said banks took the home after the previous owner died several years ago and it has been uninhabited since.

Several occupiers in front of the home made speeches. They addressed how predatory lending, rent hikes, property taxes on homes, and police harassment have driven the working and middle class black community from the neighborhood. This has allowed banks, developers and other gentrifiers to move in.

After the speeches an ad-hock assembly decided to occupy the home and brainstormed ideas including forming a work party to rebuild it for the community.

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  • John Ellis says:

    A quick title search needs to be done on the property, also someone should check at the courthouse to see if the house went through probate. Having been a real estate broker, land developer and home builder, the thought of it is most intriguing. Donating the house to a charity such as ours, you would think the bank would jump at the chance just for the good publicity.

  • XaviarRa says:

    That’s easy to do, go to administration building, 500 4th, room 311, use computers against the wall to look up parcel number, tells you the whole history of the lot. I’m a messenger, I do it all the time.

  • mandyv says:

    Do you all have paint and brushes and cleaning supplies and stuff to begin working with right away? Let us know what you need.

  • PaganKMcK says:

    You do not need to go downtown to find out who owns the property. You can get that information of the web at any time, in any place and by any one. Go to the king county Parcel Viewer: http://www5.kingcounty.gov/parcelviewer/viewer/kingcounty/viewer.asp

  • PaganKMcK says:

    You do not need to go downtown to find out who owns the property. You can get that information of the web at any time, in any place and by any one. Go to the king county Parcel Viewer: http://www5.kingcounty.gov/parcelviewer/viewer/kingcounty/viewer.asp

  • bootpower84 says:

    so you’ve resorted to squatting. good job. way to stick it to corporate america. OCCUPY THE CAPITOL if you wanna occupy something

  • msmikestew35 says:

    How about preparing a list of names and cases of community who have lost their homes? Along with this, the names of banks that profited, the names and compensation information of the CEO’s can be found.

    I feel that if this is done by first going to the community, a lot of people will join us in building a case. Then we can hold a public hearing.

    The importance of such work is that this is direct political action by people. It is different from a lawyer making a case and taking it to the capitalist court. The working class does not get justice from the capitalist courts.

    What do you think?

    • mandyv says:

      That’s what Cornel West and others did in NY, held a public trial with witnesses and evidence, and then marched and delivered the written verdict (guilty, surprised?) to Goldman Sachs where it was accepted by a GS rep. Good stuff.

    • Bradford B. Morrison says:

      I am being sincere here. I appreciate msmikestew35’s POSITIVE SUGGESTION. I sincerely dig it. My response may be a bit untimely, but it IS sincere.
      By the way, in an earlier post on a different blog article, I may have implied that I believed that there was a possibility that msmikestew35 was a possible “agent provocateur”, or a paid saboteur. I wish to make clear, that, while I do not know for certain, my gut tells me that msmikestew35 is just a very sincere anti-capitalist socialist, who just kind of mostly writes commentary on our “occupyseattle.org” blogs in a negative, “pointing out problems” kind of way, rather than generally making a lot of upbeat positive suggestions concerning what we could do to solve these problems (or issues percieved by msmikestew35 as problems, anyway).
      Gotta go over to 23rd ave. S and alder now.
      Stay warm and safe, everyone. No matter what, we will find places to stay mostly WARM, DRY, and SAFE, as we go along in our awesome and interesting and FUN experiment with being “OCCUPIERS”.

      Thanks for listening
      Peace and love
      Loudmouth Karaoke Brad

  • mandyv says:

    not to be the grammar police but just thot i’d mention xo

    • John Ellis says:

      Problem is, 50% of USA has a knowledge plateau at or below high school level. Truth is, criticizing ignorance is a slave drive tool, a most effective way to silence the lower class.

  • John Ellis says:

    So, should we continue protesting upward to the 10% Country Cub class, everyone with a million or more net worth? Or should we reach down in a help mode toward the 50% laboring class, those with an education at or below high school?

    For our goal is to capture the hearts and minds of the 40% Educated Middle-class, those to smart for grubby labor, but to dumb for the boardroom. Problem is, all those who give our protest marches the finger are of the this middle-speed way of thinking, as they see our marching as highway robbery, our goal as trying to give their wealth a haircut.

    For the 40% Educated Middle-class are the slave drivers of the 51% most wealthy voting majority, as they all have great jobs, terrific homes and deluxe healthcare.

    And so, why waste our time on the upper half with all the wealth who may never join us, when we have the entire lower half of society who with the outreach of a helping hand would in large crowds empower us?

    • PaganKMcK says:

      First off, I think you are making a lot of assumptions here about who is in what category. The poor are not necessarily uneducated or stupid. THey may be living with other challenges in their lives that have prevented them from moving upward.

      The middle class and the rich are not necessarily educated at least in the traditional sense. Bill Gates did not graduate from college.

      Sometimes someone comes up with a brilliantly innovative idea (I am not referring to anyone in particular)and he/she make a lot of money. Sometime he/she start a business that does well. Sometimes he/she has a skill that can be put to good use. Sometimes a person is born in the right place with the right connections. Would anyone claim GWB was brilliant?

      Education does not stop at college and one can keep learning through out their life if they want to.

      • John Ellis says:

        “The poor are not necessarily uneducated or stupid.”

        My uneducated laboring class is greatly offended, when we slow and careful thinkers are called “stupid” just because we drop out of high school.

        For stupid is a moral word that refers only to one’s stupid pride. For ability to be stupid is in direct proportion to a man’s god-ego pride, which is in direct proportion to his intelligence.

        It’s like the time I told a lady of the Educated Middle-class that no permanent homeless were there until stupid President Reagan took office, as he did a stupid thing by closing down all the government homes for those who were too dumb to earn a living wage, just because they were to smart to be in a institution. Whereupon she said,

        “You must not shame the homeless by calling them dumb.”

        You see, the only reason she would think that we shame people by calling them dumb, is because she is bigoted and prejudiced toward those of my laboring class who are less intelligent then her. And this is what class prejudice is all about, for those of the Educated Middle-class have a real problem, as not hardly a one has ever invited a laboring class person into their home.

        “The middle class and the rich are not necessarily educated… Bill Gates did not graduate from college.”

        Problem is, brains like sex appeal and wealth pass from father to son, ask any Daughter of the American Revolution.

        For example, slow thinking me labored with a bag of seedling pine on my back, dad labored with heavy hides on his back, granddad labored with railroad ties on his back, great grandpa labored with a block of ice on his back — going all the way back to when the first Ellis came to America on a sailboat from England as a bond slave.

  • John Ellis says:

    Goal of November 19 Rally:
    “attract media attention and have an impact on this national debate.”

    A systemic problem can only be solved by a systemic solution, for a defect in creation requires a recreation.

    So, is the Super Committee able to do the right thing, or was it created to do the corrupt thing?

    Comes now a realization that our Occupy movement is a people that hate government and want not another word spoken about all the corruption going on behind closed doors in government.

    And so, a new Rally, one centered on a fiction Constitution that establishes a fake morality. A paper smokescreen Constitution which creates a make believe government to hide a rich nobility monocracy.

  • John Ellis says:

    Grow to a number that tears guts out of High Society

    For over two months now we have been sitting on the floors of banks and standing square in the faces of the 10% in society who own $0.5 million or more of that crap they call “capital.” And the only thing it has got us is an increase in police state brutality to the point that legalized killers are now forcing open the mouths of harmless students and pouring in so much pepper spray — that they and our Occupy movement are choking to death.

    So, exactly what is it that our movement does now Occupy? The moral high ground surely, but also the middle ground in society and an emotional bridge that connects the 51% most wealthy and greedy voting majority — with the 49% that are under paid or have no pay.

    For the super-smart rich have so molded and thought controlled the people, that a two-class society makes it impossible for there to be anything for the entire lower half but economical slavery.

    So, this neglected piece of “capital” we call a house pictured above, may it be the catalyst for a Revolution the likes of which Empire USA has not seen since when it was in corruption created a Republic to legalize slavery. Namely, those with some wealth reaching down to help those that our Empire has condemned to always have more debt then wealth.

    For as this quality WEB site shows, we occupiers are comprised mostly of the Educated Middle-class, a class that has until now been fooled into the ignominy of being the slave drivers of society.


  • John Ellis says:

    Rough draft:

    Constitution of the United States Republic

    (1) Moral perfection being the goal of every fair and just society, the highest law of the land can only be:

    No one shall be allowed to enrich themselves upon the misery of another.

    (2) As the all encompassing goal of government is to prevent those more wealthy from enriching them selves upon the misery of those less wealthy, the 51% most wealthy who would normally be the enslaving voting majority, they shall not be allowed to vote. Fastest thinkers rule business, slow and careful thinkers rule government — that is absolute.

    (3) Healthcare shall be tax payer funded and free to all. The only exception being that those with money who have a diet that is more then 10% fat, or have health destroying addictions, they must pay their own healthcare expenses.

    (4) Tax payer funded meals, such as in schools, prisons and the military, shall all be vegetarian and contain less then 10% fat.

    (5) Minimum wage shall be $20.00 an hour to start. Then it shall be adjusted such that every laboring class worker in America has a dignified life. Note: this Constitution is created at a time when a third of American children suffer harmful poverty.

    (6) There shall be no marriage laws, no government sanctioned marriage or any kind of divorce court. And disputes over children or family property shall be resolved by a jury trial.

    (7) An embryo is a human at conception and has a right to live. But, a mother has a right not to be compelled by the deadly force of government to perform an act of love toward her unborn child, as child bearing places the mother’s life and health at risk. A child is a gift from nature’s God that parents may except or reject, for God is not a hypocrite that would force anyone to perform an act of love.

    (8) True morality, this is giving actions that produce a grateful response, the true meaning of happiness which is to experience the greatest of all emotions, compassion, pity, benevolence and to receive a grateful response in return. Therefore, government charity shall be severely restricted to (a) Healthcare for all. (b) Social Security only for those who are destitute.

    (9) Women are non-combatants in war and young men are the ones who must do 99% of the bleeding and dying in war. Therefore, only by a majority vote by fighting age men shall America ever engage in war.

    (10) Capital punishment shall be abolished, for it is a tool that the rich use to enslave society.

    (11) Police who strap a killing machine to their body, such as a Taser, or use any type of force against non-violent people, they shall be classified as legalized killers and locked behind bars for a minimum of one year. Criminal force shall be anything more then gently picking up people and gently placing them in a jail cell.

    (12 Education shall be free to all. Also, the laboring class shall not be forced to attend high school, shall receive all the vocational training their heart desires and guaranteed a manual labor job for life at age 16.

    • Ferrin says:

      i don’t mean to be rude, but is this sarcasm or serious?

      • John Ellis says:

        Actually its common horse sense, either you have it or you don’t. So go in peace rest assured, for you stand square in the majority and that is why — we are an Empire.

        • Ferrin says:

          …i’m sorry, i really can’t understand what you’re saying. i was surprised by some of the suggestions in the list and was wondering if the list was a serious suggestion or not.

          • John Ellis says:

            Law of absolute logic: two things known to be absolute, known to be real without exception or contradiction, will establish an unknown thing as equally absolute, equally real and equally true.

            For the goal being to expand your mind into a greater knowledge of reality, to go from a known to an unknown, you must first anchor your mind on two things known to be real.

            Otherwise you are trying to go from an unknown to an unknown, and will end up in unknown fiction.

      • John Ellis says:

        Actually, it would be absolutely impossible for you to believe that, for light always forces darkness to give way.

        So, its not that you don’t understand it, its that you know it know it too will and hate the thought of it.

  • PaganKMcK says:

    I don’t know what Occupy Seattle should do next. I believe that the Occupy Movement is very important and I think you have already made a difference in your actions.

    I do have some opinions on the direction the country should go into. I think the key word is sustainability. How do we create a sustainable society?
    I break it down into four broad categories:
    Environmental Sustainability – How do humans live on Earth in a way that does not destroy the planet.
    Economic Sustainability: We can we create a society that allows for and rewards innovation. How do we protect and enlarge the middle class? How do we create avenues for the poor to move into the middle class. What steps can we take to assist those who are poor become as self sufficient as possible.
    Lastly, What is the role of government and private enterprise in creating a sustainable society? And how do these two things act in ways that are detrimental to a sustainable society?

  • msmikestew35 says:

    PaganKMcK – What you outline above in your post can only be achieved by socialism. The current profit motive must be abolished and the vast resources the working class has built under capitalism must be unleashed to satisfy human need.

    Environmental sustainability can be achieved when different companies are not competing to create the same product, producing the most colosal waste. Also, scientists can be allocated much more time to come up with sustainable energy sources.

    Economic sustainability can be achieved when the economy can be rationally planned internationally. Capitalism has no rational planning as each corporation hides information for competitive reasons.

    I will rephrase your question on the middle class. I think the more crucial question we must ask is how can people aspire to contribute more to society and then get back more for their efforts. Under capitalism this is increasingly becoming impossible for many. The plight of young people is specially dire. They come out of college and find that they can only get low paying jobs, and they are saddled with debt. Under socialism, with a cooperative mode of work, we will be better able to identify the more valuable contributors to society and have them be compensated more.

    The final goal of socialism is “from each according to his need, from each according to his ability”. But as Lenin explained, this cannot be achieved overnight. People must be allowed to see the vast collective improvement socialism ushers in so that we will stop being so miserly about keeping tabs of what we did and what we got in return.

    Lastly, the role of government (state) disappears as we move into a classless society. There will not be a special class that owns large amounts of money, capital and thus no state will be needed to protect their ill-gotten “private” property from the millions of us who they steal it from.

    Private enterprise remains private because capitalism forces workers in different companies to compete. Workers do not care or want to compete. With capitalism gone, these huge companies will be linked and workers will break all patent/trade barriers, make the systems a thousand times more efficient and provide for all our needs internationally. And we will also be able to do this with very little time.

    We won’t have 8 hour days any more. Work will be pleasurable. The free time will be used in the fields of art and culture and also sciences that wil see a steady progress.

    This is what socialism will be. But it will not be handed down from above. The ruling class have no interest in it. They are preoccupied with hanging onto their ill gotten wealth. Rather, we – ordinary working people – must build it patiently in our midst while the rich and their state will try their best to stop us.

    Not only is this possible, it is the only way forward to prevent capitalist barbarism in the coming period.

    • John Ellis says:

      (1) Man rules over the earth by his superior intelligence, which gives him a superior ability to kill. And that is why every man lives in grave apprehension of any one more intelligent then him, for ability to kill is in direct proportion to the speed at which the mind can rationalize a problem and take corrective action.

      (2) Empire USA is the richest and most deadly nation on earth, for but one reason, the superior intelligence of our rich nobility who rule High Society.

      (3) Everyone is born with a different level of intelligence and for two good reasons. First, true morality is those more intelligent experiencing compassion, pity and benevolence toward those less intelligence, and receiving a grateful response in return. Second, in order for knowledge and talents to be best preserved and expanded from one generation to the next, parents passing down their accumulated knowledge and life experiences to children of equal intelligence, this is what intelligent design is all about.

      (4) Go to any nation on earth and you will see the same four class society: High Society, Country Club class, Educated Middle-class and Laboring class.

      (5) My laboring class hates classical music, such jerky non-melodic stuff we cannot comprehend. Surely there is nothing wrong with a class conscious society, so long as true morality prevails.

      (6) All classes of society are equally at fault for the fake morality and economical slavery that prevails. For when the rich give of their wealth to a charity and all it does is inflate pride, does nothing more then make for a more ingrate society, then the rich do more harm then good.

  • occupationist says:

    Check out this skit on Gentrification in Seattle:

  • John Ellis says:

    “Under socialism, with a cooperative mode of work,
    we will be better able to identify the more valuable
    contributors to society and have them be
    compensated more.”

    We are a dictator over our property, especially our land, being a dictator over all who come on our land. So, exactly what kind of socialism is this that will determine for us, do the thinking for us and dictate to us, who is “more valuable” and deserves to have more property and thereby more dictatorial power over people?

    And so, my uneducated laboring class, the 49% of society with a GE below tenth grade, we would of course be the least valuable contributors, earn the least pay, own no property and having no power over people — would be a slave to all upper class people.

  • John Ellis says:

    “identify the more valuable contributors to society and have them be
    compensated more… as we move into a classless society.”

    We are all born with a different level of intelligence, which is good as it gives us a golden opportunity generously giving and humbly grateful in return. A most perfect description of happiness and what true socialism is all about.

    Comes now Mike with a fake socialism, a fake morality that would destroy all hope of happiness, for it would maximize temporary pleasure making permanent happiness impossible.

    For Mike is into mutual gratification, equals giving equal gifts and receiving equal in return. No need for compassion, pity or charity, no need for humble gratitude in return. For it is all pride inflating and to emotions most temporary — a most gratifying way to go.

    You see, where Mike errors is his illusion that 99% of society has an identical intelligence, an identical IQ 101. An illusion that gives Mike no choice but to conclude that High Society has high ambition, the Educated Middleclass is educated because it has good ambition, and that the 49% Uneducated Laboring class is bad-bad-bad, lazy-lazy-lazy.

    Truth is, Mike’s Educated Middle-class has twice the intelligence of my Uneducated Laboring class. Super truth is, the rich nobility of High Society have three times the intelligence of everyone else in society.

    Comes now the gut question, does our Occupy movement have the humility to admit that they cannot out smart the rich ruling class? For our victory can only be achieved by organizing greater numbers, which has absolute nothing to do with intelligence and all to do with humility.



    You know, the sketch comedy show I’m pitching to Comedy Central “That’s Our Occupy Movement” that I’m writing (sequel to That’s Our Bush) hit a creative dead spot the last few days but I think I just got the inspiration I needed in order to complete episode number #13.

    Hilarious stuff guys. Keep it coming and I’ll make sure to thank you all in the credits.

    • John Ellis says:

      So, is above sick humor by a paid actor hired to protect excessive wealth, or by one who sees we occupiers as terrorists about to give a haircut to his 401k wealth?