Occupy Black Friday: A Day of Protest, Celebration, Community, and a Really Really Free Market!

Friday, November 25, 2011
A day of protest and celebration with Occupy Seattle!

We invite you to forgo the shopping frenzy and participate instead in a day of protest, community, education, creativity and caring. We think this is more valuable than any holiday gift bought at the big box stores.

All afternoon there will be an arts and crafts booth for you to make homemade holiday gifts, a Really Really Free Market for free gift exchanges, and resources from the Seattle Good Business Network about supporting out local economy. Many great ways to re-think gifts and shopping this holiday season!

We also invite you to demonstrate against all that is wrong with corporate America and participate in a day of protest and education at area Walmarts as Occupy Seattle acts with other Occupy Movements around the state! Departure from Westlake shortly after Noon. To help carpool, call 206-412-9770.


12pm: Rally with Speakers
‘OUR WalMart’ speaker
‘Life as a Macy’s Employee’ speaker
John de Graaf, Happiness Initiative
Laura Musikanski, Sustainable Seattle
Christine Hanna, Seattle Good Business Network

1:15pm: Singing with members of the Occupy Chorus, Seattle Peace Chorus and Seattle Labor Chorus

1:45pm: Bruce Lesnik, folk guitar with politics and humor

2:00: Jamil Suleman, Hip Hop Occupies

2:15: Singing with the Raging Grannies

2:30: Alan Genatossio, guitar

3:00pm: Community Square Dance! With the Seattle Subversive Square Dance Society

4pm: Seattle Good Business Network: Teach-In about supporting local economy

4:30pm: Meditation and Closing

34 Responses to Occupy Black Friday: A Day of Protest, Celebration, Community, and a Really Really Free Market!

  • John Ellis says:


    Hardly, more like a slave market — like slavers auctioned off their human cargo to the highest bidder.

    For what is the difference between the good old days when slaves in a boat were given food and shelter but no wages, and the bad new days where sweatshop slaves in Haiti, Honduras and Egypt are only given food and shelter if their $2 a day wages can pay for it.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      Well apperantly you support this modern day slavery by purchasing things from those wealthy people sale. China is another modern day slavery too. Guess what most of the stuff comes from there. Stop overacting and make everyone look bad. You are a hypocrit.

      • John Ellis says:

        It is absolutely impossible for above poster to believe the fiction he writes, for light forces all darkness to give way.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      John if you are concerned about these modern day slavery go ahead and open up a manufacturing company in the usa, so that will end all your problems, but don’t forget to share the wealth with the rest of us okay.

  • John Ellis says:

    Think about, our Occupy movement being almost entirely of the Educated Middle-class, a giant barrier is there between us and the Uneducated Laboring-class — the entire lower half of society.

    For the rich ruling class, from the days when Laboring-class meant chain slaves and bond slaves, they have used every means possible to keep the Middle-class and Laboring-class divided by neighborhood, sequestered by a massive disparity in income, and by media brainwash have erected a hate barrier so saturated with bigotry and prejudice — Middle-class people stay far from the slums — and the Laboring-class don’t dare walk down a Middle-class street unless there itching to get arrested.

    So, let us make the slums a black market heaven, lets break the class barrier with farmers markets, flea markets, used goods and new goods — and whatever gets the job done.

    Having grown up in the slums of Milwaukee, Minneapolis and LA, that’s what I always say.

  • Steve Leigh says:

    Occupy Olympia is calling for Occupy supporters to come to Olympia on Mon. Nov.28 to oppose the budget cuts the State Legislature is planning ( $2 Billion including slashing education and social services). The OO resolution calls for no cuts, taxing the rich and pushing for ending the wars—all ideas that most people in Occupy support. A GA resolution will come up tomorrow night to ask the Seattle GA to support the Occupy Olympia resolution. I hope everyone supports it! We can build a continuing movement for long term social change while also supporting short term goals to make people’s lives easier and allow people to be more able to fight for more fundamental change now by making their lives easier! We have supported specific demands in the past. In this case, if the legislature gets away with its action, it will cause immeasurable suffering, including probably death ( They are discussing eliminating the Basic Health Plan which is the only health care many poor people have). We can join other Occupys and do what we can to stop these attacks!

    Here are some recent reports on actions by the Occupy movement all over the U.S. including Seattle on the national day of action on Nov.17:



    • Steve Leigh says:

      Sorry–apparently the full resolution cited above has not yet passed Occupy Olympia–However, OO is calling people to come to Olympia on Nov. 28 . OO is calling for a No Cuts budget , which is what the resolution calls for. From the OO Website:

      Capital Week of Actions!

      Sunday, November 27: Set up camp with Occupy Olympia

      Bring your tent, warm clothes and a sleeping bag to camp out in Heritage Park next to the state capitol.

      Monday, November 28: The 99 Percent Takes Back the Capitol.

      People from across the state are joining together on the first day of legislative session continuing the occupation and showing the Washington public what democracy looks like. Nothing short of a no cuts budget with all the funding coming from the 1% will make us satisfied.

      • John Ellis says:

        About half of potential new members for Occupy Olympia have their heart set on a good going Revolution and a disappointment to them would be the way your resolution excludes them. So, how about adding this at the end:


    • John Ellis says:

      (1) For us to campaign for legislation, this is a proclamation to the world that our Occupy movement does not want a Revolution to replace government or any kind or rebellion, but is working within the system to improve government, as government is not all that bad and does not have a systemic problem requiring a systemic solution. Is this true?

      (2) The Occupy Wall Street movement was founded on the premise the White House and most all in Congress are nothing more then paid actors hired and campaign funded by the Wall Street rich. Therefore, government is totally corrupt beyond all hope and only a new Constitution and an all new government will end such a systemic problem. Has that been somehow changed?

      (3) The 51% most aggressive and wealth, our upper half of society, they are the 51% voting majority and they always vote in away that best enslaves the lower half of society, Fact is, the upper half of society owns all our nations wealth. So, is this not a systemic problem requiring a systemic solution?

      • REPUBLIC says:

        Are you insinuating to overthrow the government? Isn’t that called treason? Hold that thought I will inform the FBI of your intentions. Good luck. Now you shall be watched by big brother like a hawk.

  • HenryHughes says:

    How did splitting up the participants between actions–a la coordinated actions at Walmarts–and standing around, a la arts and crafts fairs, along with promoting businesses?!

    “Many great ways to re-think gifts and shopping this holiday season!”

    What?! This sentence is featured on an Occupy website?! This is what Occupy Seattle has agreed upon?! Color me, along with plenty of others, incredulous.

    • John Ellis says:

      “there will be an arts and crafts booth for you to make homemade holiday gifts”

      The above statement being in the above article, how can this be “promoting businesses?”

      • HenryHughes says:

        I guess you missed significant portions of the text:

        “…resources from the Seattle Good Business Network about supporting out [sic] local economy.”

        12pm: Rally with Speakers
        Christine Hanna, Seattle Good Business Network

        4pm: Seattle Good Business Network: Teach-In about supporting local economy

        • John Ellis says:

          Stand corrected, plus I do see big business as the head that wags tail government.

          So, Occupy Seattle is now in a state of war with all retail giants and others that lobby Washington or Olympia. So why don’t the people spend the needed time enlighten each other and reaching agreement, instead of investing their emotional in trying to enlighten a somewhat neutral, slightly hostile, public?

      • REPUBLIC says:

        Where did you buy the products. Again hipocrit! You got it from the wealthy free market.

        • John Ellis says:

          Actually the raw materials came from the produce grown, and natural resources found, on the land that your self-orientated ancestors plundered after their genocide of the native American tribes.

          Now paid actor, half of what you get to destroy our movement, this you have to donate to our cause, fair is fair.

      • REPUBLIC says:

        Where did you buy the products. Again hipocrit! You got it from the wealthy free market.

  • HenryHughes says:

    It takes liberals to accomplish that.

    • John Ellis says:

      Giving liberals — Cheep conservatives

      LIBERAL — one who liberally gives his labor

      CONSERVATIVE — one who conserves capital by liberally exploiting labor

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Henry – these are necessary phases we must pass through. I’m quite sure this is not the first time you are seeing this nature of the OWS organizers.

    Events are playing at tremendous speed. Our fellow students in UC Davis are getting pepper sprayed down the throat and cough up blood, and the OWS organizers in Seattle want to “shop wisely” and beg with the corrupt Democrats in Olympia when the Democratic Party has carried out the most brutal repressions on peaceful protesters.

    An inevitable aspect of a revolution is that with time, the interests of people, groups are exposed, laid bare. The OWS organizers cannot help but expose theirs as this movement progresses. This is how we will going forward, learn to identify them and stop listening to them.

    This is how we will replace their leadership in this movement they falsely claim to be “leaderless”.

    Provocateurs could never sabotage a movement if its leaders truly represent the movement. Every time provocateurs got an upper hand, we have seen that this was due to the policy of the OWS organizers.

    Did you also notice how the organizers distanced themselves from the comrades that occupied the abandoned building? The class collaborationists ready to grovel at the polished boots of the Mayor called these brave people “Independent participants of the Occupy Seattle Movement”. The organizers did not realize too well the truth they spoke – any individual committed to social justice is certainly, or has to be ultimately independent of the treacherous policies of the organizers.

    The role of the ISO, that publishes socialistworker.org that Steve Leigh refers us to has been analyzed many times by the Socialist Equality Party. Their role in OWS has been analyzed by David Walsh here:


    Despite your hostility, we will have to discuss these. Also I’m interested to hear your view on a public hearing.

    • John Ellis says:

      (1) What are the names of these unknown “OWS organizers,” what is their profession and what class of neighborhood do they live in?

      (2) Mainstream corporate media brainwashes the public by an overabundance of exposing how corrupt their government is, the goal being to so stress the public that everyone backs away from government and allows the rich to have control. So, could we mutually agree to not exhaust the readers emotional capital by such media terrorism?

    • HenryHughes says:

      No more smarmy, didactic tone and content. I will not reply as long as it continues. “These are the necessary phases we must pass through” and the like. Events don’t play out according to a Marxist telos. Period. I will ignore you henceforth.

  • John Ellis says:

    Dear fellow socialist, as equal access to power and a fair and just distribution of wealth is our mutual goal, let us reach agreement. For,

    “How can two walk together unless they be agreed.”

    My thought is, social morality is achieved when there is no excessive wealth causing excessive poverty, and everyone WILLINGLY, without the deadly force of government, passes their excessive wealth down to those less intelligent where it belongs.

    Your thoughts:

    (1) Name the different classes in society, their percentages of the population and the percent of wealth each class owns.

    (2) Describe the difference in intelligence between the different classes.

    (3) If the CEO of a factory should be paid more then a floor sweeper, explain your logic.

    (4) If a college student sitting on his butt in an air conditioned classroom adds more value to society then a seedling tree planter standing in the icy cold mud as he increases the value of a forest, if because of this a college degree entitles one to greater pay, explain your logic.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    John has made some interesting comments here. At times, readers have been somewhat puzzled as to the core of his message. Over time, I have come to see his view as follows:

    John believes that a higher level of intelligence (“fast-speed thinking”) enables one to become richer than others. He considers the middle class to be the “middle-speed” thinkers and the working class at the bottom to be “slow-speed”.

    John has stated that he is 70+ years of age. His conception can be understood as when he was of a young formative age, US capitalism did provide upward mobility to those who using their intelligence and hard work aspired to get ahead in life.

    That era is long gone. Today, young people with college degrees find little jobs prospects, and huge school debt that accumulates. Highly intelligent people – scientists, engineers and the like – are being told in the work force “sorry, the company does not have the opportunities to match your skill level, we have to let you go”.

    Thus we have approached a new era that greatly tests John’s theory. The working class – specially the young – who took to the streets understands this first hand.

    The crucial step that is now missing is a class analysis of society that can explain what is to be done. The longer this is delayed, the more vulnerable the movement becomes to the influence of the Democratic Party.

    • John Ellis says:

      There are two kinds of intelligence, you and I for example are engaged in a thoughtful reflective intelligence as we strive to create a more just and humane society. The dominant paradigm being to “Be All You Can Be” and take all you can take, we contemplate a better way where society is ruled by the dominant morality — give all you can give — share all you can share.

      Then there is the violent, aggressive and thoughtless intelligence that functions at a very high speed. For ability to kill in battle or compete in capitalism, this is the speed at which your brain can rationalize a problem and take corrective action.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Henry has made some inaccurate comments. I made the simple observation that OWS protesters would not at first see the treacherous role of the organizers. I also said, however, it becomes more and more obvious as time goes by.

    Hence – “These are the necessary phases we must pass through”

    Henry himself has seen the rather bankrupt position of the organizers based on his own comments on the matter.

    But his irrational hostility to Marxism now rears its anti-intellectual head and tries to falsify the living truth that he himself as spoken.

    • John Ellis says:

      You feel that happiness may be achieved by using the deadly force of government to establish equal wealth for all and equal control. And in this way, eliminate the need to have compassion, pity or benevolence for those less educated, defiantly no need for anyone to feel grateful as we have an “unalienable right” to have equal wealth.

      And though your goal is correct, equal wealth for all, I’m afraid your concept of how to achieve happiness would make it impossible for there ever to be happiness.

      A society where everyone is able to experience the most pleasing of all emotions; to feel compassion, pity and benevolence toward those in a lower class, and to receive a grateful response in return.

      Your way requires the deadly force of government and all those legalized killers who get a god-ego strapping a killing machine to their bodies. My way requires the elimination of all force, especially deadly force.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    John – think about how we are ever going to get to the state you talk about. It is not enough to say “this is where I want to go”, we must provide a path forward to reach it.

    It is not the working class who is violent. The state is violent. The capitalist class asks the state to be violent to us. We have to defend ourselves or the state will roll over us. The last phase of capitalism is fascism when millions of workers are butchered and made to be slaves. Your ideas of “everyone experiencing the most pleasing of all emotions” will not happen under fascism. Under fascism, people who are pretty decent in regular times do become monsters.

    The program of the Socialist Equality Party does not talk of a utopia. We take the conditions of society today as a given and accept it without moralizing or wishing for something else. We patiently explain to the suffering masses the political/economic reasons for their suffering and how they must fight to overcome the same.

    For long periods no one listens to us. But we know that when all other attempts fail, people will. We have unwavering confidence in the working class that will choose socialism as the path forward. Thus we untiringly, unceasingly explain to the workers what indeed must be done.

  • John Ellis says:

    For example, I keep giving him my class chart showing the divisions in society, see below, while he keeps refusing to tell us his division.

    .01% High Society (80% of wealth)
    10% Country Club class (10% of wealth)
    40% Educated Middle-class (10% of wealth)
    50% Uneducated Laboring class (impoverished slaves)

  • Iriswaters says:

    So much paranoia and posturing. The ‘organizers’ at OS are merely the folk who’ve stepped forward and said “Hey, let’s do this!”, and had enough other folk agree that it sounded a good idea. There’s no shadowy cabal.

    One of the beautiful aspects of this movement is that if tou have a cool idea of something to do, you can step forward and set it up, invite others to join, and unless it’s something that a lot of folk think is deeply harmful to the movement, then you get to be an ‘official’ event.

    Of course, the downside is that not every event that occurs is going to be something you 100% agree with. That’s how it goes though.

    But really, instead of bitching about what others are adding to the movement not being precisely what you want, try adding something yourself.

    Aa a final note: I walked in to OS one afternoon, and by the next evening I was rather firmly entrenched in one of the “inner circle”s. There are actually several. Each working group is really one. But the one I ended up involved in, with no vetting, no interview, just by showing up was the one most would assume most likely to be the ‘organizers’ who wield all the power. The facilitation working group.

    I was invited to a meeting and encouraged to stick around, and you know what their biggest challenge is right now? Numbers. They need more people willing to take on the very difficult and extremely thankless job of being the ‘organizers’ of all this.

    So really, if you think you can do a better job, there remains plenty of room for folks to plug in. Just check your ego at the door, ok?

    • John Ellis says:

      You are of the 40% Educated Middle-class, and what would be grand is for you to bring into your group some input from the 50% Uneducated Laboring-class.

      For the 10% most wealthy, the High Society and Country Club people, they do things behind closed doors that create an economical slum prison for the entire lower half of society.

      For the rich give your Middle-class 10% of the wealth in our Empire, making you the most prosperous Middle-class in world history. Your Middle-class being all those below the 10% rich who have great jobs, terrific home and deluxe healthcare.

      Also yours is the most isolated, thought controlled and blinders-on class the world has ever known.

      (1) No light from on top — as corporate rich and government do everything behind closed doors.

      (2) No light from below — as the Laboring-class is kept in a police state sequestered from society.

      (3) No light from within — as corporate owned media and all of entertainment industry establishes an absolute blackout of the real world, reality as it transpires in real time and real space.

      • Iriswaters says:

        I grew up on welfare, in the backwoods. I’m a high school drop out. The job I’ve done most is waitress, and after that landscaping. I currently own a month’s wages and a few weeks of clothes.

        I think your system is a massive oversimplification. And there comes a point when any model, with enough simplification, no longer meaningfully represents the thing it models. I think you’ve crossed that point, personally.

        Stop theorizing, start actually listening to real people. Theories can be great, but without constant real world input they can get a little fantastical pretty fast.

        • John Ellis says:

          “Instead of bitching about what others are adding
          to the movement not being precisely what you want,
          try adding something yourself.”

          “Any model with enough simplification, no longer
          meaningfully represents the thing it models.”

          John Ellis
          Your second post is a direct contradiction of your first. For you are “bitching about what others are adding
          to the movement not being precisely what you want.” For you do not, “try adding something yourself.”

          You say your impoverished, but you are using foul, hostile and belligerent language and doing to Occupy Seattle exactly what those with excessive wealth love to see.

          You are expressing relative thoughts, thoughts with a meaning that has exceptions and changes to match the circumstances and application.

          Whereas, in my logic I strive to express only absolute thoughts, thoughts that have no exceptions, no contradictions and never change no mater what the circumstances or application. For example,

          “No one may enrich themselves upon the misery of another.”