SCCC Board of Trustees Unanimously Passed Proposal to Ban Occupy Seattle Camp

UPDATE: Seattle sues SCCC to Protect Round-the-Clock Presence and Free Speech Activities

–UPDATE 11/23 3:07PM–
HEADLINE: Occupy Seattle sues SCCC to protect round-the-clock presence and free speech activities
BYLINE: Olympia, Washington, November 23, 2011
STORY: Occupy Seattle has sued Seattle Central Community College in Thurston County Superior Court to prevent the college from evicting Occupy Seattle from the college’s campus. The suit challenges the validity of an “emergency rule” that would ban the presence of tents and other structures at the site based on concerns about health and safety. The suit claims that health and safety concerns identified in two King County Department of Health reports, including the presence of “uncontrolled dog food in uncovered bowls,” can be addressed through existing rules and enforcement by relevant agencies. The suit claims that enacting a broad “emergency rule” against tents is an “arbitrary and capricious” action, which is a violation of the college’s legal obligations. A hearing on the case is scheduled for today at 2:00 p.m.
Occupy Seattle is the local branch of an international movement, launched September 17, 2011 by Occupy Wall Street in New York City. The movement is generally unified around the need for economic justice and eliminating corporate control of the political system, protestors reflect a wide array of political and social concerns. Other occupations around the country, including Portland and New York City, have recently been evicted from their full-time sites, possibly ending the movement in those cities. Occupy Seattle representatives argue that a round-the clock political assembly is the signature feature of this movement, and its main vehicle for free speech.

–UPDATE 11/23 2:15PM–
One Occupier’s Observations of the Meeting:
As I understood it, Monday the administration will file the paperwork in Olympia to place a temporary ban on camping for the next 120 days while they pursue a more permanent change. So I assume Monday once the filing has gone through. However, the administration did make statements to the effect that they hope to work with organizers to provide for an orderly transition. Presumably this would occur during a yet as undetermined grace period.

For many in the administration, the “tipping point” seemed to be the attempted sexual assault that occurred over the weekend. There was also a fairly consistent lack of student support. Several spoke out against the occupation to express personal experiences having to do with safety. Mostly centering around various forms of repeated harassment, inconvenience, and a general sense of educational disenfranchisement as a result. The student body president appeared to try and straddle the line, both speaking out in support of the goals and intentions of Occupy Seattle, but ultimately against its practical reality.

I should probably also add that there were several moments of poignant high drama & tension. Including several disruptions and a truly bizarre moment wherein the Chairperson cut off one of the few faculty members of the board speaking out in favor of Occupy Seattle before then asking the faculty member to apologize for the chairperson having had to interrupt her.

–UPDATE 11/23 1:24PM–
More information on Occupy Seattle Camp Ban Here:

–UPDATED 11/23 1:16pm–
Tweets Taken from jseattle:

Trustees unanimously pass emergency rule #occupyseattle
20 minutes ago »

If emergency rule passes won’t be filed in Olympia until next week #occupyseattle
24 minutes ago »

President Killpatrick: Fridays attempted rape was last straw #occupyseattle
36 minutes ago »

I hope q13 is reporting on this #occupyseattle
38 minutes ago »

Moment of poetry here. All media being pushed aside so trustees can screen a q13 report on sex assault #occupyseattle
40 minutes ago »

Occupier: set a date to close the camp so we can take the steps together #occupyseattle
48 minutes ago »

“We could pay for and address these concerns. Not going to back down without a fight” #occupyseattle

53 minutes ago »
American Federation of Teachers rep: #occupyseattle figuring out how to best make their impact

–ORIGINAL POST 11/23 10:55AM–
Jill Wakefield requested a special meeting for noon today (11/23) so the district’s board of trustees can vote on an emergency proposal to ban camping on college property. The ban, which would take effect immediately, is aimed solely at Occupy Seattle’s camp at the Seattle Central Community College on Capitol Hill.

Special Board Meeting Notification

Please be informed that a special Board of Trustees meeting is scheduled to be held on November 23, 2011, at 12 noon in the Seattle Community College District Office Boardroom, 1500 Harvard Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122.






Fifteen minutes are regularly set aside for others to express their views on any matter except those restricted to Executive Session. Anyone wishing to speak to the items on this meeting Agenda will be recognized when the item is being discussed.

Proposed Emergency Rule on Camping

–UPDATE–11/23 1:27PM–
More info on Board of Trustees Meeting:

19 Responses to SCCC Board of Trustees Unanimously Passed Proposal to Ban Occupy Seattle Camp

  • John Ellis says:

    In Portland, after the last terrorist attack against protesters, after a legalized killer kicked a girl in the womb causing the 19 year old to suffer a miscarriage, the only regret expressed by the criminal cops was that our movement caused them to neglect a lower priority burden, a 911 call save a woman from being brutally assaulted.

    You see, we non-violent occupiers are a future danger to private property ownership, police don’t protect people, they protect property and you know how that goes.

  • John Ellis says:

    Many times has the law evicted me from placing my freedom of speech neatly under windshield wipers, a High School parking lot and Vocational School parking lot being my two high watermarks.

    So, what can be done when the law is on our side, but law breakers enforce the law and they are for sale to the highest bidder? Solve this riddle and we get a real government and a brand new democracy.

  • John Ellis says:

    A community college is for the 51% voting majority, the 51% most aggressive and wealthy, those who are able to own all the wealth by always voting in a way that best enslaves the lower half of society.

    A self-evident fact for:

    Half the jobs in America are great jobs.

    Half the homes in America are terrific homes.

    Half the people in America have deluxe healthcare.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    The federal poverty level for a family of 4 is $22,350. According to this new method of calculation, “The new figure also revised upward the percentage of the population earning less than twice the federal poverty level, from 34 percent of the population to 47.9 percent: a staggering 40 percent increase.”

    So we reach very close to 50% living in conditions of real desperate poverty. So it is grossly incorrect to say that the other 50% are having “great jobs”, “terrific homes”, “deluxe healthcare”.

    And the levels of poverty are increasing sharply as the report shows. A static outlook on the world would ignore this trending. Those John complains to be the “middle speed thinkers” are themselves falling down to the pauperization and will soon have no objective reason to oppose the rule of the rich.

    The working class must show the way. Middle class protest politics will not work when it is impossible for the rich to part from their wealth when it is a question of a transfer to the workers.

    The wealth of the rich depends on increasing the rate of surplus labor extraction from the worker. The rich sits on asset classes that will collapse if this relentless surplus extraction is not kept up. So they have no choice, as long as they want to continue to be rich.

    Asking them to stop doing that is rather ridiculous.

    • John Ellis says:

      Above poster knows were in a massive recession and everyone but the top third of society is taking a major haircut in income. So why such confusion and distortion?

      If the above poster was really trying to sell us on his brand of socialism, why are 90% of his comments condemning everything under the sun, while he keeps refusing to answer our questions. Surely his intent is only to generate confusion.

      For example, he calls the “working class” also the “middle-class” and when we ask him to explain, he refuses to respond.

      For example, I keep giving him my class chart showing the divisions in society, see below, while he keeps refusing to tell us his division.

      .01% High Society (80% of wealth)
      10% Country Club class (10% of wealth)
      40% Educated Middle-class (10% of wealth)
      50% Uneducated Laboring class (impoverished slaves)

  • msmikestew35 says:

    I meant : Those John complains to be the “middle speed thinkers” are themselves falling down to the pauperization and will soon have no objective reason to support the rule of the rich.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Let us keep pointing out the inaccuracies of John’s statements and see if we can answer his questions relating to what he feels to be the “confusing” role of the Socialist Equality Party. How to start to address the level of confusion John has built up over the years is a daunting task, but we must try.

    First, John thinks we are in a recession – a recession is a periodic occurrence in capitalist economy that the ruling class, using a combination of tactics (low interest rates, tax cuts etc), can address so that it is overcome. It is clear that we are not in a recession since none of those tactics have worked this time since Nov 2008.

    Instead of any Keynisian stimulus, the American state – just like the states in the Euro zone – is in a ruthless fight against the interests of the working class. They are rolling back gains workers won through struggle and attempting to bring us a level of poverty reminiscent of the 1930’s.

    Rather than overcoming a recession, these measures simply exacerbate the deep economic decline already set in as can be readily seen by the multitudes of economic reports being published by various organizations – which the Socialist Equality Party analyzes regularly.

    But John of course would not see any of that. He has a rigid model of his wealth division and assumes that it is here to stay. That is the difference between his approach and ours. We believe that society can be understood by noting the changes happening and the reasons for those changes noting thereby how people who are at first opposed to a revolution change their minds later.

    For John, it is not possible that such a thing could happen. He comes up with a static 51% of society (voting public, as he calls them) always oppressing the rest. And then he – incredulously – asks us to explain our divisions.

    We have explained not only the divisions, but how the divisions themselves are going through drastic change – simply put, the rich (the 0.01%) are getting richer at great expense to the bottom 90%, the inclusion of much of that upper 10% within the movement (99%) in no way takes away the fundamental message that there is a tiny layer of financial parasites that we need to deal with.

    These parasites of course enjoy support from a bigger body of people. We believe because largely people do not see a way out, an alternative perspective has not been fully developed within the masses. And that is exactly what the Socialist Equality Party is trying to devellop. That is why we support OWS and intervene to help, not to derail, and to state the objective need to turn to the working class as the sole class force capable of securing our rights.

    Let us reflect on Trotsky’s words on this matter: He said:

    A revolution is not an automatic punishment for swindlers, but a complex social phenomenon which arises only when a series of historical conditions are at hand. We shall recall them once more: the bewilderment and the division of the ruling classes; the indignation of the petty bourgeoisie and its loss of faith in the existing order; the growing militant activity of the working class; finally, a correct policy of the revolutionary party – such are the immediate prerequisites for a revolution.
    *** END QUOTE

    John also thinks that the masse, simply because they are oppressed will revolt in a revolutionary fashion. Trotsky debunked this myth as well:

    In reality the mere existence of privations is not enough to cause an insurrection; if it were, the masses would be always in revolt. It is necessary that the bankruptcy of the social régime, being conclusively revealed, should make these privations intolerable, and that new conditions and new ideas should open the prospect of a revolutionary way out. Then in the cause of the great aims conceived by them, those same masses will prove capable of enduring doubled and tripled privations.
    *** END QUOTE

    John has so far not provided his perspective on how to achieve economic equality he cares about. He has laid out his “ideals”, but no coherent plan in how these ideals can be reached.

    Socialist Equality Party has. Here is the program:

    So, in this light, I believe it is fair to say that it is John who tris to confuse the OWS movement.

  • John Ellis says:

    There are people who give all they can give, also people who take all they can take, but is there such a thing as people who always give equal to what they take?

    No, and that is the illusion, that government forced equality will end class warfare. For mutual gratification, giving so that you can get equal in return, be it for love or money, surely this is impossible and to strive for it would make lawyers the richest men in society.

    And so, in a moral and just society can equality be achieved without government? Yes, if everyone believes that they deserve less, that they do not deserve equality.

    Giving actions that strive to equalize wealth in a way that produces a grateful response. Namely, to experience compassion, pity and benevolent — in a way that produces a grateful heart.

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  • John Ellis says:


    We men occupiers, are we such gutless wonders that we allow women to wander our camps after dark without guards keeping the area secure?

    And women in tents, all alone in the dead of night, do our men not comprehend that only males have deadly force — only we males have the natural instinct to kill to save a loved one?

    (1) No women or child shall be allowed to run loose after dark without a male over age 14 to keep a close eye on them.

    (2) All women and kids must pitch their tents within sight and sound of men who are assigned the duty to protect them.

  • John Ellis says:

    Today Egypt is about to have a million man march — why? Because after a week of 24-7 unending tear gas so thick it killed over a dozen, after 35 killed by life ammunition — THEY STILL STAND THEIR GROUND.

    (1) If evicted, exactly 100 men, the Mighty 100, shall always and forever man our freedom camp at SCCC.

    (2) If all Mighty 100 get arrested, a new Mighty 100 shall take their place. Gas masks and shields standard equipment.

    (3) No more sitting down getting mace in the face, run for daylight and if those old flabby out of shape legalized killers have a heart attack trying to keep up with us, then so be it.

    (4) No more getting our spleen ruptured and eyes poked out. If a cop is using his baton as a spear, ramming and jamming, then he is a criminal and subject to a citizen’s arrest — forced face down on the grown.

    (5) Bring before the General Assembly for a vote, the proposal that sticks the size of police batons may be used by protesters, provided they are held with a hand on each end and used only to prevent a baton blow from causing cold blooded murder.

  • Justice Begets Peace says:

    I’ve just chipped in to supercharge the “occupy” movement and fund a major global opinion poll in dozens of countries that shows exactly where the 99% — the people of the world — really stand.

    Chip in here:

  • Justice Begets Peace says:

    Posted: 22 November 2011
    The “occupy” movement is catching fire across the world and has achieved a radical shift in the way we think about our politics. Now, the world is asking, how can the movement win?

    From New York to London, politicians and the police have been bought off to protect corporate interests. They are forcibly evicting the peaceful protesters from public spaces and discrediting the movement in the media as “dirty hippies” and “violent criminals” with no clear agenda. It’s not hard to see why they’re so nervous: the occupiers have sparked a vital battle of ideas, and the corrupt, elite 1% stand to lose everything.

    Now, it’s make or break time! Let’s help the movement win by funding a major global opinion poll in dozens of countries that clearly shows this is not a fringe movement that can be crushed, but a political project with massive public support.

    The poll will supercharge the movement and offer both a united vision and the mass-based public legitimacy it needs to take on and take down the system that feeds the 1%. The need is urgent — 10,000 of us donated in the first 24 hours! If another 10,000 donate now we will be able to run the poll across the world next week and run a huge media campaign to take this battle to the next level!

    • John Ellis says:

      Why is your poll not desplayed on the WEB page you gave us above?

      Please post a copy of your poll here.

  • hiddenwheel says:

    The Health and Safety argument gets more stale by the day. The amount of crime that has happened at occupy sites is probably much less per capita than in society at large. Unless they can prove otherwise then they have no leg to stand on. Support from Occupy Boston!

  • John Ellis says:

    Yes and most profound it is, for in all of America, we occupiers being health food lovers and war haters, when it comes to being health conscience and safety orientated — we stand a cut above all the rest.

  • John Ellis says:

    (1) An illusion of good hiding misery.

    (2) A liars pretense of good hiding his intent to be enriched upon our misery.

    (1) Physical facts. Example: daylight and darkness.

    (2) Self-evident truth. Example: daylight always forces the darkness to give way.

    (3) Two things known to be true, that transport the mind to an unknown thing equally true.
    Example: when shipwrecked at sea, know for a fact that if you see mountains and a bird, then you have discovered land.

    So, we tell SCCC that their students are headed for bankruptcy, with most not able to find work or to be grossly underpaid. Light they surely reject, so we tell them that manufacturing is set to be all shipped off-shore, for thousands are laid off in USA by multinational corporations — while at the same time they are hiring overseas a hundred thousand. Finally, we ask for public land out in the mainstream public, so we can protest 24-7 and force all that corruption and darkness to give way.

    And so, for a fact SCCC is not blind to the light, but from the student body president up to school president, hates the light so much that they would rather have a bloody riot by the riot police then have their darkness be forced to give way. Comes now the light:

    People love darkness more then light
    because their deeds are selfish. Everyone
    who acts selfish hates the light, and will
    not come into the light for fear their deeds
    will be exposed. But whoever lives by the
    truth comes into the light, so that all may
    clearly see the good that they do.