Statement from Members of Antifa, Decolonize/Occupy Seattle

We are individual members of the Antifa working group at Decolonize/Occupy Seattle who have been involved in this movement since the beginning. Our working group is founded on the realization that we need to employ self defense in defending the principles of anti-racism, anti-sexism, among other liberatory principles to keep us and our communities safe.

We are fellow survivors of this racist, patriarchal, transphobic and ableist capitalist society. The capitalist system forces all of us to conform to its norms, and punishes those of us who can’t or don’t, with hunger, depression and homelessness. In the midst of pain, we all seek coping strategies. Some heal us, and others don’t. It is our hope that this movement will create alternative ways for people to cope with their alienation, and ultimately, that revolution will create a world where we don’t feel as alone, and as heavily reliant on drugs as we are here, today.

Drug use and addiction among our communities is a way in which people cope with the horror of this society. However, those same powerful drugs that temporarily relieve the pain and alienation of this society, also cause harm to the individuals who are using, as well as those around them. In our encampment at Decolonize/Occupy Seattle, we have unfortunately experienced the negative impacts of drug use through violence and aggressive behavior. Our friends become unrecognizable under the influence of drugs. The drug’s behavior creates an unsafe space for people in the encampament and put us all at unnecessary risk and danger. The safety of the campers and all members of Decolonize/Occupy Seattle is a priority for the movement.

We recognize however, that not all violence in this camp originates from drug users. A lot of the sexism, racism and aggression that campers experience, also come from people who are clean and sober. It would be too convenient and dishonest to claim that all violent camp disruptions originated from drug users

We wish to differentiate ourselves from those who carry a liberal, middle class ideology, who use camp safety as an excuse to purge the camp of homeless people. This is not where we are coming from. In fact, many people involved in the Antifa working group are themselves homeless. We have argued and organized relentlessly against such middle class, racist ideology within this movement.

We want to build with everyone who has been oppressed by this system. Homeless people are some of the most oppressed. More and more of us will join its ranks through the high unemployment rates and foreclosures. Our concerns are with violent drug users, not homeless people. We reject the conflation of the two.

Currently, Decolonize/Occupy Seattle lacks the resources to engage with people who are addicted to drugs. We also lack the resources to prevent the effects of the drugs from creating an unsafe environment in the camp. For the safety of the campers, we are asking drug users to leave the encampment. We would like to support them to seek help to recover from their addiction. We ask them to do this because we wish for them to be a powerful part of our movement. We want their voices and their presence in building our revolutions.

We are also looking for chemical dependency counselors who utilize a harm reduction philosophy, to engage with Decolonize/Occupy Seattle. We need your resources and help. Please contact us at

Quiet as it’s kept, drug use is rampant in all stratas and classes of our society. It is only homeless and working class people who get disproportionately criminalized for their use. The purging of drug users from our communities is aimed at denying the reality of class , race and gender oppression. Our movement needs to create an alternative way for us to work with healing and rehabilitating those among us who use drugs to cope. We look forward to building that.

13 Responses to Statement from Members of Antifa, Decolonize/Occupy Seattle

  • John Ellis says:

    We live in ingrate Empire USA, the most ingrate nation the world has ever known, a thought controlled people given the illusion that we are exceptional and more deserving above all others. A fake morality most addictive, and for those into religion — a fiction, fantasy and fairy tale salvation. Comes now light to force all such darkness to give way.

    It starts with a fake morality forced upon us in public school, the ingrate illusion that life is not a free gift from nature, but an “unalienable right” that we fully deserve. The result being an illusion that gives us no choice but to feel we deserve the food and wealth needed to live, which convicts us that we deserve to “Self-actualize… Be All You Can Be,” to earn all you can earn, take all you can take, own all you can own and to be a dictator over all who are on land that you own.

    Grasp the reality that no deserves even one day of life, as you will then see clearly that you deserve nothing and that everything you own belongs to those who have less then you. Which will make you feel most guilty if ever you fail to give all you can give.

    For what a man feels he deserves, this is his highest priority in life, his high watermark to achieve and it controls every aspect of his mind, character and personality.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Members of Antifa –

    You might like this article from Bill Van of the Socialist Equality Party on the Drug War :

    Her is the concluding section:

    While the empirical data compiled in the commission’s report are irrefutable, the reality is that Washington’s drug war policy serves definite interests that have nothing to do with curtailing the supply or consumption of outlawed drugs.

    In foreign policy, the supposed war on drugs has provided the main pretext for the assertion of US military power in the Western hemisphere, beginning in Colombia under the Clinton administration and now extending from Mexico into Central America under Obama.

    At home, the war on drugs has served as a means of social repression and control, particularly over the most oppressed and volatile sections of the population. It has likewise provided a vehicle for the vast expansion of police powers and the emergence of a thriving “prison-industrial” complex.

    Finally, the drug trade has provided a lucrative source of profits for Wall Street. A glimpse of the extent of this relationship was provided last year with Wachovia bank’s settlement with the Justice Department of a money-laundering case involving $378.4 billion dollars from Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel. The case was described by the British Observer as just “the tip of the iceberg” of the financial dealings between the major drug traffickers and the biggest US banks and finance houses.

    In short, behind a seemingly irrational policy of fomenting wars abroad, spending hundreds of billions of dollars and locking up millions at home, while failing to make a dent in drug supplies or use, there lie very definite strategic, profit and class interests of America’s ruling financial elite.

    • John Ellis says:

      (1) 95% of drug users are fighting age Uneducated Laboring men.

      (2) 95% of inmates in American jails and prisons are fighting age Uneducated Laboring men.

      (3) Everyone employed in the drug cartels, from the drug lords on down, are of the 40% Educated Middle-class.

      (4) All of law enforcement is of the 40% Educated Middle-class.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    The liberal perspective of the organizers makes them look at drug users and the homeless in the same lens that the bourgeoise look at them. So they want such people gone from the movement.

    Early on, as the mainstream media made comments that OWS has quite a few homeless people, these class collaborationist ladies and gentlemen were quick to come out of their liberal cover and cry – “no, no – not all of us are homeless and lazy and jobless”.

    As if the loss of a home or a job was somehow a fault of the homeless / jobless! In fact, under their thin pretentious shell, this is exactly what they think.

    I’m glad to see your group is trying to be independent of such people. It is not white racism you see in these people as much as their policy of class collaboration. You will occasionally see black and/or latino people who join us at the GA speak like them. So it is not a question of skin color more than it is of their class orientation.

    • John Ellis says:

      Yes our homeless are the heart and soul of our Occupy movement, many of them having not the intelligence to earn a living wage.

      But as for drug addicts, your not saying that they are in anyway associated with Occupy Seattle, are you?

      For drug addicts seek all pleasure and avoid all pain, whereas, occupiers seek all pain and until our Revolution is won — forgo all pleasure.

  • John Ellis says:

    (1) If drug addicts are allowed in our camp grounds, surely every millionaire and billionaire out there will keep our encampments will supplied with both drugs and addicts.

    (2) Drug addicts are into pleasure, the whole pleasure and nothing but pleasure. Whereas, our movement is a warrior’s profession engaged in hand to hand combat with police state pain compliance, the whole pain compliance and as far as were concerned nothing but pain compliance.

    (3) If we the vanguard of our Revolution have a burden to care for drug addicts, then it would also be our burden to feed and shelter alcoholics, fun loving party goers, habitual work avoiders and every type of addict under the sun.

  • Boswell says:

    I would fight tooth and nail against anyone who thinks the homeless shouldn’t be a part of this movement. However, there is a difference between a homeless person who’s just homeless and a drug addict, homeless or otherwise.
    What we have in the camp are a bunch of tweekers who want NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MOVEMENT and are just taking advantage of our loose organization and using our camp as a place to do things that they can’t in other homeless camps, i.e., shoot up and start fights. I don’t care what background you come from, OS is for you…BUT, if you’re gonna use this rEvolutionary space for behavior that could endanger the rEvolution itself, you have to leave.
    Just the other day I saw a guy at camp shouting homophobic comments at a transgender occupier and than openly proclaiming that he was going to get beer for his tent. Now, how is tolerating someone like that helping this movement?
    If we allow the habits of a few to dictate how the rest of us will succeed or fail than I say fascism is in OS, with the tweekers playing the roll of the Waffen SS.

  • John Ellis says:

    (1) As USA is an Empire that has since 1945 been terrorizing and plundering the world by brutal imperialism, we shall cause it to expire in a convulsion — or by a more peaceful means if that is possible.

    (2) As Empire USA is ownership controlled by the 10% most wealthy, namely High Society and Country Club-class, as they own 90% of wealth giving them 90% of power, we shall nationalize all their wealth and make them and their decedents destitute for the next one hundred years.

    (3) As the 51% most wealthy are the voting majority that always votes in a way that best impoverishes the lower half of society, we shall not allow the 30% most wealthy to vote or have any control over politics, or any input into politics. Further, only government taxes shall fund any aspect of politics, including political party expenses.

    (4) As the upper half of society all have great jobs, terrific homes, deluxe healthcare and own all the wealth in America, only they shall pay taxes.

    (5) All our troops shall come home and be put to work repairing infrastructure, our military shall be reduced by 90% and all weapons of mass destruction — destroyed.

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    • John Ellis says:

      For confusion is the lubricant that gets things done, when the all encompassing goal of High Society is to protect excessive wealth

  • John Ellis says:

    My response to USA, Russia, China and Israel opposing a ban on cluster bombs:

    If the day ever comes when Empire USA decides to do a genocide of all the Occupy Wall Street camps nationwide, what weapon in its arsenal would have the greatest kill power?

    You guessed it, and suffice to see that the four nations with the most state sponsored terrorism, they were the only ones who wanted such weapons of protest destruction.

    • John Ellis says:

      Name the four totalitarian governments that fear their people the most, fear the people so much that they stockpile weapons of mass destruction sufficient if need be to genocide these who rebel the most?

  • John Ellis says:

    There is nothing more harmless then the permanent lifetime homeless, for they have not the intelligence to earn a living wage. And thanks to Dictator Reagan who closed down all their institutions, foodless and disowned are they who Occupy Seattle has taken under its wing.

    Whereas, there can be nothing more harmful and destructive to the moral fabric of society then hardcore drug addiction, for it enslaves the mind, character and personality — while totally destroying the body.