Occupy Seattle Occupies Thanksgiving

Occupy Seattle is pleased to announce a community Thanksgiving potluck on Thursday 11/24/2011 at Gasworks Park at 2:00pm. We celebrate the community we have created, the kindness and support we have received, and the hope we are inspiring by our work to shine the light on economic injustice. We gather as a community in support of Occupy Seattle and Occupy Wall Street. There is room for everybody at this Thanksgiving table, all 99% of us!

Folks interested in joining the community meal are invited to sign up at: www.luckypotluck.com/potluck/OccupySeattleThanksgiving

41 Responses to Occupy Seattle Occupies Thanksgiving

  • John Ellis says:

    For an absolute, only those so grateful as to feel they deserve less, only they can endure the gut wrenching stress of knowing that — a step closer to starvation, is any wealth reducing action.

    For to give up a chunk of your income, this is to count as worthless the priceless and irreplaceable part of your life expended to earn it.

    And rare birds of feather are we who grasp the reality that this day of life is more then anyone deserves, as gives us the common horse sense to know that we deserve nothing, that for a fact everything we own belongs to those who have less then us.

    For feeling most guilty if ever we miss an opportunity to give all we can give — this is what the Occupy movement is all about.

  • John Ellis says:

    If this war torn world has a purpose, if the misery of it has a purpose, then what could the reason be? Well, I have a theory and if you have a better one let me know.

    Is it possible to have a freewill, to be harmless or be cruel as your heart desires?

    No, for either you will be grateful thinking life is a free gift and always give all you can give, or be an ingrate thinking life is an “unalienable right” you deserve and always take all you can take.

    So, the purpose of this world is to reach the ultimate conclusion of what happens when the majority are ingrates, and they make life slavery most miserable for the grateful few.

  • Ralphiesmom says:

    Some thoughts about the indigenous people “Manifest Destiny” ran over (from an article on Mondoweiss, linked below):

    “Just as the demographic of participation varies based on location, so does the awareness of and dialogue around white supremacy and imperialism. Albuquerque took a departure from the established norm and uses “(Un)Occupy” as their name, in order to reflect a consciousness of First Nations’ struggles. On November 18th in Santa Fe, a proposed Statement of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples was brought to the General Assembly for adoption. [It is unconfirmed at this time if the statement was ratified]. There is proof on the Chicago discussion forum at OccupyChi.org that there was concern about the name, but after October 29th there are no further comments. That these instances of dialogue exist is hopeful; that there is no critical mass to provoke social change around white supremacy and imperialism, troubling.”

    link to whole article

    • John Ellis says:

      Having taught vocational school in two different school districts, safe to say that if I cannot comprehend exactly what it is your trying to communicate, then you have sequestered yourself away from the entire lower half of society.

      For the most careful thinking laboring class has no ambition for what they consider unusable education beyond high school. For it has been written somewhere, if the mountain will not come to us, we must go to the mountain.

  • John Ellis says:

    GOOD NEWS — I represent the entire lower half of society, the very careful thinking laboring class, and I’m here to tell you that we have not the ambition to oppose anyone’s brand of socialism. For we have no ambition for unusable education beyond high school, nor the ambition to be glorified ruling things.

    For we who do all things manual, have a burning desire and an overabundance of ambition to hard labor generate all of society’s wealth.

    Now, even though in the past we have been the 50% of voters who never go to the polls, being not so stupid as to waste time voting for our next set of dictators, rally around your cause we could — if you would but enlighten us as to exactly what is your cause?

    For you socialists are only a part of the 40% Educated Middle-class, at this point in time only the lower half of that class, and you have the top 10% of society dead set against you. Top 10% being High Society and the Country Club-class with 90% of the power — as they own 90% of the wealth.

    So, what we need to know is, how do you plan to use deadly force to win a Revolution? Also, how do you plan to use the deadly force of a socialist government to compel those with all the power to give up all their factories and banks?

    And finally, as you middle-speed thinkers have less then half the intelligence of the genius rich nobility, how do you the tail plan to wag the heads of our most glorious High Society?

    For it is most profound that a “Be All You Can Be” and take all you can take society will never have a good government, whereas a most grateful give all you can give morality has nothing to do with government.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      You are really something. Revolution with violence? What if the so called 51% that votes for our current government don’t like socialism then what? Kill them or ship them off to a deserted island. Do you think that it’s fair for the 49%? Why do you want to be catered as a smaller group and have it your way? What about the rest of us? I guess I will be suppressed by the 49%. That’s not fair, let’s meet half way instead. I don’t want to live in a socialist totalitarian world where there is no room to improve oneself or go to college to get a higher paying job. I just don’t want to be a another block in society where we all are the same. Who will improve our society? O yes, the government will improve our society with more dope and keep us mellow.

      • John Ellis says:

        Bless your darling heart, hired confusion generator that you be, so what if your paid $50k a year to destroy our cause — scrap such crap and come join us.

        For our cause is to give every man, women and child in America a $100k lifestyle. Not a butcher medical industry that for profit strives to keep you sick on a 40% fat diet, but preventive medicine that motivates you to put nothing in your grocery cart that is more then 10% fat.

        • REPUBLIC says:

          Keep on rambling on, politician. You are not any better than our current government.
          100K lifestyle? Lay off that crack pipe it is really killing you.

  • John Ellis says:

    See: http://mondoweiss.net/2011/11/the-problem-with-occupation-in-the-occupy-movement.html

    “The problem with ‘occupation’ in the occupy movement…

    “If you feel like you have been dispossessed, if you feel like you have been metaphorically ‘skinned alive’ by an inhumane system, remember that it is indigenous people who experienced that first on these lands…

    “The ‘Occupy’ movements of Wall Street… shut out the engagement of indigenous native activists who would otherwise be involved… the lack of self awareness of the settler mentality leading the ‘Occupy’ movement…

    “Even while some indigenous activists are involved with the current ‘Occupy’ movement, there are still many others who are alienated by it…

    “Hoping and believing that you enlightened folks fighting for justice and equality and an end to imperialism, etc., etc., would make mention of the fact that the very land upon which you are protesting does not belong to you – that you are guests upon that stolen indigenous land…

    “Just as we call on Israel to recognize the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality, we must demand, and work for, the end of institutionalized racism in the U.S. and the end to continued acts of genocide towards indigenous people here.” END

    Who owns Palestine — who owns Israel — who owns North America? The great debate, for first the holy land for thousands of years was Canaan, then for 816 years it was Israel, then for 2,300 years Palestine and now for 63 years ruled by Israel.

    And so, the original and true owners of all nations, they are the first mammal animals that discovered, settled and occupied them. And it most certainly was not that ingrate mammal and most cruel and inhuman animal we know as ignoble man.

    For be it by evolution or creation, first came the land, then came four legged mammal animals to settle the land — then came indigenous natives to invade, eat the animals and occupy — then came the white man to invade, genocide and occupy.

    So, the goal being free and equal possession of all land, namely equal ownership of all the wealth therein, only we in the here and now may enter into the equation. For to claim that you have squatters rights because a distant ancestor did the squatting, is this not what predigest and bigotry is all about?

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Let us address one more of John’s confusions:

    He said:

    **** BEGIN QUOTE
    For you socialists are only a part of the 40% Educated Middle-class, at this point in time only the lower half of that class, and you have the top 10% of society dead set against you. Top 10% being High Society and the Country Club-class with 90% of the power — as they own 90% of the wealth.

    So, what we need to know is, how do you plan to use deadly force to win a Revolution? Also, how do you plan to use the deadly force of a socialist government to compel those with all the power to give up all their factories and banks?
    **** END QUOTE

    Which shows that he has absolutely no idea how a revolution happens. It would be instructive to read ‘The History of the Russian Revolution’.

    The socialist party at the head do not agitate and drive people to revolt. People revolt themselves. There is absolutely no reason to compel people to do so.

    But for all that courage of the people, the revolution will come to nothing if the repressive machinery of the state is not taken hold of. The masses, for all their courage, cannot do that without consciously forming a highly centralized political party. After all, the capitalist state centralizes power within key institutions and they need to be taken over by the workers.

    The masses cannot do that if they don’t correctly identify the class divisions of society that enable the state to remain. The revolutionary party explains these divisions to people so they are prepared to fight the real enemy.

    The way John spells out the divisions, the workers will start attacking the wealth layer right above them – the”voting” 51% as John puts it. Such a strategy would be disastrous as then, much of the middle class will have no choice but to align with the capitalist class and fight the workers.

    A revolutionary party on the other hand, provides a perspective to the workers, and then provide a space for the middle class to get them behind the program.

    John tries to tell the workers – “look, these socialists are not on your side, you should just not develop any political perspective, just go and fight the rich, the one with the nicer house is good enough, no need to worry about the CEOs of Goldman Sachs, they are hard to reach anyway, fight whoever is richer than you”.

    Of course John would never spell it out as crudely as this, but that is the line, the direction of his thinking. His plan is to split the fighting force of the working class and middle class exactly in two and thus prevent revolution. Thus he is – knowingly or unknowingly – a valuable helper to the financial parasites at the top who are desperately trying to groom “labor leaders” like John who comes to us and incredulously claims that he “represents the laboring half”.

    • John Ellis says:

      Now if Mike was not a paid actor hired by the rich to destroy socialism, by making so confusing and repugnant the very thought of socialism — then below is what he would have posted:

      SOCIALISM 101
      Someday all men may desire to give in a way that creates a grateful and moral society. But until then, we need a government that will best establish equality when everyone out there is striving to “Be All You Can Be” and to take all you can take. Surely, and this is what socialism is all about.

      For socialism is based on the principle that everyone is born with a different ability to achieve wealth, that children inherent their parents talents and abilities, and if government did not force people to pass their excessive wealth down to a lower class, all wealth would flow up toward the highest achievers, a High Society would hoard all wealth — and a rich nobility would have all power and control.

      So, socialism is where everyone generates wealth to their maximum ability to achieve, government then divides all wealth equally and as wealth is power — everyone has equal access to power, everyone has equal control.

      This of course eliminates any need for people to give charity, or to be humbled having to receive charity. This will establish a morality best described as mutual gratification and everyone would be careful to give equal so they continue getting equal in return.

      Most important is it in socialism that nothing be done behind closed doors. For all money would pass through the hands of government bureaucrats to be divided equally, with self-employed people and small business people needing to be well regulated. And as everyone in such a morality will strive to take all that the law will allow, law enforcement in socialism plays a most important part.

      • REPUBLIC says:

        Name one country in the world that their totalitarian government such as socialism that give people money. I say zero. There is no perfect government so don’t think that we will have a perfect socialist government because in the USA people are not honest enough for utopia socialism government. Have you notice that when there is natural disaters such as Katrina Huricane people steal from each other during a vulnarable time? What makes you think that this utopia you want will work once we have socialism totalitarian government? Do you think that the people will be nice to each other then? Not! Like I said it is an illusion this type of totalitarian government that you want. Utopia is achieved by altering the state of someone’s mind induced by chemicals.

        • John Ellis says:

          Be honest, for you know my post is not about perfect people, but a most perfect way to control when greedy are all the people.

          And as every man out there has some pretense of good hiding his intent to take all that the law will allow, until the majority have an attitude adjustment, the deadly force of government must cause the public to be honest when dealing with the public.

          For our capitalist democracy called Empire USA, this is the ultimate conclusion of free market and unregulated greed.

          • REPUBLIC says:

            Okay, control greed with government intervention, great! Who controls the government’s greed. It is easy for the government with guns and power to make us control greed, but who controls their greed in the totalitarian socialism. The government will be the one that controls the flow of money and production, so please stop saying that greed must be controlled by the government, because the government (no matter what type)will be greedy. There you have it, people will not be able to tell the government what to do so it is natural for the government to become more greedy.

          • John Ellis says:

            The 51% most aggressive and wealthy in society, they own all the wealth, they are the voting majority, and Obama feeds their desire for more imperial plunder by making babies into body parts.

            Now, unless you are of a mind that we should BOMB baby BOMB, come let us find a better way.

            What do you propose, what do you want to change? For paid actor Obama was hired to change nothing, and if your with him, then your part of the problem.

          • REPUBLIC says:

            Yes, I would fix the finanial system and close all the loopholes. Make sure they pay taxes that are due to.the government. Government incentives for the millionares to open business in the USA. Smaller government and.programs to get people off entitlements and move to a job that pays to support themselves. Incentives for non millionares to open businesses.
            Honestly, obama needs to go and put someone that will promote and stimulates the economy by cutting taxes to those that build businesses and provide jobs to Americans and increase taxes for those that keep their money and not helping the economy. Keep the Us constitution and make sure that our government stop abusing power. Remove all incumbents. Stop bailing out the wealthy and let big business fail if they cannot be responsible to maintain it. Balance in the gov’t is a must a multi political party should be able to watch one and another. Make welfare and other entitlements less desirable so people will be more apt to work. Fix immigration laws. Fix borders. Protect 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendmends at all cost. If government have too much power it will become a violator of our rights.

          • REPUBLIC says:

            I do understand the difference between free capitalism and social capitalism. I see China has a social capitalism, but the people are still divided in three classes the wealthy (government and its elite)and the laborers and the poor that live in rural areas that barely making ends meet. Their government is rich and elite and oppress people freedom.

            A social capitalism should take care of all its people in the country, right?

            1. No one should struggle and everyone should have all basic needs provided.

            2. There should be no currency and it should be based on bartering whether by service to others or sharing goods.

            3. All the society should have equal representation the same amount of needs met including the rural society. A classes society includes the whole society as a whole whether the person is capable or restricted due to health issues.

            4. The government and its elite should not be wealthy because they are representing the people and should be humbled as well. Leading by example.

            5. The government should own nothing it should be there for law, order and help solve desputes.
            a. It should have no obsolute power but should have equal representation like the current constitution.
            b. Our constitution would work if the representatives are not corrupt and driven by money.
            c. Representavies should be connected to their constituents and not having any barriers.
            d. An individual citizen should be able to talk to and approach a government representative just like when two friends meet.

            6. Society should not be oppressed by the government.

            7. Armed forces should exist to protect a souvereign country and not using weapons against the society.

            8. Society should not be oppressed and should be given equal rights as the government enjoys.

            Now that is a perfect society. If that can take place I can live with it, even if it means I do not own property except for a home and the piece of land that my home seats on.

            This is a way that I believe that all people should live like. THE US CONSTITUTION IS PERFECT IF THERE IS NO GAIN TO GOVERNMENT BODY, therefore our constitution should stay around perhaps with few changes. I can help if you want me to help to have a perfect society only. We can write a letter with propositions and petition the government for a perfect society. Vote in like minded people.

  • John Ellis says:

    The goal being a society where no one enriches himself upon the misery of another, can a socialist government achieve equal wealth for all, which would give everyone equal access to power? Not unless everyone had an equal ability to achieve.

    (1) The speed at which the brain can rationalize a problem and take corrective action. This varies greatly with age and peeks at about age 28.

    (2) Greater the wealth, greater the ability to achieve.

    (3) Greater your support group and the greater their ability to achieve, the greater will you achieve.

    (4) Be it ambition to study or ambition to produce wealth, it springs from ability to achieve. For if you have no ability, then you have no ambition.

    So, no matter how regimented socialism may be, self-employed people and small business people will always have wealth greater or lesser then a society average.

    And so, in a moral and just society can equality be achieved without government? Yes, if everyone believes that they deserve less, that they do not deserve equality.

    Giving actions that strive to equalize wealth in a way that produces a grateful response. Namely, to experience compassion, pity and benevolent — in a way that produces a grateful heart.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      I see that everyone is very confused due to many burned brain cells. If you get rid the system that we have now and instill a totalitarian government such as socialism you can kiss good bye all your rights. Get that notion out of your heads that a totalitarian government will not share the wealth. It is an illusion that someone put in you heads that wealth will go down to the people.

      In a perfect world wherer people share wealth really there is no wealth because people will form an attitude why have innovation and strive to get rich if I just need to do my bare minimum and I will receive wealth from the wealthy. Why would I work so hard to get rich and give my hard earned money to someone else.

      Here is a prime example unions, bosses get rich from each one of the members and other incentives from the owner of thr business, and nothing goes down to the workers execpt some benefits and raises. These union bosses yell social justice, but they don’t share their wealth with the workers that they fight for. With all that said, socialism will be the same way a totalitarian government thar will take your money and will not share. Greed is in the world no matter whast form of government you have. The elite will look out for themselves.

      • John Ellis says:


        It is absolutely impossible for REPUBLIC to believe what he writes, to wit:

        “totalitarian government such as socialism”

        A capitalist government is dictatorship , as only the 10% most wealthy rule, only High Society and Country Club-class rule.

        A democratic government is dictatorship, as only the 51% most aggressive and wealthy rule.

        All dictatorships are identical to democracy, as a dictatorship needs the support of the 51% most wealthy to rule. Look at Egypt.

        “In a perfect world people… form an attitude… I just need to do my bare minimum”

        In a perfect world everything would be perfect, including people’s attitude. For everyone would grasp the reality that life is a gift that we do not deserve, nothing in this world does an man own as all that we have belongs to those who have less then us. So, great zeal does everyone have to give all they can give, and much exhilarating grateful good will would they get in return.

        “Greed is in the world no matter what form of government you have.”

        Governments do not cause greed, they only fulfill it. For greed is the desire to “Be All You Can Be,” to take all you can take. For greed springs from the illusion that life is an “unalienable right,” from which springs the illusion that we all deserve to be rich.

        • REPUBLIC says:

          John Ellis: A capitalist government is dictatorship , as only the 10% most wealthy rule, only High Society and Country Club-class rule.

          Republic: Really? A capitalist government is dictarship. No one in government tells us to be rich or poor it is a personal choice. If someone wants to go in business and by luck strike it rich, such as Bill Gates then they have that right to be rich. You mean to tell me that this man’s hard earned money should be given to the rest of people. If you feel that is the case let’s compare and see what you and I compare and share the wealth. Socialism is fear right? Let’s meet and share each other’s wealth. Perhaps you won’t like that.

          If you believe that the 51% did not earn their pay and their possesion, but stole it from the 49% well let’s get a lawyer and have a class action lawsuit. Reality is that ambition will take you far if you really work hard.

          John Ellis: In a perfect world everything would be perfect, including people’s attitude… nothing in this world does an man own as all that we have belongs to those who have less then us…

          Republic: Let me see if I understand this people that have more should give to people with less, okay let say that in a perfect world a person that have more give to someone with less, where is the innovation and ambition of the person with less money to work harder and achieve the same potential as the one with more money. Better yet, why would that person with more money would work so hard if they have to share. Do you know what happens we all going to be a bunch of lousy cry babies demanding more from the government, but the government can do so much to give entitlements that eventually will grow broke because the population lack innovation, entreprenourship, ambition, I can do attitude. These attributes make a nation rich and powerful more successful people and people like you envy others because you did not want to work hard enough to achieve what others achieved.

          John Ellis: Governments do not cause greed, they only fulfill it. For greed is the desire to “Be All You Can Be,” to take all you can take. For greed springs from the illusion that life is an “unalienable right,” from which springs the illusion that we all deserve to be rich.

          Republic: Life is umalienable right given by the Creator, but unfotunately people abuse the free will that God gave us. I agree to an extent that greed comes from unalienable rights, but that is a personal choice. We are all created by God therefore we will account for what we do here after we die. The government is ran by people with the same thoughts and greed in mind therefore the government should not be given lot of power over the people. If you do that that will cause totalitarian government where a blind man leads another to nowhere.

          John, if you like we can seat down together and get some coffee. Since I am a genereous man,I will buy both of us a cup of coffee and talk like fellow Americans and write our thoughts and spread it around or better yet we educate each other. Although I am not the 51% I am the 49% trying to make ends meet with a job that I am about to get laid off due to budget cuts. I still defend our way of life. I was a liberal left wing that I wanted to have equality but that is wrong in God’s eyes therefore I moved to the center with conservative ideologies. Why is it wrong? It is called envy, my friend, envy.

          I am sencere that we should meet and talk I am planning to go to Occupy Olympia on the 27th, and I would like to meet up with you say around 2:00 PM. We can reveal each other’s life and how we reached to each other’s way of life. I like to learn from everyone because this helps me understand my fellow human being. So what do you say I am extending my hand in friendship to you. Let me know where would you like to meet public place preferable so we can feel safe, unfortunately that is part of life to not trust people. I did trust everyone in my life and I got burned many times.

          • John Ellis says:

            “To be rich or poor, it is a personal choice.”

            RICH MAN’S LOGIC: We are all born with the identical and exact same IQ (intelligence quotient) of 100. Also, being born a rich nobility billionaire of High Society and charter member of a power combine called Country Club, this has no impact on ability to enhance capital in your family dynasty. For it all depends on inner goodness, as the homeless are evil lazy, Laboring-class is bad lazy, Educated Middle-class is good ambitious and the most wealthy High Society with 80% of our Empire’s wealth, they are most righteous and godly.

            “Logic in Socialism: Why work hard if I can mooch from the rich & government.”

            RICH MAN’S LOGIC: High Society is not really the leisure class, not really the jet set do-nothing class that maximizes pleasure until age 40, a time when dad gives you rule over the family dynasty.

            “Life is an unalienable right given to us by the Creator, but people abuse the freewill that God gave us.

            JOHN ELLIS
            Slave owner Thomas Jefferson knew he was creating a fake morality and a corrupt state religion when in his Declaration of Independence he wrote, “all men are created equal (in ability to achieve wealth), that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights… the pursuit of Happiness(wealth).”

            Truth is, we are all created unequal, so that all may experience true happiness, namely, experience the emotions of compassion, pity, benevolence in a way that produces a heart warming grateful response.

            Fact is, no one has a freewill and to establish that reality is what this planet of the ingrates is all about.

            For what a man feels he deserves, this is his highest priority to achieve, his high watermark in life.

            For either a man feels he deserves to live, or he feels that this day of life is more then anyone deserves. So, we all feel we deserve to be all we can be and take all we can take, or we grasp the reality that we deserve less and feel guilty if ever we miss an opportunity to give all we can give.

            “greed… that is a personal choice. We are all created by God therefore we will account for what we…”

            JOHN ELLIS
            No, as it is written,

            “For he who controls the future has predestined those chosen to conform to the likeness of his Son, who was the first one brought to life of all the brothers. And those he predestined he surely calls, and those who are called, he surely makes righteous with a grateful mind that can do no harm. And those who are harmless, he most surely will glorify.” Romans 8:29 OGV

            For the only purpose of this world is to reach the ultimate conclusion of evil, which could only be accomplished if God failed to enlighten 99% of planet earth that life is not a right, but a free gift that they do not deserve, the root cause of why 99% desire to “Be All You Can Be” and take all you can take.

            “government should not be given a lot of power over the people.”

            JOHN ELLIS
            I am harmless, one who believes that no man or government should ever use force for any reason, for it is written, “Do not use force to overcome evil. If they strike you on the right cheek, turn to them the other.”

            But, God meets people where they are at and all he expects of us is that we move away from evil by choosing the lesser of two evils.

            As to socialism controlling the deadly force of government, I doubt if it will work, but if Occupy Seattle goes down that path I have a burden to light the way by showing them all the blind alleys along the way

            I’m several states away, but would come to Seattle if but a few would be so kind as to agree, for, “How can two walk together unless they be agreed?”

          • REPUBLIC says:

            Why are you contradicting yourself when you tell everyone to use force revolution against the government and now you say do not use force. Two man can walk together even when they don’t see eye to eye. Finding a resolution and a happy medium is the key of communication. Well, since you are many states away there are other modes of communication phone and emails. Sure you can walk with someone with different point of view. I see your way of thinking is fluffed up just a liberal politician. I am impressed. Let’s exchange phone numbers.

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    • REPUBLIC says:

      Who is advertising for the 1%. Hipocrit!

      • John Ellis says:

        REPUBLIC — please stop trying to sell things on our comment pages.

        • REPUBLIC says:

          I am not “gmyuet” I am “REPUBLIC” therfore I am not selling anything on this blog. Quit twisting the truth around.

          • John Ellis says:

            The corporate rich hire paid actors to saturate comment WEB pages with belligerent hostility. So, to not thought of as one, do this,

            “Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to other, for even the dull and ignorant have their story.” Desiderata

            Confusion is the lubricant that gets things done in this class slavery called Empire USA. So, use word-spell, for my bad spelling and confusion would be worse then yours without Microsoft word-spell.

          • REPUBLIC says:

            Dear John,
            All I have said thus far is from my own heart and I am not a paid actor. Next, before labeling others please get the facts straight. This is why this country is going down the toilet because liberals demonizing and labeling others to disredit any opposition. It doesn’t pay to destroy someone’s integrity because of different point of view. Like I said I don’t like to comform to a block and be the same as others. This what makes a non soicalist country great.

          • REPUBLIC says:

            Speaking of Microsoft, the founder is Bill Gates, he earned his wealth because he used his intelligence to build something that you and I use. Yes, it is his right to charge for his work. That man was nothing but a regular person and now he is rich. Do you envy him. Do you covet his wealth, mention and other riches that he has. What if you were the one that made it big I bet you wouldn’t dare to have a socialist mentality. Socialism is envy and coveting of someone else sweat. Why because why go to college and work hard to obtain what I want if I just can mooch from the socialist liberal progressive government and the wealthy.

          • John Ellis says:

            Smokescreen artist and not to smart Gates, now do you really believe that IBM was so dense, stupid and profit blind as to allow Gates to take full ownership of Microsoft, all its operating systems and all software therein?

            Surely not, for the game plan of IBM was to keep small business people computer illiterate and have no automated way to do high volume word processing and state of the art financing. You have no idea of how corrupt IBM has destroyed the ability of small business to compete with big business and crippled major parts of our economy.

            After I spent three years developing AutoSoft, an automated programming language any unskilled secretary could use, Microsoft modified their Word program such that my AutoSoft had no forward computability.

            Surely, and Gates gets his wealth from IBM, from month to month as it so pleases IBM.

          • REPUBLIC says:

            You need to start showing some proof if you desire to remain credible in my eyes. Show me some evidence where Microsoft is owned by IBM. Here is a question do you feel that that Bill Gates got his wealth from stepping on the poor people? Did he steal the poor people money?

    • John Ellis says:

      Above confusion, both posts, are intentional brainwash, and they were authorized by the rulers of this free WEB service.

      • REPUBLIC says:

        There you go again ranting and accusing people. The thing is that you don’t like when someone is trying to say something and you know in your heart it is write, but you just demonize me by saying …they were authorized by the rulers of this free WEB service. I don’t know how many times I have to say that I am not doing any sales nor I am paid to write in this blog. What else do you want from me?

  • John Ellis says:

    .01% High Society (80% of wealth)
    10% Country Club class (10% of wealth)
    40% Educated Middle-class (10% of wealth)
    50% Uneducated Laboring-class (impoverished slaves)

    Obama won his election by “54% of America,” or so corporate owned media tells us. Truth is, half of voters never went to the polls, my Laboring-class half, we being not so gullible as to be taken in by our next set of dictators.

    So, Empire USA as it proceeds to plunder by imperialism most bloody and brutal, is ruled by a President put into office by only 27% of we the people, the 27% most wealthy of all people.

    FACT — Half of Congress are millionaires

    FACT — Average Senate Democrat worth $2.69 million
    FACT — Average Senate Republican worth $2.43 million

  • John Ellis says:

    All governments, be they dictatorship or democratic, they survive only by having the support of the upper half of society, namely the 50% highest achievers.

    This our Empire knows full will, so what they are doing in Libya is putting into power those with a lower ability to achieve, which will cause unending civil war as the highest achievers will always strive to claim their proper place in the pecking order. This is our Empire’s goal for Syria

    Read: Up The Down Staircase. For it is the theory of how everyone advances to their highest level of incompetence, a point where they start to rule over those with a higher ability to achieve, whereupon they career plateau.

  • John Ellis says:

    .01% High Society (80% of wealth)
    10% Country Club class (10% of wealth)
    40% Educated Middle-class (10% of wealth)
    50% Uneducated Laboring-class (impoverished slaves)

    Our goal being a society where everyone is ambitious and productive to the maximum, and where there is no poverty as everyone shares with those in need, surely forced charity is going in the wrong direction.

    For true morality, this is to experience the happiness inherent in compassion pity and benevolence that produces a grateful heart harming response.

    Whereas, a fake morality is forced tax payer charity, as it creates hatred between different classes. For all those who get free things from government became most ingrate, thinking that not only do they deserve it, but an “unalienable right” do they have to take it.

    Comes now the gut question: $20 an hour minimum wage — is it charity?

  • REPUBLIC says:

    SHOW facts by providing proof

  • John Ellis says:

    Even on Thanksgiving and especially at Christmas, for they are the two holy days most high in our fiction religion and fake morality called — mutual gratification.

    Equals giving equal gifts while expecting equal in return.
    Gifts to only those of your class in society.

    So ask yourself, when is the last time you had an encounter with any media or any human who said the word gratitude or showed that they had the humility and sincerity needed to express a heart warming show of gratitude.

    For the 10% rich ruling class knows, that by keeping society so ingrate that passing gifts down to a lower class only inflates pride, that passing wealth down only makes people more ingrate and our class warfare more hostile, that this will cause 90% of wealth to flow upward to their high finance, their Wall Street and their investor class

    The supreme act of humility, a heart warming response
    to those who help, an admission that you are helpless,
    hopeless and can not save yourself from a most
    miserable situation.

    Giving actions that strive to equalize wealth, and in
    a way that produces a grateful response. Namely,
    to experience compassion, pity and benevolent
    that instills in others a grateful heart.