Occupy Seattle Occupies The Capitol! Bus with Us!

At 7:00am, Monday, November 28th, buses will depart from Seattle Central Community College to take an Occupy Seattle contingent to Olympia where we will say no to the intolerable budget cuts being proposed in the upcoming special legislative session. In conjunction with Occupy Olympia and other Washington state Occupy organizations, we will occupy the Capitol building to voice our opposition to the more than $2 billion attack on the 99%.

The proposed cuts represent one of the greatest assaults in our state’s history against the interests of workers, students, and the poor. As the 99%, it is our duty to oppose these cuts in the strongest possible terms. With this action, we bring enormous pressure to bear against the politicians seeking to cut social programs and education. The proposed cuts include:

· 13,000 legal immigrants would be cut from the state’s food assistance program–their only source of food aid because they are ineligible for federal food assistance.

· 35,000 people would be kicked off the Basic Health Plan, ending a program that subsidizes health care for poor.

· 21,000 people enrolled in the state’s Disability Lifeline and ADATSA (Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Treatment Support Act) programs would have their medical services cut off.

· Two wards at Western State Hospital would be closed eliminating some much needed inpatient psychiatric hospital services for the poor.

· Foster care, juvenile rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment programs would be slashed by $118 million.

· $150 million would be cut from funding school districts with a poor property tax base which will dramatically increase class sizes in affected districts and could shorten the school year.

· State colleges and universities will lose another $225 million.

· Funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs will drop by $240,000.

· The nuclear waste site cleanup program at Hanford–the most contaminated nuclear site in the nation–will lose $581,000.

This move comes on top of $10 billion in state budget cuts over the last three years, which have resulted in furloughs and layoffs for state employees, a 47 percent increase in tuition at public universities, the gutting of social and health services, and many other attacks on the basic quality of life for the 99 percent of Washington.

Formed on October 1, 2011, Occupy Seattle is a leaderless movement of concerned Americans who have taken to occupying public spaces in order to focus our nation’s attention on the undue influence of large corporations on our government, elected leaders and our democracy itself. It is inspired by and modeled after the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Local 1488, the UW branch of Council 28 of the Washington Federation of State Workers AFSCME is providing buses and passenger vans to take people to Olympia for the opening day of the Special Session on Monday, November 28th. We are taking additional buses on Friday, December 2nd.

The first bus will leave Seattle for Olympia around 6:30 AM and the last bus will leave Olympia for Seattle around 5:00 PM on both of these two days.


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  • John Ellis says:

    If the programs had not been cut, $2 billion more taxes would the upper half of society be burdened with. For the 51% most educated and wealthy is the voting majority, they have all the wealth and pay all income taxes.

    So, as the $2 billion worth of programs were all for the lower half of society, as they have no wealth and pay no income taxes — do they have a right to it?

    Surely no, for the Constitution protects our private property from being plundered. For this is forced charity that does irreparable damage to the moral fabric of society, as it makes tax payers most hostile and the lower class most ingrate.

    Surely yes, for the 51% most wealth, they being the voting majority that keeps the lower half impoverished, they have by plunder and fraud held back what is rightfully due the lower half.

    So, the government is not gift giving to the lower half, but imposing a fine and undoing the damage done.

    For the highest priority of government is to prevent all out bloody war between our two class society, to keep the rich and noble heads from rolling down a plank as they did in the French Revolution.

    Comes now Occupy Seattle, for protesters a warrior profession and the battle cry to be sounded, “Give us liberty or give us death.” That’s what I always say.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    It is interesting that this post leaves out a very important fact – the rally on Nov 28th has largely been organized by the unions.

    Here are a couple of links.


    Washington Education Association:

    The organizers are hesitant to mention the leadership of the unions in the rally because the perfidious role of the unions is now very clear to the working class.

    But the organizers do not want to oppose that treacherous policy of the unions either.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      There you have it Mike is a true facts speaker, he will show you proof. Why can’t others be like him?

      By the way I read the Website by Nick Beams and I there are many references that I need to look into and try to make sense of the whole picture. Again, thanks for the information. Education is power.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      Why was the Capital left with trash and discarded syringes?

      Does anyone care to keep the place clean for the sake of others and children walking around?

      If you want to be seen as a good example please pick-up after yourself.

      I was there for a few hours to see what is going on, but people are just a bunch of unsanitary and litterbugs living by example of the true characters of Occupy Seattle

      Do you think that all this trash will just disappear, no the city has to spend money on cleaning up. You wander why sometimes other benefits get cut because of irresponsible Occupy Seattle individuals that have no regard for others.

      Be a role model and stop spreading trash, alcohol containers and syringes with possible diseases on them. Be responsible and respectful of government institutions and public areas by cleaning up the mess. Leave the area the way you founded! Take all your trash and dispose of it properly.

      If you can’t do it have a maid with you to clean after your childish and irresponsible ways.

  • Chavo5 says:

    Wow union baiting on the Occupy Seattle website. The statement directly above this one sounds like it could be from a WalMart manager. It’s unions that fought for us to be at SCCC for as long as we have, gave us restroom facilities and provided much of the food and furniture we are using. This is the time to build coalitions not to cling to divisive “purism”. The most radical is not the one who throws the insults around the most. Union is a pretty broad category, there are hundreds of national and international unions tens of thousands of locals and 14 million union members in the US alone, are some “sell outs” sure but some have been working their butts off in the struggle for their whole adult lives. How old is Occupy Seattle, less than two months old. The organizers of Occupy the Capital primarily come from the unions, Occupy Olympia played a role and a handful of Occupy Seattlers have been involved in the planning but by and large Occupy Seattle members who go are jumping on the bus that many other groups unions and otherwise organized, and I for one am glad for that. Thank you unions for all you do! strength in numbers!

    • John Ellis says:


      Chavo, when you say “unions,” are you referring to the rank and file in unions, or the millionaire officials that act like dictators over the big business unions?

      For having worked for unions the biggest and the worst — Teamsters at AT&T where I earned $2.04 an hour, also AFL-CIO at 3M Co that had me fired for exposing corruption, and United Steel Workers at North Star Steel that had me fired for filing a complaint with OSHA — comes now good light and insight.

      For since 1970 the big union officials of the Country Club-class, they have been owned body and soul by the big business investors of High Society, they all being of the 10% rich ruling class that ownership controls 90% of all wealth in society. And since then every major movement of the lower class that dreamed of change for the better, has been absorbed into the Democrat Party, the graveyard of decent and revolution.

      For big business unions and Democrat Party are one, always act as one, and always have major control of government as one. Whereas, Occupy Seattle is one with the lower half of society and the greatest threat going to those who rule over the upper half.

      For Occupy Seattle and the 50% of society known as the Laboring-class, they are a social creature of one, as they are the only ones in society, that suffer the degradation of poverty.

  • John Ellis says:

    When I worked at North Star Steel, my union was United Steel Workers and there was intense class warfare that we had to endure, as a most corrupt union leadership did everything it could to divide us into classes and to generate hatred between classes. What a two tiered class union contract is all about.

    For because I had less then two years of seniority, I received not one day of paid vacation at North Star Steel. Whereas, those who had worked there 20 years received a full month of paid vacation, plus far greater benefits.

    And so it is in society, for not by accident does the 10% rich ruling class own 90% of wealth in this Empire, nor is it by our will that plunder the world by brutal imperialism does their Empire. For High Society knows that they keep their excessive wealth — only so long we hate each other and by a fake morality enrich ourselves upon the misery of one another.

    • tigertheo says:

      I will agree that the big unions are corrupt and have sold out the working class. My union has agreed to a no strike clause in the CBA. Furthermore, they negotiate the CBA behind closed doors and then shove it at us and say “agree to it or else.” Finally, they take dues and are not good financial stewards of such money. My union has a $30,000 a month surplus and an unallocated reserve of $700,000. If my union is typical, then big unions are sitting on piles of money…

      Finally, big unions are undemocratic. All of the power is in the top and very little power is in the hands of the rank and file members.

      • John Ellis says:

        This is why union leaders should have a higher education then a laboring man on the assembly line and be paid the same wages as a union man sweeping the floor.

        This is why being the first to organize unionized stores at Wal-Mart could set a standard for all unions to follow, a catalyst that would draw all unions away from the Democrat Party and be the vanguard of our Revolution.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Chavo5 – There is nothing whatsoever to “bait” in a union any more. Please study the history of the movement. The union movement was born out of bloody sacrifice and determined struggle of rank and file workers. However, the union movement was quickly absorbed into the Democratic Party apparatus and the union leaders quite persistently did “red baiting” and managed to get rid of the most militant members.

    The recent record of the movement is quite clear – they help the bosses to control worker unrest while forcing workers to agree to cuts to their salaries and benefits and to increased and even more intolerable work hours. tigertheo is commenting on what he has personally seen. Socialist Equality Party has campainged among union workers in multiple instances to bring this reality to light. I will post a few here.


    And here is a detailed article in 5 parts that describes the attack the Reagan government conducted to bring down the unions starting from the PATCO strike:


    After reading these, if you still think that unions are on the side of the workers, you need to have some facts to back that claim.

    You are giving credit to the unions for “fighting for us to be at SCCC for as long as we have, giving us restroom facilities and providing much of the food and furniture we are using.” But you don’t see that this was an attempt to have you back Obama and his phony Jobs Plan. The unions are realizing that OWS is not much use for their policies, so their support has in fact diminished.

    Today, are they fighting the new laws the school has put in to get us out? I doubt it seriously. Clearly, they are working with the school administration and undoubtedly discussing the tough spot they are in.

    It is impossible to find any political independence by working with unions as they are tied to the Democratic Party that supports Big Business. A revolution requires political independence to move forward. The working class cannot suddenly become independent. Our thoughts have been shaped by the bourgeoisie as they own the media, schools, universities. A protracted struggle to understand the rich history of the working class – here and the world over – is the starting point. That is what WSWS.org tries to do. This history of worker struggles that the 1% is so eager to hide must be exposed. The path forward can only be found in there.

    • John Ellis says:

      “How can two walk together
      unless they be agreed.”

      And so, agree on the following or propose changes — or forever hold your peace.

      (1) To describe society, we agree to not use relative or confusing words, such as, “working class or ” “bourgeoisie.”

      (2) We agree that society may be broken down and described as follow:

      .01% High Society (80% of wealth)
      10% Country Club class (10% of wealth)
      40% Educated Middle-class (10% of wealth)
      50% Uneducated Laboring-class (impoverished slaves)

      • REPUBLIC says:

        Show hard evidence or forever hold your peace by being discredited by all readers. Teach the reader by showing where do you get your facts.

    • tigertheo says:


      Occupation does not mean standing out side, we need to take over the capitol building.

      • John Ellis says:

        No one arrested, that’s “nonviolent civil disobedience?” Hardly, how about passive solidarity most friendly while collaborating with the enemy.

      • REPUBLIC says:

        The GA need to show where they get their funds from. Let’s be transparent, therefore people will not speculate that this organization is not funded by the unions.

        As soon as I get solid proof that Occupy Wall Street in NYC is union led I will make it public.

  • Chavo5 says:

    Your “pure” revolution will no doubt be glorious made up of a tiny nucleus of “hard core” activists and, never ever happen. Some people want to change things others just want to complain. Ultra Leftism, three lefts make a right and in the end anti democrat anti union telling people to not bother to vote, and being divisive and punching holes in the movements unity serves the ruling elite.

    • John Ellis says:

      First above poster condemns every rank and file member of any union as evil, then when we ask for an explanation, he calls our Occupy movement pure darkness and evil. Surely time to disown and ignore, for,

      “By the hand of two or three witnesses
      shall all things be established.”

      • Chavo5 says:

        Yeah, didn’t say any of that, I said the exact opposite of what you are saying Theres no nice way of saying this, you are an idiot.

        • REPUBLIC says:

          Don’t get upset. This man is like a Democratic Progressive Far Left Liberal that will demonize anyone and twist the truth around. John says things that are confusing, answers that he writes is not consistent with the question asked, and writing statistics that came out of his bowel movement area. The only time I give this John credit is when he shows hard facts like Mike does.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    John Ellis wants us to :

    ‘To describe society, we agree to not use relative or confusing words, such as, “working class or ” “bourgeoisie.”’

    In fact, it would be really confusing if we were not to use these words – and a host of others. These are not words uttered at random. These words have specific meaning and they are used by socialists so that classes in society and their interests can be better comprehended by the workers.

    This is the method of providing clarity – because clarity is derived when interests of individuals are properly understood. The interests of a person derives at the most basic level upon the social class he is oriented towards.

    John’s method is to do the opposite – confuse people with a mix of radical sounding slogans with a static view of the world with a 51% people richer forever opposing the 49% poorer.

    According to his view, a revolution can never happen. But they have happened in the past. So clearly his view has no historical basis. Which will not prevent him from repeating his claims of course.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Let us take Chavo5’s incredible claims that socialists are destroying OWS. He says:

    Your “pure” revolution will no doubt be glorious made up of a tiny nucleus of “hard core” activists and, never ever happen. Some people want to change things others just want to complain. Ultra Leftism, three lefts make a right and in the end anti democrat anti union telling people to not bother to vote, and being divisive and punching holes in the movements unity serves the ruling elite.
    *** END QUOTE

    Unfortunately, history is not on his side. A revolution happens by the action of masses guided by a correct theory of class relations. This was proven in the Russian revolution. It is always a small number of people who grasp the theory for a long time, but the masses during a revolution tries various theories in succession, and in this process the correct theory – and thus the leadership – is chosen by the masses themselves.

    Such is the lesson of the time between April and October of 1917 in the History of the Russian Revolution.

    He says “some people want to change things, others want to complain”. Of course. For example, Socialist Equality Party attempts to change things, and people like Chavo5 complains that this can’t be done. For Chavo5, voting, supporting unions and Democrats – these are very important. Never mind that both parties suck the worker dry, send our able best to wars – No matter!! Just keep voting. Then he complains when we point it out and with a sleight of hand accuses us of “complaining” – the irony is so rich it is not funny.

    And he comes to the biggest selling point of the coalition makers – “stop being divisive, we all want the same thing”. Is that really the case? No of course not. The unions that you are aligning with want Obama and the Democratic Party to come to power. We don’t. We want people’s needs to be met and that will not happen under either of the two big biz parties.

    Who is “punching holes in the movement”? It is not us socialists. It is the “friends” with whom the organizers have shamefully aligned. What hypocrisy to call the Socialist Equality Party as a force for “punching holes” in OWS, when all we’ve done is to point out the theoretical weakness of the movement that the organizers are most determinedly trying to preserve.

    • Chavo5 says:

      I am a socialist, a socialist would not be anti union. A socialist is at best a politically conscious member of the working class struggle. Now you want to talk of the Soviet Revolution, perhaps you should read Lenin’s book, Left Wing Communism an Infantile Disorder. Am I calling you infantile, no but Lenin probably would. Yes I do believe it is a small dedicated group of people who ultimately change the world, I don’t disagree with you there.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Once it is pointed out, the organizers go back and change the posting to include the unions. This again is terrible practice as it makes the comments not match the content of the post.

    But I doubt that the organizers would be motivated by that sort of journalistic rigor.

  • John Ellis says:

    Having suffered slavery while laboring under five different unions, having known for a fact that big business unions and big business government are both owned body and soul by the corporate rich, comes now light from a union steward that forces all this darkness to give way,

    “Your not going to get support from any union
    member unless it effects him personally.”

    So, as this surely applies equally to all of society, our goal must be two fold:

    (1) First, win the hearts and minds of all the impoverished lower half of society, by enlightening them that its slavery forever unless we Occupy as one — and vacate none of our homesteads once Camp Occupy Seattle has staked its claim.

    (2) Second, strike fear in the bank accounts, 401k plans and investments of the 51% most educated and wealthy voting majority. For just imagine what would happen to all their trillions, as a wise old man once told 15 year old me,

    “A rich man’s gold would be worthless,
    if everyone refused to work for it.”

  • msmikestew35 says:

    What Lenin opposed on his critique on the Spartacus League was their idea that leaders of a movement cannot be trusted. This was what his remarks on “Left Wing Communism an Infantile Disorder” addressed the most.

    In fact the OWS organizers are doing exactly this. They claim they need a “leaderless” movement. On many occasions, I have seen them trying to devise elaborate schemes to prevent a leadership from forming. A case in point is their hesitation to allow Peace & Safety full authority to quickly settle disputes.

    Lenin also addressed the need to work within unions, but using subterfuge, concealment. He gave the example of the betrayals done by agent provocateur Malinovsky.

    I link the section that contains direct comments on this “infantile disorder”:


    However, now that you brought up Lenin’s work and call yourself a socialist, perhaps you can tell us a little more. Namely, what exactly do you see the Socialist Equality Party doing that Lenin’s critique would apply to, and what socialist movement are you a part of?

    Answers to both these questions will help clarify a few more things for us.

  • John Ellis says:

    Sad to say, but most people desire to take all that the law will allow, the rich full well know it, and manipulate and control society by keeping everyone in the dark about it.

    So, in order for the rich to hoard the maximum wealth, democracy was created as a fake morality to fool the people into thinking that the 51% most educated and wealthy would never enslave the lower half of society.

    Comes now social democracy, a moral democracy to rule over a society of “Be All You Can Be” people. A government where the 30% most wealthy are not allowed to vote or have any input in politics. Surely, as this would give the lower half of society 60% of all the power, and prevent the rich ruling class from hoarding 80% of the wealth.

  • John Ellis says:


    Western media now tells us that the CIA spies in Iran just made some small “stupid” mistakes, but because CIA pathological liars are so vastly more intelligent then anyone in Iran, they will soon be back on top.

    Problem is, stupid refers to the stupidity of thinking your more intelligent — which gives those with greater intelligence the ability to entrap you in your own stupidity, the predicament liar CIA has got itself into.

    A character trait of those who rule the Western world, they so stupid as to see nothing immoral in deceitfully spying on those who intend you no harm.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      Please correct me if I am wrong. Does Iran intends no harm to the USA or any countries in the world?

  • John Ellis says:

    .01% High Society (80% of wealth)
    10% Country Club class (10% of wealth)
    40% Educated Middle-class (10% of wealth)
    50% Uneducated Laboring-class (impoverished slaves)

    .01% High Society (.01% of wealth)
    10% Country Club class (10% of wealth)
    40% Educated Middle-class (40% of wealth)
    50% Uneducated Laboring-class (50% of wealth)

    Step 1
    Enlighten everyone that intelligence is a gift from nature, all our ability to achieve wealth set in concrete at birth. Therefore the highest achieving rich nobility do not deserve any more wealth then you or I.

    Step 2
    A strike by the entire lower half of society, absolutely no manual labor done from New York to California.

  • John Ellis says:

    Yes__ No__ Brains like sex appeal and wealth do NOT pass from rich-father to rich-son.

    Yes__ No__ Ambition has nothing to do with the brains were born with.

    Yes__ No__ Ambition springs from inner goodness, with the poor being evil lazy and the rich being righteous good.

    Yes__ No__ Just because all Bibles are identical in thought to the first Bible, the one published by the butchering dictator Constantine in AD 381, this does not mean that the following Scripture is a fiction translation of the hand written Greek manuscript.

    “No one who has left home or wife or brothers or parents
    or children for the sake of the kingdom of God will fail to
    receive many times as much in this age and, in the age
    to come, eternal life.” Luke 18:29 NIV

    Yes__ No__ Allowing the 51% most educated and wealthy to be the voting majority, to have all the wealth giving them all the power, this is not why the lower half of society has starvation wages.

    Yes__ No__ Empire USA is a good empire and does not plunder by brutal imperialism.

    Yes__ No__ Darkness is NOT an illusion of good hiding misery, NOT a liar’s pretense of good hiding his intent to be enriched upon our misery.

    • John Ellis says:

      Yes__ No__ Darkness is an illusion of good hiding misery, a liar’s pretense of good hiding his intent to be enriched upon our misery. But that does not mean that those more intelligent can lock us in darkness.

  • John Ellis says:

    You can always tell who will win an election in America,
    the one corporate media portrays as the most intelligent.

  • John Ellis says:

    “I am a socialist, a socialist”

    So, Chavo5, do you agree or disagree with the following chart:

    .01% High Society (80% of wealth)
    10% Country Club class (10% of wealth)
    40% Educated Middle-class (10% of wealth)
    50% Uneducated Laboring-class (impoverished slaves)

    • REPUBLIC says:

      Don’t be blinded/brainwashed by this man until he shows evidence where he got the information from.

  • link333 says:

    Pathetic rightwing trolls on this thread, too much time on your hands, not enough gray matter in your heads. Get up, take a walk, talk to real people (preferably at OSeattle), read a book and turn off Faux News. Non-stop troll postings don’t make your arguments more convincing, they just shine a bright light on your ignorance.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      The truth is listening both sides of the media CNN and FOX.

      It is lots of fluff on both sides but you need to watch them both and need to dig out the fluff they produce, and the truth will be there. Stay unbiased and you will learn.

  • John Ellis says:

    Be specific, state the post and state your reasons, otherwise you waste our time and do more harm then good.