An Open Letter to SCCC President Paul Killpatrick on Sexual Assault as the “Last Straw”

An Open Letter to SCCC President Paul Killpatrick
on Sexual Assault as the “Last Straw”

November 27, 2011

Seattle Central Community College
Office of the President
Paul Killpatrick, PhD
1701 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122

Dear Mr. Killpatrick,

I appreciate that SCCC may be less-than-willing hosts to the current Occupy Seattle encampment. However, I am truly saddened that you identified an attempted sexual assault as “the last straw” to evict Occupy Seattle.

SCCC and the Occupy Movement exist in the context of our broader culture and society where sexual assault is a significant social problem. Citing the attempted assault as a reason to evict the Occupy Seattle encampment takes appalling advantage of someone who has been the victim of a crime.

Using the attempted sexual assault to discredit a peaceful political movement is a reprehensible manipulation of a terrible situation. As a neighbor to SCCC, I am deeply surprised that no one in your institution–students, faculty or support staff–has yet publicly stated their opposition to your remarks.

I see from SCCC campus crime statistics that no sexual assaults have been reported in the last three years. As a former Women’s Center program director at a small college in Oregon, I can assure you that a lack of reports does not mean a lack of incidents. Rather, a lack of reports indicates an institutional climate where persons experiencing sexual assault do not feel safe enough to come forward for support.

Please do not politicize a personal tragedy for the political gain of your institution. There are other ways to work with the people at the Occupy Seattle encampment.

In solidarity with survivors,
Robin DeBates, MSW, LSWAIC
Volunteer with Occupy Seattle Medical Work Group

38 Responses to An Open Letter to SCCC President Paul Killpatrick on Sexual Assault as the “Last Straw”

  • John Ellis says:

    Camp Occupy Seattle — A moral and just community

    The 10% rich ruling class has 90% of the wealth, yes and for but only one reason:

    By their immoral corporate owned media, by their
    immoral entertainment industry and by every means
    that money can buy — the rich make the immorality
    of their wars and excessive wealth look pale in
    comparison to the morality of society.

    Comes now President Kilpatrick with his six figure income, with his knowing full well that his excessive wealth is a stench in the nostrils of everyone in the impoverished lower half of society, and he to deceitfully attempt to make his excess greed look pail in comparison to the morality of Camp Occupy Seattle.

    Further, as our Occupy movement is the last and only hope of our ever having a just government or moral society, the more corruption Camp Occupy Seattle encounters, the more self-evident is it that all men of good will need to walk along side us and help carry the banner forward.

  • John Ellis says:

    Now why would any man force a woman to give her body to him, when he had no affection for her mind? Surely answer this and we will have the root cause of all human bondage and slavery.

    For it is a total reverse of the natural instincts in men, as man has an organic instinct to kill to save a wife, to take a knife in the guts or claw in the head and do or die if that’s what it takes to save a wife.

    For when faced with mortal danger, women grab their hair, step back and scream, while men grab a rock, step forward and yell.

    For love is a giving action that produces a grateful response, a zero force encounter and a two party affaire.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    This letter the organizers have written to the president says all but “Yes, We did wrong. You are right in your decision”.

    It also shows the track record of not establishing a base with the students, and then openly complaining to the president that students don’t support us. What political madness is this?

    We don’t deal with the students the same way we deal with the SCCC administration. We are helping students, and we have to patiently explain if they don’t see what we are doing. That is why we must make the GA meetings meaningful. Without doing any of that, please do not be surprised that students are not voicing the level of support you want.

    This is really shoddy work politically. I still think much of it is deliberate, the organizers want to shut this down and go home. It is shameful.

    • Robin says:

      I am unclear what you are trying to say. I am unclear how the letter I have written, not as an organizer, but as a person who lives in the neighborhood near SCCC, is “really shoddy work politically.”

      Also, the GA voted to move to SCCC after a large amount of support from students and faculty at SCCC.

      • HenryHughes says:

        I too was appalled when SCCC made this transparently opportunistic move, as if the sexual assault was somehow associated with conditions at the OS encampment. Such assaults never happen elsewhere, eh? Like maybe in college and corporate offices?

        Things are not nearly so simple as the facile logic of the SCCC president and board would have us believe.

      • John Ellis says:

        Robin, every post of msmikestew35 does harm to our comments, as he destroys the desire of readers to join our cause.

        So, if the rulers of this free WEB service are so incompetent as to let it happen, worse if they are paid to let it happen, we have to police these pages our self.

        Better, put some pressure on this WEB site — to do all things right.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    Robin – you may have written the letter as a participant. But the organizers did make it official by sending it to the President. If your letter had some political limitations, it is up to the organizers to request modifications. They did not, my issue is with them and not with you or any single participant of the movement.

    If you want my opinion on why I believe this letter is misguided, it has to do with how it blames students but is appreciative of the president. This is not a politics that can appeal to the 99%.

    As a neighbor to SCCC, I am deeply surprised that no one in your institution–students, faculty or support staff–has yet publicly stated their opposition to your remarks.


    I appreciate that SCCC may be less-than-willing hosts to the current Occupy Seattle encampment.

    These remarks show a certain confusion regarding the social process, the process of finding friends and marking the enemy. It is a clear cut at the students and displays a fear of the president. Perhaps what might help the movement more is to figure out why students did not oppose the president – if that was really the case.

    From my experience at GA’s, committees, I would say that the OWS organizers tried very hard to make the movement aimless. I have made this point multiple times on this forum. This would be a reason that students are not too sure what the movement is about.

    Some of that is the political inexperience of the participants. But the issue is that the organizers take full advantage of that relative inexperience. Close observation of the organizers shows that they are politically more experienced – but not in the kind of politics that helps the working class, but the kind that helps the Democratic Party.

    Recently they have taken to not taking comments on the GA meeting notes on this site. This is another way they try to limit the discussion to only the issues at the camp site and thus make it as irrelevant as they possibly can to the 99%.

    • ohno_zombies says:

      How do you know it was sent to the president? How do you know the sending was done by OS?

    • HenryHughes says:

      to ban those with rigid, and thus divisive, sectarian agendas. They are shrill, repetitive and boring. They cannot help but view all events, actions and statements through the lens of their narrow ideology. Which means they cannot accommodate the opinions and actions of others. They do not engage, they harangue and hector.

      They seem not to be able to help it.

      • ohno_zombies says:

        Paranoid schizophrenia much?

        • HenryHughes says:

          Surely you can look up the criteria for such a diagnosis as well as the next person. You don’t have to agree with my opinions, but an ad hominem attack does no one any good, most of all YOU.

    • Bradford B. Morrison says:

      Friends; Robin; msmikestew35;
      First, my opinion is that Robin’s letter is a worthwhile effort to illustrate the fact that the SCCC administration’s use of a sexual assault incident to influence opinion negatively towards OCCUPY SEATTLE; in a “guilt by association” context, IS SIMPLY LOGICALLY ERRONEOUS. It may be good propaganda to influence opinion with, to justify the eviction of occupyseattle from SCCC, but it can’t hold any importance for anyone who is actually willing to honestly think the issue through.
      The SCCC administration’s ethically correct response to a sexual assault or attempted assault against a member of occupy seattle should have been to investigate the incident, possibly using campus security or Seattle Police, and determine if charges should be brought against the perpetrator or not. If so, turn it over to whoever is in charge of prosecuting such crimes. If not, then drop it and leave well enough alone, letting occupiers solve it internally or just solve it between the individuals involved.
      The guilt by association, casting aspersions on occupyseattle and making ominous, inflammatory remarks like “last straw”, is just a blatant, easily seen through propagandistic subterfuge which is just plain B.S., in MY opinion. Although I can “feel Dr. Killpatrick’s pain” (he is caught between opposing political forces and must justify whatever decisions he and SCCC administration makes), in THIS CASE, my opinion is strongly that his remarks are inappropriate, way off base, and he should be ashamed of himself for making such illogical and inflammatory remarks.

      Second; msmikestew35, who I want to speak with face to face (but he hides from me), is, in my opinion, a frustrated and rather paranoid extremist socialist who continues to harp on his near obsession with the idea that “those darn liberal Democrats and Union higher ups” (who mike believes are totally pro-corporate and anti-lower class worker) are going to co-opt occupyseattle and turn it into a tool of the corporate system. I believe that msmikestew35 would like to see a total, probably violent, revolution in the U.S.A. which would annihilate capitalism completely (or almost completely) and would occur VERY SOON, (possibly mike hopes a socialist utopian society would be achievable within a year or so, so he doesn’t have to deal with any more Democratic OR Republican Presidents of the U.S.A.)
      Anyway, my bad as usual for being long-winded, but, just sayin’, msmikestew35, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!… MY feeling is that we just are gonna have to muddle through with the basic political system we have now, at least in the short term. The weapons that the wealthy control,(e.g.;apache helicopters; tanks; fighter jets; aircraft carriers; artillery; drone aircraft with hellfire missiles; cruise missiles;etc,etc.; PLUS a rather well indoctrinated military that thinks it is fighting for “freedom” and “American values” (when they are actually fighting mostly for profits for Big Oil and Fossil Fuels Conglomerates, and Defense industry giant corporations). So, long story short, I personally see no realistic way to violently overthrow this government in a short-term war.

      So, I say let’s get to work, electing the best candidates we can, from any political party;(or independents), and just keep on keepin’ on, whether it takes a few months; or a few years; or a few decades to make the improvements that humanity needs for our pursuit of happiness, (and possibly for our survival as a species).

      Thanks for listening
      Peace and Love
      Loudmouth Karaoke Brad

    • Robin says:

      “But the organizers did make it official by sending it to the President.”

      No, actually, they did not. I’d like to be clear that this is NOT a statement that has been endorsed in any way by the GA or any “leadership”. This is a letter I wrote on my own and sent to the SCCC president on my own because I was incensed at the use of the assault to try to justify that Occupy is “unsafe”… when in reality, one could argue that the 24-hour presence on Broadway and Pine actually serves to increase neighborhood safety.

      I live in the neighborhood near SCCC. I believe there might be more effective places for Occupy than SCCC to hod its base camp. I do appreciate the concerns of the president. And I AM genuinely surprised that nobody with a stronger vested interest in SCCC than myself had publicly called the president to task before now.

      Whatever issues you have with other organizers, I’d encourage you to talk it out.

      I hope that helps clarify where this letter came from and what its intention was.

  • John Ellis says:

    Having taught vocational school in two different school districts, please be advised that the rich ruling class use vocational schools as their main tool to keep our two class society cut right down the middle.

    For to hoard the maximum wealth, democracy was created as a fake morality to fool the people into thinking that the 51% most educated and wealthy would never enslave the lower half of society.

    For most people desire to take all that the law will allow, the rich full well know it, and manipulate and control society by keeping everyone in the dark about it.

    A vocational school offered me a position teaching Industrial Machine Mechanics. The curriculum looked good, I thought it would do my students good, so I started only to discover that the intent of the school was to dumb down the students in every way possible. For right away they changed my subjects having me teach things like welding which I knew nothing about.

    Another school district assigned me to teach Robotics Technology, a maintenance and repair course for computerized machines. The course was half over when I started, the students were most upset as they were learning next to nothing, so I redesigned the curriculum and had the students on track to qualifying for a good job in industry. Bingo — fired I was without notice or explanation.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      Show us hard evidence from credible sources about the following: 1. …please be advised that the rich ruling class use vocational schools as their main tool to keep our two class society cut right down the middle.

      2. For to hoard the maximum wealth, democracy was created as a fake morality to fool the people into thinking that the 51% most educated and wealthy would never enslave the lower half of society.

      3. …so I started only to discover that the intent of the school was to dumb down the students in every way possible.

      I see that based on your claims your are an educated man, tell me are you holding a job right now? If so do you make more than 50K per year?

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    • John Ellis says:

      Above confusion is intentional brainwash, and it was
      authorized by the rulers of this free WEB service.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      Stop making all of us look bad and quit selling your garbage to this free Website. Coach bag for $35? fake Chinese garbage.

  • John Ellis says:

    Darkness, this exists only in the mind and only in those who have been deceived. For darkness is an illusion of good hiding misery, a liar’s pretense of good hiding an intent to be enriched upon our misery.

    So, why is it that 99% of Empire USA is locked in darkness? Well, sucker bait darkness fools only those who feel they deserve more as it causes one to desire something for nothing which is what darkness is all about. For those who feel they deserve less are never suckered into darkness.

    For life is a free gift from nature that no one deserves, which means that everything we own belongs to those who have less then us. But not so says the U.S. Declaration of Independence, which reads,

    “All men are created equal (in ability to achieve wealth),
    that they are endowed by their Creator with certain
    unalienable Rights… Life… the pursuit of Happiness(wealth).”

    So, ingrate greed is not only legal, it is commanded by our “Creator.”

    So, in America happiness is described as to “Be All You Can Be,” to earn all you can earn, take all you can take, own all you can own and to be a dictator over all who are on land that you own.

  • ccryder says:

    As a student I am glad that President Killpatrick cited “sexual assault” as the “LAST STRAW”. What are you suggesting that someone be fatally attacked before Occupy Seattle is forced to leave? Quite frankly, it was nipped in the bud before something dangerous could occur. Where’s the focus in this plight? What really is this all about?
    Because, honestly it was not clear during the occupation. What was made clear was that our campus was being turned into a glorified Tent City. I don’t refute that there’s issues, in fact I know that there’s issues. However, occupying a college (community) is not going to fix it. Take it to Olympia, camp there and shout repeatedly; “We are the 99%!!” until their ears bleed. Make your presence known so that these issues can no longer be ignored.
    SCCC is full of students trying to learn and deal with the fact that financial aid may not be available to them, that education is going to suffer because of the cuts. But it doesn’t make us stop doing what is necessary. I am down for the cause, when the cause is represented positively and has meaning. What I saw on SCCC was a farce and everything I am against. Hence the reason why students did not respond negativity to President Killpatrick’s actions. Get it together!!! Re-evaluate your mission, because right now it’s out of focus.

    • Robin says:

      ccryder, my point is that rapes happen much more frequently in and around the SCCC campus and community than anyone would guess based on the campus crime statistics.

      I used to run a Women’s Center at a small university in Oregon. When we instituted a confidential reporting system, the “official” campus rape statistics went up by 2, and the confidential system indicated 12 additional incidents in the first year alone.

      Sexual assaults happen anywhere and everywhere in our society and culture… not in just in the Occupy encampment.

      To say that the attempted assault is “the last straw” is a political ploy taking advantage of someone’s private pain for a political purpose, and I find it morally reprehensible to do so.

      There are other ways to work with the Occupy camp to move to a better location.

  • John Ellis says:

    “It was nipped in the bud before
    something dangerous could occur.”

    Collective punishment was abolished at the same time as chain slavery, for a collateral assault on a community to get at the criminal — this can only increase the criminals.

    It is self-evident that the main cause of sexual assault is the same as poor men having a dozen kids. The rich keep young men so impoverished that they can do nothing, and think of nothing, but making babies and all the pleasure therein.

    It is self-evident that our Occupy movement is in a state of war with an immoral rich who create an immoral government, which causes most of the immorality in society.

    “SCCC… students… deal with the fact that financial aid may not be available…
    Occupy Seattle… a farce and everything I am against.”

    Most profound, first ccryder says that government will not give him the money he deserves, then he condemns Occupy for trying to get it for him.

    “What really is Occupy Wall Street about?
    It was not clear during the occupation.”

    Mainstream media brainwash. For here we are demanding that the 1% most wealthy give back to society, the 80% of wealth stolen from society, and ccryder is totally deaf, dumb and blind about it? Yes, and my great grandmother loves to wear combat boots.

    “However, occupying a college is not going to fix it…
    Take it to Olympia, camp there.”

    A corrupt Congress will never vote for tax payer funded elections, only a Revolution can change that. So, why is ccryder trying to send us down a blind alley? Highly suspicious to say the least.

    Most profound, here we activists are giving him a free education in democracy by revolution, here we tax payers are trying to occupy land our taxes paid for, here we giving citizens are funding and keeping alive SCCC, and so ingrate is ccryder that he wants us to get out of his life.

    SCCC should stop brainwashing students into thinking their 2 year vocational school will get them anything but a manual labor job with some technical skills. For twisting dials on an oscilloscope or banging keys on a computer, this is repetitious manual labor drudgery anyway you cut it. For not hardly a credit from a 2 year vocational-technical school is transferable to any 4 year college.

    Most all students at SCCC are laboring class kids with no ambition for education beyond high school — unless it will improve their manual labor job skills. And having taught vocational school in two different school districts, please be enlightened that SCCC has one all-encompassing goal, to dumb-dumb down the laboring class and teach us the lower half of society our proper place in the pecking order.

  • John Ellis says:

    Capitalism is where rich investors own the corporations and workers follow orders. Whereas, socialism is where the workers own the corporations, committees are formed to create new ideas and everyone has a vote and a chance to be heard.

    So, in a society where everyone agreed that life was a gift from nature, everyone so grateful they felt that everything they owned belonged to those who had less then them, in such a society what would be the difference between capitalism and socialism?

    None whatsoever, for morality has nothing to do with government or the type of economy enforced by government. For what a man feels he deserves, this is his highest priority in life, his high watermark to achieve and it controls every aspect of his mind, character and personality.

    For why should anyone give up their wealth if all it will do is inflate pride?

    For true happiness is a society where all giving actions produce a grateful response. A community where everyone experiences the four greatest emotions in man, compassion, pity and benevolence toward those who have less, and a heart warming grateful response toward those who have more.

    • John Ellis says:

      For everyone having equal wealth, everyone deserving to be rich, this is a fake morality. For it is a physical impossibility in a “be all you can be” and take all you can take society. And a mental impossibility in a give all you can give community, as it would replace compassion, pity, benevolence, gratitude and true happiness with the most ungodly thing of all — mutual gratification with equals giving equal gifts and expecting equal in return.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      Whereas, socialism where the workers own the corporation… this comment is truly an illusion that was induced by altering reality by exposing the brain with chemicals that are not meant for human use. Ladies and Gentlemen, can someone show me hard evidence that cannot be refuted in any other socialist country where the worker owns the corporation.

      If you cannot give hard evidence then please stop saying what someone else wrote without proof.

    • John Ellis says:

      In the year 2002, socialism was introduced into Venezuela. Since then, all of the oil fields and oil refiners have been nationalized, healthcare has been nationalized and has gone from 90% without healthcare to free healthcare for all. Also poverty has decreased by 60%. Also Venezuela is rated as having the finest education system in all of South America.

      • REPUBLIC says:

        …the finest education system in South America. Pres. Hugo Chavez once said (paraphrased) “that in order to educate our children is through indoctrination”. Yes, that is the best education in So America. This means that everyone will think alike by chiseling the points and ragged edges of a rock and form a block that can be stacked side by side and on top of each other.

        Just in case, if John does not know what I am saying that means no one will stand out, everyone will be taken cared of and no innovation, no opinions against the few of the iron fist government. In other words the government of few hundreds (the iron fist got it from the this Website Logo, I like it) will be able to control millions easily if the population is kept dumb down through indoctrination, one great example is China people afraid of protesting of an unjust government with records of human rights violations.

        Socialism will be able to give and take people’s rights as they please. Socialism is a step forward to communism therefore our Chinese friends, Islamic friends, and Russian friends will have nothing to worry about going with their own world communism/Islamic views, because if the United Socialist States of Amerika (by the way, Amerika is not misspelled that is the new name once we conform by being another “perfect block of society”) will not object for any plans to destroy Israel and world domination along with one world police, namely the United Nations. Got to love that!!

        By the way, did you guys get any grants from the ACLU or the Ford Foundation lately? I believe they will be able to help your cause. I know it sounds like oxymoron to educate and help your cause when I am conservative.

        • REPUBLIC says:

          Believe it or not, there is a USSA (United Socialist States of Amerika) Constitution and it is awaiting for the re-election of Pres. Obama.

          He will not do anything with the current antiquated evil constitution until next election, because he will not have anything to lose then.

          The first order of business he will do is to counterattack and abolish the Second Amendment and suspend the Fourth Amendment with a “state of emergency”, “national security” and along with the “Patriot Act”, thanks to former Pres Bush.

          In order to justify this order of business the following will take place:

          First, the left wing media emphases on guns that are killing many innocent lives for a few months. Young children, adults and etc.. are victims of gun killing.

          Second, OWS as a whole will demand gun control and removal of guns from law abiding citizens and criminals hands for another 3 months or less and the media will stir you guys to raise your voices.

          Third, Pres Obama will have opposition in Congress and Senate to pass the bill to re-write the Second Amendment.

          Fourth, Pres. Obama will pick up the mighty pen and write an executive order for the sake of “state of emergency”, “national security” and the “Patriot Act”, and rewrite the Second Amendment with a temporary suspension of the Fourth Amendment.

          Fifth, you will be afforded a chance to turn in all your weapons to the nearest police station voluntarily. If the government feels that there are more guns out there, they will take the next step.

          Sixth, ATF, FBI and local police will mobilize and start knocking on your door and ask you the following question “Do you have any weapons in your house?” if the answer is yes, they will ask you to escort them to the gun safe and open it. Once that done they will confiscate the weapons. If your answer is no, the law enforcement will not need any court order to search your house, they will come in and search as they please.

          Whaaat!? Civil disturbance? darn people are not grateful of the government trying to protect the people from harming themselves with weapons. Don’t worry, the riot control team are standing by and mobilized to control those unruly uneven rough edged blocks 51%. If not, the National Guard will come to the rescue declaring a state of marshal law. It’s only going to be temporary.

          Don’t worry after that we will see more entitlements coming to us, big daddy will take care of us all. Let’s keep chiseling those rough spots on those uneven society blocks (51%) and make very smooth “society blocks” like the 49%.

          By 2015 we will see a nascent constitution and by 2021 we will have world peace.

  • John Ellis says:

    “Monday was a day of action for university students on both coasts angered by the rising cost of tuition and the crackdowns on their recent protests. In California, students temporarily shut down a meeting of the University of California Board of Regents to protest a series of tuition hikes and the violent response to protests at UC-Berkeley and UC-Davis.

    “Wary of a massive demonstration, the regents met by conference call from four different campuses but were still forced to switch venues after being confronted by chanting students at three of the four sites. In New York City, about a thousand students marched outside a meeting where City University of New York trustees voted to authorize annual tuition increases through 2015. The protests were the latest in a long-running battle against tuition hikes and education cuts that originated on UC campuses two years ago and quickly spread across the country.

    “We speak with two guests who helped launch the “Occupy Student Debt Campaign” Pledge of Refusal, which asks student signatories to refuse their student loan debt until a number of education reforms are implemented, including free public education. Pamela Brown is a PhD student in Sociology at The New School, and Andrew Ross is a professor of social and cultural analysis at New York University.”

    • REPUBLIC says:

      John, here you go, you are lucky that you are in the USA because in Europe, especiallly Italy, if you don’t pay your debt you go to jail. It’s okay though, once socialism takes places will see if you can stop paying your debt.

    • John Ellis says:

      USA has the highest standard of living worldwide — primarily because it had free to low cost education until the mid 1980’s giving our industry the most technically advanced work force with the highest productivity.

      To the best of my knowledge, there is only two types of loans in USA that you cannot include in a bankruptcy, student loans and a mortgage on your primary place of residence. With a bad mortgage all you can lose is a house. With a bad student loan, the average being a $70,000.00 loan for life, you become a slave to the rich for life.

      • REPUBLIC says:

        You have the right to free education K-12, after that you can work at any fast food restaurant. Although, I agree that higher education should not be expensive, but to get higher education for free I think not!! Yes, the government need to regulate the cost of tuition I will scream that we you guys if John Ellis and I can become friends by exchanging phone numbers.

  • REPUBLIC says:

    Well, this typical letter, again a far left liberal mentioning that the SCCC President is punishing the victim. This is how the bkeeding hearts of America always twisting facts around, so they can look good. This is the reason the USA is going to the crapper.
    It is sad that that people need to label, discredit, demonize anyone who opposes your agenda that most of Americans do not believe or care for.

    • John Ellis says:

      All of the posts with the heading REPUBLIC are filled with self-evident lies, all are most hostile and drive readers away, and all are authorized by the site Moderator.

      So, we must wonder why the Moderator does a thing so destructive to our movement? For the Moderator is among the 51% most educated and wealthy, the voting majority who own all the wealth and will do whatever it takes to keep it.

      • REPUBLIC says:

        John, you are doing it again blame the Moderator and insinuate that he/she is part of the 51%. Quit doing that! The Moderator is not removing Republic or other oppositions because it is part of the “freedom of speech” and by shutting us down then we will be the one that are no longer heard and oppressed. I thought that socialism is about freedom for everyone. Yes, the Moderator has the right to remove oppositions, but that is a sign of suppression of a group of people. That is not fair for the rest of us.

        If you think that readers of this blog feel hostility towards oppositions and drives them away well, it is because it takes more than one single opinion to open up to different paths in life.

        To the Moderator, I would like to thank you for keeping us in your blog not only that tells us that we too have the same freedom of speech, but that also other ideas are needed to make a movement successful. I am not hostile towards anyone in the blog. I am just conversing and learning from this blog. How can we all get along and learn from each other? Why be biased? Believe it or not, there are parts of this movement that I agree with. Why shut down someone because he/she is not conformed to the same ideologies of a group.

  • REPUBLIC says:

    There is a little rumor that the communist China and the old Soviet Union which is still alive and well, working under ground are plotting the destruction of the Western society. Here is how they will accomplish this mission. Just remember that those 2 nations have been best friends for a very long time, and to top that they are part of the UN.

    1. Inderectly fund anti Americanism within, I.e. socialism of the 60s and the new improved OWS.

    2. Once all guns are confiscated from the citizens hands and socialism will come in strong giving everything that you want.

    3. Socialism is a step closer to communism therefore socialism will eventually fail and grandpa communism will be embraced by the United Socialist States of Amerika and the rest of the western society.

    4. One the 2 motherrs, Mother Russia and Mother China will have enough power for world domination. Therefore the UN police force will take over the nations by dismental all other military or indoctrinate them to become UN World Police.

    You guys are doing a great job to destroy the USA within. The enemy is appluauding you guys to hate our way of life. Congradulations