West Coast Port Shutdown. December 12th!

Why we aim to shut down the Port of Seattle on Dec 12th

On December 12th, Occupy Seattle will join the rest of the West Coast Occupy movement in the West Coast Port Shutdown. We will be shutting down the Port of Seattle with a mass community picket/ blockade.

Occupy Seattle’s General Assembly voted unanimously to endorse the call to action put out by Occupy Oakland. Port blockades are planned in San Diego, LA, Oakland, Portland, Vancouver, Tacoma, and Seattle.

– We will march to the port beginning at Westlake Park at 1 PM

– There will be two rallies near the port at 3 PM and 6 PM at the Spokane Street fishing area, just to the east of the Spokane St. Bridge, near the intersection of SW Spokane St & SW Manning St, under the West Seattle bridge. (the 125 bus goes there from downtown and from West Seattle; get off at Chelan Ave SW and SW Spokane St. and walk east along the Alki bike path)

– Come to the Spokane St. fishing area anytime after 3 and Occupy Seattle members will meet you there to show you where to find the port picket lines

If you come late, please check #occupyseattle or #occupyseattleport on twitter for the march’s current location. Information about the coast-wide day of action can be found here: http://www.westcoastportshutdown.org/.
Please invite your friends on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/318022101544266/

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Why shut down the port?

1) We will shut down the port to resist the budget cuts that
target working class people.

The 1% are confident they can cut our health care, education, food aid, and social services because they think we won’t fight back. They are wrong. If they cut our safety net to pieces, we will cut their profits. The port is a major source of profits for the 1%, especially during the holiday season when they ship goods produced by Asian workers under horrible labor conditions to American malls where increasingly broke workers buy holiday presents on credit, worried about whether we will lose our jobs, food stamps, or health care. We are tired of worrying, so now we are fighting back. A port shutdown will hit the 1% directly in their wallets. Happy Holidays you scrooges.

2) We will shut down the port to bypass the corporate-controlled politicians and confront the 1% who really call the shots.

In December, some members of Occupy Seattle will be occupying the Capitol building; the rest of us here in Seattle will occupy capital: the port facilities of transnational corporations. Together, we fight against the same cuts.

Capital means the machines, trucks, ships, stores, cafes, hospitals, etc. – all the things the corporations own, which we work on to make their profits. One of their biggest pieces of capital is the port of Seattle. We know the 1% controls the politicians who are cutting the working class’s standard of living. So instead of begging politicians to stop cutting us, we’ll do what our friends did when they occupied Wall Street and go straight to the source of the problem: the capitalists. The ports are Wall Street on the waterfront – without them running, Wall Street makes no profits. If they cut our livelihoods, we will cut their profits.

3) We will shut down the port to defend workers’ right to organize.
We assert that the Occupy movement is part of the workers’ movement.

Goldman Sachs is the 1% of the 1%. They control a majority share of Stevedore Services of America (SSA), a major player in the port of Seattle. SSA is repressing immigrant port truckers who are trying to organize in their workplace in the port of LA, which is why Occupy LA put out the call for solidarity picket lines at ports up and down the West Coast on December 12th. Port truckers in Seattle are also face low pay, discrimination, unpaid time wasted at entry gates, etc., and we are in solidarity with them.

By building this solidarity, Occupy Seattle will show that we also are part of the workers’ movement. Because the 1% uses repressive labor laws and union busting firms to disrupt organizing efforts, only 11% of US workers are organized into labor unions. On December 12th, Occupy Seattle will take a stand to defend our right to organize on the job. We also recognize that the U.S. working class is starting to get organized in the Occupy movement, which makes us part of the workers’ movement. Many who are involved in the Occupy movement are members of unions. Many of us also make up the remaining 89% of U.S. workers who are not in unions, as well as the large sections of the U.S. working class who are unemployed, underemployed, students, and homeless. Our picket lines might not have the same legal standing as official union picket lines, but when the unions first started picketing back in the day they were also considered illegitimate. Occupy Seattle’s picket lines are still picket lines organized by working class people, in solidarity with fellow workers. December 12th is the first of many actions that Occupy will take as a new wing of the workers’ movement.

4) We will shut down the port in response to the police violence and harassment the Occupy movement has faced worldwide.

The 1% uses union busting tactics to shut down our organizing on the job and their cops use pepper spray, batons, and handcuffs to repress our organizing in the streets and plazas. We know that if the 1% wanted to, they could tell the police to stop all this repression. But they are apparently not embarrassed when global media broadcasts images of veteran Scott Olson with his head smashed in, or 84-year-old Dorli Rainey with her face full of pepper spray. They didn’t care when their cops kicked Jennifer Fox in the stomach, after which she miscarried. They didn’t care when their cops and security guards murdered Oscar Grant, John T. Williams, Jesus Mejia or Aiyana Jones. And in Egypt, the US-backed military regime has killed dozens of revolutionaries
and injured thousands since November 19 alone. They have called on the American Occupy movement to stand with them in solidarity.

The global 1% does not care about this state violence as long as their goods get shipped and their profits flow. On Nov 2nd, Occupy Oakland shut down the port of Oakland in response to the police violence they faced. On Dec. 12th we will do the same up and down the coast. Let’s show the forces of repression that when they stomp the flames of freedom they just spread the embers.

5) We will send a warning to EGT, the multinational conglomerate that is trying to bust the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU).

EGT Development is refusing to honor the ILWU’s contract in Longview, WA, and we wish to stand in solidarity with the ILWU in their struggle against this union busting. Our action is independent from the ILWU; we are in no way attempting to co-opt or control their struggle and they are not controlling us. However, we are inspired by Longshore workers’ direct actions against EGT, and we are angered by the repression they are facing by the cops and courts, which is similar to the repression we are facing. We know that if the 1% busts the ILWU they will try to drive down all of our wages and working conditions next. We hope our action on the 12th will show EGT that we are capable of disrupting business. They should honor the ILWU’s contract because next time it could be their business.

Our decision to picket/ blockade the port is not deterred by the recent memo written by International ILWU President, Robert McEllrath, and quoted by the Longshore and Shipping News. We agree with the statement that the Occupy Oakland Port Blockade working group put out regarding our movement’s relations with the ILWU: http://westcoastportshutdown.org/content/clarification-nature-call-west-coast-port-blockade

In particular, we’d like to highlight that ILWU Local 21, Longview, Washington, was strongly heartened and encouraged by the overwhelming support shown for them by the historic November 2 port shutdown in Oakland. Their local president spoke at Oakland Occupy’s rally last Saturday, thanking us for our support. He and other ILWU rank and file members marched with us that day.” In particular, local 21 president Dan Kaufman said:
”When Nov 2nd happened, and it was against EGT in respect to the ILWU and Local 21, you cannot believe what you people did for the inspiration of my union members who have been on the picket line for six months now!”
For video footage of this, see: ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtdQCZSQ99I )

We’d also like to highlight that: “The ILWU rank and file have historically honored community picket lines in the port — for example they refused to cross community picket lines to unload cargo from apartheid South Africa.” They honored the community picket line set up by Occupy Oakland on Nov 2nd, and the ILWU Coast Committee cautioned its members that if a similar situation develops on Dec. 12, longshoremen should “stand in a safe area and await a decision by employers to call for an arbitrator.” This is similar to past situations where ILWU members have honored community picket lines. It allows the ILWU a legal out, not to cross the lines, if the picket lines are large enough to pose a threat to their safety, as interpreted by the arbitrator.

We aim to build trust and open communication between the Occupy movement and port workers.

6) We will shut down the port as part of the second phase of our movement

With this Dec. 12th action, the Occupy movement is undertaking a transformation. When we started occupying Seattle Central Community College, many people told us, “don’t disrupt life for the 99%, go disrupt it for the 1%.” They said the same thing when we joined labor unions to occupy a bridge on Nov 17th. These criticisms missed the fact that our camps have enhanced life for the 99% by providing educational opportunities, food, and shelter, and have stood as a visible reminder of the need for deeper social change. We agree though that we should be disrupting the 1% more. That’s why we’re occupying the port, as well as abandoned buildings owned by banks, wealthy developers, etc.

We will occupy everything.
We believe everyone deserves the rights to housing, education, food and safety.
We believe our lives are worth more than our labor power.
We believe our community members should not die under the harsh rule of the 1%. We are simply laying claim to what has always been ours.
Everything for everyone.

For more info, and to give suggestions, please contact: seattleportsolidarity@gmail.com

23 Responses to West Coast Port Shutdown. December 12th!

  • John Ellis says:

    “We believe everyone deserves the rights
    to housing, education, food and safety.”

    We are most grateful for the intelligent design
    in nature, the way it gives us free shelter, a free
    education in the stern realities of life, free food
    and a safe environment to grow and prosper.
    All of which we most certainly do not have a
    right to, and not so ingrate are we as to think
    that the unlimited gifts in nature are something
    we deserve.

    So, we now call to battle all men of good will, to do non violent civil disobedience against a most corrupt High Society, not to get back rights due and owed to us, rights that in our pride we think we deserve. For this day of life is more then any man deserves. For we lay down our bodies in front of police cars to get back the free gifts from nature that the ungodly High Society has plundered from us.

  • John Ellis says:

    “this Dec. 12th action…”

    Why only a one day shout down? Just look at all of Western Europe, where High Society owns the bodies and souls of the big business union leader, where they use one day strikes to let off steam, where they refuse to have anything that resembles a general nationwide shout down.

    Its like at American Motors when we came to work and found union leaders blocking the factory entrance for their so called “wild cat strike.” True was, and all us workers knew it, that the company had either made to many cars or was short of parts. So, we lost several days pay and the company laughed all the way to the bank.

    The ports now have two full weeks to rearrange their schedule, surely a one day strike will be like water off a ducks back, surely it will only let off steam, burn up our very limited emotional capital and be a counter revolution for our movement.

    Two day shout down — or forget it. Better yet, a permanent shout down until the port unions get an honest contract they can work under with dignity.

  • fiddlesteven says:

    What about the Port of Coos Bay Oregon? It is owned by the State I believe. Most shipping traffic out of ports are by rail. IE: container trains owned by 1%. Railroad personel,engineers, are paid very little anymore for running these trains. Is there any legal,safe way to keep trains from moving across the country? Also, the owner operator independent drivers association “OOIDA” based in PA I believe, has been active in fighting for independent truck drivers for many years. Big corporate trucking companys have been trying to put them out of buisness buy lobbying for record keeping that can only be done by big companys. I owned a truck in the late 90s and got out because I couldn’t drive and keep all the records at the same time. There simply were not enough hours in a day to drive and keep records, logs permits, paying ins, fuel bills maintence,and drug testing records etc. Worring about keeping all the so called DOT safety rules and paper work puts enormous stress on independent drivers already on the edge financially, and actually contributes to driver fatigue. Independent drivers are small buisness owners competing with huge corporate trucking companys and keeps the cost of shipping down. They have no union. They are the 99%.They are always one payment away from loseing their trucks financed by the wall street banks that control them in this way. The insurance industry also exploits them. The split speed limit makes people hate truckers for empeading the flow of traffic on the freeways and people get killed weaving in and out of slow moving trucks built to run at 70 mph. The federal hwy administration says Freeway traffic is safest when every one drives at the same speed . Drivers get paid by the mile instead of by the hour which makes them rolling sweat shops. There is no minimum wage for a truck driver. Get these drivers on our side and almost all shipping in the US would stop for a day of protest.

  • fiddlesteven says:

    The Port of Coos Bay Oregon might be a model of the way Ports should be in the future. It is owned I believe by us, the 99%. Even the Railroad from Eugene to Coos Bay is owned by the state so is the commons. The Port of Coos Bay and Oregon citizens got together and saved the railroad from abandonment by the 1% owned super railroad Union Pacific. Union pacific could care less about the 99%s lives and small buisness in Coos Bay that relied on the railroad. They lied about the rail lines safety to the gov, and defered maintenence to try to abandon it. The port is even open to the idea of passenger rail serving Florence and Coos Bay in the future, a future with out cheap oil and gas. Perhaps Occupy should should support the Coos Bay Port.

    • John Ellis says:

      Actually, the port is controlled by the 51% most educated and wealthy voting majority, the 51% with all the wealth.

      Create a social democracy, a moral democracy where the 30% most wealthy are not allowed to vote or have any input in politics. Surely, as this would give the lower half of society 60% of all the power, and prevent High Society from hoarding 80% of the wealth.

  • John Ellis says:

    Our concept of the 99% is based on two illusions,

    (1) The illusion that 10% Country Club-class, all the politicians and high ranking officers in the military and upper management in industry, that they are not happy with getting 10% of all the wealth in the richest nation on earth.

    (2) The illusion that the 40% Educated Middle-class, everyone in the military with rank below Major and above Corporal, all of law enforcement, teachers, small business owners, supervisors and those with college or technical training, that they are not happy with their 10% of all the wealth that Empire USA has plundered. A grand illusion surely, for they all have great jobs, terrific homes, deluxe healthcare, are of the 51% voting majority with all the wealth with all the power.

    So, our Occupy movement is fighting only for the 49% not working, underpaid or Uneducated Laboring-class.

    So, unless we the oppressed 49% of Empire USA, unless we organize at least half of the 49% laboring-class, then keep your eye on Egypt, for 49% of their society is laboring-class earning $2 a day — if and when they can find work.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      We need more entitlements to ensure we collapse United States like many other countries in the European Union.

      Instead occupying ports take a break on Christmas Day and reflect upon Jesus that he loves you. If you wish for mr to pray for you please don’t hesitate to let me know.

      Love in Christ


      PS: Please stay warm during your free speech protest. I am the 49% so I believe we can work something out together.

  • John Ellis says:

    As virtually all of our Occupy movement is of the Educated Middle-class, as most all of them have never had a friendly personal conversation with Laboring-men, the 49% men who are 95% of all prisoners in jails, prisoners and insane asylums, all those referred to in mainstream media as “dead beat dads… muggers… gunmen… drug addicts…,” we need to shatter that class barrier or our movement is dead forever in the water.

    For though our movement is dead set on pacifist non-violent civil disobedience, with our courageous women trying their gutsy best to rise to the occasion, the legalized killers called cops have not a grave apprehension of using violence against them, and our women are getting brutalized because of it. For gutless wonders that they be, those who get god-egos strapping a killing machine to their bodies, no fear of danger do they feel in smashing our women in the mouth or dragging them by the hair across the hard concrete.

    But for an absolute, none of the cops is going to risk being hospitalized going after a man with nothing but their bare hands, but will put on their riot gear, grab clubs and in overpowering numbers gang up on us men engaged in civil disobedience.

    For only men have deadly force, the natural instinct and adrenalin to kill to save a loved one. For when faced with mortal danger, women grab their hair, step back and scream. Whereas, men grab a rock, step forward and hell.

    For unless he is unemployed or under paid, not hardly a man of the Educated Middle-class will support a cause that places in danger their great jobs, terrific homes and deluxe healthcare.

    So, we need to stop going up to those with more wealth, demanding a chunk of their wealth, but put our cause in reverse by going down to those with no wealth, going with the humility needed to beg the laboring men their forgiveness — for all the times we were paid to be their slave drivers.

  • REPUBLIC says:




  • John Ellis says:

    Now, what our War On Terror is all about, this is a pleasure pill for the upper half of our Empire, the 51% most educated and wealthy, the voting majority with all the wealth. For it is to ease the stress of a guilty conscience and the fear that vengeance will someday be the payback for all their greed, plunder and brutal imperialism.

    • REPUBLIC says:

      John, quit hating during this holy time (Christmas) of the year and ponder upon Jesus and let him guide you and your followers.

      Let us not make this great country godless. We should not be ashamed of worshiping Jesus. Look at the Muslims they worship their god and prophet, imams and are not ashamed of their Koran.

  • REPUBLIC says:

    Although I cannot say that this is a fact but a theory (just like the Theory of Evolution thought in school)

    You must adhere what I am about to say because this is either taking place as we speak or may take place during your our time.

    1. Our country as a whole moved from a Christianity way of life to a godless nation.

    2. The United States of America no longer believe family values and morals. Marriage is just a piece of paper and it’s just a convenience and no longer needed with the times.

    3. Our Constitution is antiquated and no longer meets today’s criteria.

    4. USA enemies directly and indirectly are funding organizations like ACLU, Ford Foundation, Occupy Wall Street, this organizations, and many more. What is the best way to destroy a strong nation? The creation of viruses within that country by causing turmoil, hate their own government, people, God, and overthrowing of the current system.

    5. USA enemies are Russia, China, and Middle east just to mention a few those guys, they have institutions set-up here in the USA and funnel money to the anti-American citizens virus, organizations like yours, but they cannot be traced back to the enemy aka puppet master, because the money passes from different hands.

    6. All organizations that fights against our way of life are unfortunately infiltrated by the enemy through citizens like you and I, but they answer to their puppeteer all the way to the puppet master which is under our noses and no one seem to notice, because we are to busy destroying USA.

    7. Occupy Wall Street are strong believers of socialism therefore once they get their way the USA will change its name to United Socialist States of Amerika (USSA). The Pledge of Allegiance will be simply “Hail Socialism!” This is a godless way of life in a socialist environment. Don’t worry your organization will revamp and become a different thorn on the new Amerika’s side.

    5. Everything goes and USSA will be the pit of the world, the new modern SODOM AND GOMORRAH, that the stench and corruption will be spread worldwide.

    6. Once that socialism fails, because it is a step closer to communism Mother Russia and China will lead the United Nations to police us up to become better obedient to the new United Nation Constitution. Your organization will need to progress once again and try to fight for freedom, but in reality it will be too late because that generation will be more dumb down then this present time generation of American haters virus.

    A story that came to me by analyzing current and past events. I know I should be giving you guys evidence, but this is a theory therefore there is no hard evidence just like the Theory of Evolution, yet is thought in schools US wide.

  • John Ellis says:

    European leaders are preparing to unveil their plans for addressing the sovereign debt crisis that’s threatened to tear apart the Euro zone. Both France and Germany are expected to push for changes to the Euro zone treaty, including centralized oversight of national budgets and tighter reins on debt. In a speech on Thursday, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said radical changes are needed in order to save the Euro. Sarkozy’s address came after central banks — including the U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Bank — took coordinated action to prevent a credit crunch among European banks. For more on the developing crisis in Europe and its implications worldwide, we are joined by economist and professor Richard Wolff. He is the author of several books including “Capitalism Hits the Fan: The Global Economic Meltdown and What to Do About It.” “The Fed is recognizing that another bailout is needed,” Wolff says. “All the steps taken over the last two years to try to cope with this crisis of our capitalist system.
    em haven’t worked, and so we’re now we are again on the brink of a crisis, and again, public money and public institutions are bailing out a private banking system and a private enterprise system that is not working and is not solving its own problems.” Wolff continues, “The fundamental question is you’ve gotta deal with an economic system that is not working. … You’ve gotta take big steps to change the way this economic system works, or find a new system. … It’s as though we have a dysfunctional economic system coupled to a now dysfunctional political system and instead of fixing each other, these two systems are making each other in a kind of spiral downturn…” [Rush transcript to come. Check back soon.]


    • REPUBLIC says:

      The reason for EU failing is due to big government and lots of entitlements to the people. Now the people are protesting and rioting for their government to cut entitlements due to borrowing money and not enough revenue going in to the government.

      The European government shells out more money then it takes in revenue. Thanks to the government great generosity and the people wanting more. Sounds like greed to me, that is what happens when a nanny state spoils its people they want more.

  • BS says:

    John, John John, (fiddlesteven), John
    Rock On I love you guys.
    I think the problem is that 95% of the 99% still believe in the chance of being 1%ers someday, and don’t wanna booger it up.
    I am marching for hope of a change in human nature!
    What should I write on the T shirt?

    • REPUBLIC says:

      Front of t-shirt “I am Clueless”

      Back of t-shirt “Follow me and we shall achieve a utopia clueless society”

      I give you permission to go ahead and use my ideas above and let me know how much will it cost I would like to order a Large size please.

  • REPUBLIC says: