Occupy Seattle Accountability Principles and Process

OS Accountability Principles and Process

As the Occupy Seattle community grows and moves forward, we need to
make clear how we resolve conflict, harm, and violations of our
principles within OS community space and hold each other accountable
to the OS community. Harm, conflict and violence in our community are
a direct result of the system of oppression and violence which our
movement is fighting against.
We’ve all been shaped by this system and we all need to work together
to heal and transform ourselves and our community.

Occupy Seattle as a collective will adopt these accountability
principles to handle
conflict, harm, and violations of community agreements within our community:

●Working together and listening over opposition and banishment
●Respect for the humanity of all individuals involved
●Participation, transparency, and responsibility to the community
●Close attention to power dynamics of privilege and oppression
●Focus on healing instead of punishment, obedience, or ‘getting even’

The process which we propose involves these steps:

Emergency De-escalation:
When a public conflict occurs, everyone present may come together and
attempt to de-escalate and figure out how best to immediately keep
everyone safe (i.e asking people causing harm to leave for a short
time until an accountability circle can be convened).

Community Accountability Circle:
• An accountability circle is formed with the goal of transforming and
healing our community.

• The transformative justice group will be available to facilitate an
accountability circle between two days and one week of the incident.
An accountability circle is an open, transparent process gathered to
understand the conflict, heal those involved of oppression and
violence, and make OS a safer space. Anyone in the Occupy Seattle
community who feels affected by the incident in any way is encouraged
to participate (i.e. campers, work groups, caucuses) The circle may
use a talking stick, to ensure that all voices are heard, and may grow
as it needs to.

• Anyone may be requested to engage in the accountability circle by
another individual or group, including camp safety, and may be
unwelcome in the occupation if they refuse.

• Facilitation from the transformative justice group will guide the
process, and support the accountability principles. The accountability
circle will hear everyone’s experience of: what happened, how and why
the harm came about, and what might repair the harm done. The circle
will then attempt to reach consensus on the next steps for resolution
including agreements to remedy the harm, conditions for participants
to remain welcome in the Occupy Seattle community, and strategy to
ensure that accountability conditions are adhered to.

• The accountability process will be adaptable to the community. The
transformative justice group will provide resources, trainings, and
maintain the evolution of the accountability process.

6 Responses to Occupy Seattle Accountability Principles and Process

  • peacegranny says:

    Just wonder where all these nice principles and processes are when the shit hits the fan in the middle of the night like it did 3 out of the 5 nights i camped with my daughter. Finally left due to cancer causing clouds of cigarette smoke, the immersion in drug induced conflicts in the wee hours and the horrid sexism i witnessed. Too few do the dirty work. Yesterday i picked up cigarette butts for an hour and a horridly bloody q-tip. I witnessed 2 young women, Val and Elvina, doing massive garbage pickup with several young men for at least an hour or more. Seems that burnout is infecting those who do the main holding down of the camp. There truly needs to be committed relief for those who are there keeping it all going. As a Grandmother who cleans houses to make it, i feel it is really important for people like Mark Taylor Canfield to commit to some of the labor needed to keep this all going. I have heard Mark’s name for years, but have yet to meet him. Hope you do some hard core volunteerism.

    Finally, the level of sexism is dangerous and the ideas for processing such crimes will not assure safety for those targeted by rape or harassment. Anyone who carries out violent behavior should be immediately ejected. Just seems a little too soft for what i have already seen happen.

    • John Ellis says:

      Above poster should be called WarGranny, or more correctly WarGrandpa as such putrid language is the product of a male mentality.

      For most all the putrid things mentioned above were no doubt paid to be done by paid actors hired by the rich, and to force our minds to wallow in such muck is exactly what the rich desire above all things.

      • REPUBLIC says:

        John Ellis – That is what happens when you hear or see controversy demonize, labeling, discredit and isolate the threat. That is a typical godless, fascist, socialist and communist mentality.


  • REPUBLIC says:

    Granny, this is all about socialism everything goes. These are the people that protest and care for equality, but their example is what Amerika will look like once this equality they are looking for is in place.

    I know those evil conservatives, 51 percentages, and the antiquated
    Socialism is a modern progress that affects everyone one way or another. The government is already preparing for this beautiful entitlement safety net.

    We have no choice but to buy healthcare mandated by the government.(Mandated by Obama

    If you and everyone else think that we will get the best care better ask Europe. If you think that you are not going to copay like now you better think again. Once there is plenty money in the healthcare pot of moeny, the government will “borrow” from it, just like Medicare pot of money, pensions funds,and Social Security. I am sorry, did I get someone angry because I am saying the truth?

    We have no choice but to buy the new florescent bulbs and ban incandescent bulbs same thing as above mandated by the government. Mandated by Bush)

    No US companies are making these bulbs, but Mother China. She will take care of our consumerism tendencies; meanwhile Daddy USA implements and dumb us down by providing everything so we will not need innovation.

    The government, little by little will take our choice to freely buy from variety to what they see fit, and will chip off those rough edges blocks of society so we all can be the same shape. Once everybody is the same shape block it won’t be hard to make us communist, because we need the government more than they need us, or they will say it is best for the people. People will not protest or anything because we are a bunch of smooth blocks that can be stacked side-by-side and one above the other.

    Socialism and communism will give us these freedom” These are examples that some are already happening. I repeat some are already happening.

    1. No family nucleus

    2. No morality and no religion

    3. Be selfish and demand more entitlements

    4. No need to clean-up after yourself or have a sense of responsibility, i.e. OS is a perfect example, cigarette butts, dirty syringes, alcohol containers thrown anywhere,but in the trash can or take it home with you and dispose of it.

    5. Legalize drugs

    6. No marriage license needed because that is antiquated and there in no need, i.e. this will produce sameness and equality

    7. Sex freedom; anyone can start any age no education needed to abstaining, i.e if you feel like it to do it, then do it; this will produce sameness and equality.

    8. No male and female public or private bathrooms; unisex bathrooms are okay, i.e. this encourages sameness and equality

    9. No male and female shower in gyms; unisex showers are okay, i.e. this encourages sameness and equality

    10. Freedom to have sex like animals anywhere and anytime with no discretion; i.e parks, public places, Cass Sunstein thinks that animal should have same rights like humans, and they can sue us for maltreatment http://www.examiner.com/hunting-and-fishing-in-baltimore/cass-sunstein-animal-rights-animal-welfare-and-president-obama why not have sex like the animal kingdom we will have equal rights.

  • REPUBLIC says: