General Assembly Proposals

Agenda Items:




Passed Proposals:

6/13/12  :

Occupy Seattle will suspend all decision-making at General Assemblies until Wednesday October 3rd 2012, while continuing to hold Discussion General Assemblies Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. at the Washington State Trade and Convention Center.  If there is an urgent matter requiring decision during this period, an exception can be made to allow decision-making under the following conditions:

If twenty-five or more attendees at a Discussion Assembly vote in favor of holding a Decision Making GA, they can call one for the following week.  (This first discussion must be Livestreamed, and the scheduled Decision-Making GA must be posted on the OS calendar and in the GA section of the OS website at a minimum)

At that next week's Decision Making General Assembly there will need to be a quorum of at least fifty people involved in the consensus process for a decision to be made on a proposal.

If at any Discussion GA there is a "super-quorum" of one hundred or more attendees, they may propose and use consensus to pass a proposal or proposals, thus turning the Discussion General Assembly into a Decision Making General Assembly for that day only.
(With the exception of a super-quorum;  any decision made under this process, the meeting must be livestreamed, and the existing pre-proposal process still applies —  a pre-proposal needs to be made by Sunday evening 72 hours before GA, to Process and Facilitation and posted on the OS website's GA proposal section)



We Reaffirm the OS “Unity, Solidarity, and Debate” Statement and condemn any physical attack on persons or of political literature as described by Revolution Books as happening  at the May Day event May 1st, 2012 at Westlake. 
Background Information Presented by Revolution Books:
On May 1st at Westlake Park, a group of people seemingly part of the day’s protests verbally and physically attacked Revolution Books staff people. Instead of seeking to debate differing politics with substance, they approached en masse to bully and intimidate shouting “Statists! You’re a cult! Fuck Bob Avakian! Get out of here!” Members of this group attempted to provoke a physical fight by shoving, pushing and knocking things out of the hands of the Revolution Books staff people. During this time, two bins of progressive, radical and revolutionary books, and literature were taken and destroyed by dumping water over the literature. This attack was later upheld and celebrated by a post on an anarchist website on a page listing attacks on capitalist businesses and government institutions on May 1st. An almost identical attack occurred in Oakland on May 1st, also involving the destruction of books and literature with water. Destroying books and literature that contain ideas one doesn’t agree with is not, in essence, property destruction; it is censorship, and it is no different than book burning.
These actions are in clear violation of the “Unity, Solidarity, and Debate” statement passed by Occupy Seattle on 11/16/11. Provoking and carrying out physical attacks or spreading slanders and gossip because of political differences is unacceptable. It is entirely different than principled discussion and debate, even sharp debate, over these differences. Such attacks have no place in the Occupy movement. They can only benefit a system that seeks to suppress Occupy and other movements of resistance by dividing people who have honest political differences. The U.S. government has a long history of fomenting and using such attacks to isolate and eliminate radical and revolutionary groups and individuals.




Occupy Seattle endorses the April 24-5 action by Share/Wheel, Real Change and Nickelsville to occupy Westlake Plaza and the Committee to End Homelessness in King County (CEHKC) in protest of CEHKC's failed policies, with the demands that 1) data collection and outcomes should be used as tools, not weapons; 2) Provision of low-cost survival services must be prioritized; 3) CEHKC must create and promote an economic justice agenda.  Nickelsville, Share/Wheels, Real Change.




The members of Occupy Seattle feel that for the GA to be an effective forum for discussion, as well as reflective of our anti-oppression statement, we need to enact a Safer Space Policy.

A Safer Space Policy is a community agreement that sets the standards for how to participate and interact with other people in this space. It is expected that all those who are participating in the Occupy Seattle General Assembly comply with the Safer Space Policy and understand that if they do not they will be told to leave.

The person experiencing the oppressive statements, behavior, or dynamics will decide if the person violating the Safer Space Policy needs to be warned, if there needs to be a community response, or if that individual needs to leave.   The community will provide a collective decision on how to react to the oppressive behavior.  Process and facilitation will decide on a hand signal to be used to call attention to the behavior and it will be added to the orientation section that is read before each GA.

The following will not be tolerated:

- Verbal, physical, or sexual forms of aggression
- Violating consent or the boundaries of others
- Sexual harassment or unwanted attention
- Domineering behavior and/or taking up too much space
- Perpetuating systems of oppression (ableism, adultism, ageism, religious oppression, transphobia, xenophobia, classism, heterosexism, racism, sexism, sizeism)
- use of drugs or alcohol during GA
This event is intended for us to build community, network, make announcements, plan and create projects, share resources, and have fun. Please do not consider this space to be a secure area to discuss anything that can be construed as illegal activity. This is not a value judgement; this is to ensure a safer environment for all attending.



The new GA Schedule will be as follows:

(there will be no more discussion GAs on Monday and Thursday evenings)

Sunday Decision making GAs at 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Westlake rain or shine.
By Sunday April 22 they will be changed to 2:00 p.m.
There is a noon discussion GA at noon on all Wednesdays at Westlake.
Decision making GA at 7:00 p.m. at WSCC every Wednesday evening.




Occupy Seattle's General Assembly that occurs on all Sundays at 2:00 p.m. at Westlake will change to 4:00 p.m. 


Occupy Seattle, in solidarity with the port truck drivers of Seattle, demands that the Washington state bills HB 2527 and 2395 be passed into law by the anniversary of Ceasar Chavez's birth, March 31st, 2012, or we shall take further direct action in consultation and solidarity with the port drivers.

If necessary we shall call on other Occupys, especially those located in major transportation corridors,  to take solidarity actions that they deem appropriate.

Occupy  Seattle endorses the transphobia resistance marches, because gender expression shouldn't be an issue.

"To celebrate International Women's Day on Thursday, March 8th, it is proposed that the general assembly on Sunday March 11th be women centered.  this means that the process of GA will be led by women, the discussion topics initiated by women and speakers are the women present that evening.  We, the women of Occupy Seattle, want our male occupiers to hear our voices!  Therefore, we request men to attend and listen respectfully to us.  We believe that sharing our experiences will strengthen participation in the movement and help occupy Seattle to continue to grow and include all of the 99%!" brought by Mina to the 03/07/2012 GA and tabled until the 3/11, passed on 3/11

1) Consensus Process –

2)  We, the general assembly of Occupy Seattle hereby endorse the Everything for Everyone Festival, planned in Seattle, Washington, USA in the month of August.
The Everything for Everyone festival is meant to give a face for this new movement. It indents to facilitate debate and cross-fertilization, for a mutual flourishing. A movement for changing everything is much more than actions and protest, as vital as those are. It is a new politics, culture, and forms of organization; a new way of living. The Occupy movement has created a rupture of possibilities; this festival aims to include those who have participated and those who have yet to participate but are attracted to fundamentally changing society. To provide a space for the new culture, the new philosophy, and new politics in it's diversity and complexity to intermingle and grow stronger. It aims to bring together art, music, workshops, philosophy, and encompassing participation from attendants. The festival aims to contribute to having a culture and way of life that is defined by “everything for everyone.”

1)  Occupy Seattle stands in solidarity with the people both of Greece and Syria.  We are outraged to action against the oppression and austerity measures that the state is administering to it's people.  Occupy Seattle supports our Syrian and Greek comrades in their collective struggles in their streets.

2) Boycott Wells Fargo (proposal for Occupy Seattle General Assembly, 2/22/2012)
Occupy Seattle endorses the formation of a group to discuss, plan, and conduct a boycott of
Wells Fargo Bank. The boycott is intended to take place over a long period of time, like the
Southern Christian Leadership Conference’s Montgomery bus boycott of 1956-1957 and the
United Farm Workers’ Gallo boycott of 1973-1978, among many others. Like these successful
boycotts in the past where people in great numbers withdrew their financial cooperation from
a corrupt system, the Wells Fargo boycott will urge people to divest their money from Wells
Fargo. The goal of the boycott will be to shrink Wells Fargo’s dehumanizing influence in our
society. This influence currently includes:

Expensive lobbying in state and federal legislatures
Zero federal taxes, Washington state tax loopholes
High profits paid to executives
Foreclosures on homes
Investments in multinational corporations that run American prisons and deportation
centers for profit (GEO and CCA)
Possible investments in companies like Seattle Steam that perpetuate environmental
destruction instead of promoting energy conservation and clean energy alternatives

The Wells Fargo boycott will be organized in collaboration with other organizations in the
Puget Sound area and with other Occupy groups around the country, who have already begun
to raise awareness of Wells Fargo’s part in the dehumanization of our society; The Wells Fargo Boycott will report back to OS about all the groups it collaborates with on this boycott and all others; the OS Wells Fargo Boycott organizing group will give frequent reports to the OS General Assembly about what groups it is collaborating with on the boycott and the details of that collaboration. Importantly, the boycott will emphasize positive alternatives to people at every opportunity, including providing information on local credit unions and the effort to create a public bank in Washington. And it will submit any requests for Occupy Seattle funding for informational flyers, signs, sound systems, and permits through the appropriate Occupy Seattle channels.

3) May Day 2012
Occupy Seattle stands in solidarity with and endorses the call for a general strike –A day without the 99%! On May Day, wherever you are, we are calling for: *No Work *No School *No Housework *No Shopping *No Banking –TAKE THE STREETS!

Occupy Seattle will change its schedule to four General Assemblies only beginning February 27th.  On all Mondays there will be an Action-Brainstorming General Assembly.  On all Wednesdays there will be a Decision-Making GA.  On All Thursdays there will be a Discussion GA.  On all Sundays there will be a Decision-Making GA.  Passed 02/19/2012
Occupy Seattle approves adding Linda Julien, our present bookkeeper, as a signator to the OS BECU account for purposes, not of writing checks, but for obtaining account information.

The port truck drivers are part of the 99%.  They have put their livelihoods and lives on the line for safety, justice, and human dignity.  They practice direct democracy, deciding their own course and actions, just as we do.  Occupy Seattle stands with them and their struggle for as long as it may go on in full solidarity.  To this end, Occupy Seattle endorses the Monday Port Truck Drivers' rally and the Feb 18th Occupy Our Hearts Solidarity Potluck.

1) Occupy Seattle agrees to having Nathan Shields, Douglas Johnson and Kawan Baxter be signers on the Occupy Seattle Bank Account.

2) Occupy Seattle endorses the action to mobilize on the University of Washington campus between 11:00 a.m. and  1:30 p.m. against the arbitrary firings of custodians at the University of Washington

1) Occupy Seattle allocates $400 as partial compensation for use of the warehouse in which all of its supplies are stored for the month of February in order to use this month to find safe storage space(s).  Proposer Carol Isaac – Thank you Sonya Rodgers, Phil Mocek and CDC for giving us this safe space for this long without requiring any rent.

2) In line with the fundamental principles of the movement, and in solidarity with Occupations across the country it is proposed that we move from a majority takes all voting system (regardless of percentage) to a consensus system.

Process and facilitation will require two to three weeks to make the necessary preparations. There are several consensus models to choose from, with possibilities of blending multiple approaches. The GA directs Process to listen and take from the conversation leading up to a cote on this proposal for direction and encourages all GA members to participate in Process meetings as time allows. The GA must come to consensus approval of the plan that Process brings forward at the end of those three weeks.

We cannot allow the dysfunction and divisiveness of the broken system we come from to entrench itself in our movement, therefor we affirm our commitment to self-representation, personal autonomy, and solidarity as we free ourselves from the tyranny of majority and move to consensus decision making for proposals in General Assembly. At the end of three months the General Assembly will decide whether to keep this system or return to majority voting.

1) This General Assembly endorses Occupy Seattle's "Get Money Out of Politics" working group's January 20th event, "Occupy the Courts."  Karrsen Brannon-Young, GMOP, on January 12, 2012.

2) Occupy Seattle endorses the current boycott at the Seattle Hilton Hotel, where workers are fighting for their jobs, and will encourage members not to patronize the hotel.
Occupy Seattle will stand with workers, starting with the first rally on Monday, January 16th at 3pm.
The General Assembly requests that the media workgroup use Occupy Seattle’s online resources and media relations to publicize the boycott, and boycott-related events that are brought to their attention.

1) The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, (NDAA), under its Title X – General Povisions, Subtitle D – Detainee Matters, section 1031 and 1032 and subsequent sections does not support the peoples rights in that they can be detained indefinitely without charges and without trial.  This does not adhere to the principles of the Constitution of the United States per the following;

Article III section 2, "…under which judicial power extends to all cases, trial of crimes by jury and where said crimes have been committed."
The 4th amendment, "No warrants shall issue but upon probable cause."
The 5th amendment, "…or crime a person shall not answer unless presented with or indicted by a grand jury…nor shall any person be deprived of life, liberty or property."
The 6th amendment, "…the right to a speedy and public trial…be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation, be confronted with witnesses against him, and to obtain witnesses in his favor and assistance of defense council".
The 8th amendment, "…no cruel or unusual punishments inflicted…."
The 14th amendment, section 1, "…no state shall enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of U.S. citizens nor deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due proces of law nor deny within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws…."
NDAA, section 1074 per the following;  "…implementing procedures to integrate unmanned aircraft into the National Airspace System" is in opposition to the 14th amendment, "…the rights of the people to be secure in their persons…against unreasonable searches.
The NDAA also negates Habeus Corpus, the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, and the Non Detention Act of 1971.

The NDAA is in oppostion to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the Geneva Convention Rights all of which the United States is one of the signatories.

We the people claim the right to exercise the Power of the Constitution of the United States regarding all lawful and unlawful orders wherever they may be.

We the people know our rights.  The American people have stood tall for liberty and justice for a long time and have sacrificed for these human ideals. We will not let them slip away or be eroded. "OUR Constitution, We Will Keep It!" -proposed by Bernard Weber

2) Occupy Seattle stands in solidarity with the Martin Luther King Jr. Day March.
Proposed by Norm Keegel.

1) We, of Decolonize/Occupy Seattle, endorse answering Occupy Longview, WA's call to stand by ready to help plan and coordinate the action of blocking the EGT grain ship expected to arrive in Longview mid-January.  We join Occupy Longview in calling out to all occupies, from New York City down to Florida, all the way to the West Coast, to join in solidarity.  –  Proposed by Marianne Mork

2) I propose to add a 15 minute worker speak out at the beginning of non-voting GAs. GA has been a place to connect community struggles like foreclosure resistance, bank occupations, stopping environmental pollution, and resisting police brutality. A worker speaker will allow us in addition to connect workplace struggles to our movement. Most of us are part of the 89% who are unemployed, non-unionized, low waged, or casualized workers. Capitalism pits us against each other, non-unionized and unionized, immigrant and granddaughter of immigrants, employed and unemployed, low waged and lower waged, workers of color and white workers, fighting for the scraps and small pay checks. Together we can take action to support each other in our workplaces against unpaid or low wages, racial and gender discrimination, and unhealthy working conditions. Across industry, national border, migrant and employment status, we will uphold "an injury to one is an injury to all.  "  Proposed by Marianne Mork

3) Occupy Seattle endorses the letter below:
Dear Steven Colbert, Occupy Seattle would like to invite you to be our honored guest at a very special double birthday party the weekend of January 20th and 21st. We know you probably have other things to do, but we think this is more important. As you may be aware, the "Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission" decision is turning two years old on January 20th and we thought it would be nothing short of criminal if we did not celebrate the second anniversary of corporate emancipation. On that date two years ago, the Supreme Court ruled that, because corporations are people too, they are entitled to the same first amendment rights as the rest of us fleshy mortals. In a narrow 5-4 decision, the court finally put an end to the discriminatory practice of treating corporations as second-class citizens, for no other reason than that they lack physical bodies and the physical organs to sustain them(including, but not limited to, hearts) and, in doing so, rectified one of the greatest and most glaring injustices of our time. Finally, after so many decades of struggle, corporations can finally express themselves freely, and spend as much money as they want doing it as the rest of us.
Being as we are incapable of detecting blatant and unapologetic sarcasm, we can tell from your show that you are one of the most passionate advocates of corporate rights alive in America today, second only to Newscorp, FoxNews, and the vast majority of their employees. Since none of those people returned our phone calls, we are reaching out to you. We're hoping that you might join us for this two-day celebration. There will be music, marches, and lectures by human-people. There will also be mock trials for some of the corporate-people who have given corporate personhood a bad name by doing things like stealing other people's houses and dumping poisonous chemicals on other people's farmland(including, but not limited to, JP Morgan Chase and Monsanto). If you can't come, or just don't feel like flying to the West Coast for the beginning of Citizen's United's terrible twos, could you, at the very least, plug the event on your show? That would be cool. Sincerely, Occupy Seatte

4)  Occupy Seattle Unanimously Endorses Solidarity Action with United
Farm-workers and begin building towards a May 1st General Strike in
Seattle. Proposed by: POCcupy Decolonize Seattle, Food Justice Work Group

Occupy Seattle endorses a solidarity action with United Farmworkers on
January 27, 2011 at 2pm from Seattle Central Community College to
Darigold Headquarters to demand that  immediate action be taken to
resolve the issues facing workers at Ruby Ridge dairy. That Occupy
Seattle calls for a coordinated national actions in solidarity with
Farmworkers and Immigrant workers to be carried out by the Occupy
movement on January 27, 2011.

Seattle reaffirms a commitment to global economic justice. Over a third
of Ruby Ridge farmworkers have been fired for asking for a union and
suing owners over unpaid wages, hour violations, and even assault.
According to workers, the dairy owner, supported by a multi-million
dollar loan from a major lender, carries a rifle in his truck and has
threatened workers. This action will begin building towards a May 1st
Global General Strike with farmworkers, migrants, and economic refugees,
unionized and non-unionized labor to achieve economic justice and human
rights for everyone. Occupy Seattle is a union for all workers,
especially the 89% of workers who are not unionized. For more information visit on the worker struggles at Ruby Ridge and the solidarity action with the United Farmworkers on January 27, 2011 visit:


1) All money in the Occupy Seattle general fund be spent using the 80% consensus of the occupiers who choose to vote D\during a weekly meeting scheduled and made public on the site at least 1 week in advance. Amendment: Money authorized by The Occupy Seattle General Assembly remains Occupy Seattle until and unless it is spent for the purpose authorized. Each work group or affinity group which is authorized to spend money will report at least once a week to the General assembly about the status of the authorized funds.

2) That all money be accounted for and publicly accessible. Copies of all receipts be made. The current balance, (original and copies) of the receipts, money spent and donations be publicly accessible, both in hard copy and digitally.  The current balance be put on a tab on the Occupy Seattle website and the money subtracted and added each week be accounted for on the website and updated in this tab on a weekly basis.

3) Money donated to specific projects by work groups, or affinity groups may only be spent for purposes authorized by those groups unless otherwise specified by the donors at the time of collection.  This includes monies raised via we-pay.  This respects the intent of donors and the work done by these groups to secure funding for their projects.

Occupy Seattle supports the United Black Clergy.  They will be holding a prayer vigil January 04, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. at the Greater Mt. Baker Missionary Baptist Church on the corner of 25th and Jackson against the police abuses and highlighting the Dept. of Justice Report on Seattle City Police Department."  Douglas Johnson

1)   Publish open letter to people of Wukan expressing a) support and sympathy for their situation and b) respect and admiration for their bravery and moral resolve. Letter can be found at

2)   Adopt statement acknowledging that US Constitution does not recognize corporations and stating that they are not people, should not be treated as such. Call for Constitutional amendment that humans, not corporations, have rights. Statement is as follows
"The General Assembly of Occupy Seattle,
Convinced that one critical threat to free and fair elections, and authentic democratic self-governance comes from the fact that corporations have been defined as legal persons,
Declaring that persons are rightfully recognized as human beings whose essential needs include clean air, clean water, and safe and secure food,
Deeply disturbed that the granting of Constitutional protections to corporations has compromised, or resulted in the destruction of our communities, economy, democracy and natural world in many ways,
Convinced that the solution must be comprehensive, and remembering that those who believed defining people as property was immoral did not call for ending one or two parts of slavery, but for abolition of the institution of slavery,
Recalling that corporations are human-made legal fictions, and that human citizens are the source of all legitimate power in any democracy,
Deeply concerned that corporations need only profit for survival, and that such profit and survival are often in direct conflict with the essential needs and rights of human beings,
Having observed that the great wealth of large corporations lets them misuse the legal system to overpower human beings and communities, thus denying We The People’s rights,
Recalling that corporations are not mentioned in the Constitution, that The People never granted constitutional rights to corporations, but that individual judges and courts have misguidedly done so without Our consent,
Particularly disturbed that the rollback on legal limits on corporate spending in elections creates an unequal playing field enabling corporations to influence elections, candidate selection, and policy decisions,
Having seen that large corporations own most of America’s mass media and use that media as a megaphone for their own agenda, drowning out other voices,
With conviction that defining property as people is fundamentally immoral and a threat to real people, all other life forms, and the planet,
Be it resolved that Occupy Seattle calls for the abolition of corporate personhood. We join the tens of thousands of people, grassroots organizations and local governments across the country in calling for an Amendment to the Constitution to firmly establish that money spent on political campaigns must allow for an equal voice for all people, that human beings, not corporations, have natural rights protected by the Constitution, and that the rights of human beings will never again be granted to artificial entities or property."

Occupy Seattle is a leaderless and leaderful movement. We are all leaders.

1) Occupy Seattle supports hotel workers in Seattle and everywhere who are fighting for living wages, benefits, job security, and respect on the job. Occupy Seattle endorses the upcoming rally at the Edgewater Hotel on Monday December 19th at 4pm, where workers are fighting for their jobs.

2)The General Assembly requests that the media workgroup use Occupy Seattle’s online resources and media relations to publicize the Edgewater rally.

a) Leaving SCCC, we will make every effort to communicate to all especially to tent occupants who don't participate in OS events about what the Eviction means: the letter of the law and the effect of the Eviction Notice–that if they are still camping in a tent by the end of the 72 hours on Friday, Occupy Seattle will not try to protect their belongings or protect them from arrest. [Legal observers and Peacekeepers will of course be present and active as necessary.]
b) Friday when the 72 hours is up, Occupy Seattle will begin a 24 hour Teach-In on or near the former encampment at SCCC.
c) For the 24 hour Teach-In Occupy Seattle will use 4 structures, surrounded by people who are willing to risk arrest to protect their right to protest and freedom of speech.  These structures will consist of: one open canopy tent, to protect active Teach-In workshop leaders from the weather; one Sanctuary Tent, for Occupy Chaplains to care for Teach-In participants, many of whom suffer from PTSD-like symptoms; one zip-up tent for teach-in leaders and participants to rest in between workshops; and one Promise Pile, a compact, tarp-covered structure made from piled Occupy Seattle folded and bound tents, personal supplies, and general OS  supplies including some from Medics, Information, Sanctuary, etc.  This Promise Pile will be Occupy Seattle's visual call to the communities of Seattle, communities of fatih, neighborhoods, and especially "underwater" businesses and owner-occupied homeowners struggling to get re-negotiated mortgages to keep their homes and businesses, to provide Occupy Seattle participants with a place to live or camp while they continue to fight for the whole 99% of us to have our shares of security.
d) The theme of the Teach-In will be Occupy: Past, Present and Future! Each workshop will address this theme in one way or another: for instance re Wealth, Poverty, Class, Race and Education; or re Ever Enough?–How a country with Plenty experiences so much Lack. People of Color and other groups will be especially encouraged to participate in and lead workshops, to share their experiences and perspectives. Workshop leaders will be expected to make their workshops participatory, giving participants ample opportunity to talk amongst themselves, ask questions and offer comments.  People's Mike will be used [as default-standard not mandatory] for whole-group address and discussion.
e) At the end of the 24 hour Occupy teach-in, participants will join in a rally from 11 am to 3pm, with speakers, music and culture-sharing, fun and surprises.
f) At the end of the rally 3 things will happen.  The March To Defeat Violence will assemble on the sidewalks and corner of Broadway and Pine.  Continuing encampment participants will pick up their packed tents and belongings, joining with the march. The rally's final, spiral dance will join with the march.
g) If a suitable location has been found by march time for Occupy Seattle to re-establish one or more encampments that are walking distance from SCCC, the rally will move into General Assembly mode before beginning the Defeat Violence march. Depending on the decision/s of a 1PM People's Assembly at the rally, the march could include one or more encampment locations in its route to a rally site that may be an encampment location or the original destination, Westlake Plaza, or both, depending on what the Assembly decides.  City, faith and neighborhood efforts to provide suitable encampment space, guidelines, agreements and oversight may still be forthcoming on the day of rally.

Occupy Your Home (Planet)!
If you would like to discuss the information presented in these documents, please start a thread in the Forum.

2) Whereas they have consistently outsourced labor and used that outsourcing as leverage to cut workers' healthcare and pay
Whereas they have spent millions of dollars on legal teams that look for ways to get them out of contracts in regards to health insurance
Whereas they continue to block generic forms of medicine that could save people's lives in order to protect investments that have already turned a substantive profit
Whereas they have erected a system that profits from sickness and fails to encourage health through prevention and early intervention
Whereas medical bills are responsible for about 60% of all personal bankruptcies
Whereas there are about 50 million uninsured Americans and many more under-insured
Whereas the US spends more per person and as a proportion of the nation's wealth on health care than any other wealthy nation and our health care outcomes are worse
Whereas a high proportion of health care spending is wasted on advertising, marketing, lobbying and investor profit
Whereas if we spent the same amount on health care per person as other wealthy countries we would be projecting budget surpluses instead of deficits
With the approval of the General Assembly:

Occupy Seattle recognizes that access to healthcare services is an essential human need and should be provided for all. Therefore, we call for a publicly financed nationwide system of public health and comprehensive health services available to all regardless of ability to pay. The system must provide prevention services and encourage practices for good health, both to lower costs and to improve health.

Adopted conflict resolution policy:

As the Occupy Seattle community grows and moves forward, we need to make clear how we resolve conflict, harm, and violations of our
principles within OS community space and hold  each other accountable to the OS community.  Harm, conflict and violence in our community are a direct result of the system of oppression and violence which our movement is fighting against. We’ve all been shaped by this system and we all need to work together to heal and transform ourselves and our community.
Occupy Seattle as a collective will adopt these accountability principles to handle conflict, harm, and violations of community agreements within our community:
-Working together and listening over opposition and banishment
-Respect for the humanity of all individuals involved
-Participation, transparency, and responsibility to the community
-Close attention to power dynamics of privilege and oppression
-Focus on healing instead of punishment, obedience, or ‘getting even’
The process which we propose involves these steps:
Emergency De-escalation:
When a public conflict occurs, everyone present may come together and
attempt to de-escalate and figure out how best to immediately keep
everyone safe (i.e asking people causing harm to leave for a short
time until an accountability circle can be convened).
Community Accountability Circle:
An accountability circle is formed with the goal of transforming and
healing our community.
The transformative justice group will be available to facilitate an
accountability circle between two days and one week of the incident.
An accountability circle is an open, transparent process gathered to
understand the conflict, heal those involved of oppression and
violence, and make OS a safer space.  Anyone in the Occupy Seattle
community who feels affected by the incident in any way is encouraged
to participate (i.e. campers, work groups, caucuses)  The circle may
use a talking stick, to ensure that all voices are heard, and may grow
as it needs to.
Anyone may be requested to engage in the accountability circle by
another individual or group, including camp safety, and may be
unwelcome in the occupation if they refuse.
Facilitation from the transformative justice group will guide the
process, and support the accountability principles. The accountability
circle will hear everyone’s experience of: what happened, how and why
the harm came about, and what might repair the harm done. The circle
will then attempt to reach consensus on the next steps for resolution
including agreements to remedy the harm, conditions for participants
to remain welcome in the Occupy Seattle community, and strategy to
ensure that accountability conditions are adhered to.
The accountability process will be adaptable to the community.  The
transformative justice group will provide resources, trainings, and
maintain the evolution of the accountability process.

1)  Solidarity with Occupy Oakland. Port Shutdown. Two actions: 11/30 and 12/12.
On Dec 12th, Occupy Seattle will join the rest of the West Coast Occupy movement in a mass march to the port with the  intention of shutting it down.  The march will begin at 1 PM at Westlake Park in downtown Seattle.  If you come late, check the #occupyseattle twitter account for the march’s current location.  Information about the Coast-wide day of action can be found here:  Similar actions are already planned in LA, San Diego, Oakland, and Portland.
Why shut down the port?
a) We will shut down the port to resist the budget cuts that target working class people.
The 1% are confident they can cut our health care, education, food aid, and social services because they think we won’t fight back.  They are wrong.  If they cut our society to pieces, we will cut their profits.  We know the port is a major source of profits for the 1%, especially during the holiday season when they ship goods produced by Asian workers under horrible labor conditions to American malls where increasingly broke workers buy holiday presents on credit, worried about whether we we loose our jobs, foodstamps, or health care.  We are tired of worrying, so now we are fighting back.  A port shutdown will hit the 1% directly in their wallets.  Happy Holidays you scrooges.
b) We will shut down the port to bypass the corporate-controlled politicians and to confront the 1% who really call the shots. Some members of Occupy Seattle will be occupying the Capitol against Gregoire’s budget cuts.  The rest of us here in Seattle will Occupy capital – the port facilities of the big corporations – against the same cuts.
Capital means the machines, trucks, ships, stores, cafes, hospitals, etc. – all the things that the corporations own and we work on to make their profits.  One of their biggest pieces of capital is the port of Seattle.  We know the 1% controls the politicians who are cutting the working class’s standard of living.  So instead of begging politicians to stop cutting us, we will do what our fellow occupiers did when they occupied Wall Street and we will go straight to the source of the problem: the big corporations, including the corporations who profit from Seattle’s port. If they cut our livelihoods, we will cut their profits.
c) We will shut down the port to defend workers’ right to organize, and to assert that the Occupy Movement is part of organized labor
Everyone knows Goldman Sachs is the 1% of the 1%.  They control Stevedore Services of America (SSA), a major player in the port of Seattle.   SSA is repressing immigrant port truckers who are trying to organize in their workplace in the port of LA, which is why Occupy LA put out the call for solidarity picket lines at ports up and down the West Coast on Dec. 12th.
By honoring this call, Occupy Seattle will be showing that we also are the labor movement.  Because the 1% uses repressive labor laws and union busting firms to disrupt organizing efforts, only 11% of US workers are organized into trade unions. On the 12th, Occupy Seattle will take a stand to defend our right to organize on the job. We also recognize that the U.S. working class is starting to get organized in the Occupy movement, which makes us part of organized labor.  Many of us occupiers are trade unionists, and many of us are also the 89% of US workers who are not in unions, the large sections of the US working class who are unemployed, underemployed, students, houseless. Our picket lines might not have the same legal standing as official union picket lines, but when the unions first started picketing back in the day they were also considered illegitimate.   Occupy Seattle’s picket lines are still picket lines organized by workers, in solidarity with fellow workers.   Dec 12th is the first of many actions that Occupy will take as a new wing of the labor movement.
d) We will shut down the port in response to the police violence and harassment the Occupy movement has faced nationwide.
The 1% uses union busting tactics to shut down our organizing on the job and their cops use pepper spray, batons, and handcuffs to repress our organizing in the streets and plazas.  We know that if the 1% wanted to, they could tell the police to stop all this repression.  But they are apparently not embarrassed when global media broadcasts images of veteran Scott Olson with his head smashed in,  or 84 year old Dorli Rainey with her face full of pepper spray.  They  don’t care when their cops hit a member of Occupy Seattle,  a pregnant woman, in the stomach, after which she miscarried.  They didn’t care when their cops killed the late Oscar Grant or the late John T. Williams either.  They don’t care as long as their goods get shipped and their profits flow.  On Oct 2nd, Occupy Oakland shut down the port of Oakland in response to the police violence they faced.  On Dec. 12th we will do the same in Seattle.  Let’s show the forces of repression that when they stomp the flames of freedom they just spread the embers.
e) We will send a warning to EGT, the multinational conglomerate that is trying to bust the International Longshore and Warehousemen’s Union.  EGT is refusing to honor the ILWU’s contract in Longview, WA.  Our action is completely independent from the ILWU.  They are not organizing this action, and we are in no way attempting to co-opt or control their struggle.  However, we are inspired by Longshore workers’ direct actions against  EGT, we are angered by the repression they are facing by the cops and courts, and we know that if the 1% busts the ILWU they will try to drive down all of our wages and working conditions next.  If ILWU members were to ask us to stand in solidarity with them at any time we would join them in a heartbeat.  We hope our action on the 12th will show EGT that we are serious about this and that we are capable of disrupting business.  They should honor the ILWU’s contract because next time it could be their business.
Because of their relationship to contracts-legally binding documents which enforce an agreement not to strike or engage in other direct actions-any trade union which publicly supports our picket line on Dec 12th could face fines and other retributions. The trade unions cannot take stances in support of this action, hence the ILWU leadership’s attempts to distance themselves from it. This does not prevent individual union members from supporting this action. We are organizing this action by speaking with and reaching out a hand in solidarity with  the struggles of organized workers in the ports, but we will be careful not to act in their names unless we are explicitly asked to do so.  Until then, we will talk to rank and file workers-unionized and non-unionized – and they will determine their relationship to our action for themselves.
We are not calling on ILWU members to do a strike or job action.  We know their contract does not allow them to honor our picket line by refusing to cross for political reasons.  These are the limitations of union contracts and labor law which prevent cross-industry solidarity.  Given these limitations, all we are asking from ILWU workers is intentional neutrality. The ILWU contract does say that workers can stand aside if they feel our picket line or the police response to it creates an unsafe situation for them, especially if it creates a situation where emergency vehicles wouldn't be able to get into the port in the case of an accident on the job.  The arbiter will rule in their favor if our picket line actually appears to pose such a safety threat.
We want to emphasize to ILWU members that our ability to show the corporations our capacity to shut down the port could ultimately work to their advantage.  It is worth noting that when the president of the Longview local of the ILWU came to Occupy Oakland's General Assembly last week to speak, he opened with these words about the Nov. 2nd Oakland port shutdown: ”When Nov 2nd happened, and it was against EGT in respect to the ILWU and Local 21, you cannot believe what you people did for the inspiration of my union members who have been on the picket line for six months now! “
For video footage of this, see:
( )
We aim to build trust and open communication between Occupiers and port workers leading up to this action.  On Nov 30th, we will be marching from Westlake Park to the ILWU union hall to deliver a letter of solidarity to the union. The march begins at 2 PM and we will arrive at the hall at 4.  At 6 PM, we will hold a mass community-labor meeting at Southwest Youth and Family Services, 4555 Delridge Way SW to discuss the struggle in Longview and the port action on the 12th. ( Please note this event is not organized by or sponsored by Southwest Youth and Family Services, we are simply using the space to meet. )
f) We will shut down the port as part of the second phase of our movement
With this Dec. 12th action, the Occupy movement is undertaking a transformation.  When we started occupying Seattle Central Community College, many people told us, “don’t disrupt life for the 99%, go disrupt it for the 1%.”  They said the same thing when we joined labor unions to occupy a bridge on Nov 17th.  These criticisms missed the fact that our camps have enhanced life for the 99% by providing educational opportunities, food, and shelter, and have stood as a visible reminder of the need for deeper social change.  However, we hear your criticism – we should be disrupting the 1% more than we are.  That’s why we’re occupying the port, as well as abandoned buildings owned by banks, wealthy developers, etc.

1. New AG to look into indoor spaces. No personal agreements on behalf of OS.
2. 12pm open-discussion GA at Westlake every Wednesday starting 11/30.

1. Mohawk: No smoking in tents or flammable area, no open flame in straw area or tents. Additional detail: first consequence: kicked out for night or 8-10 hours, after both sides of story heard. Second: kicked out 24-78 hours. Third: Banned permanently or required to do community service.

1. Liam: Occupy Seattle has many different politics and visions within it. This is our strength. We will not allow any in our movement to be singled out and attacked for their politics whether they be anarchist, progressive, communist, liberal, socialist, radical, etc. We welcome healthy debate among and between each of these groups, but debate is very different from irrational attacks and fear-mongering. We will defend each other and our movement.
If people are partaking in actions which are damaging to the movement or risk the safety of its members unnecessarily, this should be dealt with as a separate matter, outside the purview of this statement of principle. But no one will be allowed to ostracize or demonize our fellow occupiers for their world views or goals. Unless that be a world view or goal which is decisively against the general unity and aspirations of the movement, such as: fascists, the openly racist, sexist, or homophobic, white-nationalist populists, ageist, ableist, etc. No action, except those passed by the General Assembly, represent Occupy Seattle as a whole. We do, however, stand in solidarity with actions taken against the powers that be by any group or individual within this movement.
2. Josh: Proposal to Organize and Occupy in Solidarity
We officially establish and re-affirm that this occupied space at SCCC, and all future occupied spaces in Seattle are: public spaces, Occupy Seattle spaces, and activist spaces. These spaces are not individual or private spaces. Given the following logistical and strategic concerns for how we can operate effectively as a community and as a political action, including: our collective need for more adequate infrastructure, problems with black mold, bed bug infestation, threats to security, the placement of pallets, bigger tents with heat and lighting, the installation of electrical infrastructure, rubbish in walk ways, police raids, placement of honey buckets, wind blocks, continuing expansion, and other developing issues and concerns.
We therefore give working groups the right to make adjustments to infrastructure and perform their respective work so long as it is announced before the General Assembly (GA) in a respectful way.
Twelve hours notice shall be given to the community, in the form of a GA announcement, regarding large-scale restructuring of camp or emergency actions which affect everyone. Such announcements will also be posted on the announcement board at the Info tent, and it is the responsibility of our community (including working group members) to spread information about urgent working group actions by word of mouth, to those not able to attend a particular GA.
In the course of all work by any working group, every effort should be made to respect individual property and autonomy.
Regarding Process and Facilitation: When such GA announcements are made, a temperature check will be done to determine whether the working group should proceed with their work, or if the project affects the community too broadly to proceed without discussion. When it is determined that more community discussion is needed, interested individuals are invited to join an immediate working caucus after GA has disbanded to discuss the proposed work and contribute information or consultation as needed. The results of this caucus will be a proposal that must be brought before the following GA for democratic consensus or rejection. However, given the urgent nature of some of these announcement/proposals, the GA must receive the working group proposal on the following day regardless of it being a regular scheduled voting day. Every effort will be made by working groups not to overburden the GA with unnecessary restructuring announcements. Routine work should not be announced at the GA.
In the event that a working group has information or reasonable belief that there is an imminent emergency which threatens the stability of our movement (such as an impending police raid), we give working groups the ability to take immediate action as needed to resolve the threat.
Regarding the need for accountability to our democratic process and to our community: Individual autonomy should be respected so long as it does not endanger the democratically derived authority and greater efforts of Occupy Seattle. It is recognized that unity, and maintaining the integrity of our democratic process, are core values of Occupy Seattle. When individuals within our community engage in behavior that appears to threaten our democratic process, action must be taken to help people change or end such behavior. Disputes and conflicts are to be addressed by individuals through a conflict resolution process. In cases where a person is seen to have offended the entire community, then a community conflict resolution process will happen, to be detailed in a later proposal, or by later amendment of this proposal. As an absolute last option, after all other efforts at conflict resolution have been exhausted, individuals who are seen as circumventing the General Assembly’s process should be barred from organizing within GA working groups for a period of a week after the first offense, then barred from the Occupy Seattle activities at large for a period of a month after the second offense, and barred from Occupy Seattle for a year after the third offense. Charges of circumventing the GA’s process shall be brought before the GA for adjudication until some point in time when another process of conflict resolution is formed or this proposal is amended.

1) Occupy Seattle joins the struggle of students, faculty and staff at Seattle Central Community College and other colleges and universities to defend public education and all other social services against the vicious attacks coming from Olympia and Washington, DC, The fight to defend education and social services is our fight. We say no to tuition hikes, budget cuts, and layoffs. We say cancel student debt. Quality education is a right, not a privilege. It should be free. Unite to defeat budget cuts and fight for instead full funding for education and all other social services.

2) Occupy Seattle joins the struggle of students, faculty, and staff against the attacks on public education and social services by building for and carrying out these three actions:
a) Rally and protest here at SCCC on 11/15. We're calling it “Defend education for 99%”.
b) Occupy the Supercommittee. This is a week of action that's been called nationally against the mass attacks coming from this unelected Supercommittee. $1.5 trillion targeted public education, Medicare, Medicaid, and all other social services. A mass rally is called for Saturday 11/19. We build for that and also a weekday action in which Occupy Seattle will occupy the Federal building and shut it down.
c) In Olympia on the 28th, a bunch of groups are building for a mass action that was announced here by Sisters Organizing for Survival that we should join this effort. We should vote to join this also, to go down to Olympia and occupy the Capitol.

3) Whereas our constitutional rights, especially the right of free speech and the right of peaceable assembly is critical to this movement, the Legal workgroup seeks authority from the GA to do two things:
a) Legal asks for authority to approach and retain a law firm to represent Occupy Seattle free of charge for the purposes of considering a lawsuit to enforce our constitutional rights. Legal would only consider law firms that have the resources and a reputation for fighting for constitutional rights which in legal's opinion would do justice to Occupy Seattle's principles of anti-oppression, equality, and fairness. One such firm we would approach would be Davis Wright Tremaine, the firm most identified with fighting against governmental limits on first amendment rights including the cases of Berger vs Seattle and Nicklesville, both of which Davis Wright Tremaine won.
b) Legal seeks authority for another thing. Though authority over decisions to begin or end a lawsuit and all other major decisions would remain with GA, Legal asks for the authority to make day to day strategic decisions. Of course, Legal would provide weekly written and oral reports on all litigation activity.
c) (amended proposal) Legal will provide a workshop.

4) a) Put Hip Hop Occupies' event, 'Rise and Decolonize' on Occupy Seattle's press schedule
b) (amended proposal) On November 18th, GA is re-scheduled for 2pm

For direct action, Tactical WG will serve as hub for communication, scheduling, inter-team and Occupy Seattle participation, and if desired, assistance.

(amended proposal): Camp Safety team be established as mandated security, trained and identified as members of this team. Membership is voluntary. No one will be permitted to be functioning member of team prior to proper training and member training for term of membership. The GA can recall this team at any point. Security is everyone's responsibility and we're free to organize in affinity groups to keep each other safe.

1) We will have all General Assemblies at Seattle Central Community College, starting on Friday.
2) We endorse Plans in the Works for Occupy Black Friday.

1) Adopt Occupy Seattle SCCC Good Neighbor Statement (for more info check GA minutes 10/28)
2) We call on the City of Seattle to Withdraw Funds held in Financial Institutions that received Tax Payer Funded Bailouts in the Aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. We also call of the City of Seattle to transfer these Funds to State and Local Banks.

1) Provide Full Support of Planning and Actions for November 5, that Bank Transfer Day Tempora

Put our Money in BECU.Checks Require 2 Signers.No debit or ATM card. Finance does Books Weekly, and Reports Back to GA. More than $1000 requires GA Approval. Finance Committee has at Least 3 People. Signers Approved by GA. Four Positions Kept Filled.

1) Begin a Mass Occupation at SCCC on Saturday, with Tents, to Prepare for it All Week, and to Keep Occupying SCCC until we vote to do otherwise.

2) We have an Action at Chase Bank this Saturday at Noon, before they close.

3) All Proposals will Be Brought to Facilitated Discussion a Minimum of One Day Prior to Vote.

4) There Will Be Four Decision-Making GAs per Week, on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Other GAs, held Nightly or as Desired, will be for Discussion, Refinement, and Debate of Proposals, Amongst Other Things.

1) Have a Facilitated Assembly During the Day for General Discussion of Topics for Which Minutes will be Kept.

2) Open a Club Account –Not a Business Account—at BECU tomorrow using a Federal Tax ID, Corey Registered for Occupy Seattle today (unincorporated political association for banking purposes only).

1) This Saturday, Proposals will be Suspended and Replaced with Open-Ended Discussion about Actions and Ideas to Move Message of Occupy Seattle Forward.
2) Allow Media Committee to Talk to Police for Reporting Purposes.
3) The People of Color Caucus produced a document extending solidarity to Indigenous People Locally, Nationally, and Globally. Occupy Seattle Supports this Statement.

Occupy Seattle will be a Cop Free Zone to the Best of Our Ability.

On Saturday, October 22, 2011, Have a Day of Solidarity, in Conjunction with National Day beginning with People’s Movement Rally at Noon, and the March Against Police Brutality at 2pm.

1) Move GA to 7:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
2) Outreach Working Group will Start to Design Materials.
3) Adopt Principles of Anti-Oppression and Accountability Based on Those from Occupy Boston.

1) 10/15 GA be Shortened to Work Group Reportbacks only.
2) Create a Steering Committee Made Up of the People of This Movement Who are Responsible for the Agenda of the GA and Relieve Facilitators of this Duty.

Occupying Westlake and City Hall are Two Options and as a Movement We Can Support Both.

1) To Stay Here at Westlake Indefinitely.
2) We have a Mass Re-Occupation of Westlake, with Tents, Starting Saturday Night.

10 This Proposal is Only Applicable to Those who Want to Move to City Hall for Night-time Occupation. We Demand that Mayor McGinn meet with Nominated Representatives of Occupy Seattle in order to Discuss Long-Term Goals. List of Practical Demands

a) Four Large Tents for Medical, Kitchen, Supplies and Info
b) 24-hour Parking at City Hall: one space for Supplies
c) 24-hour occupancy Shelters for the Health and Safety of Protestors
d) 24-hour access to 1st Floor of City Hall for access to restrooms, meetings, etc.
e) Written Statement from Mayor McGinn regarding the right to indefinitely occupy the City Hall site.

1) Modify Block Policy. When a Block is Enacted and it is not Overturned, the Proposal is Tabled. Then a Coalition will be formed to Discuss and Revise the Proposal, then it will be brought back to the next General Assembly.
2) Minutes from the Website Along with Notes from the Global Occupy Movement Should be Made Available at the Info Table Daily.
3) Temporarily Grant the Tactical Working Group the Authority to Disburse Funds From Petty Cash Overnight.
4) The Student Walk-out is Scheduled for Wednesday Afternoon. We Should Pursue Permit for Sound System and Equipment.
5) Occupy Seattle stands in Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street’s Declaration of Grievances and Will Continue to Identify Local Grievances.

1) Let’s Sleep in Shifts for Rain Protection.
2) Don’t Call the Police on Each Other, We Should Solve our Own Problems Instead.
3)No Arrestable Direct Action that Threatens Occupy Seattle as a Whole can be Undertaken Without GA approval.
4) Change the GA time for 10/10 to be 5:45pm in order to Accommodate Events, such as the Candlelight Vigil at 7pm.
5) The Internet Communications Work Group Would Like to Put Notification on the Occupy Seattle Website Notifying Everyone of a Student Walk-out on Wednesday and the Saturday Global Protest.

1) Tactical Should be the Liaison Between Occupy Seattle, the Parks Department, the City Government, and the Police.
2) The Inter-Team Work Group Meeting will Meet Every Night after GA to have GA orders disseminated between Working Groups. It will be made up of 2 Reps from every Working Group and they should be changed as much as possible to re-train Transparency.
3)Tactical Should Function as a Liaison between the Working Groups.
4) Each Work Group should have a Mission Statement Prepared by Tomorrow.
5) Reserve Porta Potties for Overnight Campers and Lock Them During the Day. If People are in Desperate Need There are Lock Combos at the Medic Tent. We will keep this Situation until Funds are Raised and There is a Better Solution.

1) Occupy Seattle stays at Westlake during the Native Alliance Rally, then marches between 5 and 6:30 pm.
2) The Legal and Finance Work Group Should Bring Specific Proposals to the GA concerning a local credit union account, a transparent, on-line account, and the issue of being tax-deductible.
3) All Working Groups Should Have a Representational Color and a Legend So People Know Who to Talk To.

1) General Assemblies are at 6:30pm on Weekdays. Work Group Meeting Times are up to Individual Work Groups.
2) Rotation of Facilitators and Training for those Facilitators
3) Hold Orientation 15 Minutes before General Assembly.
4) Notify Public of Meeting Times Through On-line Calendar.
5) Facilitators Never Present or Advocate Opinions.

Have a Community Tent for Storage of Items.
1)Create a Sustainability Work Group to Guide the Actions and Implement the Ideas for a Sustainable Occupy Seattle.
2) Let’s Call Everybody Volunteers, not Representatives, Co-ordinators, or Anything Else.
When Tents are Erected Tomorrow, We Do Not Enter Them.
Fundraising Committee and other Appropriate Working Groups be Authorized to Organize a Mass Potluck Sometime in the Next Two Weeks.
1) This Saturday, After the Two Demonstrations, We March to SCCC to Set up New Base Camp, and Maintain a Daytime Presence at Westlake through GA, Work Groups, Direct Action, etc.
2) We Will Not Call the Cops On One Another in this Movement.
In solidarity with Indigenous People Around the World, Occupy Seattle will Change Its Name to Decolonize/Occupy Seattle.
Have a Mass, Indefinite Occupation of SCCC, with Tents, and Prepare for it All Week.
Adopt Occupy Seattle Good Neighbor Guidelines
Occupy Seattle will be officially a non-violent movement. We don't tolerate people who are violent toward others, whether members or non-members. If someone is violent, he or she will be removed from the camp and allowed to discuss the situation later. And right now to propose a resolution in the future about a conflict resolution.
Commit to using methods of non-violent civil disobedience at all of our demonstrations and define violence as unprovoked physical aggression.
recommend that intersections not be occupied with fewer than 100 people, make earnest effort to have contingency plans for circumstances when too few people show up
1) Proposal to clarify Occupy Seattle’s stance on violence
Whereas, this is a violent world, and
Whereas, justice must be achieved by any means necessary, and
Whereas, the US police force have firebombed Detroit panthers and imprisoned and murdered, and
Whereas, there are combat veterans and lethal people amongst you,
Affirmed, Occupy Seattle is violent and reserves the right to engage in violent tactics during direct actions. Furthermore, violence shall be defined as unprovoked physical acts of aggression, threats to engage in such acts, and any communication that disparages a person or a group on the basis of some characteristic such as concepts of race, skin pigmentation, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or creed.
Not Blocked, but Tabled (both proposals by same proposer):
2) Proposal to clarify Occupy Seattle’s stance against violence
Whereas, this is a violent world that Occupy Seattle works to alleviate and transform, and
Whereas, acts of violence cause more violence, and
Whereas, the uncertainly of Occupy Seattle’s stance on violence deters people from supporting us, and Whereas, the corporate controlled establishment has the biggest guns and just passed the NDAA which codifies indefinite detention of citizens, Affirmed, Occupy Seattle is nonviolent and shall engage in nonviolent tactics during direct actions. Furthermore, violence shall be defined as unprovoked physical acts of aggression, threats to engage in such acts, and any communication that disparages a person or a group on the basis of some characteristic such as concepts of race, skin pigmentation, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or creed. Additionally, Nonviolence shall be defined as actions that are not violent.