SCCC Eviction! 72 hour notice posted today, December 6th!


SCCC issued 72 hour notice to vacate dated today, 12-6-11.
Link to document:

Legal team will be responding.

All evening GAs post eviction will be held at 7:00 p.m. every day at Cal Anderson Park on the center plaza near the restrooms.

The noon Wednesday GA at Westlake will be held per usual at noon.

Stay tuned for more information.

13 Responses to SCCC Eviction! 72 hour notice posted today, December 6th!

  • Artful Bodger says:

    So when is the Clean-out and Move-on Party scheduled?

  • John Ellis says:

    Were a minority, so they know its time to do this to us. Which will give them greater fear, that when we become the majority, it will be high time to do this to them.

    • Artful Bodger says:

      Force them to live in a poorly lit camp with no running water?

      • DougCassidy says:

        I’m all for making a demand that politicians must live at the income level of their lowest constituency for the duration of their term.

    • John Ellis says:

      Now it I were president of this flunky vocational school, one so designed to keep the laboring-class down and flunking, why I would have the students quick build a bathroom in the center of their encampment, one complete with hot showers and makeup rooms for the ladies.

      So, do you see the stark difference between what our Empire USA should do for us — compared to the slavery they do to us?

  • Christy X says:

    Count me in.

  • Christy X says:

    Count me in.

  • Bradford B. Morrison says:

    We understand that the smear campaign against occupyseattle was well orchestrated by the SCCC administration…(see Jeb Wyman’s e-mail elsewhere on this website). The smear campaign was basically completely untrue. All of the “problems” such as rodents, needles in the children’s play area; condoms in the playground; drug use; were problems BEFORE occupiers camped there beginning Oct. 29th,2011. Generally speaking, our camp is a microcosm of society, which has many negative aspects normally occurring every day. There will continue to be sexual assaults;needles used to shoot drugs; drunken revelers creating noise at 2:00 AM when the local bars close; and, of course, the ever-present rodents, which inhabit every large and small community in nearly the entire world; LONG AFTER OCCUPYSEATTLE leaves this campground.
    The 1%, who undoubtedly orchestrated the political pressure for this unwarranted smear campaign, need to understand one thing: WE WILL FIND OTHER SPACES to OCCUPY, and WE WILL NOT GO AWAY QUIETLY!! WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE the WORLD for the BETTER, or DIE TRYING!!!
    So, please, please, pretty please, EVERYBODY, rich, poor, middle class, smart, dumb,healthy, mentally ill, homeless or with a dwelling to stay in, PLEASE GET ON BOARD and HELP US!!! It will be WONDERFUL, and we will have trying times, but we will have A LOT OF FUN ALONG THE WAY TOO!!!

    Thanks for listening
    Peace and Love
    Loudmouth Karaoke Brad

    • John Ellis says:

      Yes of course, mixing the slaves with the slave owners and slave drivers, that’s going to get our revolution off to a roaring start.

      Funny thing, above poster is of the educated middle-class and an essential part of the slave driver portion of the 51% voting majority, the 51% most educated and wealthy who own all the wealth and power.

      • Bradford B. Morrison says:

        Dear John Ellis:
        The “above poster” is none other than ME; LOUDMOUTH KARAOKE BRAD!!! I indeed am very educated, John. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from 1976, U.of W. I did indeed grow up in the middle class, John. My father’s entire career was as a professor of Mechanical Engineering at the U. of W., and he was able to provide for a wife and 5 children a middle class lifestyle for us. He was a great father, and I loved him dearly.
        John, where your truth-telling gets separated from reality is when you state that I am “an essential part of the slave driver portion of the 51% voting majority, the 51% most educated who own all the wealth and power.” Here is the reality, John, for your information. I have retired at the age of 62, on $666.00 a month plus food stamps of $189.00 a month. I do not own a personal motor vehicle, and have not owned one since 1983. I worked most all my life, but I worked mostly part-time, because I fell in “love” with Texas Hold ‘Em Poker in 1977, and have been pretty much “addicted” to that game for about 40-50 hours per week for 27 of the last 34 years. I have gotten pretty good at that game, but I am not a “World Class” player. Over the years, the casinos have gotten greedier and greedier, and they now take away about $12.00- $15.00 per hour from each poker player; whereas in 1977, when I first started, the casinos took away only $2.00 per hour. So, long story short, you have to be a FAR BETTER THAN AVERAGE poker player just to break even; since you have to beat opponents out of about $12.00-$15.00 per hour to do so. Then, if you are REALLY, REALLY GOOD, and beat your opponents out of, say $20.00 per hour, you get to keep about $5.00-$8.00 of that, after paying the CASINO the rest!!
        Anyway, John, I currently am slightly behind on my rent, but not too far. I ride the bus for $81.00 per month. I OCCASIONALLY am able to borrow a car, from relatives. But I am able to just get by financially, by never buying clothes anywhere but at thrift shops; by not owning a cell phone or I-pod or I-pad; by almost never buying anything that I don’t absolutely need; and, just generally, being very very thrifty.
        So, John, if you think that I should be considered one of the “wealthy who own all the wealth and power”, then I just don’t really get your point.
        In addition, John, I would like to wish you the best of luck with what you claim to believe is “our revolution”. Here is MY point of view on that: Generally speaking, because of limited firepower on “OUR SIDE”, and massive firepower on the side of the wealthy…(tanks, f-16s,aircraft carriers, drone aircraft with hellfire missiles, cruise missiles,bullets, tear gas, billy clubs, stun grenades, etc.; etc.; AND ESPECIALLY a VERY STRONGLY PROPAGANDIZED and BRAINWASHED MILITARY and PUBLIC; (who believe that us protesters, whether we are violent or peaceful, HATE AMERICA, even though we don’t hate the wonderful IDEALS of AMERICA, just the stuff like WARS for OIL, and TAX BREAKS for BIG BUSINESS, and RISING TUITION COSTS for COLLEGE EDUCATIONS, and CORRUPT BIG BANKS…( I could go on and on here, but folks are unlikely to read this sentence if it gets any longer…LOL!!)
        So, anyway, John Ellis, I believe that our only REALISTIC chance to make the world a much better place to live in FOR EVERYONE, is a PEACEFUL REVOLUTION, probably including things like MASSIVE GENERAL STRIKES!! And, John I want to AT LEAST TRY to sweet-talk any wealthy people who want to help out, to help out, with their MONEY and their TIME, and their SMARTS!! After all, John, I think that even you would probably agree that at least SOME of the super-rich in the world have their hearts in the right place and want to help out; and as for the ones who are just stuck in self-centered money grubbing greed, that at least SOME of them might possibly be SWEET-TALKED into seeing things OUR WAY, and changing their perspectives and HELPING OUT!!! This idea also applies to the less affluent who are PROPAGANDIZED by the MAJOR MEDIA (including, of course, FOX NEWS, as well as others) into believing that we occupiers and left-wing peace and social justice types, are AMERICA- HATING SCUM!!; when the TRUTH is that WE WANT to get AMERICA (and the whole world) to at least COME CLOSE to living by the wonderful ideals that the U.S.A.’s founding documents describe. (Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness; freedom of speech and assembly to redress grievances; freedom to CHANGE GOVERNMENT if its form has become INTOLERABLE;etc; etc;)
        So, in coclusion, John Ellis, just try to STICK to the FACTS if you wish to discuss anything in reference to ME!! Of course, you are entitled to your opinion about what I am all about, but it appears to ME that YOU DON’T HAVE the LEAST CLUE about who I am and what I stand for. (in previous commentary by you on this website, you have accused me as well as msmikestew35 of being “paid actors” hired by 1% types! Well, I cannot speak for msmikestew35, but I can say definitively, John Ellis, that I WISH I was getting paid for my commentary, since I could clearly use a bit more money, but that the fact is that EVERTHING I WRITE is a LABOR of LOVE, and done to try to help out changing the world for EVERYONE to have a better life; and it is written ENTIRELY for FREE!!!
        Have a wonderful afternoon, John, and have a wonderful life! I look forward to meeting you sometime and shooting the shit with you. We might both learn a thing or two, you never know!!

        Thanks for listening
        Peace and Love
        Loudmouth Karaoke Brad

  • matthewh says:

    If and when OS commits to an organized departure from the sccc campus – the right thing to do is to leave the college grounds in as good or better shape than it was in before OS arrived. This would be a meaningful demonstration of one of the movement’s values to exercise personal accountability in support of a larger community.

    Community colleges are the “99%” of this country’s system of higher education – serving far more people of limited means, while using significantly less public funds, than our highly prized “public” 4-year universities.

    Whether sccc’s desicion to evict OS was made for cynical or sincere reasons – OS should not contribute to further financial hardship for an important public service that has already been forced to scale back it’s ability to serve low and middle income families simply because our political “leadership” is too cowardly to pursue additional sources of revenue from those who can afford it.

    Along w/ Christy X – I will help w/ the move when the time comes…..

    • John Ellis says:

      And rightly so are they in perfect harmony, backstabbers that they be, for one and the same paid actor they be.

      Here we sit in our comfortable air-conditioned classrooms while our Empire USA makes babies into body parts in Gaza, West Bank, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and a dozen other nations in Africa and Eastern Europe. And give us a year and we will be making baby body parts in Iran and Venezuela.

      But, what is that compared to the need of keeping people off our nice green grass?

      • Bradford B. Morrison says:

        Dear John;
        You are totally correct, John, in my opinion, about the horrible evilness of Empire USA. It is truly unforgivably evil what the Empire is doing to the people (including babies) in many parts of the world.
        However, John, in MY opinion, the answer is NOT to accuse sincere people of being “paid actors” because the scope of what they are trying to do in living out their daily lives is a bit more limited than YOUR “GRAND VISION” of the coming “REVOLUTION”.
        The answer, John, IF you are sincerely trying to help make things better, is to STOP your BACKSTABBING INNUENDOES and OUTRIGHT FACTUAL MISTAKES and FABRICATIONS. Teach people what you know and believe, John Ellis!!…Just give other folks the respect they deserve also, without your idiotic viewpoint which borders on believing that everyone who doesn’t exactly see thing YOUR WAY has something wrong with them. Maybe the person who has something wrong with them, John, is THE PERSON WHO YOU SEE WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!…LOL!!!

        Thanks for Listening
        Peace and Love
        Bad, Bad, Loudmouth Karaoke Brad

        P.S. John, I wish to meet you, so as to find out if YOU are a real person or not!! I will buy you a beer, or whatever you want, on me, if you will e-mail me at:
        C’mon, John Ellis, I dare you!!!