D12: Updates on Transportation to Port Shutdown! Free, Wheelchair Accessible Bus Shuttle!


Take Occupy Seattle’s FREE, WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE BUS from Westlake Center on Pike St. (next to Sephora) to the Port of Seattle LEAVING EVERY HOUR at 2:15, 3:15, 4:15, and 5:15pm! Questions about the Occupy Bus? Call Noel (206)794-6838.

Did I mention it’s FREE?

Because of limited space, also BE PREPARED TO TAKE A METRO BUS, such as routes #125, #122, #132, #21, or #22 from Westlake Center to the Port. GET OFF at Chelan Ave SW and SW Spokane St., and walk East along the Alki bike path beneath the West Seattle bridge. Occupy Seattle members will meet you there!

Do you have a CAR? Feel like BEING HELPFUL? Call Pete at (925)658-2013 from the Transportation Workgroup to be an ON-CALL DRIVER during the demonstration, OR to coordinate carpools back to the city when you leave the demonstration.

You can also visit the following facebook event page to find a driver / rider near you to coordinate:


This is crucial to ensuring that we can get as many people out to (and back from!) the Port Shutdown, as well as ensuring that it will be accessible to all peoples regardless of disability, age, or any physical hindrance.

For UPDATES on day of PORT SHUT-DOWN/ call (206)424-4547.

3 Responses to D12: Updates on Transportation to Port Shutdown! Free, Wheelchair Accessible Bus Shuttle!

  • John Ellis says:

    As 100% of the wealth and power is owned by the 51% most educated and wealthy, the only honest course of action is to organize the 49% uneducated laboring class and have nationwide strikes that destroy all profit for the most greedy upper half of society.

    (1) Occupy movement talks only about the 1% rich slave owners, says not one word about the 50% enriched slave drivers — is this a smokescreen?

    (2) Occupy movement is virtually all of the educated middle-class, only marches in educated neighborhoods, only protests in rich neighborhoods and never sets one foot down in a slum neighborhood. Is this a smoke screen?

    (3) The rich love it when they are blamed for all of it, as it puts zero pressure on the delicate conscience of the self-absorbed 40% educated middle-class. So, all of corporate mainstream media has a blackout on the word “laboring-class,” and label everyone as either poor — middle-class — or rich. Comes now the Occupy movement to do the same, now is that a smokescreen or is that a smokescreen?

  • John Ellis says:

    High society is only 1% of the people, which means that it is 99% free of the guilt. The guilt being that everyone is striving to enrich themselves upon the misery of anyone less educated.

    Love is a two party affaire, as it is a giving action that produces a grateful response. So, a rich man gives all his estate to a museum and one of a kind things are preserved for future generations, while another man so rich his estate is all left to the poor and accomplishes nothing but to inflate pride and make an ingrate and greedy society more greedy. So, who did more good then harm?

    Before there can be a 1% high society that gets rich, first there must be 99% of society so ingrate toward nature as to think that they all deserve to be rich.

    It is absolute, society allows 25% of American children to suffer excessive poverty for only one reason, society allows the rich to have excessive wealth.

    Before the rich can enslave the uneducated lower half of society, the 50% most educated and wealthy must first agree to be slave drivers.

  • John Ellis says:

    To be enriched upon the enrichment of others, to show the only way toward a clear conscience in an Empire that destroys all conscience, is this not what the pursuit of happiness is all about?