POC Caucus Requests Support from Legal Community.

POC caucus requests the support from the legal community for the safety of our friends, families and communities:

We are the People of Color Caucus, part of the Occupy/Decolonize movement. On December 12, 2011 at 1pm we are participating in the coordinated shut down of the West Coast Ports. As people of color we have made a call out to our communities which consists of First Nations, non citizens, survivors of the prison industrial complex, economic refugees (immigrant workers), and survivors of systematic state sanctioned violence. People of color have been targeted at direct actions in the past.

Because we are preparing for the potential of arrest during this Port Action, we are requesting pro bono legal assistance for the Port Action and afterwards. We are looking for law students, attorneys, paralegals, and the legal community as a whole with experience in civil, criminal, and immigration law who will provide their assistance pro se. Any legal assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated. We will compile a list of legal representation who have agreed to assist
pro-bono before, during the Port Action, and afterwards. Thank you for listening, and thank you for your time.

In solidarity,

People of Color Caucus

2 Responses to POC Caucus Requests Support from Legal Community.

  • John Ellis says:

    Now if I had excessive wealth and wanted a good way to protect it, the above warning-warning-warning is what I would want to see published. But enough — for the battle cry of activism is,

    “Dam the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

    My first arrest, back in 1956 at the tender age of 16, was when I was organizing laboring men and for no other reason then I had seven teenage laboring class boys in my car, and also because the county jail was empty and the juvenile needed to justify his high salary, I got pulled over and some free room and board.

    But my last arrest was the most comical, for the park police got in a big argument with a woman in my van, and because she had three kids, the cop grabbed me and Bingo — more free room and board.

  • John Ellis says:

    I’m sorry, but gutsy civil disobedience is not passive solidarity most friendly, while collaborating with the enemy.

    For a one day strike is what the rich would love to see, it being perfect for letting off steam and a counter-revolution the corrupt union bosses pull on us workers all the time. And like a day of bad weather it can easily be handled by schedule changes.

    But, a two day strike building up momentum for a week long battle, one that pulls in twice the number of protesters willing to travel twice the distance, to engage in twice the action — now we have big jail time for a gigantic number.

    For what will happen is a repeat of the last Oakland shutdown, with the police doing nothing until the second day and then getting most aggressive.

    So, it your just a home before dark weekend warrior, then get out of the way, for come day two watch the riot police start a riot most brutal and for our rebellion pave the way.