Leaving the Way We Came In

December 9, 2011. On Tuesday, December 6th, 2011, Seattle Police Department posted a notice of eviction at the Occupy Seattle encampment at Seattle Central Community College on Capitol Hill. The notice gave 72 hours to vacate the premises. At noon on Friday, December 9th 2011, the 72 hours will have expired. The eviction notice caught many Occupiers by surprise, as Occupy Seattle participants and college administration had been working on a planned and peaceful re-location, however a date had not been finalized. 


In preparation for a planned re-location, Occupy Seattle has been removing tents, supplies, and essential equipment from the camp. However, some structures remain, to include the Learning Tent, where faculty members of SCCC hold teach-ins regarding issues of economic and social disparity. On Friday, the American Federation of Teachers Union and the King County Labor Council are scheduled to hold one of these teach-ins at the Learning Tent. The session is expected to start at 12 noon and continue overnight.


Occupy Seattle fully intends to exercise the First Amendment rights guaranteed every American citizen by assembling in the South Plaza of Seattle Central Community College on Friday, December 9th. While the Seattle Police Department may elect to remove us from our chosen protest space on that date, we stand in solidarity with other Occupy Wall Street protests that have been so egregiously evicted from public land by continuing to protest regardless of accusations or threats leveled by SCCC or the SPD. 


2 Responses to Leaving the Way We Came In

  • John Ellis says:

    Even though its self-evident that the upper half of society all have great jobs, terrific homes and deluxe healthcare, even though half of society are slave drivers and love things just the way they are, you lie to the people telling them that the 1% rich are 100% of the problem. A most doable brainwash, as we exceptional Americans are sucker-bait ready for any con game that offers something for nothing.

    Then instead of going down to the slums and laboring class neighborhoods and reaching out to the lower half of society, you do all your marching and protesting among the educated middle-class, maybe make one pass along the greens of the 10% country-club class, being very careful to go nowhere near the rich nobility of High Society.

    Then you post the above notice telling people its more important to rake the grass and leave friendly, then to stand your ground against a most hostile and legalized enemy.

    “The eviction notice caught many Occupiers by surprise…”

    Surely pure fiction, and if you find out who the “dinodanica” author of above brainwash article is, you will discover who the leader of this “leaderless movement” really is.

    “Occupy Seattle fully intends to exercise the First Amendment rights,” but not this time. But, then if the legalized killers look at us kind of mean tomorrow, then not tomorrow either.

  • John Ellis says:

    To keep everyone slaving for the rich man’s gold, the dominant paradigm, the all-encompassing propaganda, is the way that all of corporate owned mainstream media worships the rich as the “job creators” and saviors of our society. And as the fairy tale goes, the rich deserve our absolute trust as they have no choice but to rule business and government behind closed doors, bless their darling angel hearts.

    So, a blackout in all of media is the word “gratitude,” a blackout in all the entertainment industry is the thought that we humans have any interpersonal need for gratitude, and in its place we are given the imperative to “Be All You Can Be.” For not only do we owe not the slightest gratitude toward nature for giving us the free gift of life, instead guaranteed by the slave owner and propaganda generator Thomas Jefferson in his Declaration of Independence is an “unalienable right… life.”

    And so, the rich allow 10% of wealth to trickle down but only to the upper half of society, giving only them great jobs, terrific homes and deluxe healthcare. Whereupon, this slave driver half of society proceeds to run around like chickens with their heads cut off as they strive to earn all they can earn, take all they can take, own all they can own and to be a dictator over all who are on land that they own.

    As light forces all darkness to give way, tell the people that this day of life is more then anyone deserve, the conviction of which would cause a man to act as if everything he owned belonged to those who have less then him. The conclusion of which would be a most guilty feeling if ever he failed to give all he could give.

    Whereas, the rejection of this truth would mean that the listener loved darkness more then light and preferred not to be enriched upon the enrichment of others, choosing instead to be enriched upon the misery of others.