Solidarity! Meet at 2:15pm Tomorrow at King County Jail to Stand Up to Violence!

Mads J. was arrested on Dec 12th at Terminal 18, when the police threw the flash bomb and tear gas. They are trying to charge him with Felony Assault of police officer. This is the most serious charge among the 11 arrested.

We need you to come to his hearing tomorrow. We all know what went down that day. Police violence went wild and now they slap our people with charges to demobilize and demoralize us. We need to show them that Decolonize/Occupy stays together and sticks up for our people against violence.

We need you, tomorrow *THURSDAY* Dec 15, King County Jail Court, meet 2:15pm at 5th and James.

6 Responses to Solidarity! Meet at 2:15pm Tomorrow at King County Jail to Stand Up to Violence!

  • John Ellis says:

    Those who get a god-ego strapping a killing machine to their body, for pay and for fun, they are all part of the 51% most educated and wealthy, 51% voting majority who own all the wealth, and they are not one bit happy with us trying to end slavery for the lower half of society.


    So, what do you call democracy — when the 51% most educated and wealthy vote to enslave, not only the lower half of society at home, but enslave the lower half of society worldwide?

    How about we call it Empire USA? And how about we agree that America will always plunder by brutal imperialism — until we bar the 25% most wealthy from voting, from holding office and from having anything to do with politics?

    • REPUBLIC says:

      State capitalism is a different form of a Ponzi scheme, which is based on the elite of the socialist government to the majority of wealth. The people will make the same amount of money to remove the classless society, and that is by going with the average cost of living. Right now we all we will be making about $65,000 per year gross. Here is the tax layout: If you wander why did I rename the taxes it is because you have to adapt to “socialism political correctness” Tax is evil and Federal is evil. All 50 states will have income tax for better entitlements.

      This is a typical European Socialist government taxation reform, and since the USD will collapse a new currency will come to lite AMERO (let’s assume 1 Amero = $1.00)

      Earning/Deductions Type ———- ——— Today Terminology

      65,000 yearly earning before tax yearly earning
      2,500 National Wellness Fund ————— Health Insurance
      2,400 National Social Revenue —————-Federal Tax
      1,200 Local Social Revenue——————–State income tax
      600 Regional Social Revenue——————-County income tax
      1,200 Local Union Labor Membership———– Self explanatory
      2,100 Secure Retirement Fund—————– Social Security
      $55,000 yearly income after tax

      Community Revenue (CR)flat fee 25% today known as Sales tax average 8.5% depending where you live.

      Here how the sales tax will work this is a break down, but the way I did send this idea of taxation to my congressman and senators.

      9% local revenue (city tax)
      9% regional revenue (county tax)
      2% EPA revenue (clean air act; where a congregation of 2 or more people are conducting a transaction/purchases)
      5% EPA special revenue transportation polution control

      Total tax per 1 AMERO = 25 cents


      You don’t believe me!! Ask an European. Since all socialist children like to rely on the government for entitlements, instead of self reliance, that is what will happen because the money has to come from somewhere!!

  • John Ellis says:

    Sheldon Richman
    “Americans don’t realize the daily brutality and humiliation
    that the Palestinians in the open air prisons of Gaza and
    West Bank suffer… Americans have no conception of it…”

    Sheldon is of course referring to the voting Americans who rule our Empire, the 51% most wealthy who since 1945 have always voted for war-hawk presidents. Specifically, all those who have great jobs, terrific homes and deluxe healthcare.

    So, does our 51% most wealth not know that they are the most wealthy voting majority the world has ever known? Surely, so do they not know that our defense economy, our Military Industrial Complex, that this is the creator of all their wealth?

    And so, American indifference is not ignorance, but a willful intent to create darkness by a grand pretense of good for to enrich themselves upon the misery of our helpless victims.

  • REPUBLIC says:

    “Americans don’t realize the daily brutality and humiliation
    that the Palestinians in the open air prisons of Gaza and
    West Bank suffer… Americans have no conception of it…”

    What about what the Israeli are going through with the daily terror attacks from your friends, the Palestinians. You are a terror sympathizer caused by people that have 7th century mentality that bit their wives senseless. Women are second class citizen. In a Muslim world a camel is more valuable than a wife. A wife would walk in front of the camel to ensure there are no mines or bombs that will kill the camel. In other words the woman will sacrifice her life for a stinking dumb camel… YOU SYMPATHIZER of INEQUALITY and INJUSTICE.

    Think before you write such a comment, traitor!

    Do you sympathize with Iran as well?

    The Palestinians or any Muslims will cut your heart out after you render them help or sympathy, why? You are INFIDEL convert or you shall die by the sword. That is one reason that I am no longer a left wing socialist after Obama became President, because I started to notice idiots like you popping up from under rocks.

    I don’t sympathize with Muslim men that treat their wives like crap, and discriminate against other religions.

    Go ahead and say that I am wrong or better yet if you cannot admit that I am correct or you cannot dispute what I said, don’t bother writing rhetoric and ranting about slavery, darkness, actor of the wealthy or the moderator, empire USA and injustice. You just proved to everyone that you are not for justice.

  • John Ellis says:

    To protect excessive wealth, the rich who own these WEB pages and all the hardware and software therein, they have decided to turn up their paid actor confusion to a crescendo. All part of the grand illusion of freedom of speech in a most corrupt spider web called the WEB.

    Warning: 4

  • REPUBLIC says:

    John, it seems that your mind is so far to the left even if Jesus came to this forsaken earth and he would Say that He is Jesus and prove it to you, you will not believe him and dismiss him as a wealthy actor. Therefore, for not admiting or refute what I said above that tells me that all you left wing hate the truth, and whatever you and the left apperantly think and say is gospel in your peanut brain.

    Theree you have it ladies and gentlemen this John Ellis will be your next leader that will wash your brain with the same old rants. He refuses to meet or exchange phone numbers. The reason is he is scared to confront oppositions except when he is in a crowd. That is why this person is saying that I am a paid actor. He is slandering me and the owner of this webpage.

    Instead crying why we are buying 3rd world products, and own the 1 percent computers and cars. Why don’t you open up a small manufacturing company a socialist type, and sale your socialist products. Believe me I will buy and support your company because it’s made in USA. I would love to see all occupyers to open social business.

    Quit ranting. Quit wasting time in the streets. Quit asking the government for handouts. Quit depending on the government. Solution is stand up open a business earn a pay check and rely on your abilities and not the government. That man that thought you at 15 messed your brain up. You can bit the system by opening manufacturing companies social type and eventually the wealth will change, if not they will fail on their own demise.

    John you are my fellow brother and I love you. Just open a business and I will support it. If you won’t change your ways and stop talikg and be productive then there is no future for you, except dependence on the socialist government to give you basic rights ie food shelter clothing transportation