An Open Letter to the People of Wukan From Participants of Occupy Seattle

An Open Letter to the People of Wukan From Participants of Occupy Seattle,

Brothers and sisters in Wukan, we write to you to express our support and sympathy for your situation, and to communicate our deepest respect and admiration for your bravery and moral resolve in taking control of your own village.

We would also like to express our deepest and most heartfelt condolences regarding the death of Mr. Xue Jinbo. There are no words that can adequately express this feeling, or do true justice to the matter, but in whatever way you would accept, we wish to express our shared sadness for this tragedy, and to honor both Mr. Xue’s bravery and his sacrifice.

From what we know, at the time this letter is being written, there are approximately 20,000 men, women, and children in your village holding the space of your own community and asserting with your bodies both your refusal to cooperate with things that are not right and your inherent human right to manage the affairs of your own lives.

As we understand it, after discovering that Mr. Xue’s death appeared to be the result of being tortured by the police, you forced all government representatives, including the police, out of the village. We understand that you are demanding redress of the attempted land seizures and full democratic elections before government officials are allowed back.

In response, however, we understand that instead of investigating the circumstances of Mr. Xue’s death or meeting your demands that the government has encircled your village with soldiers and is not allowing the passage of persons, food, or water in or out. It is our understanding that these means are intended to force you to abandon your demands, and to allow them to retake control of your village and return to ‘business as usual’. We also understand that the government has cut off all communications in and out of the village, and that they are controlling information available in China about your situation including publishing intentionally false and misleading news articles and television reports.

We also understand that the government is actively trying to subvert members of your community, offering them money and other gifts to break solidarity with the village and align with the CCP. Although there may be some who have accepted these offers, it is our understanding that at this time the vast majority of your community has stayed in solidarity, and that as a community you are strong. We are inspired by your dedication to unity.

Insofar as we understand your situation this immoral behavior of your government and the private industry behind it, are an instance of the same pattern of corruption and exploitation now prevalent everywhere in the world, including Seattle and all in all of the United States. Your courageous refusal to allow Country Garden to seize your farmland, however, and your refusal to be intimidated by police violence seems to us a particularly brave and noble occasion in the growing motion of ordinary men and women all around the world coming together in great number in refusal to cooperate with what is not right, and cooperating instead with one another in creating the world that is best for all.

We wish, first of all, for your safety in the current situation, and that the resolution be as benign as possible for all, including justice for Mr. Xue’s family. Second, in whatever should happen in the days ahead in your village, we wish to always share with you a solidarity in this work, based on an underlying knowledge that we are one, and that we are all best served when we love one another and always remember our unity.

We write with the certain knowledge that a better world is possible for all, and that our cooperation and unity will bring it about more quickly.

With Love and Gratitude for all,

Participants of Occupy Seattle

5 Responses to An Open Letter to the People of Wukan From Participants of Occupy Seattle

  • marycpaterson says:

    This is a great letter, and I am proud to be part of a movement that would author such a letter and attempt to get it to the people of Wukan. It is a letter of both head and heart, and I thank you for it.

  • R08 says:

    Yes, I second that and stand behind the people of Wukan.

  • passionateactivist says:

    The people of Wukan ended their protest yesterday 12/20/11 after securing reassurancees from the provincial government that the situation would be investigated and rice was distributed to them. The peole of Wukan are not against their government, they support it.

  • REPUBLIC says:

    They had no choice but to stop because they know if they keep going their marxist govt will use the military to nutralize the threat.

    Now that we got that out of the way FIGHT AGAINST A MARXIST LAW HR 1540. Unless you are fine with with more power to the law enforcement and the US military to approach or kick your door in and calling you a terrorist without any charges, and kept in jail for a long periods of time without due process. Watch the news and stop randomly picking a spot to cause chaos and live the place dirty with alcohol containers, cigarette butts, used syringes, and other miscellanous trash on the ground.

    The movement should be focused to fight for our liberty and not to close down business adding more unemployed citizens to the welfare lines. Are you fellows going mad? Focus on our liberty!

  • Poet says:

    Thank you for a wonderful letter. We, the older activists, in this for many years, SUPPORT you fully in your efforts for WE the 99%. I want to be more involved with you now. Peace is…We Can/Are doing this all Together.