Join us for a Die-In at noon on Friday, Dec. 23 at 1st and Pike Sts in front of Pike Place Market and 1/2 block from the highly polluting Seattle Steam incinerator now sickening neighbors. Bodies will sprawl across the sidewalk in death poses to symbolize the deaths and disease this filthy incinerator is causing right now in downtown Seattle. We will have flyers, signs, banners, and bullhorn to narrate our “deaths-by-incinerator”.

This incinerator must be stopped NOW to prevent Seattle Steam’s plans for increasing its Pike Place Market pollution 6-fold. This incinerator must be stopped NOW to prevent Seattle Steam from building a second, monster incinerator next to Pioneer Square.

This incinerator must be stopped NOW to thwart Seattle City Council’s plans to radically ramp up still further Seattle Steam toxic pollution and kill many Seattleites. Seattle Steam “owns” the city council. In October, 2011, City Council voted 9-0 to support aggressive expansion of Seattle Steam pollution. In classic 1% style, Seattle Steam will tolerate no opposition to its plans to make more than $500,000,000. and kill many people in Seattle.

Join our Die-IN on December 23 at noon—before this incinerator wrecks your health, too!

For more information about campaigns to stop incinerators across Washington State, see:


  • REPUBLIC says:

    I can’t believe that this group has really no priorities other than waking upin the morning and think up where to cause chaos next. While you guys are out and about aimlessly causing chaos the lawmakers are deliberating about HR 1540 where the govt will be able tothrow any citizens to jail with no due process if they suspect that you are a terrorist.

    What I am trying to say is our liberty is at stake. If you don’t want to listen to these words, do it at your own peril and keep shouting about the shutting down of the incinerators and have more people unemployed. You guys are fair I see. Get your priority straight save our liberty by calling, email, and write your house representatives.

    Folks you are losing the true focus on the movement, and that is to fight for liberty. The HR1540 is a marxist law fight this illegal bill you will make the law enforcement stronger and can throw you in jail for just being labeled terrorist and held with no bails or the right to have a lawyer.

    • occupyYourMind says:

      Has no priorities? Let me guess — you’ve never been to Occupy except maybe for an hour or two to get in a heated argument with someone and then storm off. It’s about 12 times more organized than it appears. One of the biggest priorities is creating a microcosm of a democratic society.

      What you say about HR 1540 may be true. But to tell yourself that by wagging your finger in someone’s face, you can wipe your hands clean of Occupy’s inaction toward it, you’re completely missing the point. YOU are a member of Occupy. You’re clearly occupying your country as a citizen — and that’s the point. Start talking about what WE, the citizens, need to do about it. Get together a group of people who are willing to help you.

      Your analysis of the incinerators, by the way, is juvenile. I assume the word “jobs” has a holy meaning to you, right? Nothing can be done that will “lose jobs”? For example, if people are employed killing children full-time, it’s important for us not to pass judgment on them, as to do so could put in jeopardy their jobs? You’re professing nihilism. It’s wrong, flat-out, and it makes utterly no sense at all.

      One last thing: WHAT, pray tell, do you mean by saying HR 1540 is a “Marxist” law? It puts the means of production in the hands of the workers? No? Then what are you talking about? Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? Or are you simply calling it Marxist because you think you can apply that term in America any time you want to paint something as “bad”? It’s a safe bet you’ve never read even a line of Marx — and it’s a safe bet you believe China is a Communist country. (Do you think the US is a democracy? Because that’s the goal of Occupy, if anything — to bring about democracy in the US. Fighting for liberty is all well and good, but you can’t claim much liberty in a republic.)

      • REPUBLIC says:

        Well thank you for your comments. Apparently, HR 1540 where the government is spreading its tentacles and making its enforcement agency more powerful to kick our doors down without a subpena and take us and property without due process is not a priority. Wow, where have I been? I must have fall out of a tree.

        Means of production–You are right we don’t need our liberties. It will not work in a Marxist world, where the government is the almighty and ruler of the people with the illusion of putting means of production to the slaves, oops I mean the people.

        Communism–China is not communist it is a democracy voted by the people since its founding father Mao Tzetung. This man staved off famine, prevented the killing and persecution of millions, and did not rule China with an iron fist. Yes, it was an illusion what happened in Thiamin Square in 1989. No one was killed during the civil protest by their own military.

        Liberty in the Republic–Correct again you cannot claim liberty in a republic only in China because their government is the model for the world, where people will not be prosecuted to protest to redress grievances, and most of all there is no such a thing as police brutality like in the US.

        China has liberty and freedom of speech for people on the internet and media where they do not censor anything and is wide open for all Chinese people. The US we are censored and don’t have freedom and liberties

        Incinerators jobs–I know who cares if the people lose those jobs in the incinerators. I am so juvenile to think about some degenerates that will lose their livelihood. I know, I am evil to think about some people that work in a place that kills children full time. I haven’t seen any statistics, so I will narrow my mind and believe you, because your voice is truth and golden. I will vote for the next presidential election.

        US Democracy–United States is not democracy it was meant to be a Republic, but since our constitution and the republic is antiquated we need to switch to Marxism. Therefore, you and I will earn the same wages, and depend on the government for everything, just like children depending on their parents and get allowances. I love your child like Marxist mind where you want to be safe, warm and fuzzy. Perhaps mom and dad government will give a hug, kiss, read you a bed time story, turn the night light on,and tuck you in.

        Meanwhile, our mom and dad, i.e. the 1%, the elite, and the government will keep most of the money just like your god China government. I like the Marxist mentality. I think I am going to migrate to China, just like many immigrants are doing as we speak.

        • occupyYourMind says:

          What exactly are you talking about?

          First of all, I’m not a Marxist. Second of all, China is closer to a totalitarian country than a democracy or republic. Calling it communist makes as much sense as saying that the Democratic Party in the United States is in favor of democracy.

          I was simply objecting to you calling HR 1540 a “Marxist” bill. This claim betrays a complete ignorance of the works of Marx, regardless of if you are in favor of or against Marx. Amusingly, you’ve once again made no attempt to demonstrate exactly how HR 1540 has anything to do with Marx. If you want to call it a totalitarian bill, and make parallels to the abomination of a government in China, by all means, do so. But this isn’t an either/or situation — either the US plutocratic republic or the Chinese near-totalitarian state. Most people who are with the Occupy movement I think will agree with me in saying that both are repressive, and I also think most people will agree that the United States treats its citizens far better than China treats its citizenry (as you have amply demonstrated).

          As for the incinerators, my point is simply this: just because jobs are lost in an action does not mean the action is inherently evil. Neither is it the case that simply causing pollution should justify the closing of such facilities. The data must be examined — and as some have mentioned here, the data as to whether the incinerators are as harmful as claimed by this website is in extreme suspicion. The point is that it’s not black and white. It’s not China or the US, capitalism or Marxism, jobs or pollution. I think we can all agree that such polarization is extremely naive, reminiscent of corporate “popcorn” news. Such forms of discussion advance human understanding exactly nil.

          If you’d like to demonstrate how HR 1540 is a Marxist bill, we can have a discussion about that. The majority of what you posted, however, simply is not relevant, and therefore does not make much sense given what we were talking about in the first place. I think we can all give you some leeway considering that English is probably your second language, and you may miss some of the nuances. But you need to realize that what you posted made several logical leaps that are simply not sound.

          • REPUBLIC says:

            I is no English speaker sorry about I broken English and aint understand bout original subjet. Oh me hat dis. soory agan.

            Well, I am glad that you are not a Marxist and to correct about Democratic Party they are liberals, progressive, socialist that believe in nanny state and name calling their oppositions.

            I have been in 2 of the protest and for obvious reasons I did not like what I have seen. I will agree with you that my conversations those not coincide with the topic, but I wanted to let people know what is going on with the mascaraed socialist party. That is all, friends I did not want to make a lawsuit out of this.

            I do normally stay within the subject but I felt HR 1540 was important, but I will drop that conversation, due to the fact that while some of us are out there protesting and some of us seeing our liberties fading are prepared to embrace for the occasion.

            Anyway I will move on to another subject. Thanks for everything.

  • donny1020 says:

    Just to be clear, I would suggest everyone read the minutes from the past two weeks GA discussions. You will see issues such as Seattle Steam discussed but a absence of economic justice issues.

    This action was fronted by the “Environmental Justice” work group. It is a complete misrepresentation of the facts other than the address. The retrofit of Seattle Steam will produce significant work hours for this cities construction workers.

    Economic justice and decent jobs for people have zero importance any longer to Decolonize Seattle. This group is defending the concerns of wealthy condo owners who don’t want anything disturbing their view of the waterfront.

  • passionateactivist says:

    This action makes no sense relative to economic justice (which is what the Occupy movement is all about). Why is OS wasting it’s resources on this? How many folks are even in the Environmental Work Group? When does it meet? Where is it’s transparency? What is it’s mandate and it’s mission?

  • REPUBLIC says:

    You fellows are harping on the wrong tree. Priority is our liberty. DOES ANYONE CARE?

  • KerryBsecondtry says:

    LISTEN: This site is a joke, transparent astroturfing to someone who has technical knowledge of biomass and green energy technologies like I do. It may be like that on purpose. They may be trying to make people give up on Occupy by thinking it has been hijacked or something. DON’T! There is no need to. The processes we have set up, used by enough people, are highly resistant to meaningful corruption, as long as we are all aware and persistent in achieving what we are after.

    Anyway, having looked at that website the whole thing is a joke. What these people want to do is stop biomass energy so they can use fossil fuels instead, under the false idea that by using fossil fuel and then capturing carbon with plant matter, there will be a net reduction in emissions (because, according to them biomass releases more carbon per unit energy produced). This is totally wrong from many different angles. First of all you cannot sequester carbon by growing plants. The carbon quickly reenters the atmosphere after the plant dies and rots. Secondly, using fossil fuels and then having sequestration farms to grow plants for carbon capture is far too expensive, you have to pay for both the biomass production and the fossil fuel production. If you have a biomass production facility the only economical and sensible thing to do with the biomass, is to burn it. Thirdly switchgrass not trees will be used in these burners. It is vastly more efficient in converting solar energy to chemical energy (later released as heat during combustion), achieving from 0.5 to 2%. Sugar cane can get 4%!

    Fourthly the emissions from the plant will not “kill us”. Their report that says that nox and PM emissions are higher for biomass is completely wrong, I have read numerous studies of pilot programs which actually show lower emissions, and these people conveniently fail to provide an actual reference for this info, hiding behind the supposed incompetence of a grass roots group (yeah right, this site is obviously well run). And there are no dioxins or anything, as there would be if this was a garbage incinerator.

  • REPUBLIC says:

    I am so disappointed that you were not able to close those incinerators down. They are still standing and killing those poor children daily. I asked for evidence of this outrageous accusations of children getting killed everyday by those incinerators, and I did not get it, but knowing the left wing backwards people they return with an excuse and attacks.

    I already advised your disorganized organization that you need to fight for one issue at a time. You guys are jumping around from one issue to another like a bunch of chickens with heads cut off.

    Socialists wake up and go back home because you are wasting peoples money through donations and time.

    Here is another advice that will just go to waste.

    1. ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU – Don’t ask the government to give you handouts and become a socialist slave. Once the government is socialist you are a slave of the government. This is called TOTALITARIAN, because the other political parties will cease to exist.

    2. ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY – Get a job and if you don’t want to work for that evil 1% open a business and hire people. Open manufacturing companies and let us stop the dependence from foreign products. This will help our people and country to survive without foreign handouts and aid.

    Please don’t answer with the people don’t have the means to produce, that is a rhetoric left socialist backwards flying wing mentality and it is un-American to think that way.

    3. I would like to start a manufacturing business making t-shirts, sweaters and pants, but I need people to join and put our capital together and get rid of foreign dependency. Can I depend from you to make this possible?

    There are 3 reasons for a manufacturing company in the USA.
    1. Create non government jobs for people skilled and unskilled
    2. Minimize the dependency from foreigner entities
    3. Create revenues for the government to take care that debt that is eating us alive.