Occupy Seattle responds to brutal Police raid on Occupied Squat “Turritopsis Nutricula”

SPD Misleads Public on Eviction of Turritopsis Nutricula
On 1/11/12 at approximately 4:15AM Seattle Police Officers evicted the residents occupying a house at 23rd and Alder St. and began a misinformation campaign:

SPD officers raided Turritopsis Nutricula, named after the immortal jellyfish, this morning at approximately 4:15AM by sawing off front door hinges and breaking in the front door. They pointed two shotguns at nonviolent occupants who offered no resistance. Officers forced the occupants to leave without their possessions. Cell phones, sleeping bags and most personal belongings were later dumped on the sidewalk outside. SPD then began a misinformation campaign against the Turritopsis Nutricula occupants and supporters.

In response to the claims that the owner ordered the eviction of a house being remodeled: Turritopsis Nutricula has been vacant since 2006 and left unfinished after remodeling attempts in 2009. The owner of the building had allowed the occupants to stay in the home until being threatened by the city with fines from $100 to $1000 per day. The city of Seattle forced the eviction of the residents, not the owner.

In response to the claim that online communications prompted SPD to use a SWAT team to evict the property: SPD has made no credible release of what communications lead them to believe that the house was barricaded or booby trapped prompting this overwhelming use of force. There is no evidence that this claim was credible. No one in the house was armed and everyone in the house left peacefully. However, Occupy Seattle must now warn the citizens of Seattle that their communication on social media sites is now being monitored by SPD and may be subjected to police harassment.

In this country there are over 5 times as many vacant houses as there are homeless people. Autonomous members of Occupy Seattle will continue to help find homes for the homeless and will help defend homeowners from foreclosure if requested.

Another communique from the residents of Turritopsis Nutricula is forthcoming.

4 Responses to Occupy Seattle responds to brutal Police raid on Occupied Squat “Turritopsis Nutricula”

  • Boswell says:

    The press and public need to be made aware that this is going on. These squatters were engaging in non-violent, civil disobedience in an ABANDONED HOUSE. Our society leaves us with only the crumbs on the tables and now, they want to take that away too. Give me a break.

  • msmikestew35 says:

    If possible, please publish what you accomplished while you were there in the house. If at all possible, publish it outside this site so that we can always find this information.

    This occupation was one of the more interesting developments considering its potential. Unfortunately, there was not much available on it on this particular web site.

    If you all were active in the neighborhood explaining the situation, I doubt that the misinformation campaign will have its intended effect. Having your own publication will also help a lot.

  • Bradford B. Morrison says:

    The turritopsis nutricula house was comprised of a group of intelligent people who want to help build a new and better world, a world with a lot less greed and corruption than the world we live in today. I did not live there myself, but was a frequent visitor.I stayed awake all night at the house the first night of occupation, watching to see if SPD would evict us that first night. As is evident now, SPD left the house alone, just watching it from across the street, during that first night. If my recollection is correct, the house was first occupied Nov. 5th, 2011; a Saturday afternoon. When the eviction occurred, Jan.11th, at 4:15 AM, it had been two months plus that the group had occupied the house.
    To me, it was not only the height of rudeness, but also a good example of “Gung-ho power tripping”, on the part of the King County Sheriff’s Department, who I have since learned actually did the eviction. I believe that a much more appropriate and respectful eviction procedure should have been used. For instance, a respectful knock on the door at around noon, and a couple of hours or so to let the folks pack up their stuff. The procedure used is, in my opinion, chilling, and is somewhat reminiscent of what Nazis did to Jews and others during the 1930’s leadup to WW II.
    I believe that whoever made the decision to use the 4:15 AM break down the door procedure should be held accountable. I believe that IF the decision maker was King County Sheriff Sue Rahr, then she should resign or be recalled.(That office is an elected one, and I believe recall by the voters is the correct legal procedure.)
    I went to Sue Rahr’s office on Jan.12th. I asked the woman at the front desk how I could either get an appointment with Sheriff Rahr, or at least if the front desk could point me in the right direction so I could find out who made the decision to evict with shotguns and a battering ram in the wee hours of the morning. I was accused by the woman at the front desk of disrespecting her by speaking too loudly. She was as unhelpful as possible, saying that I would NOT get an appointment to meet with the Sheriff, and that the information I was after was unavailable. She then insisted on calling two large security officers over to escort me outside. I left peacefully, but delayed my exit by about a minute, to emphasize to the 4 people there (the front desk lady; a large man in her office who had appeared; and my two security “escorts” [LOL]); that “YOU CAN’T EVICT an IDEA”. I showed them my political button which says exactly that. Before my security escort arrived, I also mentioned that I would try to find out who made this(in my opinion stupid) decision through the freedom of information act.

    Possibly my information about the use of a “battering ram” to break the door was somewhat exaggerated. The main point here is that I see no justification whatsoever for a 4:15 AM eviction with no opportunity to pack up posessions, regardless of whether it was done with a saw or a battering ram or a knock on the door.
    We “OCCUPIERS” are sincerely trying to make the world a better place, with more justice; less war;less corruption; and less police brutality. We have many other goals as well. We demand respect. We demand that the propagandistic media smear campaigns used against us; often based on half-truths and outright bald- faced lies; CEASE!

    Thanks for Listening
    Peace and Love
    Loudmouth Karaoke Brad

  • REPUBLIC says:

    Petition: HR 3261 SOPA Violations

    Here is where you can sign a petition to stop this madness, however I must warn you the first signatory of this petition is Ron Paul, and if you feel you or this organization must stay biased don’t bother to sign it and let the government walk all over us. Either this OS is united and unbiased and sign the petition or just do what you do best and that is scream from the top your lungs of the injustices.

    In order for politicians to listen it has to be written and not just voiced out. Voices will fade away faster than written signed petitions.

    Let’s unite whether we are left, right, or center or forever hold your peace.


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